What is RK19 and the obvious question: does it really work?

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Again and again, more products reach the market that do not reflect legal claims allowed by the FDA. In my opinion, the pictures on this site are not believable, which makes the site and the claims not believable to me. The pictures appear to have some scalp coloring in the after pictures, which to me appear as if there was an effort to deceive the observer. I may be wrong, but as a clinician, I hold to stringent standards. Everyone wants a magical cure to balding and this certainly does not look like it.

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  1. Dr. Rassman,

    I realize as a doctor you must take the given data to insure your patients are given the “right” treatment for their condition. I do however, wonder how you can comment on products you yourself admit to know very little about. Regeneplex, for example. I do not know much about the product either, but a friend has used it and has had very real results with it within 12 months. I am not here to blast your opinion, but as a doctor you are compelled to research things/products that may very well put some doctors out of business. Heart disease for expample, may be a thing of the past in a decade. There are great prescriptions for heart-related conditions, but there are also great things such as diet and herbs that greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. My father was a surgeon who always put the patient first even if it was not the most lucrative choice for him. I am a bioligist with a very firm understanding of biochemistry as well. I agree that nothing is side-effect free, especially if it has any real efficacy, but check closer on some things to make sure you are not missing something out there. Something that may have potential. I am sure I don’t have to remind you that your patients are always first. You know your science works, but remember the light bulb was ignored at first also. oh yes, as far as the FDA works, I have no real comment on that. They have their own job and I am not certain how they work. They do real good things, and it has also been proven that they do real crooked things also.

  2. i tried rk19 a few years ago. nothing. i took the pills and stuff for about a year, but no growth whatsoever. the guy who runs it, ken, seems like a nice enough guy, and his old website had pictures of his head on it, with the closeups of the regrowth and it all seemed convincing enough…so i gave it a shot…..i’m sure his stuff works for some people, but for me personally, nothing.

  3. Your right RK19 wont work for everyone. We all have unique body types. But I will say that my friend who was balding since age 19 is growing his hair back. Hes over 40 now. This is what convinced to sell this product. As Dr. Rassman said there are no miracle cures, what works for one person might not work for someone else. But at least you have the option to choose.

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