Please could you give me some advice on how I can encourage new eyebrow hair growth. My eyebrows have lately become very sparse. I am very concerned because no products have been working for me. I have used olive oil and bought Talika Eyebrow Lipocils and used the product, I used it for 28 days and it did not stimulate any new hair growth.
Please could you help me and send me some advice?

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Eyebrow hair loss can be from a series of causes. The most common is from plucking the eyebrow in women who try to shape it and eventually develop traction alopecia resulting in permanent loss of the eyebrow hair. A series of genetic and autoimmune causes also exist, so you might want to see a specialist who can look for miniaturization or the side effects from plucking which are very characteristic. There are no magic potions for stimulating eyebrow hair, though Minoxidil might help. Hair transplants work very nicely but have the disadvantage of growing longer than the normal eyebrow hair which means that they must be cut a few times a week.