DHT Blocking Foods?

You mentioned in a tidbit that there were people who blocked DHT with eating large quantities of dht blocking foods. What might those be, and could we get similar results by ingesting these foods. By the way, thanks very much for doing this blog. It is extremely interesting and informative.

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To the best of my memory, the drug finasteride was derived by work done in primitives who ate a tuber that was unique to the rain forest and contained this drug. I am not familiar with other foods that contain it. The high incidence of hermaphrodites in the population is what clued explorers into the uniqueness of the foods these people ate, mainly because the food was eaten by pregnant women, blocking the effects of DHT which is required to differentiate the sex of the offspring. If you find hermaphrodites somewhere eating large amounts of some unique food, that might be a good clue.

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  1. Foods that inhibit DHT or block the conversion of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase include Green Tea, Flax Seed Lignans, and phytosterols Beta-Sitosterol which is also found in saw palmetto and nettles. Whether these foods help with hairloss is another question all together. Studies have shown that many of these foods are as effective as Fin in treating BHP but there are really no studies for MPB. Safety and effecacy are other issues. So the jury is out, but in terms of DHT blocking foods, there is plenty of scientific studies done on these foods that conclude this to be the case, and a simple search will yield some information regarding the issue.

  2. Can you be more specific with DHT blocking foods. What popular food dishes contain Green Tea, Flax Seed Lignans, and phytosterols Beta-Sitosterol?

  3. I have very very ichy scalp and lost lots of my hari without cutting it,what could be the possible cause of my hair loss?

  4. if you want to reduce hair fall and remove dandruff from your scalp wash your head with himalya anti dandruff shampoo and for hairloss take biomane tablet for 3 months it will help for sure i am a doctor trust me

  5. in case of hair loss from DHT u should better use a combination of saw palmetto,nettle and beside drink 2 cups of green tea in the 2 extremes of a day.in addition if u have dandruuf and itchy scalp then go for ketoconazole shampoo and biomane tablets as it contains biotin+zinc, most demanded by hair roots

  6. To remove Dandruff…I used Selsun Shampoo. It was very effective. Lost Dandruff in just 2 washes.

    To avoid hairloss we need to rearrange our thoughts, because I feel, when we are strained due to our thoughts, it hurts our roots of hairs.

  7. Help im a 21 yearold girl ive been bolding for 8 years thru out the years my hair changed color from thick black to light THIN brown my scalp is itchy especialy my bold spot at the front. I did a check up with my doc and im good i dnt have any health problems .could someone PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO TO GROW HAIR.

  8. Hi.. Regarding Flax Seed Lignans.. I saw many posts on the net stating , eating 2 spoons of flax seed every day har helped ppl grow hair..!! (Seed in dry powdered form not Oil!!! )

  9. Hi All,

    My Name is kalim i am also fighting with the same problem. but after using KTC shampoo my scalp dandruff tottaly gone but the proble is i have lost my lots of hairs from left side of my head now dont know how to grow them again anyone can tell ??

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