Dear sir
I am 28 and for more than 6 years I have consumed FINPECIA tablets ( dosage which is 1 mg per day )which is made in India for preventing of hair lost.In this regard I would like to know that wehether this tables has any side effect such as sexual tendency,etc.

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The pill you are taking appears similar in name to the drug Propecia (finasteride) made by the US drug company Merck. If it is finasteride (controlled by US and foreign patents), the side effects are four:

  1. An initial increase sex drive in 10% of men taking the medication
  2. An initial decrease sex drive in 1-2% of men
  3. Breast swelling in less than 1% of men
  4. Some decrease long term impact for prostate cancer

If the drug is not finasteride, then I have no way to know what the side effects or the effectiveness of these drugs might be. For whatever reason many people in the United States promote the idea that drugs made in India are not quality controlled like drugs made in the United States. I think the correct statement for this should be that the United States FDA has not verified that the generic drugs made in India meet the strict standards required in the United States.