Eyebrow Hair Loss

Please could you give me some advice on how I can encourage new eyebrow hair growth. My eyebrows have lately become very sparse. I am very concerned because no products have been working for me. I have used olive oil and bought Talika Eyebrow Lipocils and used the product, I used it for 28 days and it did not stimulate any new hair growth.
Please could you help me and send me some advice?

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Eyebrow hair loss can be from a series of causes. The most common is from plucking the eyebrow in women who try to shape it and eventually develop traction alopecia resulting in permanent loss of the eyebrow hair. A series of genetic and autoimmune causes also exist, so you might want to see a specialist who can look for miniaturization or the side effects from plucking which are very characteristic. There are no magic potions for stimulating eyebrow hair, though Minoxidil might help. Hair transplants work very nicely but have the disadvantage of growing longer than the normal eyebrow hair which means that they must be cut a few times a week.

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  1. I am a 49 yr. old female with very thinning eyebrows. They have almost disappeared. My hair on my head seems to be o.k. I take prempro for menapause (no period for last three years), ziac for high blood pressure, a one-a-day vitamin and calcium every day. My eyelashes used to be thick, but have also thinned. Thanks for the use of makeup to make me look alive. What should I do first; go and see my internal medicine doctor gyno, or try a dermotoligist?

  2. i had thick eyebrows and in about march 2005 i took my normal trip to the eyebrow shop, and after that my left eyebrow started to fall out and now i dont have a left eyebrow. what can i do as this makes me feel very selfconscience.

  3. Here is permantm’s comments:
    i shaved my eyebrow like 6 month ago and it grew back well.then after 1 month i painted my hair and eyebrow.after that i had an accident.so my hair and eyebrow started to fall.is that stress or paint or what?will i become baldness. 30-27 eyebrow falls everyday.it would be lovely if you guys tell me the reason of it. what do i have to do to prevent.now i started to comb my eyebrow.is it ok for my eyebrow.will that grow back ? how many will it take to grow
    please let me know thak you

  4. i shaved part of mine off and now i have stubble i look like crap wat do i do im only 14 do i wait for them to grow a little and then pluck?

  5. My left eyebrow is gone. it started falling out in a matter of a week. It started to Use creams it started to grow but the hair will not stay.what should i do? should i try a dermotoligist or what?

  6. please help me out with a solution for sparse eywbrow
    i have applied castor oil to my brow but then to no use
    kindly advise as to use which product to enhance the growth in my eye brow

  7. sir i am of just 22 years old man .and i am loosing my eyebrows everyday 5-10.there is also scalp hair fall . what can be the causes of that and treatment of that .plz mail me .

  8. I felt slight itching at my eyebrow, so I rubbed my eyebrow.. ohh my god.. i saw 10 to 20 hairs on my table..now I am scrared to touch my eyebrow. Can any one tell me why this happens. will this happen because of the chemical in bathing water?? FYI-I am 27yrs, and my job is sitting all the day infront of computers.


  10. Over the last few months i noticed that i have begun to loose eyebrow hairs. They tend not to fall on their own but if i pull very slightly anything from 1-6 hairs (usually) will come out. I am also losing hair from my head, mainly at the temples and 1 or 2 from the centre. My left eyebrow i think may be beginning a little re-growth (small white hairs at the top). Arm pit hair also seems to be loose on some occasions. Could you please advise on what the problem may be? Thank You. Most Greatful.

  11. I have read that eyebrow hair falling out is sometimes a symptom of a thyroid disorder or hypothyroidism. Sometimes thyroid disorders don’t show up in a blood test and are better diagnosed by the symptoms. Other symptoms include weight gain (or difficulty losing weight), tiredness, hoarse voice, depression plus many more. Read more on www for more info. I hope you will all be healthy.

  12. Hi Dr. does olive oil or caster oil help the growth of eyebrows ? If not then what is the remedial mesure to prevent the eyebrow hair fall….Please reply

  13. Hi,

    I started to loose some hair from my right eyebrow. This happen about 2 weeks ago and half my eyebrow is almost gone.
    Not sure what it could be, I feel great otherwise. It doesn’t itch, etc…..

    Any suggestions?

  14. i had itching in and around my eye brows,after which since eight to nine months i found my eye brows r falling first it started laterally and now medially.
    please advice

  15. I use castor oil after my girlfriend made a comment that my eyebrows were not thick enough. Anyway I split with her and bought the castor oil. I’ve gone through two 6oz bottles over a 6 month period and it seems to be working. It’s not “uni-brow” thick but I notice a difference. Also I added vit E just in last month to see if that helped.
    A bottle is only $3.50 so give it a shot. I suggest use it gingerly because the oil tends to make it’s way to the eyes. It doesn’t hurt but now you have oily eyeballs!

  16. My left eyebrow is thining out . it started falling out in a matter of a weeks. Im starting to get worried it feels like something a crawling around and itches and some times feels like it is burning , i have been to the doctor and they have no clue ! .What should i do? should i try a dermotoligist or what?

  17. Hi my right eyebrow recently started falling out after i got my eyebrows shaped at the spa, but hairs are falling out where it didnt even get waxed what does that mean and what should i do?

  18. ATTENTION ATTENTION !!!!! TO ALL OF YOU WHO LOST EYEBROW HAIR DUE TO: itching, tingling, and then scratching !!!

    First and foremost, DO NOT SCRATCH, TOUCH, OR RUB your eyebrows!!!!

    Likely cause: Facial Herpes! I’m not kidding! If you are itching to scratch your eyebrows everyday and are losing hair when you scratch/rub, you probably have facial herpes. Though not a deadly disease, it is an annoying one. Symptoms include redness, elevated/swelling redness, flaking, itching, tingling, sores, lesions, etc. THE MOST DANGEROUS ASPECT OF FACIAL HERPES IS ITS ABILITY TO SPREAD UPON CONTACT. If you scratch, not only will you damage your skin and eyebrows, you will spread the virus to other sensitive areas in your body.

    Analysis: It seems that facial herpes can spread better on very sensitive and/or oily skin. I have very oily skin with warm oil. Very nice environment for the virus to grow and spread on. My mustache hair doesn’t fall off even though I scratch my mustache and my eyebrows. Therefore I believe that mustache hair is stronger than eyebrow hair. Why does oil boost herpes intensity? Well, it’s warm, good for bacteria, and bacteria activates and makes herpes come out of those nerves.

    Thank you for reading my input. I hope I helped you a bit. I might be back to this page so leave me a feedback if you have questions.

  19. Oh, forgot to add from my previous message:

    Eyebrows can develop itching easily because it is oily and the hair on it blocks air and sunlight from reaching the skin under it so it is prone to herpes infection or other itching causes.

  20. I lost half of my left eyebrow about a year ago and the doctor and dermatologist told me it was alopecia areata and it was related to stress.. he gave me a cream and some vitamines but so far my hair although its growing back, it’s so thin that its almost transparent and the rest of my eyebrows hair is thick and black so i have to draw the half its missing. I’m very sselfconsius about it like a lot!!! but i’m hoping that one day soon it’ll grow as thick and strong as before..

  21. My eyebrows are dry flaky RED RED and itchy!! Help can any one tell me WHY and what would help I pluck about once or twice a week.

  22. I have been losing eyebrows since I was 13. I have no diseseses that were found in blood work. It sucks because I’m 26 now and people have been talking about them for 13 years. I’m very consious about them

  23. hi once i had nice eyebrows and i always got complaments on them then one day i rubbed my eyes and they just came out all at once and now i dont have a right and left eyebrow i hate the way my face looks now and i feel very self conscience any advice

  24. Hi guys, I know something that does magic when it comes to eyebrow. The oil of rosemarry that you can find at health food stores. I use it once or twice every day and since I started using I have been very happy with my eyebrow and everyone has noticed the difference.

  25. hi!i am a man of 40 years old and i have an eye brow problem,i used to have very thick black eye brows and in the last 10 or 11 months they have got so thin that you would think i had none,i just have a little hair left towards the middle and none left at the sides,please help!

  26. well i am 18 ive ben loosing hair on the left eyebrow pretty much everyday they both were very thick at one time….i also hav a small left patch of missing hair on the back right side of ma head i need help on wat i can but to fix my problem please help…

  27. Dear sir,

    I have accidentally pluck my eyebrow and now both of them are thin, how do I have my eyebrows grow back to thick and nice? Can you please help me. Thank you very much.

    yours sincerely,


  29. hi im 14 soon 15
    i m starting to loose my eyebrows and some of my facial hair near my hair line its really scaring me n i have dry skin
    im i going to be bold??? please helppp =[

  30. I too have lost most of my eyebrows, when I wash my face I feel like I look like a martian. I am looking for answers as well but in the meantime, my most important piece of make up is Maybelline Ultra Brow. I’m blonde but I use the dark brown and I apply it with a small soft eyeshadow brush. I use to use a hard bristle but it looked drawn on, the soft brush makes it look more natural.
    I also use a 10 magnify mirror to apply my makeup, (that will give you nightmares), but you just do a better job.
    I wish you all well.

  31. Hey guys most of you are describing the symptoms of a demodex mite infection (itching, crawling feeling, hair loss). Most people have the mite but an over abundance of the mite cause eyebrow and eyelash loss which is where they like to live – in those follicles (also in the follicles of the scalp hair. Castor oil may help kill them off especially if used at night which is when they like to come out to mate etc. Im sure there are many other things that can kill them though – Pine Tar soap or hair grease found in african american stores will probably kill them also.

  32. Because I had so little hair on my eyebrows I decided to have what was left epilated out. Will they grow back & come in thicker or will my brows remain bald?

  33. I had this problem. The outer half of my eyebrows were gone. I read about caster oil for growing hair. I tried it. I would do it for a few days, then forget about it, then do it again. I did this for three or four month. I also added more oil into my diet( healthy oils). My eye brows started to come in about 1 month ago and now they look great. Don;t put it any where, but just exactly where you want the hair to grow because it will increase the hair growth.

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