Lexapro and Hair Loss

Do any anti-depressants such as lexapro cause hair loss?

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Antidepressants do cause hair loss (see Lexapro information on drugs.com). Stress is also a cause of hair loss on those who are impacted with the genetic balding defect. There is a chicken and egg scenario here; which comes first? Speak with your doctor about switching medications or in helping you deal with the stress of life that may be accelerating your hair loss if you are genetically prone.

Update: This link was brought to my attention — ultimate-cosmetics.com.

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  1. As your link above shows, Lexapro has not been shown to cause hair loss. Some of the other SSRI drugs may cause some diffuse thinning as a rare side effect. It is not the norm.


    DEBBIE (34 YRS. OLD)


  3. I’ve always had a full head of glossy thick hair. I’ve recently noticed how thin my hair got…starting to panic over here. I’m young single girl. This can’t happen. The only drug I’m on is Lexapro too.

  4. I have been on Lexapro for months and have had a major loss of hair. I have always had to get a hair cut every three weeks but have lost so much hair, I am afraid to cut it. I am weaning myself from the antidepressant now.

  5. I just started taking lexapro 3 days ago. This morning I was combing my hair after a shower and noticed about two dozen hairs in the teeth of the comb. My immediate suspicion fell on the lexapro. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and it was quite a shock since the list of side effetcs never listed hair loss. If this keeps up, would it reverse itself if I went off the drug? I’m really tempted to just stop taking it now since it’s only been a few days.
    I’m a 36 y/o male, full head of hair, good health, not taking any other drugs.
    Any comments would be appreciated.


  6. Same for me! I have always had a great head of hair. Super thick and real healthy. Since taking “LEXAPRO” for about 6 months now, my hair looks like crap! There is no other way to explain how my hair has become so thin you can see my scalp! My Dr. thinks it’s Male Pattern Baldness. B.S. that does not happen in 6 months.

    Note: It’s not falling out, it’s just thinning like crazy.

  7. I have been taking lexapro for 4 months now and I too am a victim of thinning hair. I thought I was going crazy at first but finally realized that lexapro has to be the culprit. My hair has never looked this bad, I literally look like Kramer in the soft flow shower head episode. I stopped taking it a week ago and hopefully after a new haircut things will change.

  8. I was switched to lexapro from prozac. My hair is fine anyway but within 2 days of starting treatment with lexapro my hair has never looked so thin. Its not coming out in clumps but just thining all over. I didn’t experince this with prozac.

    In the list of side effects this was not listed. I did my own research when i noticed my thinning hair.

    I will try to come off this drug. Anxiety and depression are hard enough to deal with without added problems making you feel worse

    I’m a 31 yr old male.

  9. I have been on Lexapro for depression for the last two years. I used to have hair so thick that I was charged extra at the beauty shop. Now my hair is so thin and is falling out all over. This has been going on for as long as I have been taking Lexapro. I used to take Celexa and didnt have this problem. Lexapro is the only medication that I take. I will ask my doctor to switch me back to the celexa.

  10. I have been on Lexapro for several months and have noticed my hair seemed thinner. I took a good look and to my horror, on the back of my head the hair is considerably thinner and I can see my scalp! I also have 2 semi circles of new growth where I have lost hair at my forehead!! Is this supposed to help my depression!? I am horrified. This is the only thing I can contribute this sudden loss of hair.

  11. I have been on Lexapro for over two years. I started with 5mg and increased it to 10mg six months ago. I began seeing hair loss immediately. I used to have a thick head of hair and now am afraid to wash it. I lose handfuls and brushloads. At the rate I’m going I will probably be totally bald in a year which lead me to stop taking it a week ago. If Lexapro is the culprit (which I think it is) will things reverse and will my hair begin to grow back? I hope to God it will.

  12. I have been taking Lexapro also for maybe 5 months and have noticed hair thinning. The drug work good but I have noticed that my hair is so much thinner. I really feel that the side effect need to be listed but it is not. I am going to take myself off of the medication

  13. OMG!! My hair started falling out too! I am sitting here ready to cry because I had a crowning glory of thick hair then all of a sudden my hair just started dropping out.. I just recently got a new prescription for celexa and I pray this stuff doesnt do more damage to my hair. I went to the doctor and told him what was happening and he gave me some cockamamie story.. I thought maybe it was me but now after reading these posts I am realizing it is this damn drug.. If my hair continues to fall out with celexa I am going to stop COLD TURKEY and just deal with the damn anxiety..

  14. i have been taking lexapro for four years and have had terrible hair loss. i took steroid shots in my head every six weeks for a year trying to stop the hair loss, no doctor ever thought it could be the lexapro. im sick about the money and time spent, i have stopped cold turkey…. waiting to see what happens.

  15. Well, I am the reverse here as I have been on Celexa for about 2 months and my hair (which is beautiful I must say) is now thin enough to see my scalp on both sides of my forehead (think male pattern baldness)…while I’m not bald and no one can see it unless I point it out, I could never see my scalp before.

    Problem is I am also taking Seasonale birth control with a side effect of …(you guessed it) hair loss!

    I’m thinking though…it’s the Celexa. Already left a message with my Doc.

  16. Gosh, I’m amazed to see so many people with this problem. I have always had fine hair, but I started taking celexa (10 mg daily) about 6 months ago and have lost so much hair around my temples and behind my ears that I don’t even want to put my hair up anymore. Hair loss IS listed as a side effect but an uncommon one – I suspect it’s more common than the drug makers think.

  17. I have taken Lexapro for 18 months and noticed the thinning of hair. I never had this problem before. Doctor will not admit it is medication. I do not take any other medication. I am about to stop taking Lexapro this week and will see what happens. I am doing this under the care of my MD. Went from 10mg of Lexaprog to 5mg for two months.

  18. My 27 year old daughter has been on lexapro for about a year and a half and is now totally bald. I am convinced it is the lexapro although the doctor says it is alopecia. She has had shots to no avail and they have now put her on metatrexate. Has anyone gone totally bald from lexapro? I would appreciate any info.

  19. Hi all,
    I have been taking Lexapro 5 mg for nearly two months, and, honestly, during these two months I have lost nearly half of my hair. Is it a coincedence? I don’t know. But that is the only change in my diet during these two months.

  20. I just started taking lexapro 1 day ago. is it true that it causes hair loss in men? im 30 yrs old with a pretty good head of hair and id like to keep it that way. im taking a 10 mg dose along with a low dose of xanex for anxiety. the lexapro isnt totally necessary, it was just an option, but i dont really care to go bald just yet. any feed back would be forth coming.

  21. I have been on Lexapro for approx six months and I am devistated at my hair loss. I have been in tears and am weaning myself off of the drug. My depression is worse now that my hair is thin! I had to get about 3 inched cut off the back because it is soo thin, I cant believe this! I am absolutely devistated! I have acne on my scalp as well as severe itching that has been persistent since I started Lexapro. I talked to 3 doctors including a derm and they did not tie the hair loss to the drug, they say stress but I believe it is the drug. Not only is my hair falling out and thinning, it is thinning more in areas, like at my temples and behind my ears. The texture has comletely changed as well.
    My hairdresser said yesterday he has never seen my hair like this…it used to be sooo thick that that was the first comment he would say and he said it is thinning, lifeless, dry and lacks the shine it used to have. This sucks! I am looking for anyone who has taken the drug and found that their hair grew back in time like it was or remotely close.
    Is there anyone else out there with the same symptoms? The doctors need to be aware of this more….the statistic books are not stating this as a side effect.
    I am very concerned.

  22. I started taking Lexapro 10mg in October 2008. My hair loss started right after, but the doctor said it was due to stress. I had a lot of really thick hair, so I didn’t worry too much at the beginning. After 8 months it got so thin that when I put my hair back in a ponytail you can see my scalp. Finally the doctor said it could be the Lexapro causing the hair loss and he got me out of it. It has been 4 months since I stopped taking Lexapro, my hair is still really thin but not falling off anymore. Hopefully will regrow. I’m convinced Lexapro was the cause.

  23. I took Lexapro and then Celexa for about a year. I have always had fine, thin hair. My mother has female pattern baldness and my brother is going bald is well. When I noticed hair loss at my hairline earlier this year, I figured it was genetic. Now, six months after going off Lexapro, the little bald spot that was forming is filling back in with hair. I suspect the hair loss was related to the Lexapro. I’m glad I went off it when I did–further hair loss would have been quite devastating.

  24. I posted previously on Sept 19 about my devistation to the my hairloss that I was experiencing due to Lexapro. I weaned myself off of the drug after realizing that my hair thinning was from the drug, doctors said it was stress. I want to encourage anyone suffering with this hairloss from Lexapro that it has been about 2 months since starting to stop Lexapro. I noticed the hairloss stopping almost immediately after starting weaning and I now have tons of new growth all over. I am very encouraged that my hair will go back to its normal fullness. I hope this will be encouragement to others.

  25. I am so glad I found this site. I’ve been on Lexapro for about 2 years and my hair seems to be accelerating. But you have all given me hope and I will also begin weaning myself off. Wish me luck.

  26. This is Sherry again, and I meant to say my hair LOSS has been accelerating. I will post how things are going during the weaning period. Wish me luck.

  27. Wow…2 years on Lexapro major hair loss. My psychiatrist said that is not a “common” side effect. So since then I have had bloodwork done to check my thyroid, as well as going to a dermatologist and acupuncture. I have also been taking Biotin which has been known to help with hair loss. Nothing has helped. I am going to ask my doctor to switch my medication. The problem is, Lexapro works really well for me, but this side effect is a little to extreme. I am going to ask my doctor to switch my medication.

  28. i am so glad to see all this concerning hair loss and lexapro. I too used to have thick curly hairy, so much people would always scare coming up on my side cause i could not see them. Now it as thinned so much that my curls are not curly anymore. This has really affected my life. It’s all i think about, it’s consuming my every waking thought!! i stopped taking it about a week ago, so i hope to see a change soon. i am a 41 year old female and have been on it for about a year now. lets see what happens

  29. My name is charles ihave noted my hair thining when started using Lexapro. Does any one know if hair loss will come back if I stop taking Lexapro

  30. I read that Lexapro causes a selenium deficiency, which causes hair loss. I was told by my doctor to take selenium, but I shouldn’t have to take that supplement. Selenium deficiencies can cause organ damage, digestive problems, hair loss, etc. So I am going off of the Lexapro, and trying a different medication, which is a pain because it has worked the best for me, but it has caused me to lose so much hair. I used to have really thick, natural curly hair. Now I can’t even wear it down because it shows clumps of my scalp. Wearing it up shows my scalp. It makes me very sad because numerous people have said you look so much better with your hair down and I can’t do it. People shouldn’t have to deal with that from taking an anti depressant. Lexapro is supposed to help with depression not cause more of it. The need to make an anti depressant that makes people lose weight not hair.

  31. I have been on Lexapro for approximately three months and have also noticed serious hair loss. I spoke with my Dr. about it and she stated that she would check the data and switch me to a different medication if need be. I’ve been worried sick about all the hair I am losing–not only is it falling out in large amounts, but the texture and appearance of my hair has completely changed. I stopped taking Lexapro about a week ago and hoping that my hair goes back to normal. I’m not willing to take meds for anxiety that only cause me to be anxious about new issues–like hair loss!!

  32. I have been taking celexa for about 10 months and have been wondering if I was imagining being able to see my scalp. i have always had extremely thick hair down to my waist and now it is 3/4 of the way thinner everywhere and my scalp shows on top in the front. I am stopping this medicine. Would like to know if it will ever regrow or will stay this way. Really makes the depression way worse than it was to begin with….

  33. i am a 27 year old female. within a few days of starting on lexapro 5mg a day, i have noticed that my hair is falling out in huge amounts. i find this extremely distressing as my hair was not thick to begin with. i am certain that lexapro is the cause as i have never expereinced hair loss like this before. i feel angry that i was not warned of this side effect agree that doctors need to be aware of it as it can only make depression and or anxiety symptoms worse.

  34. So it’s not just me!

    I’ve been on LIFE CHANGING Lexapro(20mg)for almost 4 years now and luckily do not seem to be losing my hair at such a rapid pace as many of the posters.

    I was hoping some one might have more details about the hair loss, i.e. where it first appears to start thinning & the progression.

    I have DEFINITE thinning along the forehead and temple. I am regretting all the wishful thinking of finer, thinner, more manageable hair when I was younger…

    I also have TWO OTHER HAIR & SCALP SYMPTOMS THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS MENTIONED and wonder if anyone else has experienced either of these aging & embarrassing possible side effects:



    The scaly scalp/bumps sometimes become EXTREMELY itchy and may bleed easily?

    Lexapro has saved my life, LITERALLY, and I can not suffer through another brain-zapping, numb limbed, nearly suicidal withdrawl.

    I have been on & off a wide variety of other medications & anti-depressants and this is the very medication that allows me the comfort-ability to live in my own skin without constant fear. Except for the fear I feel each day as I examine my scalp.

    I have a friend with Alpecica (sp?) and as much as I adore her lovely wigs… I WANT MY HAIR, and THICK!

    At this point the “Bumpy” individual follicles that still have hair (many of them GREY!) are so far apart that I could probably stand in front of the mirror and individually count the lack luster locks that have yet to leave my scalp.


    And I’m afraid of how far this may go. I understand I have been luckier than most (or just had a TON of hair to begin with?) I am not losing handfuls nor have blatant bald spots, but I sure have a mess of mane to clean out the shower every time I wash my hair….


    Who knows if it may be chalked up to something else?

    If not, guess it’s just one more “mystery illness” I’ll eventually self-diagnose after another year of being poked and prodded by various doctors & “specialists.” From my personal experience that’s about how long it takes for a Physician to believe that I might just know how I feel better than him/her. That has always been the rough time table of how long it’s taken to get a decent diagnosis.

    Thanks for your help & all your posts! I finally know I’m not imaging the extreme thinning & hair loss.

  35. I immediately recognized the situations above. I have been on Lexapro (or Sipralexa as it is known in my country) for 4 months. First 5mg, 10mg and at the end 20mg. The drug does work against anxiety. BUT… Immediately yet the first days (!) I noticed hair on the ground. I had never seen hair on the ground coming from me. Also, my hair for the first time felt ver frail and fragile! I used to have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of hair. But it thinned out these past months (in a very diffuse way). I took myself of Lexapro 2 weeks ago (discussed it with my doctor). My hair loss has not stopped yet, but I will give my body some time to get rid of all medication and to acclimatize. Hoping my hair will grow back within some months (doctor says it will).

    I was very amazed how everybody’s story was so alike (men/women,young/mid/old/…)!

  36. I have also noticed hair loss since I started taking lexapro a few months ago. Every time I wash my hair I have a handful of hair come out. My hair is also very fragile as well. It wasn’t coming out until I started the Lexapro. The Lexapro has helped my panic attacks but I am so tired all the time and do NOT want to lose any more hair!

  37. I was on Lexapro three years ago. I was on 5mg for a month then went to 10mg. Once I went to the 10mg, my hair started falling out every day. I honestly thought at some point I would lose all my hair! I have long, thick, dark brown hair. I stopped the med. after two months and the problem stopped. It was most definitely the medication. It was the only medication I was on too.

    1. Thank you. The exact same thing happened to me. It is shocking how fast the hair fell as soon as I began taking 10mg. In 30 days I lost the majority of my hair and I used to have hair for days, long, thick…I am glad to hear the problem stops as soon as the drug intake is interrupted. I just hope they will grow back as well.

  38. I have been on lexapro for 5 months and I too have had so much hair loss… I have especially noticed it this past month. It just does not stop, I lose it in the shower and then more while I am doing my hair… You want to talk about something giving you depression…, its watching your long hair become so thin and consistantly falling out that you are scared to even wash it! I am getting off of it completely, and am going to see if I can manage my emotions with exercise and diet. But if not I will never go back on lexapro again. I loved it too, because I really had almost no side effects, but hair loss is awful. I am glad to know I am not crazy.

  39. I’m so sad! Lexapro has been a Godsend for my depression and anxiety, but I can NOT handle this hairloss. I started taking Lexapro about 3 months ago and like everyone else, I have so much hair that the hairdressers would fuss about the thickness and now I barely have a handful. I only take 5 mg. because I’ve found that that works great for me. I come from a family of thick haired men and women (Greek) and now I have wispy thin hair that seems to be turning gray very quickly too. I had alittle gray but it’s increased too!
    I don’t know what medication to start now and how do I wean myself off 5 mg.s?! And how long will it take to stop this falling out?!

  40. This site is a God sent, I too and my family always had the thick hair I could have had a cut every two weeks and the hairdresser would joke about making wigs out of it. After a serious anxiety attack, In july I was put on 25mg of Zoloft by october my hair was thinning quickly, dr said it was stress, I argued the point and did research, she then put me on Lexapro 10 mg. I am still thinning quickly and am goint to wean off of this drug. Thank you so much for this information.

  41. I have the same situation as takeyourmeds. I my hair is thinnning and I have very dry itchy scalp. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one. I just stopped taking Lexapro for about 4 weeks. I hope my hair grows back. Pray for me.

  42. I have been taking a low dossage of Lexapro for years and noticed some hairloss as well, but figured I was better off feeling good and having a little less hair…especially since i didnt have prrof it was the drug. My hair was super thick when this all started. I went off it for a while and hair loss stopped. Now my doc started me back up and on a high dosage of 40mg. I have lost so much hair I cant believe it. I thought it must be stress, but the amount lost in such a short time was just too much. I compared pictures of myself from about 5 months ago to now and it is sad. I have lost or thinned the entire top of my head of hair! I am giving my doc a call today. It is unfortunate because the lexapro works really well for me otherwise

  43. I also noticed the bumps on my scalp and had no idea what that was about. Asked my girlfriend who is a NP and she said she couldn’t figure out the cause of it either. Also, this may be worth mentioning. I just turned 33. I had like 2 or 3 grey hairs in my beard before. Since I started back on the high dosage of Lexapro, my entire chin is grey. I feel like an old man. This sucks for someone that is trying to live young.

  44. i started taking LEXAPRO 2 weeks ago and noticed after a week that my hair was falling out in massive clumps, especially in the shower. i had very thick and shiny hair, which is now very thin and stringy and matte. i suspected LEXAPRO, but thought maybe I was mal-nurished because i had no appetite and felt nauseous, but after looking it up today, I’m convinced it’s the LEXAPRO and plan to stop taking it.

    I hope my hair goes back to normal soon. I’ve only been on LEXAPRO for 2 weeks and hope it doesn’t take 3-5 months to stop falling out like i’ve been reading. i’ll be bald by then :(

  45. I have been on Lexapro for 3 years. Suddenly a week ago I noticed a small quarter size bald spot above my bangs line. There was a bald thin streak on the top of my head. Yesterday, I found a huge bald spot on the right side that is at least the size of a dollar bill folded up. I had colored my hair in June, and did not notice and balding. When I pulled the hair away from the side of my head the hair next to the bald spot was PURE WHITE with light brown hairs. I have a full thick dark brown naturally curtly hair.I am 61, so I do have some greys to color. But this was pure white hair.

    After reading all the blogs… I believe now it is the Lexapro.

  46. This all sounds so familiar. I have been taking Lexapro for about two years. Last December I noticed a gap in the front of my hair. I thought I had styled it wrong. Then I slowly noticed my hairline in the front was 1/4 to 1/2 inch back from where it used to be. My hair is so thin around my ears, and is thinner all over my head. I can feel the breeze on my scalp. I have had every blood test imaginable and they all show that I’m perfectly fine. I hope it is the Lexapro, and if I stop taking it my hair will grow back. Everyone who had thin hair…when you stopped taking Lexapro did your hair grow back? I have more anxiety from hair loss than I ever did before I started taking this drug!

  47. I started 10, then 20 mg of Lexapro in November of 2011 with Wellbutrin XL (150). My diagnosis is anxiety disorder and I was on Prozac for 6 years but was switched. BY the end of December my hair was shedding in clumps. My scalp was itchy then the hair would fall out. I have had some hair loss before but this was ridiculous. It would just break off in the sink. It started at the top went to the sides now heading towards the back. I now wear a wig. I went to a dermatologist. She said the hair that was left was healthy and thought the loss was from stress because I was going through a divorce. I had dandruff so she gave me some oils and shampoos for psoriasis. Said in Feb she will do a biopsy of my scalp. She thought it may be alopecia errata. I think it is either Lexapro or Wellbutrin. I am anemic but that is just me and I never had this much hairloss. I can see my scalp.

    The shampoos and oils stopped the dandruff but my scalp is still itching and shedding.

    I think I will ask doc to switch me back to prozac. I never had a problem with it anyway. Lexopro helps with anxiety better, I think but I think prozac helped me feel more balanced.

  48. I’ve been taking Lexapro 10mg for over two years and the hair loss at the top of my head exposed scalp very noticeably. I am late 40s F, with medium thick hair all my life. Please check with your doctor before weaning off Lexapro. Today was the first time in 3-4 weeks (w/o Lexapro) and I’ve seen improvement in hair loss. I lost an avg 10-15 strands (vs the 100s I was losing before). The only other thing I changed was swapping out my shampoo for a better quality (Head & Shoulders medicated) to help scalp stimulation.

  49. I’m so glad I found this website! Yes, I’ve been losing tons of hair, even on the sides, and thanks to you guys I have just now connected it to the Lexapro. I’ve been on it almost two years, and had no idea that was what was causing my hair loss. Well, it’s settled; I’m weaning myself off this med which helps one thing only to hurt another! It actually didn’t do much for me anyway.

  50. I have had hair loss every time I use antidepressants, I experience burning of the scalp and then the hair starts to thin, the drs say its stress. When I go off the medication the hair does grow back, but not the same. I’m now weaning off the latest tablets, its just too stressfull, Has any one had burning of the scalp on antidepressants.

  51. im 20 female. i took lexapro and started noticing hairloss, and my hair was already fine and more prone to shedding but after taking this medicine my hairlosss gott sooo bad that it gave me much more anxiety and depression. i remember reading this forum hoping to see if someone else felt that lexapro causes hairloss because i would get all kinds of things like….. its probably not lexapro but the anxiety itself that u have thats causing the hairloss and i used to be well i always had anxiety but why is it now that my hair is literally falling every where. i remember waking up and seeing my pillow full of long and baby hair… but when i finally stopped taking it after a couple months of use. thinking maybe just maybe it is the medicine and im not crazy. MY HAIR STOPPED FALLING OUT after like 1 or 2 weeks since i stopped taking it. the only reason im writting this is if anyone else is loosing hair after lexapro and its driving you crazy… it actually maybe the medicine. but i do know that everyone is different sO IF YOU ARE LOOSING HAIR AFTER LEXAPRO AND THAT ITSELF IS WORRYING YOU MORE THAN THE LEXAPRO IS HELPING. ITS WORTH IT TO STOP TAKING IT FOR A LIL WHILE AND SEE IF THATS THE CASE WITH YOU OR NOT.

  52. Took lexapro for nearly 5 months and am devastated and very depressed from the amount of hair loss. Stopped taking it maybe 2 weeks ago but hair is still falling out. I know I’ve lost at least half of my hair. I had thick wonderful hair and now it is thin and very hard to make it look pretty like it did before all the hair loss. It falls out constantly even while I’m just sitting still. My bathroom where I wash dry and comb my hair is covered with hair daily. This is extremely devastating as I am 61 and have always taken care of myself by eating healthy and exercising and get told all the time how young and beautiful I look. But with this extreme hair loss I feel I appear older and when I fix my hair I get so depressed because my hair is like a much older woman’s hair. If there is a way to sue the company I wish someone would give me advice. Send email to claudia200048@yahoo.com…thank you

  53. I’m a 29 yr-old male who’s experienced thinning hair all over for the past few years. After a recent stressful event in my life, my physician suggested taking Lexapro. In just less than a month in, I’ve noticed even more thinning of my hairline, particularly in the front and temples.

    It’s hard to pinpoint whether it’s the stress, the drug or both in terms of what has accelerated the thinning but I’m definitely going off the drug.

    Has anyone who’s experienced that same have their hair restored to the thickness it was before the shed?

  54. Same problem on 20 mg of Celexa. Has anyone changed meds to something that isn’t causing the hair loss!! Frustrated and Balding!!!!!

  55. I had been on lexipro 3 months or so when I literally pulled a bowl full of hair out of my head in the shower one morning. I felt clumps leaving my scalp. It was like a horrible dream and I was scared. Since then my hair has been falling out everywhere. I went on the drug to relieve my anxiety and it did help with that but the texture of my hair is that of which I have never had. Dried out and frizzy no matter what I try to nourish it with. My hairline has receded and I have lost close to half my full head of hair! Cut my dose in half and seeing the doc tomorrow to help me deal with the crappy withdrawals. Would not recommend this drug.

  56. I took lexapro for about 3 months and notice a ridiculous amount of hair loss. My hair has always been super fine and thin but I have never had clumps of hair come out in the shower daily. I stopped taking it about a months ago but am still losing a good amount of hair. How long after stopping this medication does your hair stop falling out?!

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