Im 20 years old and I am noticing my hair thinning on both the front left and front right sides of my head. Receding hair does exist in my family, however, for a while I had been excessively masturbating. This may have also been a cause, so Ive heard. What do you think? Is it possible for my hair to grow back thicker? And what would be the best thing for me to do?

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Thinning hair does come from family genetics and I gather from your question that you have the genetics in your family history, which may point to the most probable cause of your hair loss. Genetic hair loss is caused by the interaction between your genes, your testosterone (and DHT levels), time, and stress. The young man has a great deal of circulating testosterone (which creates DHT, which causes hair loss and thinning on the negative side and hair growth in beard, chest hair, and hair almost everywhere else on the body, except the scalp). Because testosterone levels are high, the sex drive in young men is also very high. Frequent erections (in some teenage boys as many as 20 times per hour in some situations) produce a desire to masturbate (when the opportunity is right) to relieve the sexual drive. High testosterone levels and the desire to masturbate are a perfectly normal response to both your erections and the hormone levels driving them. As a culture, we hide our masturbating with some shame but the process is a normal process.

Your frequency of masturbation will not impact your hair loss; only things like genetics, hormones and hormone blocking agents like Propecia will impact your hair loss/thinning. You should have your scalp evaluated for miniaturization and balding patterns. If you do have genetic hair loss, you should get on the appropriate treatment (like Propecia), for if you do not treat it, the family pattern may prevail. It is said that men who are bald, are more sexually active than hairy men. I do not know if this is correct or not or if that means that bald men try harder. There are better statistics for hair loss than the masturbating habits of young, balding men. I would suggest that you masturbate all you want, just focus upon getting your hair diagnosis and treatment going in the right direction by taking action, rather than ignoring the proper approach to your problem. Keep hair loss and your penis agenda separate and give both, the attention they need. If you are able to come to Los Angeles, visit me and I would be happy to evaluate your hair loss and recommend the appropriate treatment for you.