Masturbation and Hair Loss

Im 20 years old and I am noticing my hair thinning on both the front left and front right sides of my head. Receding hair does exist in my family, however, for a while I had been excessively masturbating. This may have also been a cause, so Ive heard. What do you think? Is it possible for my hair to grow back thicker? And what would be the best thing for me to do?

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Thinning hair does come from family genetics and I gather from your question that you have the genetics in your family history, which may point to the most probable cause of your hair loss. Genetic hair loss is caused by the interaction between your genes, your testosterone (and DHT levels), time, and stress. The young man has a great deal of circulating testosterone (which creates DHT, which causes hair loss and thinning on the negative side and hair growth in beard, chest hair, and hair almost everywhere else on the body, except the scalp). Because testosterone levels are high, the sex drive in young men is also very high. Frequent erections (in some teenage boys as many as 20 times per hour in some situations) produce a desire to masturbate (when the opportunity is right) to relieve the sexual drive. High testosterone levels and the desire to masturbate are a perfectly normal response to both your erections and the hormone levels driving them. As a culture, we hide our masturbating with some shame but the process is a normal process.

Your frequency of masturbation will not impact your hair loss; only things like genetics, hormones and hormone blocking agents like Propecia will impact your hair loss/thinning. You should have your scalp evaluated for miniaturization and balding patterns. If you do have genetic hair loss, you should get on the appropriate treatment (like Propecia), for if you do not treat it, the family pattern may prevail. It is said that men who are bald, are more sexually active than hairy men. I do not know if this is correct or not or if that means that bald men try harder. There are better statistics for hair loss than the masturbating habits of young, balding men. I would suggest that you masturbate all you want, just focus upon getting your hair diagnosis and treatment going in the right direction by taking action, rather than ignoring the proper approach to your problem. Keep hair loss and your penis agenda separate and give both, the attention they need. If you are able to come to Los Angeles, visit me and I would be happy to evaluate your hair loss and recommend the appropriate treatment for you.

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  1. Hi!

    At first i never have this huge among of hair loss a day. After, i’ve been masturbating for couple of months and i seem to have a hair loss. I lose about 50-100 hair a day. I do not know why. Please, tell me because of masturbating? Thanks!

    1. Yes it is masturbation even i experienced so much of hair loss when i masturbated for like 4-5 months continuously . However when i tried to stop i would experience wet dreams(masturbating while your asleep ) so now i am searching some more techniques to stop these

  2. hi. i am iranian. in my cuntry say masturbation is very dangerous and very harmful and if harm ful does harm of masturbation come back?and is masturbation is harmful?

  3. I think masturbation itself increaes the sex drive as your body adapts to the routine and therefore more and more testosterone is made to keep up with the demand and this will evnetually turn into dht which will make the hair loss case worse.Try something like spearmint tea to lower your sex drive and you might end up lowering your frequency of masturbation which will reduce the production of dht ad your hair may have a chance of rejuvenating itself.

  4. hello, i masterbate daily. i want to know that, if i do it regularly, so i will have some disadvantage of it. i have heard that masterbating can decrease your beauty or your shining of face, please suggest me

  5. And masterbating dosent mess with your hormones at all? Gimme a break doc. You’re so full of it. Too much of anything is bad for you. Any type of addiction will have consequences. Get real.

  6. hey, i’m 16 and im already losing hair. i dont know if im actually losing it or not but i find around 10 hairs on the table when i stroke my hair with my hands.
    i masturbate around 2 times a day and i dont know if thats the problem or not.
    my uncles from my moms side are all bald and my moms family in general have weak hair.
    can you please tell me what to do?!
    and by the why, do hair dryers cause hair loss?
    i use it nearly daily.
    please give me an answer quick!

  7. Hi i am 20 years old and i believe im losing my hair. my moms father has been bald before she was even born, but my father has a full head of thick hair and is 49 years old. my mother tells me i had way more hair than my grandfather did at his age. Is masterbation causing my hairloss?IF so, if i quit now will it grow back? Or do i have a bad gene from my grandfather?

  8. Hi.Masturbation will not couse hair loss.It’s old wives tale.Why everybody talks about masturbation?Having sex would make you bald too if that was true.Anyway…Every single day you lose 50-150 hair.It’s normal.

  9. I never have’nt hair loss before masturbate. After, i’ve been masturbating with a gap one or two days for couple of months and i seem to have a hair loss. I lose about 60-130 hair a day. I don’t know why. Please, tell me because of masturbating? if so than tell me the way how to cure it.

  10. If you have excessively been masturbating then yes it does effect your hair loss. Trust me I have been testing this theory on myself and at the age of 21 I would notice that if I stopped masturbating for a period of time that in days I would experience less hair falling then on days that I did masturbate. And if you masturbate more then one time per day and continue ahah your hair line will be receding pretty fast. Plus on top of it it is a sex drive killer if you abuse it too much you will lose elasticy in the penis and it can can effect the growth of the penis as well. I’m currently a premed student so case studies and writing reports is my thing. I’ve also tried all the products and they work in a way but there is very little you can do about growing bald but slow down its progression. Until we actually stop the hormone known to cuase balding called DHT from effecting the hair follicle we stand very little chance of having a full set of hair.

  11. “Has any man experineced hair loss due to excessive masterbation?”

    Many people have made a personal connection between hair loss(& other symptoms) and excessive ejaculation. It probably doesn’t matter if you are masturbating or having intercourse too frequently. Your body has to replace the spent semen which can deplete you of:

    Semen is primarily water, but contains trace amounts of almost every nutrient the human body uses.[citation needed] It has somewhat higher amounts of commonly deficient minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and selenium.[36] One typical ejaculation contains 150 mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7% US RDA potassium and 3% US RDA copper and zinc.[37] When metabolized, protein yields 4 kcal/g, carbohydrate also yields 4 kcal/g, and fat yields 9 kcal/g.[38] Hence the food energy in the typical ejaculation is 0.7 kcal (2.9 kJ).

    Its not just the act of masturbation or intercourse in and of itself, its the constant ejaculation multiple times a day for long periods of times that can deplete a guy’s body of these components. This isn’t something that your doctor will even consider seriously discussing with you. And this topic brings out strong opinions on both sides. Lots of men don’t even want to consider the thought of this (ejaculation/symptoms) link, but I think its highly possible. Let me be clear, I am not anti-masturbation or anti-sex. I’ve been floggin the flesh flute and murderin my girl’s cooch for many moons, but too much of anything is bad for you. It would be wise to research the known symptoms of deficiencies of above noted components and decide for yourself. Maybe even think about giving the old gonads a break sometimes. Just my opinion…

  12. Hey Folks…
    Masturbation is a self satisfaction of our emotions… it’s a temporary happiness.. and intercourse too…
    This sexual acts can be done once in a day.. more than that can lead to different types of changes in your body.. If you are physically very strong you can participate in sex up to 2 or 3 times maximum, exceeding this limitation may leads to harm for our human body..
    But Ayurvedam doesn’t recommend masturbation… because it shows many defects in future Physically & Mentally..

    Temporary Happiness may leads to Long lasting problem..!!!

    After all it’s up to you…

  13. Its funny how these “doctors” are so strongly against the idea that over masturbation causes hair loss, or is linked to it. It is a Fact that the 2 are linked. In fact, masturbation is one of the Primary causes. I’m befuddled that doctors ignore this and say over masturbation doesn’t do anything to the chemicals in your body. Where did you get your degrees?
    Ok I’m done ranting, tell you first hand, stop excessive masturbation and your hair problem will start to get better.

  14. It’s funny how people claim things are “facts” when there is zero proof of such. I’m befuddled when people can believe myths and take them as fact. Do you also believe that masturbation causes hairy palms? Or that masturbation will make you go blind? Those are other ridiculous and common myths.

    Perhaps it is related to some people feeling guilty about masturbating due to cultural or religious reasons. Regardless, there is no link between hair loss and masturbation, just as sex with a partner doesn’t cause hair loss.

  15. I think there is a common misconception with the information people are trying to find out. “can masterbation cause baldness in men” is different from “can masterbation influence or increase the rate for people who are inevitable going to go bald”

  16. Masturbation does cause balding. Time will tell, in the next couple of decades science will discover it, after doing studies. The doctors on here make me laugh, talking about bringing proof. We don’t need BS science proved evidence. Western science is BS anyway. They can’t even explain where matter came from. Daft idiots. They only just discovered that particles can travel faster than the speed of light. Muslims knew that 1400 years ago. Daft idiot scientists seriously! Notice how balding has increased in this day and age, now that we have easier access to porn and all. Learn about the porn industry. Doctors just want to make their money and they don’t know anything about this topic, that is why they never admit there is a connection between the two subjects.

    Those saying that it is natural and the body needs it for reproduction and pleasure. Let me tell you this, your body was not to abused, it was to be kept in a state of equilibrium. So anything is excess will cause problems. For those curious, just give up the habit for 90 days atleast and see the effects for yourself. Baldness CAN be caused by BAD habits, do get rid of them guys!

    I’m out, peace, and stay blessed.

  17. Ive abstained from sex now for 3 weeks, and already my hair has been regrowing thicker and hair that I thought I had lost is now regrowing! Ive also started eating a healthy diet, remember to add in pumpkin seeds inorder to stop dht further. and Ive been exeresing. Also wash your hair/scalp with all natural shampoo, I us herbal Glo it really cleans the scalp of any sebum and dht debrey or you can use bio-fen or jasons they are all good. You need to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle one that you can be proud of and then you will see results. Always put your faith in God, he will get you though all the rough patches in life.

  18. Sorry to inform you, Doc, but TWICE I have tested this theory, and twice have I regrown my hair. First time was in 2004, and after 4 months of abstinence I noticed signs of regrowth. I have been doing this again for the last 6 months and I’m experiencing regrowth again.

    Each time we masturbate, DHT is pumped to target cells of the scalp, and the hormone accumulates within the cytoplasm of the cell. If too much of it builds up, it prevents the mitochondrion from accessing oxygen, and as a result, the cell asphyxiates and dies. If enough of these cells die, then the follicle will lose mass and shrink, hence hairloss.

  19. P.S. The reason why cells of the scalp are so prone to DHT clogging, is because the scalp / galea is naturally tighter than other hair producing cells on the body. Pinch the skin of the scalp and pinch other areas of your body where there is hair, and compared how tight the scalp is. This tightness can cause lowered metabolism, and thus an accumulation of DHT in target cells.

  20. hi this s arun here 24 yr…am lossing ma front hairs daily ill masturbate two r three times cos of tis oly am i lossing ma hair.plz any one suggest can i recover that hairs.. plz help me

  21. Hello guys. I have recently, 2 weeks ago, notices hair thinning. It’s not actually hair loss, but thinning of hairs from their root. And I think if it continues this way, hairs will just fall. So I researched a little bit, and I believe that masturbation can really cause hair thinning/loss. I have not been masturbating every day. But I have been do it about 1-2 times a month, but when I did that I was like doing it 3 times in a row. And also when I did that, some time I would continue that the next day, or/and the day after the next day. Something like this. So it was kind of hard blow on my penis and my organs as a whole. Last time I did it, a week ago, my abdomen and groins hurt very much. And they still hurt. I compared my lifestyle to my friends, and two other friends I suspect they masturbate too and they were complaining about hair loss, before even I noticed mine. But there is my roommate which I strongly suspect, he does not mastubate, at least at the rate I do, and he has thick hair. So because of I strongly suspect that excessive masturbation is linked with hair loss. Otherwise I cannot find any relation. My parents and my brother all have thick hair, and no sign of masturbation. Since I came to US I started masturbation heavily. So I stopped masturbating a week ago, and will not do it ever. I will check my hair everyday for sign of regrowth of all my hair. Will keep you posted. I think I have to wait at least a month to see a change, hopefully. It’s funny, now I look at bold men and kinda know what they’ve been up to..

  22. masturbation does cause hair loss.believe me, in 2007 i stopped fact stop even thinking about sex.i experience drastic changes.i got all my lost hair.density of my hair improved like just double. i practiced abstinence from sex for 1 year.after that i fell in love with girl i started having sex with the girl 4 times in a month and i found no harm. but for last 7 month i have been watching porn movies and masturbating daily.results of masturbation are clear. I have lost many hair from my front.

  23. Of course there is connection between hairloss and masturbation because of DHT. But actually I can’t understand how frequentlly men should masturbate. I found some researches that after ejeculation DHT rise 80%. After ejeculation at 7th day tostesterone rise 145%. And I found that long abstinence form sex also rise tostestoerone. So how I should live? These reasearches are very controversial.

  24. i strongly feel ejaculation does cause hair loss,,. i did not masturbate often my younger days, 4 times a week normaly maby less or more sometime, but there was a period of time where i had alot of sex age 25-27, when i was in a relationship and right after even when i was single i had no prob getting sex, once i was with 5 different girls in 1 week.. i never was without sex for more then a week, could be multiple times with the same girl, or maby 1 girl one time another week.. and still i could find time to masturbate, my body was so used to it so i had to have sex or plan B masturbate. i remember that period i noticed hairloss came to my world and it just keept falling and thinning. Didnt even acure to me till recently (im 29 now) that masturbation and sex could be the reason. so it just made total sense to me when i came accross this “conspiracy”or theory.

    So im gonna try going without ejaculation for a period of a few months, 2 weeks so far, my balls hurt but im not loosing or trading one hair for one girl,. so hard but i think its worth a try, ive heard people notice thicker har after just one month.

  25. Ok front hair is controlled by kidneys. Top is from liver energy and back crown is heart energy. Ya body is like a battery. If u connect car battery wrong u drain it. If u masturbate your draining ya bodys batteries the two kidneys then the liver and heart energy. If u connect with a women havr sex is like two car batteries connected together u can charge each other. No hair problems if done about twice a month. Understand. So thats why sone hav sex women no hair loss. Now im not saying dont use condom but when u use condom the womens energy gets blocked connecting through to the penis so ya batterys heat up. God never meant for these. So dont watch porn dont madturbate and frain ya bofy batteries and practise safe sex by havibg one partner and just couple tines per month and towsrds end of period if do not want kids. This is how its meant to work and what and how about hair loss and telation to the body.

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