I found a listing on ebay that claims to be selling information on the “best” way to buy Propecia. This is a scam, right?

This is the description of the “information” for sale:

“PROPECIA too Expensive?” is an original narrative which WILL HELP AND INSPIRE YOU IN REAL LIFE! It follows how one person goes through life using rogaine minoxidil toppik and Propecia. The subject wants to find a way TO SAVE MONEY ON PROPECIA. He soon discovers a little known piece of information that allows him to buy a ONE YEAR SUPPLY from a particular well-respected national pharmacy chain FOR $30 A YEAR!!! This price gives him a SAVINGS OF $770 EACH YEAR!!! The person is relieved that the medication comes from a particular WELL-KNOWN AND REGULATED NATIONAL CHAIN and is ABSOLUTELY SAFE. The fictional story ends with ALL the EXACT AND SPECIFIC DETAILS revealed that should definitely help and inspire you. Shipping is .90 to anywhere in the US. There are other fictional narratives out there that are much more expensive so you SAVE MONEY when you buy this narrative! Due to the originality of the story, there will be no refunds on this auction; however, the benefits that you will receive from reading this story will more than make up for the cost of the story! Bidding is anonymous for your convenience.

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eBayHow clever… this guy appears to be trying to sell a “narrative” on eBay, because otherwise it is a violation of that site’s policy to sell info on how to get cheaper drugs. Here’s the information that this joker is likely trying to sell… and I won’t charge you anything for it. In fact, I’ve written about it over and over again before. Propecia is 1mg finasteride, Proscar is 5mg finasteride. There is a generic Proscar, but no generic Propecia sold in the US due to patent laws. With that in mind:

  1. Ask your doctor for a Proscar prescription and buy the generic from the pharmacy (Costco pharmacy has the lowest prices I’ve seen).
  2. Cut the generic Proscar pill into 4 pieces (easier than cutting into 5 pieces) and you’ve got the same medication as Propecia, but for pennies on the dollar.

The only issue is that you will need to find a doctor that will prescribe you Proscar (a prostate medication), but as long as you explain that you will be cutting the pill and using it to treat hair loss, it might not be too much of a problem. Each doctor is different. Also, don’t cut more than one pill at a time and always store in a dry area.

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