Hair Loss Worse After Rogaine

Doc…I’m really scared, confused, and upset with myself.
I had some thinning and receding at the hair line, and a little bit on the crown of my head. I decided to give rogaine a try to improve the situation. I used it about 5-6 times, but also used it on the front of my hairline. After a few days, I noticed that the hair seemed to be thinning a lot, and that my hairline had receded, especially at the temples. So after using the rogaine for a few days, I went from some thinning in the temples and crown to having a receding hairline, with even greater thinness in the temples and top. At this point, when my hair is wet, I see much more scalp, and it makes me want to throw up. It basically thinned out my hair everywhere, especially in the problem areas. Basically, I feel that I took a situation that wasn’t really that bad, and made it much worse. I’m kicking myself for having not just left it alone.

My questions:
1) Since I’ve stopped the rogaine, will the hair that seems to have fallen out return? If it will come back, about how long will it take to go back to the way it was before I used the rogaine? (I’ve read on some forums about rogaine “shed”, but does this hair come back all of the time?)
2) Can rogaine cause a receding hairline? Could I have done permanent damage to any of the hair by using the rogaine (such as if the follicles were already thinning/in trouble)?

Thanks so much for your help. I’m really struggling with this, and I’m looking for some peace of mind.

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Hair shedding from Rogaine is temporary. New hair should grow in a few months. Hair growth works in cycles. When rogaine causes hair shedding it may induce the hair shaft to fall off; the follicle would then enter a dormant phase in the cycle (temporarily) while the matrix is restructured for future growth, hopefully with a thicker and stronger hair shaft. Thus, initially, you may appear to lose more hair, but after waiting for many months you may have thicker and stronger hair with any new hair growth, assuming the Rogaine works. It is very scary for some patients to experience the shedding phase (unusual) and considering the extreme reaction to the Rogaine, I wonder if the statistical probability of working in your situation offsets the risk of continued hair loss. If it works, it generally takes 6-8 months. More significant growth may occur (in less than half of patients) who take this medication. In general Rogaine may cause either more hair growth, stop further hair loss, prolong the hair cycle where hair exists in its best ‘show’ state, or it may be limited to slow down the hair loss process if it works at all.

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  1. i started losing my hair last year(2007) and went to the store and bought rogaine as well…
    the thing is that NO ONE who is going to buy rogaine is going to want to use it if it makes their hair fall out!!

    it certainly made mine fall out… in CLUMPS.

    and no one wants to lose more hair when using a product that alleges to grow hair –such as rogaine–and then have to be told that one must wait an ADDITIONAL 8 months for their hair to (maybe hopefully) grow back… all to make a company some money (” o, keep using it it will work” cha-ching)

    never mind rogaine… if it makes one’s hair fall out ( which is the opposite of whats advertised, and damn sure not mentioned ANYWHERE on their product as a potential side effect).. i empathize with the above person cause the same thing happened to me..

    verily, my hair loss is a lot worse since last year, and sice i have just turned 32, i’m in the process of losing more hair up to an inch from my once normal hair line. i choose to try tea tree oil, selenium shampoo from head and shoulders, drink more water and green teas.. ANYTHING that doesnt involve a man made chemical (we all know pharmaceutical companies have to add a man made chemical to a product in order for it to be considered a drug… they cant exactly patent plants!!!)

  2. WOW. I never in my life have seen a blog where things get deleted by the blog owner. Yesterday i was here and there was someone saying the doctor gets kickbacks from Johnson and Johnson and the doc stated that Rogaine is a FDA Approved drug and now those entries are apparently history. Well it is true that Rogaine is FDA Approved but that doesnt necessarily mean thats its safe…..
    Just look at the FDA Recalls of MEridia, Vioxx, Baycol, The list goes on. Now why on earth would a product that is supposed to regrow your hair also cause a prevalent dependency in its use? Ok Doctor the product causes shedding which means your hair falls out and then its supposed to regrow with newew thicker hair but if you stop using it the newer thicker hair goes along with the hair that shed in the first place leaving you possibly balder than you were in the first place. sounds like you have to use it for the rest of your life.
    The drug administration doesnt care about people they only care about money and getting more and more of it. I think Rogaine is addicting and harmful and needs to be taken off the market until it doesnt cause your damn hair to recede worse than when you started using it. Otherwise your endorsement of this product so vehemently doesnt increase your level of credibility in anyones eyes.
    Now i wonder how long it will be before you delete my post you prick. I am going to copy and paste this page and continually repost until you have to hire someone to continually monitor the damn site if you delete this………
    by the way i dont use Rogaine but i was planning on using it to prevent hair loss but now i say to hell with it.

  3. You must have problems reading words, because I didn’t delete any comment. Why are some people so quick to cry foul? I’m one of the most outspoken people in this industry and yet for some people that isn’t enough.

    3 things you should realize —
    1. Rogaine has been on the market since the 1980s, so it’s not some new, untested medication. Everyone is different and no medication works perfectly for every single person. If you can’t wrap your head around that basic bit of information, just stop reading this site altogether because it’ll be of no help to you.
    2. You should learn to read things before you get so upset and fly off the handle. Please calm down. It’ll be better for your blood pressure.
    3. Rogaine doesn’t prevent hair loss. Finasteride does. Rogaine (minoxidil) grows hair. It’s a good thing you said “to hell with it”, since you shouldn’t be using medication if you don’t know what it does.

  4. dr rassman my anger comes from a product sold over the counter which is very powerful and can change the hair ,, rogaine market this drug along side shampoo as if it where as safe ,, they relly dont wont to explain the real way this drug works, my hair fell out in clumps and never regrew,, i also had many other sideefects,, my question how does a bloodpressue drug to be adminsterd by oneself without a doc supervision exsist OTC,,, i lost so much hair do to rogaine ,, it can take up to eightyears for a hair to regrow so what the point,, So how can you reconmend this unproven bloodpressure drug to me administerd without a doc supervision

  5. I have noticed that my hair is really thinning after visiting the steam room for 3-4 times a week, for 30-40 minutes sessions. My body is really improving and my skin rashes and body smells are gone, so in that respect my health and body are really improving. I no longer have to take steroids for my rash. My skin is clear but my hair is going. Should I cover my head in the steam room?? I have done this for 10 months. Should I be patient? Does heat destroy my hair?? Should I sacrifice my new clean body and skin for my hair? Thanks

  6. rogaine destroys my scalp, dryness , super itchy, massive hair falls out every time i start using it, double shedding? try quadruple shedding or above. horrible horrible product. fda take a blind eye if there is some crappy study done for a few weeks. be careful people, that sh@t kills my scalp, lost so much goddamn hair from rogaine its not funny, when i stop using it the hair loss is minimal. i think people can be allergic to that nonsence POS product and i am one of them. what crap. dont believe everything the fda approves.

  7. Doc,
    This stuff is bogus man!! I’ve been on rogain for years and its marketed as a method for retaining, growing new hair, and/or slowing the loss. This whole thing about “going through a phase” where you actually lose more hair or go through a phase of “SHEDDING” is no where mentioned at all. I’ve lost a ton of hair using this produce. Straigh up Sheddding, like a dog doc! Come on man throw me a bone…. what am I going to do now?

  8. Gabriel and Rachel, you are two of the most ignorant poster i’ve ever seen on hair loss sites. Rogaine states on the package itself that it may increase hair loss for the for several weeks of use, you idiots. Listen to what the doc says, he knows what he’s talking about,but it doesn’t take a doctor to read the back of the minoxidil package.

    Loss is temporary and may even be an indicator that the product is working. This guy here in his question to Rassman says he has only used it for a few days. You’ve gotta give it much more time…and Gabriel, are you serious when you say rogaine is “addictive”, what on earth do you mean by that?

    O, and to the genius rob, so you’ve used rogaine for years but never managed to learn to read the package have you? That figures. Go to or type in “minoxidil shedding phase” on google and you’ll get your bone.

  9. I have the same issue. After a whole month of using that stupid product, everybody tells me this, “Is it just me or what? Your hair got thinner.”

    Now, my hair got super thinner. Every time I put my fingers through my hair or get out the shower, a lot of hair would shed & fall out. I am sooooOO embarrassed. I don’t even want to put my hair down anymore.

  10. I know they do warn you that “shedding phase” is “normal.” I should have never used this product. My doctor actually recommended using it to preserve the hair I had because I was worried about my receding hairline. I applied the product for at least 6 months. I figured after the shedding it would fill in nice and thick. NEVER HAPPENED!! My hair in the crown was actually thinning which had never been an issue for me. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe there is baldness on the crown anywhere in my family!! Now my hair is very thin and patchy wherever the rogaine was applied and has not grown back. I was there was a class action lawsuit we could file but of course, there is “no way to prove” that the rogaine caused these effects. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND HAIR ON THIS PRODUCT!!!

  11. Ya it’s true. I hair also start falling.Rogaine also have side effect as, Used correctly, the amount of Minoxidil absorbed (1 ml. of minoxidil or Rogaine liquid solution or 1/2 capsule of Rogaine Foam)into the scalp is not enough to cause serious side effects. The most common side effect of Rogaine is itching where the product is applied.

    6% of participants in the Rogaine clinical trials experienced itching of the scalp. Many of our customers combat this itching sensation with a dandruff shampoo. We like Head and Shoulders, Nizoral or Neutrogena T-Gel. If you still experience itching in the area where you apply Rogaine, stop using minoxidil, and consult your doctor.

  12. My brother had hair problems. His hair went completely grey when he was 28, and has started falling really fast. Since about 10 years ago, he started using it, and believe it or not, his hair doesnt fall anymore (not more than a healthy persons). He still has a baldish spot but but it hasn’t gotten worse since years.

    I recently started with Rogaine as well. But because of the shedding, I think that I’m not going to use it every single day like they say we should. I’m hoping the bulb restructuration will happen anyways without soaking my hair in toxic chemicals every single day. What do you think doc?

  13. So what’s going to happen? if you have a receding hairline, and then you start shedding more hair while using rogaine.since it’s not proven to regrow hair on receding hairline?

  14. hello if i have a bald spot in the front of my head but
    just on one side can i put rogaine on it or leave it alone
    just near my sideburns thank you

  15. does rogaine have the ability to increase eye pressure? my eye pressure has always been normal. six months ago i started using rogaine with some results. however recently i had my yearly eye exam and was surprised to learn my eye pressure had increased dramactically.

  16. I’ve used Rogaine on and off a few times and usually the on part doesn’t last more than 4 or 5 days (the point at which I notice my hair fall out at twice the normal rate). If you’re using these products like me you probably have thinning hair as compared to being completely bald. I’m now 27 and I’m able to hide my thinning hair (I’d estimate myself at 2/5 to 1/2 my original coverage) with a combination of thickening shampoos and a hair product known as Toppik (although I’ve seen a couple diff brands) and this stuff works like a charm. You can find it at a lot of the beauty supply stores and many hair stylists in my area are starting to become aware of it. It’s “real” hair you spray onto your hair and then you apply hairspray to it and after 5 – 15 seconds with a hairdrier your hair looks twice as thick. They make it in 5 or 6 different shades from blond to light brown to medium & dark brown and it’s an excellent product. Screw Rogaine. Your may or may not grow back with it’s use by you will shed fast.

    Another option as well that I found inconclusive was the digestive pill they sell at most vitamin shops. This monthly supply pill (runs 30 bucks roughly) did not cause shedding for me and the fact that it isn’t nearly as strong as Rogaine actually hit me as a positive (does have a bite though and isn’t to be swallowed on an empty stomach). Losing your hair sucks. I’ve tried the hair matrix (actually had to much hair for it so the product became a very expensive failed experiment) and I’ve contemplated a hair transplant. It’s frusterating getting old and having bad hair genes. Cutting it short, thickening it up with the keratin protein fibers and just accepting it is a great option. A lot of women are shallow and give a fuck. A just as large number or greater number of women could care less. Grab a good one and come to terms that (although merited) the only ones our hairloss really bothers is us.

  17. DO NOT USE ROGAINE. i cannot say it dosent work for everyone ,but heres my story. used it for 10-12 months on the entire top of my head. when i started i had a receeded hairline and no/very little thinning hair n my crown. after about 4-5 months ,my hair did get thicker on rogaine ,and i had good results. the bad? the itching, red skin, greasy residue was enough for me to quit. this product was just not practical for me. been 6 or 7 months since i quit and my hair is THIN, i now have a very thinned out crown and overall thinness all over the top of my head. rogaine does have something to do with this!! no doubts in my mind, i know how my head looked when i started this poison. i DO NOT recommend this product to anyone because even if it works it is not practical!!! put crisco on your head twice a day? always look like your sweating as your head itches and looks red? terrible……YOUVE BEEN WARNED. made things worse in the end. maybe itll rebound ….life goes on, i buzz my head now anyway and i like it. shoulda done that along time ago!

  18. As a 47 year old female with some (unnoticeable)thinning hair due to an iron deficiency, it was suggested that I include Rogaine into my hair loss treatment program. After using the drops for about 2-3 weeks, I noticed that I was losing excessive amounts of hair. I called the doctor who said this was fairly common and so I continued the product for another 2 weeks–until my hair began to fall out in clumps in areas where the Rogaine was not applied. It was then suggested that I stop the using the product as this seemed to be an extreme reaction. Since I stopped the Rogaine, I have lost about 60% of the hair on my head, and nearly all of my body hair, with absolutely no regrowth at all. You can only imagine how distressing this is as I am now aware that had I not started the product at all, I could have maintained an almost full head of hair. So far, I have found quite a few people with similar stories, and for some reason , they do not seem to be taken seriously on forums such as this. Unless you have already lost 60% of your hair, I would not recommend this product.

  19. I used Rogaine for 4 months and noticed hair starting to come in on the top and back of my head. I stopped using it because my Mayo dermatologist told me to use it only 4 months. Now it is 5 months later and my hair is twice as thin. She told me to use it to keep the hair I had since I seemed to be losing it like crazy. She said it had to move out of that shedding phase. Now do I go back on the rogaine or go bald?? I don’t know what to do?

  20. I found this page because I have been brought to the conclusion that the Rogaine I am using might be making my hair on the other side of my crown and temple fall out. I have also noticed my scalp is starting to itch now. I had only started taking it for one side that was starting to recede and now that I have decreased its usage a little I have noticed my hair is even thinner on both sides. I have used it for 6 months now and I don’t believe it has helped much. My question is this. Can Rogaine make areas of your hair fall out or go thin that you haven’t applied it to. Or is just possible this was going to happen anyway? I am so confused because my dad has hair,my brothers and grandfather so I can’t see myself going bald this drastically. Like other people have commented I’m thinking I might have been better without. It’s a gamble and it is terrible that you can’t trust pharmaceutical companies because all they seemed to want is money. Man this sucks is all I can say. Please respond if you still even read this post Doc or anyone with similar stories for that matter

  21. i have the same problem i used minoxidil rogaine that my dr gave me for 3 days , twice a day and i noticed that my hair was falling a lot more than it did before especially the small new hair not old long hair so i stooped it the 3rd day and now that product im still loosing big amounts of hair more than before im really confused cause im only 22 and i dont want to be bald at this age ..i really tough i was the only person who had this problem with rogaine .. and advises ??

  22. hi i had a full had of hair before useing that garbage rogone buyer bewair way it makes your hair fall out and it dont grow back is it opens hair follicels chokeing them with blood then allowing dht to cling to hair follicels

  23. Max I hope you come back because I’ve lost about sixty percent of my hair as well and am devastated. I didn’t lose any body hair though. It’s been six months of shedding and no regrowth. I’m hoping that there wasn’t any regrowth because I still wasn’t out of the shed phase. Anyone that has experienced anything like this, please share. Thanks

  24. HI, I have used Minoxidil for 3 months and stopped.My hair line has become still thinner and no hair in my crown area. I am almost crying everyday by lloking at mirror. can any of you tell me , if u have regained hair back which u lost while using regain.Please replyyyyyyyyy..

  25. I started using rogain 1st June 2012, mainly in my temples and on the crown areas. I used it exactly as prescribed. However I noticed by 3rd June that I was losing a lot of hair and my hair appeared shorter and thinner. I also felt that my crown area there was very short and thin hair. I then took photos of the back of my head and noted patches on the xrown area. I was so scared but recalled that the instructions that hair loss may being in 2 to sic weeks. However I could not understand why mine started in a few days. I stopped using on the 12th June. My hair is still shedding. A hairdresser has advised me to shave my head and start all over again, but will my hair ever grow or is the damage forever? I will never again trust any products for’hair growth’. My hair was much better and I deeply regret using Rogaine.

  26. i was using regaine for 6 months and didnt see any improvement what so ever so stopped.i thought that i had lost more hair but couldnt be sure because i didnt take any photos. i was balding on the crown and a bit on the front.i read that you may have to use it for about a year so i started again.since ive restarted i have lost about 60 percent of the frontal area going back to the hair is so thin now that it looks shocking.i could have lived with it how it was but now i feel i just cant go on any longer looking like this.all i wanted to do was stop anymore hair falling out.i live in the uk and have decided my only option is to have a hair transplant as i just cant face people and i’m extremely depressed.i’m going to remortgage my house to get the money so does anybody know where i can get a transplant by a very good hair surgeon because i dont want to be in debt with my house and still have shocking hair.i hope someone can help.thanks

  27. DO NOT USE ROGAINE FOAM! It will eat up your hairline and it will not come back. If you ever quit, you will induce acute-telogen-effluvium. Your hair will be okay for 2 months…then shed like nothing youve ever seen before until its really thin. It may go back to normal about 7-9 months after the day you quit. I know because Iv witnessed it personally.

  28. omg i can’t believe this, i am so lucky i stopped on time, I’ve been using rogaine for about ten days now, and my hair has been falling and shedding like a dog, i am glad i researched this fucken product and got to know the truth before it was too late, i am just hopping now that the damage rogaine caused will stop as i stop using the product.

  29. I’ve been using rogaine for 6 or 7 monthi stopped because I started seeing hair shedding n freaked
    I was diagonzed by my doc with TE n was told to use rogaine for man. I should have read this first be for i started using. but at the time I refused to come to terms I had a problem it’s worse when your a woman with hair loss. I was thinning but think it was because of stress, child birth, bad eating habits n now I’m afraid I might have made it worse because a doc doesn’t care n they just stick a quick solution that only might make things far worse! Rogaine made my scalp itchy n irritated it also seem to make me lose hair when applied as well as it made my hair chalky n matted. I have no history of hair loss in my family so why me right? This sux! Now I heard I might have been doing more damage I wish I had research this more instead of listen to my doc you think they care but do they? My routine was this stupid product plus nioxin shampoo which dried my hair so I stopped it. I’m now stop putting any chemicals in my hair no dyes I think so were other reasons why my hair was thinning. I have a very sensitive scalp. I take biotin, hair essentials, n pretnals n shampoo that are all organic shampoos n conditioners. I no longer dye my hair n i cant hide my gray but thats not my concern now. I just hope I can recover n see no thining. anyone can give me any advice? I would appreciate it. All the doc could offer was stop using n see what happens of course she would say that shes not losing her fucken hair!! >:/ any help please post or email thanks,

  30. WOW i am so glad i read this site before putting this stuff on i just bought a 3 month supply of rogaine and read something that caught my eye about shedding i was like what the heck is this shit. I have long hair and my hair is thinning in the front so if i put this stuff on then ima look all wierd if i have clumps of hair falling out from the top of my head. Thanks for shareing guys man all of you just saved me from loosing a lot of hair.

  31. I used Rogaine a month ago. I applied it only 3 times, mainly due to the headaches, heart palpitations and dizzyness. Since stopping I have had hair coming out like crazy. People at work have noticed and I’ve noticed dark circles under my eyes and a puffy face. Stay away from this product. I’m just hoping the hair that I have lost since using it comes back.

  32. I’m in agreement with everyone else in that Rogain caused my hair to thin and fall out even more. My scalp became red and itchy as well. I regret using the product even after people told me not to because then I would have to use it for the rest of my life. I trusted my derm doc and figured she was the expert so I used the product against my better judgment. I only hope it doesn’t worsen now that I have decided to discontinue using the product.

  33. Dr. Rassman, with all do respect, don’t recommend using Rogain to your patients anymore. This is terrible. All these testimonies being against the product…and this is not including people who have suffered the same experience with Rogain but don’t blog.

  34. Just to update you. Since stopping Rogaine, I applied only 3 times. I have noticed my face has lost its puffiness, however the dark eye circles still remain. I am hoping my body will eventually shake these circles and bags. I should also mention that Rogaine dried my skin changing the texture and giving my eyes a sunken look. It also made my skin feel saggy and loose on my face. One of my eyelids has dropped slightly making my eye shape different which has slightly altered how I look. My girlfriend even says I look different. I tell her hopefully that this appearance is only temporary. I want to believe this. Don’t risk using this product. I only applied 3 times and I have these problems. Imagine if I had persisted like Rogaine instructs you to do. I’ll let u know how things are going in a month.

  35. It’s nice knowing your not alone in this world, struggling with something that many around you may not understand. However I still cannot but find myself in despair at times when I’m by myself. My story started when a friend had gave me a year supply of Rogaine as a gift in hopes of getting rid of a small bald spot I had as a child due to an unfortunate accident. Shortly after my hair was shedding at a frighteningly rate but I kept on using it in hopes of it helping and it did after about a year. Soon I ran out of supply but did not purchase anymore. Now about 4 months later after discontinuing Rogaine, I have found myself being an 18 year old graduate with thinning hair and going bald at the crown of my head. Maybe it is shallow and egocentric of me but I no longer have the confidence I used to and the world seems like a much darker place. I have no idea what to do now but I do know that I will not dump any more chemicals on my hair that require a life long commitment.

  36. One month on from my last post and my face has slimmed to my normal shape. However the bags and circles still persist. The skin under my eyes is very soft and weak, it feels thin and vulnerable, like an old persons skin might. I just pray that the bags and circles disappear. People at work ask what happened to me. The skin under my eyes use to be firm and tight. Now it looks bluish, thin, weak, baggy and wrinkly. I’m only 34 but have the eye features of someone 20 years older. Shocking stuff. My whole facial skin area feels saggy and loose. Hopefully things begin to tighten up.

  37. I’m a 33 year old female who is experiencing hair loss, my doctor recommended rogaine as well. She did tell me about the “shedding phase” which I didn’t think it was going to be that bad and that’s why i tried it in the first place. Well, my hair is now thinner than before, I’m embarrassed to even go to the pool, beach or even take a shower with my husband. I don’t want to leave my house and all I think about is what can I do to stop this hair loss issue. I know stressing adds to it but how can you not stress! I’m a female, only 33 years old and loosing my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it is as tough for men as it is for women to deal with this, I just never thought this would happen to me.
    I know we have a doctor advising people to use this product and who am I to go against his years of experience! But from my personal experience I advice you to think about it before you spend the money and more important, more hair you can’t afford to lose.

  38. Don’t use this product. I am a 38-year-old woman who tried this product when I was 25. My hair fell out so much that I could not see my hands from all the hair that was on them after shampooing my hair. My sister used it at the same time, and the same thing happened to he. We only used it about 4-5 days. Her hair recovered. Unfortunately, mine did not. I would not recommend using this product.

  39. Dont use rogain or mixondol its Bull sh#&*T!!! waste of money, I trusted it and lost my hair realy bad after a year of using when I was better off before with light thining on the crown of my head. Im pissed and super stressed about it but have managed to cover it up with hair fiber products conceler such as caboki or toppik find it cheep on ebay and it really helps then apply hairspray over it. but its sad man I was good looking with the hair I had it has destroyed my confidence as a man.. there is hope around the corner they found a cure for baldness coming very soon next year or so should be on market it was on the news recently im super stoked any other balding dude should be just wait. Im going to get it done dont care how much it cost I need my ego back!

    1. hi what is the new thing that is coming out for hair loss as you have mentioned on your post. i just bought 15% minoxidil, i am now scared to use it, what do you think?

  40. Hey, did you recover some hair after stopping toga one? I had a perfectly good hair and when start using rogaine in my hairline it has receded so bad! I’m scared please let me know if after the time you were able to grow some hair back

  41. I also have been using Rogaine 5% for 10 years. I wash my hair every other day. Rogaine has not worked for me.My hair on top of my crown is still thin. I would be lost without HSR hair so real. It is hair fibers and this stuff is my life saver! Its cheaper than Topix you get more in bottle about half more.Check out the website HSR. I also use Nioxin shampoo and coditioner with the leave in treatment.I’m also taking biotin 10,000 mg and omega 3 6 9, with multi vitamin and B complex.. Thyroid is fine,Cortisal levels fine also.My sisters have great hair but I don’t. I’m 45 and very sad over this constant struggle.

  42. HI

    I had used rogaine past 5 years and stopped for sometime because of some work tension and family relocations etc.I see after some months my hair shedding heavily and i look like male pattern bald ness. Can i use rogaine now to get back some hair.


  43. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. This product is poison. Like many before me, I used it because my hair was thinning, hoping to save it and fill it in a bit. I have now lost more than ever and would have been just fine with what I had. I feel sick every day and wake up from “hair” nightmares. It also affected my skin and eyes, like many of the above.

    Johnson and Johnson has so many law suits against it for this kind of thing – Misleading Consumers. Their Baby Powder was banned in India for carcinogens. It has been known to cause ovarian cancer in women who use it and yet there is no warning on its label. There are thousands of lawsuits and claims agains J & J for their dangerous drugs, for their destruction of the environment and they still test on animals. Their CEO made almost $30M dollars last year. The company is making so much money they can settle lawsuits quietly and still turn a profit.

    If enough people are angry, there is probable cause for a class action lawsuit. No, I am not an attorney, I am a teacher who has to face my class each week with a hat on my head and soon, a wig. I am not happy!

  44. While caring for my dying mother, I had not noticed that all the hair on top of my head had gone. I went to have my hair done & the stylist told me “You don’t HAVE any hair on top of your head. I had noticed that the sun felt hotter on my head. But BALDNESS…. I’d never even thought about it.
    I started using minoxidyl, not as regularly as told, but, over the past two years my hair is back, but the hair that has come in is very thin and “fly_away”. None the less, I am no longer bald on top of head, & overall the treatment has benefitted me..

  45. All the same things. Freaked out that I was thinning at my part, used it almost every night for a couple months – I got lazy – and now months later, my hair is coming out in handfuls. I have to use Toppix fibers all around my part. My question is, now that I have stopped using this shit on my head, HOW CAN I GET MY HAIR TO GROW BACK?!?! Anyone?? I taking shit tons of biotin, selenium, fish oil, prenatal vitamins, iron….you name it. I use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner even though it dries out the ends of what I do have . But seriously, what are you all doing After-Rogaine Horror Stories? I refuse to think that we are all just screwed.

  46. Minoxidil is worthless and has caused me severe hair loss as i am loosing 30% of my hair. My doctor never told me about this shedding phase. I always regret that why i have used this product.I am very depresed and want to die.If I commit suicide all responsibility goes to minoxidil.

  47. Guys, listen..
    I’m using “A CHEAP minoxidil” product, this is the 5th month for me, when I started using it I’ve lost TONS of hair I’m not even exaggerating, then I consulted my doctor and he told me don’t worry it’s going to grow back, I had to carry on as it was my only option.. I kept applying it to my scalp RELIGIOUSLY on a daily basis 2 times a day.. My temple areas were my main concern as I started having that ugly v shaped hairline, I didn’t give up while I didn’t have a 1% faith that any of that hair will grow back, but after 3 months exactly I noticed that I had a LOT of baby hairs started to sprout -which means that’s it’s not just thickening the diameter of the hair, it actually regrows a lot of hair back.. My hair fall has stopped however I’m still losing some everyday but not as much as before.. I’ll have to have a haircut in order to match the length of all the hair but honestly this stuff works.. Trust me, stick to the dam’ treatment and you’ll see results, I used nizoral shampoo 3 times a week and also I was taking zinc and omega 3 supplements.. Good luck

  48. i was going to buy rogaine tonight. thank God i stumbled upon this forum. My hair has thinned pretty badly and still continues to but i’d rather live with it than have this happen to me. what a scam

  49. My family all the time say that I am killing my time here at web, however I know I
    am getting know-how all the time by reading thes nice content.

  50. I used rogaine for about three months. I had thinning hair but it still looked good and most wouldn’t have noticed. It would make my scalp burn and it dried out my hair making it feel and look like straw. Worse, my hair never stopped shedding while I used it. I kept using it because of all the dermatologist recommendations and positive blog posts. I convinced myself that the burning meant that it was working. I was worried and desperate before I began using it and now I wish I could go back to what I had before. I’ve lost so much hair, especially at the front, that I don’t want to leave the house, I can’t sleep, have nightmares and I’m having suicidal thoughts.

  51. Has anyone’s hair recovered from the Rogaine? I used it for a week and then stopped because of a bad reaction to it. That was in January. It is now April and I am shedding like crazy and in a panic!!! I feel so alone. I’ve seen so many stories online of people who have had the same issue but there are never any follow ups? Anyone have any follow up I go they can provide? Thanks!

  52. I’m hoping my reply may help others:
    I’ve been down the same path and even consulted Dr. Rassman after using Rogaine liquid for two weeks and experiencing a lot of shed (40-60 daily when my baseline is 10-20) Dr Rassman said after two weeks hair is not addicted yet and I could stop. I stopped, continued to shed for months at least 3-5 months but I had an underlying hypothyroidism which contributed. I’ve been researching hairloss for 16 months and devote much time. Here are my conclusions and experiences. Rogaine or generic minoxidil formulations have a Propylene Glycol base a cheap stable base that manufacturers love to use in most hair products. It can be very irritating at the concentrated level and the amount your applying twice daily minox. After using Rogaine for just two weeks my scalp to this day 16 months later is sensitive to this ingredient anything containing it causes an itch. If I avoid it no itch. It can be a irritating ingredient that I firmly believe contributes to the shed response due to how much of this your applying daily. I started using minox again 5 weeks ago and now have a much different experience. I researched until I couldn’t research to find a better formula as I realized that minox is really the only other viable option beyond finasteride which should always be your first line of defense. I found a product that is endorsed by top hair restorations surgeons and they are seeing good clinical response. It’s called Formula 82M it was a collaboration between top doctors and compounding pharmacy. It has minox NO prop. Glycol, an anti androgen, and steroid to reduce inflammation. I have not seen much shedding, a little more but absolutely nothing compared to Rogaine with prop. glycol. I count hairs daily including shower so I have a very clear direct comparison I loose 15-20 hairs a day using this product and I can acutally see the lighter hairs on my temple points above the ears regaining color and diameter and my hairline hair diameter increasing. I’m sure with consistent use I will see some moderate maybe hopefully decent result. I’m only using it in the fontal third where I need it and the temple points. I would consider starting slowly maybe once daily for a few months then increase up for 6 months to twice daily and after 6 it days you can go to once day maintenance. It’s a wonderful formula that leaves absolutely no greasiness very style friendly and actually helps me style. No redness no irrigation whatsoever. Usually when one sees a need for a hairloss treatment hair may already be in a compromised state of more hair in telogen state (resting) and when something irritating like Prop glycol even the minox stimulation is applied mass exodus can occur. So take it slow and use the best products out there, ROGAINE AND MIOX WITH PROPLENE GLYCOL IS NOT THE BEST PRODUCT IT’S THE WORSE IN MY OPINION USE A GREAT HIGH QUALITY COMPOUNDED FORMULA LIKE FORMULA 82M.

  53. Don’t listen to any of these comments! These people clearly did zero research on minoxidil(rogaine/regaine), and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Yes, your hair is supposed to shed when you start applying Rogaine! No, Rogaine does not block DHT, the main cause of balding. If you stop Rogaine and find your hair does not go back to the way it was before.. it’s because you’re balding progressed in the background, why? Because you didn’t do your research and start using a DHT blocker at the same time. Do your research people before freaking out.. wow.

  54. I started rogaine foam in June 2015 then had a hair transplant in September so I stopped it for about a month then restarted and took it till January 2016. The transplant was in the crown area but I was using the Minoxidil on the front. I had thinning in the front but nothing major. My transplant was starting to look good at this point. 2 months later my hair started to fall out..mainly in the front where I had used it.Fast forward to September 2017 and I am nearly bald all over so it also affected the transplanted hair. My hair is still falling out. Do not touch this poison!!

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