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You’ve been a kind internet friend. I’ve sent questions and thoughts, and you have posted them.

Question: Remember Michael Keaton? Love this guy. Huge in the 1980′s….but clearly balding (Mr. Mom, Gung Ho, Clean and Sober, Beetlejuice). When he was cast as Batman (1989) he clearly had some work done. Cosmetic. Surgery. Blah Blah. Blah.

Now in 2014, promoting Robocop (the reboot) he tells tales of the bat suit and has CLEARLY had work done in. Check the video out (here).

Your thoughts? It looks painful……..(the redness above the occipital bone). Come on. He’s rich. WTF hasn’t he had that cleaned up?
Michael Keaton

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I am not sure that I see what you are talking about…

Michael Keaton has very visible male pattern baldness from what I can see in the video you sent. I’ve attached a photo from 2013 on the right that shows he’s losing his hair. I don’t clearly see any work done here.

It is entirely possible that Hollywood movie magic (hairpieces or styling tricks) were used in many of his past film roles.

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Why do people without balding also have miniaturized hair or vellus hairs in their scalp? You say that 10 percent of miniaturization is normal, whats going on with this?

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Vellus hairs are part of the normal follicular unit. They usually grow very short and are finer. They also do not have a sebaceous gland associated with it supplying sebum to the skin.

I can not answer your why question, as this is just what we have observed and reflects our observational science.

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Snippet from the article:

The publishers Springer and IEEE are removing more than 120 papers from their subscription services after a French researcher discovered that the works were computer-generated nonsense.

Over the past two years, computer scientist Cyril Labbé of Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France, has catalogued computer-generated papers that made it into more than 30 published conference proceedings between 2008 and 2013. Sixteen appeared in publications by Springer, which is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, and more than 100 were published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), based in New York. Both publishers, which were privately informed by Labbé, say that they are now removing the papers.

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Read the rest — Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers

Great, now spam has infiltrated the science journals.

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Snippet from the article:

OscarsNone of this year’s major Oscar nominees are from Chicago, but some of the losers may be making the trip here post-awards show. No, not to film a new movie, but rather to get hair transplants.

This year, the notoriously extravagant gift bags for Oscars losers include a voucher for Chicago surgeon Dr. William Yates’ hair restoration procedure. Dr. Yates says he is one of the few surgeons in the United States who performs the procedure using the new-age equipment known as ARTAS, and he wants to share the love.

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Read the rest — Oscar Nominees’ Gift Bags Include Free Hair Transplants In Chicago

It’s award season, so companies are giving away everything from organic pet shampoo and hair transplant surgery to Las Vegas and Japan travel vacations. For those curious, the full list of free stuff is here.

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Snippet from the article:

American adults consume on average about 15% of their calories from sugars added to foods during processing, with a whopping 37% of the added sugar consumed in sugar-sweetened beverages, suggests an analysis of data extending back about 25 years. Moreover, the study projects that regularly drinking as little as one 12-ounce sugary soda a day may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 30%—independent of total calories, obesity, or other risk factors.

“Our findings indicate that most US adults consume more added sugar than is recommended for a healthy diet,” write Dr Quanhe Yang (Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA) and colleagues in their report published online February 3, 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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Read the rest — A Soda a Day Ups CVD Risk by 30%: NHANES Study

We have to think twice when we drink soda, as it seems that nothing is really safe. Maybe we should starve?

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Snippet from the article:

It’s being touted as the latest anticancer wonder drug, it costs just pennies a pill and is probably in your medicine cabinet right now.

A growing body of research is showing that people who take a daily dose of aspirin may be lowering their risk of a variety of seemingly unrelated cancers, including colon, breast, esophagus and skin cancer.

Now a study published this month in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that women who took a daily dose of aspirin cut their risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 20 percent.

That study, combined with earlier research, is prompting patients and doctors to wonder if more people would benefit from taking a low dose of aspirin and possibly other nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Read the rest — Aspirin shows promise in lowering cancer risk

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Snippet from the article:

Although some people spend countless dollars on antioxidant supplements to improve their health, many studies have found that these would-be panaceas could actually exacerbate the diseases they claim to prevent.

Now, a team of Swedish scientists has shown that two antioxidants—vitamin E and N-acetylcysteine (NAC)—can fuel the growth of lung cancers in mice. The team also worked out why.

Antioxidants protect cells from chemically unstable molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can easily react with DNA and cause damage that leads to cancer. But Martin Bergo’s team at the University of Gothenburg showed that antioxidants neutralize ROS in tumors as well as healthy cells. “If we give extra antioxidants in the diet, we’re helping the tumor to reduce radicals that would otherwise block its growth,” Bergo said. “Then it can speed up all it wants.”

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Read the rest — Antioxidants Speed Up Lung Cancer

This may bust the modern thought that antioxidants are good for everyone. Although this was discovered in mice, we need to pay attention to such publications.

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How does one go about getting their DHT levels checked? Do you require a requisition from a doctor etc?


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I would imaging that any good clinical laboratory would offer this test… but in my 23 years doing hair work, I have never ran a test for DHT.

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When judging a persons hair loss, do you look at the hair when it is wet or dry or both? I find my hair looks thinner when it is wet or gel has been applied. When it is dry it looks thicker, that is why I like to you use hair spray because it makes my hair thicker. And yes, i am thinning in the front of my scalp

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Well, if your hair is wet, it is pretty obvious that your hair will look thinner. Same goes for if your hair is cut short or under harsh lighting.

We check for miniaturization of the hair. It is ideal to have your hair dry without any styling product on it. We also examine the pattern of hair loss (for MPB). Wet or dry you will see a pattern. I suppose you can see the pattern more if the hair is wet and short.

Develop a Master Plan with your doctor, laying out what will happen to you over time (best and worst case scenarios). There are many options, so why not lay them all out in front of you?

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My hair used to be very straight and very similar to that of my fathers, but then when i went through puberty it seemed to get curlier and curlier, and no one in my family has curly hair. Do the characteristics of hair change in some people during puberty? If so, it is in any way linked to the growth of facial and body hair that also occurs during that time?

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I suppose the hair character can be a genetic trait that can change with puberty or change as your hormones change. You often see hair color change in babies — blond hair to brown hair, for example.

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