Female Genetic Hair Loss


I am a 25 year old woman and I have been losing my hair since the age of 12. All of the women in my family have been affected, but I am the first to lose it as such a young age and actually have it the worst. I am generally bald in the front and have thin hair everywhere else, but it’s not bald. I currently am using a weave, but I’ve noticed that is has actually become worse and I’d really like to lose the weave and have a natural hair line. Is New Hair catered for men only, and if not, can I be helped?

Desperate in Brooklyn

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First of all, you should see a good doctor who knows about hair loss in women. Since you are in New York, I would recommend you set up an appointment with Dr. Robert Bernstein at (201) 585-1115. He has offices in Manhattan and New Jersey and can address your unique problem. It sounds like you do have genetic female hair loss, but first let’s get an expert to determine it. You must have a full check-up to determine if you have any metabolic diseases as well. For more questions and answers about female hair loss, please click here for previous blog entries.

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