Female Hair Loss in Temples

I have thinning hair at my temples. I am in the Army and have to wear my hair up everyday while at work. My hairstylist says that my hair will grow back once I stop putting it up. However, I will be in the Army for the next 10 years and am thinking about hairloss treatments for my temple area? Any suggestions?

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If your hair dresser is correct and you have traction alopecia (hair loss from traction), then you can expect little relief. Whatever is causing the hair loss must be addressed by stopping the pulling. There are other conditions, such as triangular alopecia, where people lose hair in the temples from genetic causes. This is part of the differential diagnosis that you needs to have made. See a good doctor and discuss these two conditions with him/her.

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  1. Perhaps cutting your hair to a cute short style would solve things, that way you won’t have to keep pulling it up, use gel to keep strays in place and then grow it longer when you retire from the army. My hair did the same thing when I’d wear it in a ponytail all the time, it stopped falling out when I wore it down and stopped with the pony tails.

  2. I am in the Army also and I make it a point to have very squared-away hair. I wear it in a sock bun every day, so I know I am breaking my hair and losing hair. When I wear it down, my hair goes to the middle of my back. If you find any solution, let me know. I sure don’t want to cut it, but I’m trying to keep my Army hairstyle very professional.

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