Is Chlorine in Water Causing Hair Loss?

I came to Dubai 2 months back and from the beginning I am losing my hair very fast. When my hair is wet during the shower, it falls out even when I just touch them. I never had any problems with my hairs in my life. My hairs were very strong but dry without dandruff. After a month in Dubai I was feeling a little itching and I saw I was having dandruff, although I don’t have much dandruff now, but it has started. I heard Dubai water is not good for hair because it contains chlorine. I don’t want to lose my hairs and want to grow them big. I was using Vatika shampoo before Dubai and now here I have started using Sunsilk egg and also use oil to keep my hairs soft. My hairs are just falling, how to stop them and make them dark, strong & black. Which shampoo should I use. How is Head & Shoulders? Help me.

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Again and again, I tell my patients that they need a diagnosis. You are grasping for straws until you get properly evaluated with a mapping of your scalp for miniaturization. Please see a good doctor first, get examined and have a proper diagnosis in hand, then look for causes if the hair loss results from other outside factors. This, a good doctor can tell you. Chlorine should do no more harm to your hair in normal therapeutic doses than water without the chlorine.

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  1. hey what if chlorine levels r more then therapeutic levels . or any other ion being used in drinking or bathing water. what 2 do then where u have 2 live in that place and cant do much as has 2 drink that water. though olive oil helps but using it daily is 2 messy a affair. vikie876…

  2. i am female flying for emirates airline for 1 1/2 years now and im suffering from hairloss. i usually wash my hair on outstations and if needed with bottled water in dubai. could my hair loss be because im contantly doing night flights and not getting a good sleeping pattern? if so other than quitting my job what can i do???

  3. I am living in dubai for last 6 months i am suffering with the same case my hair were strong before coming to dubai and now a days my head has stupid dandruff and itching with hair loss. I oil my hair and use baby shampoo but no use :(

  4. hi guys, i wonder is it too late to post this. recently alot of my friends working with emirates airline suffers this problem on hair loss too, mainly they think it’s the water quality in dubai, as before that they don’t suffer from the problem, and sometimes their skin will have rashes too after staying in dubai for about 6months or more.

    They found some special shower head in Singapore, where it uses as a regular shower head but some how it clears up the chlorine with the vitamin C inside, and now they are very happy with it.

    and i heard they are already selling these stuffs in Dubai, u want me to check it out for u guys?


  5. Hi there, its a common problem in Dubai, comes from the water. Its the same with me. I am very young aged. And suddenly after 6 months in Dubai my hair just falls of. When I am taking shower my whole hand is full of hairs. Its like a shock, so now I am using only mineral water from those masafi bottles. Hair is recovering now. But takes time. At least the hair loss stopped.

    The water is not good at all here. It coming from the ocean and its being desalted. Very angry about that and that I did not listen to my friends, when they told me about that, when I came to dubai.

  6. Hi all, count me in, 6 months in Dubai and huge hair loss. I’ve always has thick healthy hair. Now my hair is dry, scalp itchy….same complaints. Tony the shower head is interesting, where to buy in Dubai????


  7. Hi guys,
    I have been in Dubai for 2 years now, I started losing my hair very much from the beggining. There is defenetly something wrong, I think it s the water. don t have any dandruff but extreme hair loss :-((( if anyone has tried any solutions please let me know

  8. hi all..
    well i’ve been in dubai since my birth. in my childhood i had beautiful and thick hair. so there was no problem with the water then. but now during my teens and henceforth my hair has also become thin, less and i also experience dandruff, hair loss and itchy scalp. i dont know guess with all the climate change, the advancement of dubai, the water consistency and composition must have been affected. i have tried many shampoo’s with the consultancy of many doctor’s and other people but none of them have suited because the problem is in the water and no shampoo can solve it.

    but i like that product which Tony has suggested, the shower head and would like to give a shot. so please tony let me know where in dubai can we get it.

  9. hair loss has NOTHING to do with chlorine!!!!! i would know because i swim six afternoons and three mornings in chlorine water for an hour and a half every time im in the water and i have all my hair!!!!! =) =] :) :]

  10. Hi everyone,

    I too had very thick hair before moving to Dubai, gradually it got thinner and thinner to a stage where 5 months ago i had to do something about it. I now only wash my hair with mineral water and it has stopped falling out, though its still recovering from 12 months of using this UAE water and is still a lot thinner than it was when I moved here, I guess it will take some time to get back to how it was, I only wish I used mineral water from the very beginning!

  11. i came to Dubai from the UK almost 2 years ago. I had extremely thick hair all my life. Now it has almost halved – i think that says it all!! It’s when i return to the UK that everyone notices and comments on how thin my hair has become. If the desalinated water (de-salted sea water) is having this effect on hair, imagine what it’s doing to your skin. My skin is much drier and has become thinner so that it wrinkles easier. Unless the government does something to improve water quality they will find expats leaving in droves once they discover this – especially those with children. Thanks for your comments i will try using mineral water…

  12. I have hair falling on my keyboard as I write this. Been in dubai 4 months, and have already developed balding spots. Sigh.

    Going to a derm this week.

  13. i came to know from msn article that it’s not advisable to wash our hair everyday. meaning taking a bath everyday is fine bath have alternate washing of our hair to sustain the natural oil in it.

    with regards in of having hair loss expereinced in Dubai, always use cold water for the hair.

    i also recommend Pantene Full & Shine shampoo; used them every other day.

  14. Hi everybody, I am in Dubai ince 4 months and I am shocked by the amount of hair I loose every day. I was advised by a make-up artist that I should be the “So-Safe” waterfilter (it`s the one called “hair conditioner”). You can get it at Carrefour and it is AED98. Read the instructions how to fix it carefully.I just bought it, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will work. Good luck to all uf us…it`s horrible to loose hair!

  15. hi
    well am not in Dubai i live in Jordan but with the same problem i keep losing my hair specially in showers my hair just fall by simply touching it it even fall faster than the ppl how had cancer i took (((Babunish))) way i only wash my hair with bottled water and only 2 times a week and now it is getting better my hair is getting back wow
    i think there is something in the water that make hair fell
    it happened also to my sister so i think the hair loss so getting on both men and women
    hope it was a useful information

  16. Mohahmed
    hi guys i heared ur proplem with hair coz of the water that mixed with chlorine , i know that become a vapor if we leaved it in opened area , all u have to do to put some water enough to shower ur hair in opened area , for like 12 H , untile all chlorine become a vapor , and then u will have a clear water , thank u all..

    Mohamed – Egypt

  17. I just got to Morocco a week back from London and have already started noticing my hair thinning like never before and falling quite a bit during showers… I’m glad I got the chance to read this forum before it was too late. Will start using mineral water and wash my hair every alternate day. Hopefully the thinning and hair loss should stop..

  18. Hey guys, im with emirates for only 2 months and my hair has falled a lot too, and start to show my scalp. I was very embarassed in front of people because dependind the way i fix my hair, everyone can see my scalp through my hair… is awfull… and then i started washing my hair with mineral water and stoped to fall, plus i started to use one indian oil called AMLA (founded in every store) 3 times a week, i leave in my head all night, and now i can see new hair spots in my head (and my hair is shiny and soft) so i recomend to use this oil! (anyway, im gonna to see a dermo soon).

  19. its down to genetics and stress.. dubai is a stressful place especially if you not sleeping well, its really that simple. Although ive notice that the local water leaves your hair dry and straw like.. i tend to rinse it after a shower with mineral water, and seems to work ok. would advise everyone does the same, and relax as well.

  20. Hey,
    I’m a 19 year old male, been living in Dubai for quite some time and yes-I have noticed something weird going on. As soon as I go to another country, the texture suddenly improves. Clearly something’s up and I hope DEWA addresses this problem. I am now going to use only mineral water. Thanks for the tip, guys. Just now that you’re not the only ones!

  21. yeah i have been in dubai for a year now and have the same problem as you has very bad water.
    il be leaving soon so im very happy to be going ^^

  22. Hey,

    I am in Dubai for the last 3yrs
    I am seeing a lot of falled hair in my room and my hair is reducing and becoming thin. My freinds are facing the same problem, even one of my freind become bold within three years.

    Using miniral water may be good but I heard that even those miniral waters such Masafi, Oasis,… getting water by refining the running water which comes from DEWA but I am not sure. (Open for any comment)

    There is also saying, Oiling your hair before washing might help some.

  23. I lived in that dump for 5 years get out! it’s not worth it.. I wished I left sooner, water sucks altough the media won’t admit it, tempreture sucks, sewage bad, smells, expensive and now broke!!

  24. Well my friends, I thank you ALL for your comments as they have been very helpful. Like many of you have posted, I too have lost alot of hair in the past 4-5 months and freaking out when washing my hair in the shower and seeing my hair fall out!!!!! Unlike most of you however, I’m not in Dubai or anywhere in the UK, I’m in Irvine, California. I just moved here 4-5 months ago from another location in California and noticed that the water from the tap was “nasty”. I couldn’t even use it to boil to make my coffee, but I never thought it could be affecting my hair…until I was at GNC trying to buy vitamins for hair and the representative suggested I purchased a filter for my shower head to block the chlorine. He said the water in Irvine was very high in chlorine, he had experienced everything I was going through and this was one of the steps he took to make things better…which worked! So today I purchased my new shower head…let’s hope for new hair growth!

  25. I was going to blade my hairs but all ur comments give me a new hope.bc one think i noticed i would like to share, When i use DEWA tap water for bath, even i loose my hairs from Chest also. IN Pakistan i had Beautiful Hair and heavy with same Antidandruf Shamp Head and Shoulder but in last 3 Years i lost half of my hairs and now its about very thin.
    I hope inshallah Musafi Minneral water will help my hairs to go smooth and thick with 2 times a week shampoo and using oil before shampoo is best sol i would suggest to others having same problems.

  26. Hello all,

    I have been in Dubai for going on two months when I noticed my hair was falling after showering and becoming dry. After visiting IBN Battuta mall I saw the BLU products. BLU has products that clean the air in your apt and to moisturize the skin and hair. There’s a showerhead that has a vitamin c tube you can insert inside to help with the hair and skin. Even if you don’t purchase the vitamin c the shower head removes 95% of the chlorine out of the water. My skin is soft and my hair has stopped breaking. Its worth a try for each of you. Hope this helps, not costly either.

  27. Good Day,

    My name is Jag and am working in Dubai for the past 3.5 years and am suffering hair loss, my age is 28 years. Kindly advise the treatment.


  28. I had a situation similar to you, and I live in USA. Its very simple ,just get the tank water( Purified) and wash just your hair with that, and see if the hair loss goes away. Isn’t that simple. And trust me its cheaper than treating your hair loss by a doctor.

  29. hii..frnds
    The BLU product is a utter waste of money.The say if u r not satisfied with the product u will be refunded with the money within a month. But the fact is it extremely works well 1 month , then its sheer trash…
    Plz dont get cheated..i have tried..

  30. The best remedy for hair fall is egg…apply oil and 3-4 eggs(depending on ur hair length) to ur hair n leave it for 20 mints n wash it off with shampoo… .. do this thrice a week AND see the difference.

  31. Its nice to see different types of shampoo’s (from diffrnt countries)available in the middleeast but sadly it does not work wonders on hair becoz of the desalinated water…hair gets very dry…the best solution is eggs…it soften ur hair n makes it less dry.

  32. this post is really helpful. at least now i know what chlorine can do to your hair. and in any case that you encounter hair loss, its better to avail hair treatments promo. i suggest you may try to visit your health clinic. i am trusting this clinic called Marina Medical Centre

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