Dear Dr.
I realize Minoxidil does not work on the front of the head (hairline). I have the classic receding hairline problem and I’m curious if you feel Propecia is worth taking in an effort to (possibly) reduce the receding hairline problem (or at least prevent it from getting any worse)? Also, is it any more or less effective to use both Minoxidil AND Propecia at the same time?

Thanks for all your great work.

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For men, I generally like to start off with Propecia first, and if there is no benefit in about 8 months, then add Minoxidil. If there is still no benefit, then transplantation may be the only option, if the hair loss is bad enough. I don’t like to do two things at once, because if you use both Propecia and Minoxidil and they work, the treatment that was responsible for the benefit (it might have only been one of them) is something that you will never know and therefore you will be ‘hooked’ on both for life. For women, there is no Propecia option, so Minoxidil is the only know effective choice available for hair loss.