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Just wanting some info, I am thinking of doing hair club and getting a piece. Do you know the cost and is it cheaper than hair transplants? I would rather do something that will grow mine back, but I am skeptical and weary of trying something like this, especially if the cost is what is rumored.

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Costs for wigs (hair systems) are much higher than most people think. I met Sy Sperling and the executives of Hair Club for Men in the late 90s and I was informed that the average price that they got from people with ‘systems’ over a 5 year period was around $12,500. That price included the hair system and constant repairs, replacements, and adjustments with frequent visits to their offices. When washing one wig and letting it dry, you need a second to wear. These hair systems are expensive and they do wear out. These cost figures I presented here are not based upon anything other than the cost quotes given to me in about 1998. I suspect that with inflation, the costs will be higher today, but that is only speculation on my part. The problem with hair systems is that they tend to accelerate and/or cause hair loss (traction alopecia) from the glues and tapes that are used.

Most hair transplants can be obtained for less than that figure (for the early balding man) and the transplanted hair will last a lifetime and grow as long as you want it to be. If you also take Propecia, the progressive hair loss may stop. This approach is far less expensive and totally natural. Men with hair systems are always afraid of other people touching their head. If the hair is attached to the existing hair, then cleanliness becomes a problem and odor becomes very distinct when you get close to men who use them. When romance opportunities appear, you might have a no-touch / no smell zone around your head if you are wearing a wig. Most people who have these systems, hate this no-touch zone more than any other single factor in hair systems but few men realize the odor that surrounds the systems that are attached, particularly if they do not come off at night so that you can wash the scalp and remove the dead skin than normally sheds every day.

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  1. Sy’s comments, although several years old, are consistent to my own experiences as an owner of a Richard Farrell system. I began wearing Farrell hair in 2000 and up until Jan 2006 have spent 16,257.40 at Farrell Salon. Staggering? Not until you actually add up all the services, repairs, lace replacement, coloring, products, and of course, buying new systems. Of course the original ones were just over $3000.00 and the new ones in 2005 were over $5000.00. Believe me, Farrell’s systems are the best in the business, but the hair I wear will NEVER grow out of my head. EVER. So, you can either pay a premium to “look like it’s growing out of your head” FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, or visit a reputable transplant surgeon and correct the problem permanently. Again, it comes down to value.

  2. I went to HairClub for Men. Let me advise you against this. It is very expensive, it is permanent, at least as long as you want to have this “hair” ( you have to stay with them and are stuck using their hairstylists for every cut and restyle ,etc), it is quite costly especially over time, & while it looked reasonably real it was terribly uncomfortable ~ particularly at night while trying to sleep and in the warm weather. Furthermore the front hairline edges of it peel up constantly and have to be “worked with” often with this “glue” and little brush they give you, and I did not like being able to see the somewhat “net-like” looking “base” which was occasionally visible. This made me even more self conscious. It does NOT feel like your real hair, trust me !!

    Beneath this toupee (this is what HairClub “systems” are basically , to put it simply), the crown of your head is shaved. As that hair starts to grow back, it itches under there like nothing you’ve never had before! To me it was nearly maddening !

    The most liberating thing for me was when, on a pleasant warm sunny morning, after not sleeping all night with that damn thing on my head, I got sick of it all and threw away my bottles of Rogaine (like I said, they didn’t really do much anyway), and forcefully peeled off that glorified rug which the HairClub had strapped on me, and took a set of clippers to my whole head. That day I returned the rug, told them I was now moving myself onto the ultimate “maintenance free” plan, as they could see, and I drove home with the top back and a cool breeze calming my previously tormented scalp.

    My advice (to all of the guys here at least) is: give this solution a try, men. Let’s be men again. Maybe watch the movie Fight Club if it helps get you in the “mindset”. This stuff is all essentially BS. With the exception of a full transplant, there really IS no “cure” for this problem; only varying degrees of “dealing” with it through these tedious methods such as Rogaine, ScalpMed, the myriad other topical “remedies” available, the HairClub, etc etc. I never felt so liberated as I did the day I buzzed it all off.

    Today it’s grown back some, and I now wear it in kind of a military style buzz cut, getting it buzzed short again about every 3 weeks, but it’s cool because it’s kind of ended up looking now like Brad Pitt’s in the movie Oceans Eleven (if not quite as “dense” as his was, lol). But really alot of guys wear their hair real short now, and trust me it looks masculine, it’s MUCH MUCH easier, and it’s overall WORLDS less stressful once you’ve “accepted” it.

    And if any female (or male) doesn’t like you as you look, then tell them to just keep stepping; you don’t want anything to do with that type anyway, trust me.

  3. I had a hair club for men thing done two years ago. I paid $3,500.00 for the first system, I am 25 and I lost a lot of hair. Everything was cool until they shaved the top of my head and glued this thing on. Afterwards about a day later i called back and noticed that u can really tell. If u feel the head, u can feel the glue, and u feel like u have a wig on, which is much more embarrasing that being bald. seriously no joke, I actually wore a hat the entire time becasue if anyone feels your hair, they can totally tell. The front line always unglues, and its just a pain in the ass. I went back, and they told me that if i wanted a system that felt more real, the price tag was about $550 a month. they get u hooked on the system, and then they charge u monthly installments to be a part of the club, in the end, if i had enough money i would get a transplant. I don’t so I will not, but if someone else does, seriously ask hairclub not only about what they will do for u, but what the costs are post-system. i will be happy to answer any questions. This experience actually made me happy to be bald, I shaved my head and looks much better. I felt raped by the Hairclub, it’s like telling a fat chick she can be skinny. I speak in plain words, if u wanna get HCM, just please make sure u know what u are asking for, know all the details especially all the money involve becasue u really could get a transplant for the amount u will spend, I dont have enough hair to have a transplant, but if anyone does, seriously consider that over HCM. I felt lke i was at a used car dealership gettiing taken advantage of. i hope someone will atuclally read this and not run his credit card up like I did. I feel like an idiot for even trying. i wlll put an email on top of this. I will tell u which place did it, who was the guy that sold me on it, and everything to prove this is actually a comment by someone who did this. Believe me, u are in for way more than u think, Learn from mistakes like mine. Do not spend that money on it, you will regret it and that is the worst feeling of all. believe me, everyone will know, it;s no good.

  4. I also feel victim to the Hair Club for Men. I went for a small transplant (800 grafts). You see, I still have most of my original hair. I was just trying to stay ahead of the game, you know, being proactive. Well I’m here to tell you that the sales folks are shameless. I wont’ bore anyone with the details, but if you ever consider doing this for god’s sake MAKE THEM SHOW YOU THE TRANSPLANT CONSENT FORMS BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM A NICKLE!!!!! You have to sign one of these before any surgical procedure. They gave me mine 5 minutes before my procedure saying “oh by the way you mihgt get an infection, or lose your existing hair, or have visible scarring etc. etc.” The sales people will lie to your face about the risks if you let them.

  5. HCM is nothing more than a joke. I refinanced $ 1,500 to get a “Hair system”. Not knowing what the system is, I called the manager in that facility and he personally told me that this is not a wig. So, I thought It was going to be extra hair to be added to my existing hair using hair waiving, the same thing saloons use when doing hair for women with no hair. However, next thing I knew was the stylist lady trying to fit a WIG on my head. How did she know what type of hair do I have?. She only looked my hair once on my first visit and that was all. Long story. Anyway, I refused to have that wig on my head, the manager in charge tried to convince me, even tried to talk to me to make my maintenance coasts less, but I disagreed. Guess what now?. I couldn’t get my money back, and they told me I can only get 50% of it. Is that a robbery or what?. Why didn’t they make me sign that contract after the hair is done, instead they ask you sign all the paperworks and contracts in your first visit, WAY BEFORE you even get your new “hair system”. It is all tricky, not professional and waste of money, time and everything else. I use Minoxidil the genetic one and I am happy enough, even though I still pay $ 75.00 every month to the refinancing company.

  6. Hi. I started my HCM experience back in like 2003. I began with their EXT treatments, basically all lotions and special shampoos and conditioners. This lasted for about 4-6 months. Not much of a difference. My invested money was transferred over to their Matrix systems. I have been using them ever since, even as I sit here typing this. I can validate that they are a quick fix, but they come with problems. The front hairline is a non-stop problem. Once I leave the salon it is good for about 3-5 days, before having to pull it up and clean, re-glue, and then fix it all up so it looks natural. My systems are good for 6 weeks, with appointments to go in halfway at 3 weeks for taking it off, cleaning, and reattaching. This whole experience is more than enough. I am constantly thinking about my head of hair, especially as the weeks go on, it gets worse and worse. There is an odor from the systems, that is true. It helps to shampoo and condition, use their scalp cleanser whatever solution (basically drop it onto the middle of your head and let it seep down, all around underneath the matrix. After reading the above entries, I decided to write my own experiences. I calculated what I’ve paid since I started. Right now I pay between $450 – $500 each month for the Diamond system plan. At this rate, I pay $5400 a year! And even though I haven’t always been on this plan.. if I were though, I would have paid $27,000 over a 5 year period!!! And this is being conservative using the $450 figure instead of the $500. I also have to pay for their special products, including shampoos, conditioners, scalp crap, glue, glue remover, etc… it’s a nightmare of costs!!! My father keeps on me for just dropping it all and embracing life for what it is! I’m beginning to see the point he has! I am going to look into the real thing, meaning a hair transplant, and see what I can afford… This is too much money, work, stress, and worry for a guy who is just 31 now… This sucks! My personal life has always been affected too, as I am always not wanting my girlfriend to touch, play, or go anywhere near my head… how pathetic is that??? This is it!!

  7. I am yet another Hair Club unsatisfied client.
    I have been with them now for more years than I care to think about – about 7 years or so.
    When I first went in, they told me NOTHING about the upkeep costs, membership costs etc. I was lead to believe that it was a one time deal and that what they put on your head would basically last. Needless to say, once the contract was signed and the system was on, they told me all about the membership dues and extra costs. I was 20 at the time.
    I am now 27 and on my last contract year. As many have posted before my entry, it is simply not worth the pain and constant worry. It smells, the front never stays glued more than a few days, and frankly, it really only looks completely natural at night in dark lighting or none at all.
    I am constantly worried about people touching my hair, big wind gusts etc. I once was even ending a third date with someone and decided to make things official so to speak, and right in the middle of it, the front of the system came unglued…I can’t tell you how mortified I was.
    To date, over the past 7 years, I have spent $31,500.00 on membership alone. This does not even include the glues etc.
    As I mentioned earlier, this years’ contract is up soon and I won’t be renewing. My advice: STAY AWAY.

  8. Wow…I really wish I would have found this blog before I signed the contract with HCM. I also thought it was a one time deal and that there were no membership fees that I would be dealing with. I was not told until after the matrix was applied about picking a plan that I would have to pay monthly for. I have been having the same problems as above and also when I went swimming one time, it stayed on perfectly, but the very next day, the hair piece turned into a gooey mess…the front, back and sides, all of it, and you were able to take off the whole hair piece with ease. I thought that this would be a very good experience for me getting the piece and looking closer to the age that I actually am, but this experience has turned into a very negative one.

  9. I’ am so glad that I didn’t sign any contract with HCW when I went in yesterday for a free consultation. The consultant told me that the bio-matrix is not a wig, it is done using my own hair strand by strand, I can go swimming , style my hair any way I want and that will only cost me $2650+ tax and $95 dollards every six weeks for shampoo and styling. Then I got skeptical when she asked me to start right away, so I refused. I knew I needed to know more and do my own investigation before I invest my money in something that I never heard of. Thank GOD I did and thank you to everyone for sharing your experience that was very helpful to me in making my decision about the bio-matrix system. By the way ,I am a african-american womam with androgenetic Alopecia I need help finding the right products beside rogaine wich gives me facial hair? I’m open to any suggestions.

  10. To all who want to know about Hair Club for Men here’s my experience: I’ve been a member for the past 6 years now and honestly has been the most difficult process I’ve ever had to deal with. For one, the hairclub never tells you when you go in for consultation that you have to pay membership dues. These fees do not include styling or hair products or even the cost of tapes/adhesives you may need for the system. Two, You can never comb it back or else you can see the front of the system. And God help you if it’s windy. When the system is messy it real looks like a WIG! Now, I have to admit that when you get a new system applied it can look rather nice, but that will only last for about a month then it starts to lose it’s look. You find yourself constantly looking in the mirror making sure the system is ok. Oh, and if you think people won’t be able to tell your wearing it – think again. I wish I had the guts to shave my head and do away with the Hairclub, but not quite yet. Maybe someday when I’m old and Bingo sounds like fun. Be careful all who seek the Hairclub for Men. It’s a lot of money.

  11. thanks for documenting your experiences…I actually just had the system installed this past week. The before and after pictures had me smiling for sure. I wish I had done a more research before signing the contract and taking this approach, mainly because like others have mentioned I seem to be paying much more attention to my hair now than I ever did before having it done, but it is new for me so that is understandable. I understood there would be more costs, but I had no clue I would need to replace the system at least every 3 months, which basically forces you into a contract with a minimum cost of $249 per month, plus all of the different hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, bacteria formula, more conditioner, natural shiner…). I returned to salon the next day, which is required so they make sure you’re happy and answer any questions, and try to get you to sign up for a program. The stylist showed me the procedure for cleaning the hairline and it’s probably this process alone that is having me rethink my decision and started me looking at transplantation. I have a good donor area. I was told initially that if I wasn’t completely satisfied I would apply the total cost towards the transplantation approach…we’ll see what the reality is next week when I return and request the change of direction. Having to clean and redo my hairline every 3-4 days, having the systems replaced every 3 months, and not liking the coarse feeling of the product, and overall extra work involved in no way matches my lifestyle and what I’m willing to do for my hairloss…I’ve been a great hat guy for the past several years and it’s alot less work, but I know I want to have my hair back, I repeat, my hair back, not this imperfectly colored piece. I don’t know if it’s because my hair is very dark, but the system I was given almost looked black-cherry in color which brings attention to it. On the first return appt they took my advice and dyed the system to tone down the dark color…seemed to work at first, but when I returned home under my lighting I was not as impressed. I did a little calculation on the costs and pain in the ass comparisons, and am strongly leaning towards renegotiating for the transplantation approach. I’ve estimated, and this is probably on the low end, after 3 years I will have paid in about $13,000 with the system, not too mention all the work required to sustain it – the work is what really has me turned off, I’m very busy and don’t have time to spend working on my false hair every 3-4 days. One thing I haven’t seen are comments about those who might have experienced HC’s transplantation surgery…they talk a good game, but that’s expected. I’m not sure what their cost per Microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation (single grouping of 1-4 hairs) is, but if I can get the costs to about $5 and need 3,000 or less I would only be lookig at $15,000. I would be willing to pay the extra $2,000 (or higher) costs to have my own hair and eliminate the hassles and continued costs of the system.

    your thoughts and comments would be appreciated, and I will plan to report back after my next appt…

  12. It is a money world. Nothing is free. I really do not mind to spend money for my hair regrow even if it costs me more than $30,000. I am fine with cost as long as the product can really help me regrow hair.

  13. Hi all. I am a HCM member, i really wished i had visited this blog before i went in (I started losing hair when i was 20 i am now 25) I got suckered in by the consultant :(, Since i am not bald yet, but i have lost hair, she advised me to do the EXT treatment…comes up to about $2500, yeah its expensive. The treatment works pretty good, when i use it my hair feels thick and full, but again its a 6 months plan and am not gonna keep paying 2000+ for the rest of my life. The hair dresser i had was a very good person (is the only best part of this whole thing i signed up for) she was the only person in there i felt wasn’t trying to hussle me or sell me something, sadly she is no longer with the company :(, don’t know what happened. She told me about the hair transplant and how it works, you have to have good amount of hair on the back of your scalp (thats the donor area) the more hair the better, i think she mentioned it being around 3 dollars for 5 grafts, (this is gonna sound a lil disgusting) they cut the back of your head (depending on how many grafts you want, they know how much of the back of your head to cut) they take out a piece of skin and it has tiny hairs attatched on it, they take those hairs and implant it on the hair loss area (the amount of tiny hairs varies depending on how much hair you have on the back of your head, it could be around 1900-2000 hair strands attatched to the skin that they cut out from the back of your head) depending on how bald you are, if it is extensive the procedure can take around 6 hours, if not much, can be 3 hours, again it all varies. The hair strands they implant on your head, is suppose to attatch itself to your follicles, since its the same DNA (thats what i heard, am not sure about it, my hair dresser said it, cause shes seen enough transplants). After the implant is done, they stitch the area where they cut it from and that is the scarring area, they say it will fade in time, not 100% sure. They then tell you to not shampoo your scalp or anything for a month, cause the strands are pretty delicate at this point, after a month they then tell you, you can use low pressure showers and can start shampooing (i think….i am sure about the pressure shower part though) and that you start seeing the hair grow within 6 months, and within 14 months you’ll grow it all. This is what i heard my hear dresser in HCM tell me, i haven’t gone through this procedure yet. The cutting part sounds scary, but other than that i hope this helped everyone, on how hair transplants work, if they thinking about it. Have a nice day :)

  14. Wondering if any Hair Club member got the initial $1,500 fee waived and only had to pay the monthly club membership fee for your system(s)?

  15. Man I went to the club today to have my matrix applied to my head, and I wasnt able to do it because my haie was not long enough for them to “blend” the Hair Matrix into my own hair. The consultant forgot to tell me to let my hair grow for 6 weeks without cutting it. Man am I happy I didnt get it. I then asked them to show me what they were going to put into my hair and the stylist comes back with a clump of hair(it was nothing like my hair,…..but she swore that it was!) and began to tell me how the hair was attached to the matrix and would then be glued to my hair. The stylist was telling something completely different than what the consultant had said to me on my initial consultation. I was told the exact same thing as Adeline on post #9. Unfortunately I signed and went in for the Matrix, but I didnt get it put in because of the reason I have stated above. I have decided not to follow thru with getting this “wig” because I specifically told the consultant that I wanted my own hair back, not some wig with hair that doesnt even match the texture of my natural hair at all. Im glad I only made 2 payments so far.

  16. I would seriously consider buying your hair direct. The cost is less but also it’s not as embarrassing having to go into those places. Oh and most of the time they do not have contracts… Like hair club does. I like hairdirect.com. They got lot of information and how to stuff. I’d check them oput.

  17. My experience with HCM was not that dramatic. I opted for the EXT therapy, and was dissapointed with the results (or should I say lack of results) I only used the system once, because I could already tell it was a scam. Thank God I found this blog, because I was now thinking of having the “wig” thing done. I had called and recieved a consultation, at which point they made it sound like a permenant solution. At no time was I told about memberships, maintenance, supplies, or the huge amount of work it would take to mantain results. After reading all of these experiences with HMC, I have become somewhat angry with them, even though i havent given them a dime. My point is, they lie to you. They tell you what you want to hear, get you to sign a contract, and by then its too late. The bottom line is,”HMC” is a SCAM! BEWARE!

  18. I too wish I had read this before committing to the hair club.
    The sales person gives you a good pitch about a hair weave.
    A matrix as they call it. They get you psychologically and
    emotionally attached to your so-called hair, aka WIG. Been
    a member for nine years, over $35,000 and still hooked.
    Someone should start a class action suit for legal robbery
    based on misrepresentation.

  19. I went to Hair Club – I am a woman and had the same experiences -only I went to my dermatologist before they completed the “wig.” She said DO NOT LET THEM PUT THAT ON YOUR HEAD BECAUSE IT WILL CAUSE ALL KIND OF SCALP PROBLEMS.I then had a transplant that did not take and am now looking at The Richard Ferrell systems that consist of what is supposed to be the best “system” world wide. Do not know what it cost, but to have back my extra thick long hair, I would glady have that done.

  20. I wanted to say in defense of Hair Club for Men/Women that they did refund the initial 600 dollars down that I was required to pay and I was not out of any money. Thank God for that because I would have been livid if I had had that peeling glue problem – especially after you have asked them repeatedly will your head itch, get an infection, or will that piece stay down. I am also looking at the Ferrell Systems because they have the lace systems for men and women. Think Tyra Banks and Beyonce and how they look. That will give you an idea of what you would have -but every week, 2 weeks, or month,you would have to have it taken off and cleaned. They recommend that you buy 2 systems. Also, there are options as to how much hair they will shave or if they shave at all. They have salons located all over the US. Capital 1 has a 1.99% medical financing program with them. Well, I am going for a consultation – I will report back. I just know that sometimes, my head will itch if I have something on it too long. That is why I am trying to figure out if I want to go with anything that is sitting on TOP of my head -but I am here to tell you that many transplant folks have very sketchy credentials and when you are not getting results, you are really going to get the worst turn around kick in the butt and HOW do you take them to court when they are saying that you are getting results? I think that my hair started to really fall out after the trauma of the “proactive” transplant. I had the biggest head of thick hair with a thinning area. Now the top is almost bald and the rest if fairly thick about a third of what it was originally – just hurts my heart!

  21. I have been with hair club for 3 years each hair you get every 10 weeks is different some good some bad you have to be at least in the silver program or your hair wont make it a full year and that pushing it. The cost and trouble with all thats involved with this process is crazy. Its hard to go back to no hair but there allways the hat I have 3 months left on my contract that will be it. I spent over 14,000 in 3 years each hair was nice for the 1st month but you have to wear it for 6 more weeks looking bad before your new one comes in. oh yea it does fall off sometimes

  22. HCM for Men was a scam when first came out in 1976 and today May 2010 it’s still a scam. Vanity coupled with the comittment to an expensive annual contract has kept many us as customers. When will we finally be able to breakaway from our fetters which bind us to this need to maintain our vanity. Because in all reality, we were born bald. I have been a client for 3 years and honestly can say that my relationship with HCM has been a roller coaster. My contract is due to expire on July 2010 and am seriously thinking of telling HCM where to go!!!! I am certain that many HCM clients have experienced sub-standard service with various stylists. And don’t over priced hair products, what are the mark ups for all of this. Let’s do the math. If you get a package that gives you 7 systems, let’s say the wigs are worth no more than $50 and then let’s say it costs $25.00 to have it apply. In all reality this should come out to $75.00 per, and then you add 10 full services, which is $75.00 x 10 and comes out to $750.00 Where does HCM arrive at $3,500 – $6,500 a package. If that is hugh markup, then I don’t know what is. HCM is a ripoff. Too much money and constant recommendations for more expensive syaytems is not worth all this trouble. I am going to try to gain back some of my inner quitness and opt out of my renewal and shave my head.

  23. As mentioned, HCM is a scam and will always be a scam. I was a 2x “potential” customer for HCM, but went with another cheaper company back in the 1990’s. Let’s face it..these “hairsystems” are nothing more than glorified wigs and they all buy from the same supplier.

    I wore this thing for 5 years. At first, it looked great and I felt a sense of euphoria and confidence I hadn’t felt in years. After a while, it began to fade, look frizzled and the extra taping, gluing and fussing around with it became too much. Plus, it is VERY uncomfortable, especially in summer.

    After a while, I got sick of wondering whether people knew and took it off. While I am bald, I am free to be myself and not hide under a rug.

  24. Well my story is pretty much the same as most. They do have a really good sales approach up front. Hiding a lot of the things that In my mind should be covered in the monthly premium…such as shampoo, conditioner, ect… I to felt wonderful after getting it dialed in…but man what a pain in the ass to get it where you want it…and they continue to try and tell you that they nailed it on color and such. My wife laughed at me when I first came home…she knew I was going in for it, but somehow was convinced when I left it looked natural…Ya right..lol! See why she laughed. But I believe in trying things a few times to get it right. Because of me & my wife we finally got the color right, but again it is a lot of work to keep up on! And if you wear a hat ever…lol…dont take off your hat cause it looks so stupid its not even funny! I to am looking forward to buzz cutting my hair and being happy with myself…and my wife loves that look?? Am I being dumb?? LOL.. I dont mind having to reglue it down once a week…thats all I really have to do…it stays down pretty well. My biggest hang up with the HCM is that the whole staff acts like stuck up bitches and snobish. I have to go to the Denver Colorado branch and they act like they are doing you such a favor! Never do you feel like a much appreciated client! I run my own business and could never treat my clients this way! My stylists is actually pretty cool, but is always in a rush to get you out the door. I have a problem with that cause the premiums being paid!I wrote their corporate office…and well got no responce…imagine that! Again they really believe they are doing you a wonderful thing and that you better be appreciative of their services. And yes it is one of the most horrible things to try to sleep in…wow does it itch sometimes! Do not be fooled…you’re wearing a wig! LOL! Take care and really be careful before you become attached to this look…buzzed & bald are way in style! I will get the guts soon and they can pound there contract. I will go to court on that pathetic piece of toilet paper.

  25. Well I would just like to say thankyou to everyone for there comments,I was there yesterday(HC)and yes sighed the contract for $2700,after reading these comments I’m scared to death.I have noticed that I have 3 days to cancel,I will at there door 9.00am tomorrow.Guys one thing I have learned in the last 24-48 hrs is that we are looseing our manhood,I don’t blame women we are doing it to ourself.Be a man if your looseing you hair well thats just the way it is..Live with it stand tall and be a MAN..The staff at HC must have a good laugh at night at our exspence i’m sure..THANKYOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS..

  26. If you are really looking to do something, there are good hair replacement systems, such as the old fashioned toupee. As a matter of fact, they are not as ridiculous as they used to be when it comes to their “look”. I’ve been wearing a toupee for three years and I remove it every night. You can use clips or tapes (bonding is messy). The down side is that good, human hair toupees are expensive- starting at $875 for mine; I have three and rotate them. I have had the same units for three years, wash them regularly and have my hair cut by my regular barber every three weeks. Also, I have painfully honest friends who, clearly knowing I wear a piece, tell me it looks great. You have to wear it well and style it in a modern way.

  27. Hello everyone,

    Thanks to all of you guys for sharing your experiences. This has been very painful for most of you to go through it. You have definitely changed my mind as I was planning recently to go for a FREE analysis at hair club. I was receiving so many calls from them that made me suspicious about them and it led me to do a little bit research online where I met across this blog.

    I have baldness of type-5 and had one hair transplant in 2007 as I never believed/trusted on wig=topie. To me that simply sucks. The first hair transplant works fine with me but I wanted to have a thicker scalp. Well now I feel like having another session of hair transplant as I still have good donor area instead of getting looted by these robbers.

  28. i was once an HCM member and like everyone says it’s very expensive. but the process of a putting on a system is quite simple so i went Hair Direct. the systems there are of higher quality and for 110 bucks a month you get three a year. if you want more theres more options. the only thing is you just have to get used to doing it yourself so you have to buy the lace tape, frontals, solvents to remove, etc. once you get used to it, it’s simple.

  29. DON”T DO IT…..it’s a scam…..it’s a wig that looks totally unnatural and it will control your life…believe me……people will laugh behind your back and you will be the butt of all jokes….save your money and just shave your head…I’m totally at peace since I dumped hair club!!!

  30. I went to these guys for YEARS— I cried most of the time after an “appointment” to re-glue these things on. Although they SAY you can get a refund, etc, etc after your initial visit.. they’ve ALREADY SHAVED YOUR HEAD. They will tell you there is “some cutting” of your hair. NO–they SHAVE IT. Who (especially a woman) wants to leave with a huge freshly shaved round spot if you decide you don’t want it?? Nobody. I was stupid and I should have told them to shove it.
    They DO lie when you first go in. Will it feel like my own hair? Will it ACT like mine? Can I go swimming? They happily answered yes to anything I asked. ALL of it is a technicality– it doesn’t feel like real hair, it feels like barbie doll hair. It ACTS like barbie doll hair. You “CAN” go swimming in it, but you will regret it.
    They start you off at the bottom of the “programs” (which the higher up you go, the more expensive they are) The first “system” you get is just plain unnatural. THEY SHOW IT TO YOU WET though. They look pretty normal when they’re wet. They look like roadkill when dry. Your “visits” are to remove, repair, replace the thing with glue. Please note that the GLUE HAS A HAZARD LABEL ON IT THAT THEY REMOVE. After they do all this and stick it back on your head, it stays down good for about a week. By the time a month is up, it’s about to fall off. You can wiggle it up and down on your head (or side to side). You never get enough ‘visits’ with the lower programs either….you HAVE to go back every month. They like to say that it differs because of sweat, etc. Bull. The thing just doesn’t stay on very long.
    Pretty much everything everyone else has said is the truth. The first ‘system’ they stuck me with had a CRUNCHY sounding plastic base. Sounded like dry leaves if someone touched my head. Itched like I had double head lice & every other parasite imaginable. If you are thinking of doing this PLEASE change your mind. Four years ago I switched to wigs. They look SO much better and SO much cheaper and they are always pretty!!! Take them off at night and sleep in peace rather than torment. No hazardous material being smeared on your head. Nobody lying to you every time you dish out all this money and saying “OH, it looks GREAT!” They are programmed to say anything looks great when really I looked like a dead squirrel had been glued to my head sometimes. I will forever feel a wave of hate when I see one of their commercials for what they put me through.

  31. Here’s my two cents on HC. I am a new member. Yes, their business model is very suspect. I have a 6 month contract and am currently looking at less expensive options. I don’t mind paying for the hair. It’s paying another $1500 PLUS monthly visits PLUS the outrageous hair care products. That being said, I prefer this option to a wig. My “new” hair doesn’t look or feel anything like the wig I had. I have had alopecia since I was 12. My hair would fall out, but always grew back-until I had my daughter. I was pretty much a shut-in after that. I recently went on vacation and was able to swim under water for the first time in years! I didn’t have to wear a freaking hat! That alone was worth the price I paid!

    I have experienced the glue coming off, and that’s really annoying. I’m trying to give the benefit of doubt though. How perfect can fake hair be? It’s NOT going to be foolproof.

    What annoys me about HC is the “vague” answers to my questions. When I was in consultation, they told me all my hair products would be free the first 6 months. Right before I went on vacation I asked for extras (full products) to get me through a week. I was told I had exceeded my 7 limit products, and I had to pay $50 for 3 bottles. I looked through my contract and can’t find ANYTHING stating I only have a limit of 7 products. In fact, I have the 1st invoice from the initial charge that states I have “0 Products Remaining.” I WILL be getting an answer to that, because no one seemed to know when I asked. I just took their word because I didn’t have my contract in front of me; and I needed that stuff for vacation. I have been researching what other (cheaper) products I can use and will have it figured out by the end of my contract. No way in hell am I paying that much for hair care products!

    My final thought on HC is the product they provide is great. If they would just end there and not try and nickel and dime every customer AFTER they have spent so much money already, they would be so much more reputable.

  32. I just wanted to give you guys some moral encouragement. I was once a hot young girl dating, going to clubs, looking at guys and dealing with my own deficiencies….never did we girls ask if a guy mentioned had a lot of hair. So long as you are happy with yourself, girls are happy–charm, kindness, sensitivity, generosity, humor, accepting the girl for her flaws too, are what is valued.

    Funny that all the bald guys I ever worked (even in their 20s with were married with kids and the happiest guys. I worked with an older guy (ha ha I now have years on the age he was then) and he loved his hot head, had jokes, and loved the way his wife loved his head–kinda proud…. Let me touch it one day–it was so warm! I wanted to warm my hands on it whenever I was cold…we had fun with it in the office and he enjoyed the attention. I can’t imagine trying to wear a wig on that! Summer would be miserable!

    They say balding is related to testosterone–so you must be high on testosterone levels? Which gives you your drive to succeed, your strength. I doubt you’d trade that for kids hair… Spend money you save on therapy if you need it to be comfortable with yourself–it’s no crime to need help sometimes.

    Mirrors don’t matter much when we humans are having a blast with people we enjoy who don’t judge us. The huge sums you all are paying for these toupees would so much better be spent on activities you may not consider in a toupee? Go scuba diving and jet skiing at a warm beach resort with your favorite easy-going bikini’d girlfriend–you can afford it after dumping your old partner, the Hair Club For Men! You are wasting money that would pay for a fabulous hobby for yourself and you could meet a lady that also loves the traveling, sports, hobbies, or whatever thrills, grows or relaxes you….and then you will be so busy having fun and loving someone that you won’t worry about hair very often.

    We women get similar anxieties about out bodies when we don’t compare to actresses and models who spent every waking minute working out, and dermatologists and spas, and they are often 19 and have hard implants for a chest, and are judged constantly on their inadequacies. The world always puts faces in front of us that were worked to perfection then photo-shopped! Best response is to find real people and get out into the real world, with real people who are losing their hair too—I am 60 and have lost between 60-65% of when it was at its thickest. I was it in WEN and Nioxin and wear it on my head–older women can look cuter with it up instead of down and long like I always did wear it…at least the gray fell out the last year! I notice it…no one else has ever said anything. We treat it (aging) as a big deal when if it were not happening, we’d be dead…. Vanity is a deadly sin…Boomers are gonna learn why…. I hope someone feels better reading this. Good luck on a better worry free life!

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