A 15 Year Old Female Speaks About Hair Loss, Its Causes, and What to Do About It.

Hi, I’m Chloe. I’m also 15 and I have the same thing! Everyone is commenting the same stuff but where are the answers? My hair was SUPER thick and SUPER long for ages, I’m in year 10, and since around year 8, my hair has been falling out A LOT and I don’t know why!! I have curly hair and I wash my hair only once a week. I straighten my hair after washing only once a week (I use a heat protectant spray and I let my hair air dry completely before straightening). I’ve been doing this for about 3 years but only recently has my hair been falling out so much! People have told me to not brush my hair after straightening and in the morning before school to keep the straight hair longer. This does work obviously because it lasts a week before I have to straighten it (so do this if u want to straighten less). I tie my hair into a pony tail every morning, so this could be it, but I’ve done that my whole life? I guess I don’t have the best diet because I’ve read in a lot of places that healthy diets are good for your hair. Since no one is really replying to other peoples comments with answers, I thought I’d add some things that I know.

1. Losing about 80-100 strands of hair A DAY is normal. If you don’t brush or wash say every 3 days, then think about the 3 days worth of strands that are supposed to drop and fall out; so all at once will seem daunting and really bad.
2. IT’S NOT CANCER. There may be some forms of diseases like alopecia that make you lose your hair, BUT people lose hair from cancer due to the TREATMENT of cancer, which is chemotherapy and not the cancer itself.
3. It could be hereditary — so ask your parents if they’ve ever had this or their parents. This is harder to treat because its in your genes so you can’t avoid it.
4. Have a healthier diet and eat MORE fruit and vegetables and milk. If you’re already eating enough, drink more water (I know you’ve probably heard this everywhere).
5. This is could be a result of you’re mental issues (ie – depression, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep or whatever), so I guess there is no simple answer for those causes. Try to de-stress and sleep more. (Also if you take antidepressant pills or anything those also have side affects of hair loss)
6. Try and buy some good hair vitamins or iron vitamins or any vitamins you might be lacking (Check with your doctor). These will actually help but you will only notice results 6-8 weeks after. You have to give it some time and be consistent. (Combine this with a healthy diet and it’ll be even better).
7. Hair styling -Try to cut down to no more than once a week straightening or styling with heat. USE A HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY; it will help more and try to air dry your hair. Trust me, it’s way better. Try to find alternatives such as wearing your hair naturally without straightening it.
8. Try and do less tight hair do’s such as REALLY high and tight pony tails or braids or a bun everyday. Try to keep it in one loose braid. Also, when taking out hair ties, hold ur head so that it pulls less which might make it easier.
9. USING REALLY HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER IS LIKE A HEAT PRODUCT. Try to use cold or lukewarm water, because it makes your head really hot. Therefore, when you run your hands through your hair in the shower, more will fall out. Also, brush your hair before you wash it (like right before entering) as it makes it easier for your hands to glide through when it is wet or when you are using conditioner as it makes it easier. Don’t be rough with you hair because it is vulnerable and soft at this point.
10. Sort of connects with number 9, but don’t rub your hair a lot in the shower or when you’re towel drying it because that makes it frizzy, more damaged and easy to break.
11. DONT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY —THIS IS BAD. Washing it every 2 days is okay but it is best to do so every 3-5 days. Hair loss is occurs most often in the shower, so more showers means more loss. When you brush your hair, don’t brush it for too long or too hard, instead take little bunches and brush through the fix knots along way rather. Don’t brush youur hair too often either, give it time to be still and not disrupted.

Sorry it was really long but I hope all of us get our hair back!!

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