Hi doctor, A doctor in france suggested to me to use Aminexil SP94(by Kerastase) capsules (commercial name:”Vichy Dercos”) applied on the crown area and the shaded are of the head directly. I noticed from many people’s feedback in France that dermatologists there recommands to apply Aminexil as a safe alternative to propercia since it doesnot have any sexual side effects,and that Aminexil actually stops the thining of the hair caused by dihydrotestesterone ( it does not stops DHT like propecia), rather it thickens the hair follicle which becomes resistive to DHT. What do you recommand doctor i need please your advice please(ie: I used propecia from several weeks and i have serious sexual problems). Thanks A lot

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I looked up Aminexil and found that it is basically a minoxidil compound with the type of results that minoxidil gives. The question of course becomes, “Is it better than minoxidil by itself?” I would think that no one really knows the answer to that question, because they may not want to know. The general thought about minoxidil is that it may impact the length of the hair cycle by increasing it, amongst other benefits. That would add more hair, as less hair would be in the catogen phase and more hair in the anogen phase at any one time.

With regard to sexual side effects from Propecia, they are very rare (less than 1%) and much of it may be the power of suggestion as we men are very sensitive to anything that MAY impact the performance of our penis. It is great to blame Propecia for erectile dysfunction (ED), when in actuality it may not be the Propecia, but rather psychological or relationship issues associated with social issues that occur. That is clearly not always the case, but I suspect that it is mostly what is being reported on the sexual erectile dysfunction (ED) issue.