I came to Dubai 2 months back and from the beginning I am losing my hair very fast. When my hair is wet during the shower, it falls out even when I just touch them. I never had any problems with my hairs in my life. My hairs were very strong but dry without dandruff. After a month in Dubai I was feeling a little itching and I saw I was having dandruff, although I don’t have much dandruff now, but it has started. I heard Dubai water is not good for hair because it contains chlorine. I don’t want to lose my hairs and want to grow them big. I was using Vatika shampoo before Dubai and now here I have started using Sunsilk egg and also use oil to keep my hairs soft. My hairs are just falling, how to stop them and make them dark, strong & black. Which shampoo should I use. How is Head & Shoulders? Help me.

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Again and again, I tell my patients that they need a diagnosis. You are grasping for straws until you get properly evaluated with a mapping of your scalp for miniaturization. Please see a good doctor first, get examined and have a proper diagnosis in hand, then look for causes if the hair loss results from other outside factors. This, a good doctor can tell you. Chlorine should do no more harm to your hair in normal therapeutic doses than water without the chlorine.