14 Year Old Male Losing 30-40 Hairs Per Day

Hi, Im a 14 male and losing hair.

I have been checked by a doctor (just a GP) and have been told that i have a very healthy scalp and that its not a scalp issue. I do not have hereditary hair loss in the family, my father is in his mid 50’s and still has all his hair. I have always had very ‘big’ sort of hair so its becoming increasingly noticeable. Im not losing terrible amounts of hair, only about 30-40 per day , but it is very stressfull. Especially when i have to wash my hair, and also when i wake up in the morning and have 15 + hairs on my pillow.

Is this ‘normal’ so to speak? Could it be stress related? Am i just shedding? Please help me out. Thanx.

The average person loses 100-150 hairs per day. What fall out you are noticing in the shower is probably less than what you lose during the day when you are not washing your hair. It is normal.

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  1. emily
    emily says:

    Hello, You are so lucky you are losing that little amount of hair. Atleast you do not lose 150 to 160 hairs a day, like me. And i am on 13 years old AND A FEMALE! it is not fair! it is extremely stressful, like you said, but dude, i am positive you are just fine. A few hairs a day is no harm whatsoever.

  2. L0
    L0 says:

    Umm…im not hair as badly but i am and im so stressd out cause i have thin hair and both my mom and dad have thinning hair in their 30’s…and to see that makes me scared and worried

  3. Shame
    Shame says:

    I’m 22 and about 30% away from being completely bald. I feel way to young for this. My self esteem drops everyday.

  4. Bharat Jain
    Bharat Jain says:

    HI, I am 24 Year old male.

    Loosing my hair day by day. when i was in 20 year old i notice, am loosing my hair. what is the reason i dont know. I has been use different shampoo and different oil but i am loosing hair. I do a shampoo that time i loose about 200 hundred hair and even in the morning when i get up and when i touch my hair.

    but i notice when i use AMLA then i notice that i less hairfall.
    Please help me what i have to do.


  5. Rusty
    Rusty says:

    I also have hairfall, at about that amount and i have been very stressed that i would go bald before the age of 40. But reading this has granted me some relief! But im still stressed.

  6. The guy
    The guy says:

    Dude, every time I use shampoo, I lose around 100 strands of hair, and most of them are thin. When I get up from bed, I literally have to spend 10 minutes removing the 40-50 strands of hair on my pillow. In school, when I’m bending down working on a test of project, every five minutes I notice two hairs that fell from my head. I have a bald spot on the back of my head (1 inch diameter) and there are bald veins from my scalp. You’re better off than me. And I’m 14 too.

  7. ramesh
    ramesh says:

    daily I am losing 40 hairs recently I noticed my pillow 20 to 30 hair stands and hair washing time I lose 5 to 10 hairs losing it is problem


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