Daily Hair Loss – What is Normal?

I heard from somebody that the average person loses 100 hairs a day. This seemed really high to me, is it true?

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Yes, this is true. It is believed that the average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head and the life cycle for a hair (before going into its cycle shut down and regrowth) is 3 years. Wtih that said, that means 35,000 hairs lost per year or about 100 (rounded) hairs per day for 3 years will equal the total number of hairs on the head of an average Caucasian Male.

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  1. Dr. Rassman,

    what are the other alternative treatment in hair loss aside from minoxidil? is the patient still experienceing hail loss even on going treatment of minoxidil? how many months of hair loss?

  2. I am only 17. I can lightly pinch my hair in a clump between two fingers and one or two hairs will come out. I can see my scalp in a mirror under my hair(unless combed forward)I find one or two hairs on my pillow each morn. I am going through alot of stress, but both sides of my family show EXTREME hair loss. please help. I am horrified. truly, cripplingly horrified. PLEASE HELP ME DR.RASSMAN!!! AM I GOING BALD AT 17?????

  3. About 4 months ago I started growing my hair out. Now I am noticing more hair fall out in the shower. Is that normal. I pinch my hair and pull and nothing comes out. Am I just being paraniod.

  4. Hi,

    I’m only 17, but my hair keeps falling out, 20 hairs are like falling out at the same time in the mornings.. is this normal? I just run my fingers through my hair and 3-4 strands comes out each time..
    I have been under a lot of stress lately.. could this be the cause?
    And what can i do to solve this?

  5. Hi I’ve been noticing that I’m shedding alot of hair sometimes they have different thicknesses but this is all over even on the sides and back and bottoms when I attempt to count how many It’s anywhere from 50-100 as indicated but most of them come from the top and back which strikes me as suspicious. Also I don’t know where I can get my head mapped if you could tell me what kind of doctor I should consult a dermatologist or what?

  6. my father lost his hair in his early to his late 20s and my mother’s brother still has his hair on top and on the sides and it is always told a man inherits hair from his mother’s side of the family, and also my hair is exactly like my mother’s hair is this true that we inherit hair from our mother?

  7. Foltene Hair Loss treatment is a a good alternative to Minoxidil. I started using Foltene few months ago and really happy with the results

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