Matthew McConaughey and Hair Transplants

Dr. Rassman, I am concerned that your post about Matthew McConaughey is misleading. Do you honestly believe he had transplants? Here are two reasons why I think it is unreasonable to think so. First, he had a full head of hair in movies before and directly after the picture (showing hairloss) was taken. The only way he could have had transplants is if his hairloss was sudden and his regrowth was extremely quick. Second, the results are be too good to be transplants even if used in conjuction with drugs or anything topical. I’m sure transplants can make make a big difference, but not that big of one. If he did have transplants then the pictures of your work appear to pale in comparison to the kind of work that can be done. I don’t think your work is substandard to anyone. I think he uses a hairpiece. Are you worried at all that passing his improvement off as a transplant will give people unrealistic expectations as to what hair transplants can do and perhaps unduly persuade people to get hair transplants. Also, do you think hair transplant doctors may be attributing Matthew’s results to hair tranplants in fear of losing people to the hairpiece business?

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Just to be clear for the readers of this blog, your question is in reference to the post I made back in May regarding Regenix and the role it may have played in the hairline restoration of this actor.

I have no first hand knowledge of Matthew McConaughey. From photos I have seen of him, there is obviously a big change in his hairline between the older pictures and his current presentation. If the change reflected a hair system, then it is a good one. In the movies, this is done quite often for balding actors, and there are people primping and grooming the hair piece just before they are on film to achieve the best possible look. If the change reflected a hair transplant, then he had a good hair transplant surgeon. Photographs show us what the photographer wants us to see. A hair piece (a wig) would be instantaneous, while a hair transplant would take 8 months to grow out.

As far as expectations, look at the change a hair transplant made in broadcaster Steve Hartman, as featured on the NHI website. The results were at least as good as a great wig, but since it is his real hair growing from his head, he doesn’t have to worry about the costly maintenance or smell issues associated with hair pieces.

I’ve posted links to these photos before, but they are worth reposting to show the dramatic change in Mr. McConaughey’s hairline.

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  1. Hello,
    I am 20 years old and have been experiencing hair loss for 2 years now. There’s still hair all over my head, just not as much as there use to be. I’m rather unframiliar with the specifics/ability of hair transplant surgery; would it still be possible to have a full head of hair? If so how much money would the procedure cost?

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