Dr. Rassman, I saw one of your comments on Propecia on the balding blog. You are welcome to use my pictures to show your bloggers what the drug can do. As you remember, I am 39 years old and I got these results in just 8 months on the drug. Contrary to what some say about the sex drive, the drug did nothing to suppress it. Sometimes I wish it did. I saw a couple of other doctors before I started Propecia and one had a salesman who tried to sell me 1500 grafts. He said Propecia would not work. Glad I did not have the surgery and listened to you guys.

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Thanks for coming forward on this very important issue. The young man can get an outstanding response from Propecia, especially the ones under 30. You are an exception to the rule and a lucky one at that. Although sometimes I feel like a Merck salesman, because I suggest this medication for many of my patients, it is because of people like you that I have become an enthusiast for Propecia. Although the corners did not return, the fullness you wanted was achieved and you are happy. That is what this is all about. You were wise to seek out other opinions and I applaud you for such persistence. There is no “A” given in school for such decisions, and in the real world, the hairy guy you look at in the mirror every day is better than that “A” on a report card.

The below photo on the left is before Propecia use (scanned from a Polaroid, so please forgive the quality); below photo on the right was taken about 21 months after continued Propecia use. He’s had no hair transplant surgery. Click the photos below to enlarge.


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