15 Year Old Wants to Grow a Full Beard

Hey, I just have a few questions that everyone gives me different answers about, and I would really like to hear the right answer. First, I am 15 years old and am trying to grow a full beard. However, only some hairs grow and the others don’t. Will it take a few months for them to develop into a beard or should i quit and wait a few years because i hate the somewhat-beard look? Also, I have a little bit more hair than normal above my shaving line on the cheekbones. I have not shaved it off, but can I or will that make the hairs come out thicker and worsen the situation? Or should I just ignore it and it’ll get better over time? Appreciate if you could answer my questions. Thanx

WerewolfThe ability to grow a full beard will depend on your genes. If you are not destined to have a hairy face, then that is your fate. Look at your father, his father, your brother, and your uncles and you will get to see what you probably have in store for you. Beards take time to grow out and in boys of your age, it is not uncommon for the beard to be patchy. Mine did not fill out until I was in my early 20s and now it is much too full for me. There is no way to make your hair come out “thicker” or faster.

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  1. J
    J says:

    Dont wish for it, it will happen soon enough and when it does you will be spending 10mins every morning shaving it off and cutting yourself as you rush to work, trust me its no fun, just be happy being young and having all those nice young girls to play around with !! yum yum : )

  2. Richard Adams
    Richard Adams says:

    well if your growing a beard and it isnt quick enough or you are having other complications try taking Biotin it helps promote healthy hair growth its sold at gnc for pretty cheep dont rub rogain on your face


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