Will I Go Bald if Dad is Bald?

If my dad is bald will i be bald too?? If so, when will I start losing my hair. I am 26 now.

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We inherit our genetic balding from both sides of the family, even from our grandparents when our parents do not express the balding gene and have a full head of hair. Do not obsess with what may happen to you for if it has not started by 26, it is less likely that you will follow a signficant balding pattern. Ask your dad when he first noticed balding, and if it was after 30, then maybe time will yet unfold an outcome like his. If he started before 26, then it is likely that you will not follow his pattern. Most bald men have signs by the age of 26 that balding may happen.

13 thoughts on “Will I Go Bald if Dad is Bald?

  1. will i go bald? my mums dad has a thick head of hair at 67 , same with my dads dad, but my dad has gone bald , will i suffer the same fate?

  2. Everyone on my mom\’s side of the family has incredibly thick hair, including mom, uncles, grandparents ect… Dad has a bald spot on the top of his head, his started in his 20\’s apparently. His father still has hair at 70 but my grandmother from his side has thinning hair. Oddly enough, only my dad was effected by this, my uncle still has all of his hair… My hair is really really thick, but I still worry that I might suffer the same fate as my dad, will I go bald? judging by this information.

  3. My dad and his brothers have all gone bald. Their dad’s hair is thining but this only happened lately (he’s 73). My mum’s dad has lost very little hair, but my mum’s brother has lost some at the sides. Will I go bald?

  4. hey doctor my dad passed away but b4 he did he was ab ald man n started when he was 22 by the time he was 20 he was almost fully bald i have noticed signs of me balding at the sides im 16 turning 17 soon and i gel my hair daily and masturbate daily will i bald from any of these terms plz message me that would make me alot more relaxed about male pattern baldness

  5. My Dad has a full head of hair but my maternal grandfather and uncles are bald. My two 20-something brothers are balding. In their case, baldness is a practical joke women play on men!

  6. To people who ask questions and are worried: don’t listen to some members of the public who reply to your question and say “bad news you will be bald” etc. they are idiots who want to make you feel bad. Only ever take advice from the professionals.

  7. just look at the mirror, look at your baby-year photos, then compare the photos with your dad’s, mom’s father’s, mom’s brother’s old photos. ask your parents to characterize yourself who you look like mostly in your family. what is your hair color? is that heritated from dad’s or mom’s? your hair curly or straight or wavy? your facial type is most important to fit the hair to your face .

  8. Alright. listen up professionals and assholes that want to comment even though you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

    Here is what makes this all confusing, i have 3 brothers. one is basically bald (28) the other has receded in the front (27) and the other has began to lose some at the age of 18 but not much since then, it mainly just reseeded. DAD – bald
    now here is the confusing part mom’s dad – full thick hair. my dad’s dad is bald. so I’m trying to piece this together does anyone have a decent % for me, or possibly some good info???

    i am talking about male pattern baldness none of my family suffers from illnesses, i am 17 and want an answer.

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