Hair Loss in 14 Year Old Girl

hi, im 14 and i noticed that my hair is getting real used to be very thick and i was wondering if i have a disease or something..i told my mom but she doesnt know what it is and i just want to know if its just getting thin for no reason or if its something more serious.

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There are many causes of female hair loss. You need to see a doctor, because many of the causes of hair loss in a girl of your age may reflect a medical condition that needs to be treated. You and your mom should read through the Female Hair Loss category of this site to see my other commentary about hair loss in women.

8 thoughts on “Hair Loss in 14 Year Old Girl

  1. Your information on female hair loss was helpful, but the information on teenage female hair loss was not as informative. I’m fifteen, and I feel I need more information. When I was a child, I had thick hair. When I was around seven, I cut it short. It was still thick then. Around seventh grade I decided to grow it back out, but still, it was thick then. When I started my freshman year in high school, though, mid-year, it began to thin. It has shown no sign of stopping, and it does worry me. My ponytail has significantly gone down in size. I can’t wear my hair down without having loose strands cover my back – which is not popular at school. Plus, I lose an extreme amount of hair each time I shower – at least fifty strands. My hair is also lackluster in shine, and crooked and crinkled when it falls out. My mother took me to a doctor, who told me it was not my thyroid level. A week or two ago, my father told me to start taking vitamins and trying to eat better – the latter of which is hard, when you go to high school. Personally, though, I’m not sure that I believe this is a diet issue. If it was, why wouldn’t it affect more teenage girls at my school? I wish to know if there are medical conditions that I might have that give a symptom of hair loss, and possibly also slight depression – I have noticed that my mood seems to be getting worse and worse. I am also on birth control, which I noticed you said might cause problems… but it shouldn’t, because I have been having hair loss much longer than I’ve been on birth control. I just want to know what I could have, and how I can get this to stop.

  2. Hey Im 14 years old..
    And my hair is getting really thin..
    Its from straightening..
    I dont straighten it everyday but only twice a week or something.. But it still keeps falling.. and getting thinner.

    Does your hair grow back if u start losing ur hair cuz of straightening?

  3. hi. i am 18 years old and i am suufering from baldness. do you khow any think about new methods in hair regeneration like follicle cloning and when do you think will be available to the public?thanx

  4. hi im miranda im 14 and my hair is getting really thin im not sure why but iv been really depressed just thinking about it makes me more depressed im not sure if its from stress but it makes me want to cry i used to have super thick hair now its really thin

  5. hi im 14 and have had alot of trouble the past couple of mounths because my mum used to beat me up and i found my self on the streets.
    but iv now settled in at my nans, i wasent at all depressed or stressed when it was happening but for some reason my hair is falling out bad and its falling from the root i jst wanna no if theres anything i can do to stop it before its too late the thing i dont get is that im really happy its just hitting me bad the stress.
    i would really appreciate the help.

    thanks Ellesha.

  6. I just turned 14 about a month ago and I had a uti so I had to take medicin. when I started on the medicine i started to loose a hand full of hair every time I take a shower. I used to straigten my hair every day but I stopped and I’m still loosing hair. I just stopped taking the medicine and I didn’t loose as much hair but I’m still loosing a lot. I’m not home right now I’m visiting family and I’m not with my mom and I don’t know what to do. I am very scare that I am going to start balding or something like that. help.

  7. Hi. I’m turning 15 next month, but recently I’ve started noticing that my hair is falling out. When I shower, a ton of strands come out, and the same thing happens when I brush it. I even seem to have a small bald spot. What do I do? Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. hey im 16 and my hairs been getting thin too but i dont have bald spots . ive heard that it can happen due to stress its not genetic because genetic hair loss starts from the hairline . maybe try relaxing a little bit and try to feel less stressed about things . sorry you may have already found advice i know you posted this a year back . hope everything goes well for you :)

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