Just wanting some info, I am thinking of doing hair club and getting a piece. Do you know the cost and is it cheaper than hair transplants? I would rather do something that will grow mine back, but I am skeptical and weary of trying something like this, especially if the cost is what is rumored.

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Costs for wigs (hair systems) are much higher than most people think. I met Sy Sperling and the executives of Hair Club for Men in the late 90s and I was informed that the average price that they got from people with ‘systems’ over a 5 year period was around $12,500. That price included the hair system and constant repairs, replacements, and adjustments with frequent visits to their offices. When washing one wig and letting it dry, you need a second to wear. These hair systems are expensive and they do wear out. These cost figures I presented here are not based upon anything other than the cost quotes given to me in about 1998. I suspect that with inflation, the costs will be higher today, but that is only speculation on my part. The problem with hair systems is that they tend to accelerate and/or cause hair loss (traction alopecia) from the glues and tapes that are used.

Most hair transplants can be obtained for less than that figure (for the early balding man) and the transplanted hair will last a lifetime and grow as long as you want it to be. If you also take Propecia, the progressive hair loss may stop. This approach is far less expensive and totally natural. Men with hair systems are always afraid of other people touching their head. If the hair is attached to the existing hair, then cleanliness becomes a problem and odor becomes very distinct when you get close to men who use them. When romance opportunities appear, you might have a no-touch / no smell zone around your head if you are wearing a wig. Most people who have these systems, hate this no-touch zone more than any other single factor in hair systems but few men realize the odor that surrounds the systems that are attached, particularly if they do not come off at night so that you can wash the scalp and remove the dead skin than normally sheds every day.