Dear Dr Rassman,
I’m a 26 year old male who has experienced some frontal hair loss for the past 3 years. I used to where my hair slicked back in high school and some time after, but I noticed my forehead increased in length and I started to get a higher hairline. I guess being of English/French descent, I would have to deal with this soon enough. I never slicked my hair back ever again,because my forehead is just too long. I leave my hair natural and lay it foreward, but i have to have bangs just to keep the attention away from my forehead. It helps, but i don’t care to have long bangs. It sometimes makes my forehead breakout. I wish I had alot of money so I can take care of this, but i live on $8.00 per hour in the Bush era. Plus I need LASIK eye surgery because I look a lot better without glasses. My eyes are the only decent thing about me. The rest of me is 6’1 1/2″ of high foreheaded European human waste. Looks are almost number 1 on the priority list for me, but its difficult when u don’t have successful genes to help u in the long run.

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I do not want to rub your financial predicament with more salt to the wound of $8/hour wages. Sometimes, you have to figure a less expensive way out. The least expensive way for you is:

  1. Start taking Propecia to reduce the loss further. This will run you between $55-80/month, something you probably can afford to do.
  2. Change your combing style (forward to hide the long forehead). This will cost you a good 10 cents for a comb.

Be creative, and when your time comes for a hair transplant, reach out to us for our Standby Program where our prices are lower and more affordable for those that are more flexible with their schedule.