Itchy Scalp and Female Hair Loss

I have had sudden hair loss in about a months time. I had thick curly hair my whole life now it’s half the volume and very thin. I’m 33yrs. old (female). i have lost a lot of weight recently and also been under a great deal of stress. i went to see the dr. and dermatologist they didn’t seem very concerned, but recommended biotin and rogaine for men. i also just started to feel itchy and tingly in the scalp. Is it due to the hair coming out or hair regrowth? This situation is making me more stressed out, and i’m not getting answers anywhere. some info and advice would be appreciated.

Thank You

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As I’ve said here before, there are many causes for hair loss. Be sure to look at the previous responses in the Female Hair Loss category for others in your situation. Stress and sudden weight loss can cause hair loss and would be at the top of my list for you. Itchy scalp can be from hair regrowth or from other factors, such as nervous disorders and stress which causes hair loss. Other causes for your hair loss and itching include imflammatory disease, psoriasis, alopecia areata, etc. Sometimes, a person can have an itchy scalp from lotions/creams which they put on their scalp. You need a blood work up to rule out hypothyroidism, anemia, and other reversible medical diseases.

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  1. I too have hair thinning issues. I am 25 years old, and this hair loss/itchy scalp began not too long after the birth of my son. At first I attributed it to post partum pair loss, but when it continued after 2 years, it became worrysome.
    My hair seems to be constantly be falling out, and regrowing. I have a lot of frizzy baby hairs. My scalp is itchy, and when I scratch, in the general area I find like a granule of skin cells. It feels like the white bit at the base of a hair, only a little larger and dryer. Most of the hair that falls out also has these at the base of the hair. This is driving me crazy, PLEASE help me figure out what this is. My thyroid is okay, and I am not a diabetic.


  2. re the previous comment – this happens to me too! The exact same condition. I have thinning hair at the top of my head and my scalp feels very itchy. When I scratch I often have one or two hairs falling out with the same sort of symptom as Miss Kristen. I’m 22 and vegetarian, and have faced hairloss for the last 2 years. Please help me figure this out!

  3. I have the same condition as the two previous comments. Sometimes when I scratch my head I actually bring a hair or two with the white tip that looks like actual scalp. During the past 2 years I feel tht my hair has thinned out drastically (I am getting pretty creative with my hairstyling) I have talked to my doctor about my situation and I was referred to a rheumatologist for an evaluation for thyroid or lupus. All my tests came back negative, so I was just told to have a healthy diet and to take vitamins. I have been taking Biotin (maybe a little too much) is too much Biotin bad for you? I am feeling very desperate and I try not to stress about it just to not make the situation worse but sometimes I can’t help it. If anybody knows why this is happening please let us know.- Thanks

  4. My hair is coming out at an alarming rate. Also have an itchy scalp and my hair has become extremely fine and wispy, like corn silk. I’m almost afraid to put anything on my hair because, when I touch it or comb it, I get more hair loss. I have an appointment with a dermatologist; the appointment was made weeks ago but isn’t until Oct. 24, and I could be bald by then! I started B-complex vitamins and quit my statin drug because I heard statins such as zocor were associated with hair loss. What else can I do, besides pray?

    Don’t ‘know if it is related, but the inside of my nostrils are dry and crusty…

  5. Hi,

    I have similar symptoms and do not know why. I am 37 and have a horribly itchy and sensitive scalp, I used to have a lot of fine hair and lately I have been losing it. I go to a dermatologist tommorrow, and have been told by my physician it could be stress related, a hypo active thyroid, hormonal, diet related, or a fungal or skin condition. I also read up that the mirena Iud , which I have could be a contributing factor. the hair loss is not in patches but on my whole head, although it itches more on the top and sides. I know the iron levels in my blood are okay, but I dotake zoloft for depression symptoms. anyone have any recommendations? I am afraid to brush and wash it too much. And what shampoo and conditioners should I use or avoid. I did not realize how upset I am about this…. thank you,

  6. i am 23 and seem to have similar symptoms to the individuals above. i just recently moved across the country and at first attributed it to hard water here. then i attributed it to the shampoo i was using, i quickly changed that 5 different times- no change. now i am sitting here with an itchy, sensitive, and burning scalp. recently i noticed that i am thinning quite noticeably in the front of my head- near my forehead and temples. my visible scalp it red and blotchy. i am healthy, exercise daily, take vitamins, and just started cutting virtually anything processed out of my diet. the only thing i can think of is that i used to dye my hair often, however it was strong and could withstand anything as of a month ago. the last time i died my hair was 3 months ago with good results. i don’t understand why this is happening now. please help!!

  7. I am just going to add my two cents in here…..I have had dry, brittle hair for years and then sudden diffuse thinning….I had requested my thyroid to be tested for 4 years….and for 4 years the “Doctors” I saw said “your labs are within normal limits, something else is causing the problem.”….and then they referred me to psychiatry….
    Well, I started to do my own research since I know it was not a stress or psychiatric reason…..
    Lo and behold I stumbled upon the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)thyroid criteria…..The ENTIRE time I was complaining to these “Doctors” about my symptoms and telling them I had all the classic signs/symptoms of hypothyroid and they denied it…well, I WAS HYPOTHYROID!…..

    The moral of the story….Do NOT believe what your Doctor tells you unless they are up to date on current clinical practices (and especially if they belong to an HMO that encourages them to follow their medical profiles versus the current standard of care protocol)…..

    Look up the “new” AACE guidelines (as of 2001 that is) and see if you are hypothyroid before letting your doctor blow you off….besides hair loss, untreated hypothyroid condition can end up causing a magnitude of medical issues (ie: high cholesterol, depression, and can also be connected with adrenal fatigue)…..

  8. I am having these symptoms as well.. Hair loss that grows back and falls off. I feel like I am going bald. Please help me. I went to a dr to see if I had lupus or rheumatoid arthritis but I don’t have either. I am 32 years old and am very healthy other than that. It started happening after the birth of my second son and is now getting worse. I don’t know what to do. Please help

  9. I too use to have very thick and curly hair. I never could get it all in a pony tail. I started noticing hair loss and itchy scalp about 2-3 months ago. Everytime I touch my hair or run my fingers through it, it comes out.
    My family doctor took a total of 5 minutes to assess and draw blood and prescribed an ant-fungal shampoo to me and sent me on my way.
    Needless to say I am still losing an alarming amount of hair to the point of going to an Internal Med doctor in two weeks for a second opinion. This is very scary, I am only 39.

  10. I have had hair loss for the last 2 years. My scalp is also itchy. I went to a dermatologist and he told me it is the medications i am taking. I have been taking Tricor for the past 2 years and just started taking Vytorin 4 months ago. He said the redness was from a slight case of Dermatitis. He gave me perscription strength Nizoral shampoo and it has helped the redness and itching. I quit taking the drugs also. He said it should grow back well in 9 to 12 months. We shall see.

  11. I have been losing hair for about a month now. I think it is from stress,but I am not sure. I have thick curly hair that fall out when I brush it or run my fingers threw it. I have dance class and if I do not put it up its fall out all over the floor! Help!My scalp is a little itchy and kinda red:(

  12. 2 years and 4 months ago my scalp was full of hairs and they wern’t lifeless. Then I started having itchy scalp which when I scratched came with granules of skin and 1 or 2 hairs at the base. This has been consistent ever since. I have tried Nizoral, Deep Cleansing shampoo and the ones with no Lauryl Sulfate but the condition is not going away. The dermatalogist said I couldn’t do anything about it. Does anyone know a remedy for the same problem? Seems like most of us are having the same problem with no solution from anyone of us. I’m going crazy trying new products to solve the problem.

  13. i recently started to lose alot of hair i’m 17 years old and have dark super curly hair. at this point if i place my palm to the center of my head all i’ll feel is whispy baby hairs that seem to be growing back in. My scalp is extremely itchy. I have increased the amount of times i wash my hair from about once or twice a week to every other day and i cut my length to above my shoulders but my scalp is still really itchy. Being a 17 yr old female naturally i’m freaking out my scalp has no scales on it and no signs of irritation. I am amenic and i’m on medication for a thyroid disorder

  14. I too have an itchy scalp. With my hair getting thin on the top of my head. I’ve had this for several years. Haven’t ever gone to the doctor. I do have Excema. I’ve had it since my high school days, and I’m now 65 years old. Excema never goes away. It will clear for awhile, then come back . Even at 65, I’d like to not be a bald old woman. Used to color my hair, but quit. Thinking it was the coloring. Have used different shampoos and conditioners. Using Head and Shoulders now. My head feels a little calmer. My head is also tender. Would like for my hair to come back in. It is some, but not a lot. Judy from Illinois

  15. Hi,
    About 5 months ago my hair strted to fall out whenever i had a shower(lots of it!!) My hair is very thin now and I have a very itchy scalp at the back of my head. I’ve tried swithing shampoos but nothing has changed. Any ideas?

  16. I’ve lost at least 50% of my hair in the past 2 years. I am 24 years old. My hair used to be smooth and shiny. Now it is brittle, dry, thin, and lifeless despite what I eat. I feel tired, sleepy, depressed, and dizzy. I lost appetite. I am always feeling cold. I have no history of baldness in my family. Does anyone know what could be the cause?

  17. Okay ladies.

    This may meet alot of hostility, but if you’re desperate to get better give it a shot.

    Stop washing your hair.

    It’s all I did (long haired guy, had terrible scalp pain, and thinning of hair strands). I also had my doctor give me some anti-allergen boost I was lacking in. My dogs hair and other things would increase the itchiness or pain. I stopped washing my hair and the pain went away and my hair is getting better (I’m rinsing it every three days now with baby shampoo.) All pain is gone and scalp isn’t dry. I don’t look as though I’m balding under heavy light now either.

    Try that, and stick to a decent diet and don’t stress. It’s quite possible the problem was just myself, and many of you being blind to proper hair care. Nobody, and I mean nobody should ever wash their hair daily.

  18. All, I have had a similar problem over the past two years. It started when I was planning(stessing over) my wedding two years ago. I had an extremly itchy scalp. It was sort of crusty and white flakes would come off when I scratched it. I was also losing globs of hair a day. It would cover the drain. Luckily I have a lot of hair, so it was only noticible to people when I pointed it out. But my hair is still much thinner than it was.

    – After making myself relax and de-stress I started a vitamin regimine.
    – To make the scalp itching stop, I was prescribed Olux Foax (100 gm) and I used it once – twice daily for a few months, and then as needed after that. This helped the flakiness go away. To ensure the flakiness didn’t come back, I take flaxseed oil pills twice daily.
    For the hairloss, I take biotin (a lot of it – 3000 mcg daily)and I take a multi vitamin with iron daily.

    After about four months of doing this, I saw that the hair was growing back and the hair shedding was greatly reduced. Now two years later I have a lot of wispy ends and it kind of looks like I’m growing out bangs. At this point, the hair is growing quickly thanks to the vitamins and I have normal shedding.

    As a heads up, I have read that it is normal for your hair to shed more than usual at times, after an initial hair loss. Since a lot of fell out at once, and started growing at once. Those same hairs may go into the resting phase and shed around the same time years later.

  19. Iam 25 yrs. old and have been loosing my hair for about 3-4 yrs. I had such beautiful hair so thick and healthy. now its 50% or more gone every one is noticeing now.I also have severe itchy flacky scalp. I used to dye my hair alot and wounder if any of you also dye . Its just krazy to me that so many young woman have the same symptoms! and its frusterating that doctors dont know whats going on. This is a serious issue here!! they dont know how it feels for a young woman to loose her hair! its one thing for a man to go bald but its totaly different for a young woman to go bald.I think there really should be; way more studies done on young woman and hair loss. so if any doctors come across this plz. for the love of god we need more research. ITCHY & CLUELESS Luisa

  20. Ladies,

    same here. You have each described my symptoms. I have made an appt to an allergist. appts for a dermy are booked up here for over 2 months. I will be bald by then at this rate.

    I have read where others had appts to dermatologists, but there is no update as to their diagnosis. So i will be sure to post mine for ya.

    As to the post by Nikki……I agree with her about the biotin. I am taking the max dosage which is 5000mg daily. I have been told that will help hair re-growth. I have also been told flax seed ooil in conjunction to biotin will help as well.

  21. I am having major issues, & do not know what is happening to me. With my first daughter, I experienced a lot of hair loss after she was born, associated with itchy scalp. I went to a dermatoligist, & he prescribed me spironolactone to help some of it grow back, then had me alternate between a few different dandruff shampoos to get the itching under control, & using those two things seemed to work. Now, I just had me second daughter about 5 mths. ago, & my scalp did it again, just as it did before – itchy scalp, hairloss…well, the shampoos are no longer working like it grew a resistence, & the spironolactone is growing back some hair, but my head is itching so bad that I can’t stand it, & I’m still losing hair. Now, I’ve had my thyroid checked, so all of that is great, but this is driving me nuts. What could be causing this after the birth of each of my children? I understand postpartum hairloss, but the itchy, scaly scalp? Please! I need help! The other remedies from the other time I experienced aren’t helping!

  22. I been in this blog some three months ago when I was wondering about how to cure some itch in most part of my sclap. I was so surprise upon knowing that I’m not the only one wearing this kind of scalp. At the height of the problem scratching my scalp goes with some dusty dundruff as if I just come off from sahara desert. After about three months of undergoing dermatologic treatment my doctor give up he told me about the many stuffs of psoriases. After that I decided to live with it anyway still better than having been runned over by a truck so I thought. Now I came back because I want to share some of nice experiences with it aside from the nice feeling while scratching my scalp. You know my country the Philippines is famous of coconuts and many of us here knows about the secret of virgin coconut oil, I know if you are resourceful enough you can get a bottle nearby, Oh I know its expensive there, if you can just come to my country you can have a liter for only $5. Well let me go back to my experience. The virgin oil did not totally eliminate my psoriases because I still can feel the scar over my head tru my fingers and some verrrry minor dundruff sometimes(just like a dot) but I’m feeling better now missing the nice feeling scratching my scalp 99.99% a day at the height having the psoriases. Get some help find a bottle in your place Im sure it will make you live again.

  23. hiya i’m a 27 yr old woman with the same symyoms as everyone else on here . ive been scratching at my head for about 2 weeks, and one night i sat down running my fingers through my hair and found a bald patch, then the nxt dayu i foundf another to the appeared underneath my hair so its not that noticable, but ive been told by my gp that its alpecia and that they couldnt do anything with it, ive been under alot of sress lately planning my wedding for nxt yr, and cant bare t he thought of loosin my hair!!!! ive got to get a blood test done that can take up to 3 days for the results to come back, this is driving me crazy with itching and it feels as though something is crawling through my hair constantly over and over. i can’t bare the thought of loosing all my hair and dont want to stop my wedding plans. also ive been told by my gp that they cant prescribe anything on the nhs unless you pay private. this is no good to anyone. does anyone know of a quick remody???? and is it realy down to stree???? i’m terrified of washing my hair and finding it difficult to sleep. ive not had hair falling out on my pillow or cumming out in clumps. just dfon’t know were its all going. please please help me its driving me insane!!! also my eyebrows are starting to itch aswell now.clare.

  24. Something is wrong with me. My hair is dropping like mad. when i pull gently at 10 strands of hair, about 8 of them falls out. Right now i’m having an itchy scalp too. I’m really scared, and i’m just a fifteen year old girl.

  25. This all sounds so familier, have had an itchy scalp for about 6 weeks now, and my hair is falling out. It’s most noticable when I wash it, it fills the plug and stops the water going down. I have to tie my hair up for work, I used to have such a thick pony tail, now its so thin. I think its stress related, am going to see my doctor next week. Its so worrying, I have visions of loosing it all and having to wear a wig!!! See what the Doctor says I suppose

  26. Same situation here–past few weeks itchy, reddish scalp, losing hair at a very fast rate. I’m thinking it’s possibly my birth control. I have an appointment with my gyno on Monday and am trying to get an appt. with a derm later in the week.

  27. i also had the same problem – hair loss and very itchy scalp. i went gluten-free and it seems to have resolved.


  28. research!

    you might have a vitamin and mineral deficiency, a systemic candida problem, a heavy metal toxicity, a food allergy, celiac disease, hypothyroidism.

    get some basic bloodwork done. start eating only whole foods. cut out all sugar, gluten, caffeine, lactose…see what helps!

  29. I’ve experienced hair loss & scalp itching for two and half years now. I’ve been to dermatologists, endocrinologists and my regular doctor- all of whom seem to think it’s not a big deal and caused by stress- I truly believe that if I were under so much stress that my hair was falling out, I wouldn’t have a hard time believing it to be stress related and figure out a way to lessen my stress… IT’S NOT STRESS and I’d like to tell my doctors just that!!

    I thought it had to do with the birth of my son (women experience adernal fatigue after having boys, when the baby takes all of the testosterone and low testosterone can cause hair loss in women, and so I thought it would get better in time, but it hasn’t. The endocrinologis confirmed with blood work that it wasn’t any problem with my adernals… At the rate my hair is falling out or “thinning” as doctors would say, I’ll have bald spots soon! I use to wear a pony tail with the band wrapped around twice, now I can wrap the band around 5 times, and now that is getting lose!

    I can see my scalp right through my hair line, and no doctor seems to like it’s anything- how can you tell a middle aged woman that has unexpected hair loss, is nothing to worry about?!?!

    I’ve changed shampoos, facial soaps, I’ve gotten steroid drops for the scalp and an RX for hydroxyzine for the itching, and while the itcyness has gone away I’m still losing my hair and it’s not growing back! ARGH

  30. I have an itchy scalp on the top right part of my head at the end of the middle parting. It itches like mad and I have lost so much hair there, I have like thin clumps of hair that look shredded and I cant even attempt to cover the extending bald patch because you can blatantly see right through it :(

    When I wash my hair and brush it I have so much come out everytime I put a brush or comb through it or attempt to wash it. I’m so scared to even wash it in the shower anymore and I think thats making it even more itchy.

    Now I have itchyness all over my head, just not as bad as the top part.

    I have been so stressed with exams and wedding stuff and alot of other things, but things have recently calmed down, and I had a rubbish junky diet that I have literally dropped 1 week ago and counting. I still seem to be losing so much hair though and the bald patch is getting worse. I dont know what to do anymore :(

    Someone told me that it takes three months for any lack of vitamins and crappy diet to be gone from the system to be able to have a good impact on the hair and scalp. Is this true? I think I can hold on three months to see if anything better happens, but I’m still feeling like I want to hide away right now!

    Apologies I know I type alot but I feel that crap about losing my hair :(

  31. Hi my name is Laura i to have a itchy scalp and my hair is falling out non stop,im so scared that im going to go bald,i feel so depressed at the moment and don’t like going out because i feel so ugly,my hair use to be the best thing i like about my looks,now its the worst and i feel so ugly,what can i do to stop this problem and get my hair to grow back,can anyone help me please,thankyou xx

  32. i am african american at age 13 i begin having an ittchy scalp and hair loss. once my scalp was bloody. i think it begins with a perm, my hair grows back, then falls out again.may be i should lay off perms.

  33. i have severe itchy and flaky scalp. every time i itch hair comes out in my nails. i dont know what to do my scalp is sore and my hair is thinning. after giving birth about 5 months i start noticing this symptomstea tree oil doesnt help

  34. I am also having very similar symptoms. My hair within the past month or so that I have noticed has been falling out. My scalp is very itchy at different times as if I had headlice, (which I don’t). It is very scary, because the hair is literally falling out at the base of my scalp where my hairline meets my forehead. I dyed my hair about a month ago, and while symptoms didn’t really start directly after, they did start within maybe a weeks time. I don’t know if I can link this symptom as well as other strange symptoms to my birth control (Mirena). Other symptoms I have had in the past that were undexplained are hot spots under skin in various spots on my body that go away in a few seconds but you cannot feel to the touch that it is hot, and also feeling like a bug crawling sensation underneath my skin on the top of my back abouth an inch away from my spine where the back and neck meet. Has anyone ever experienced anything like these other symptoms? Seems like maybe a nerve thing or something. I am a 29 year old female with (2) children (both boys). As far as I know there is no history in my family of premature hair loss. Please help.

  35. To lisa,wow! we have the same symptoms.the hot spots and all of the above.i started 3 months ago lo estro 247 birth control,and hair loss is a side effect.i quit taking the bc .i hope my hair will grow back.i also take 1000 mc of b-12 shots once a week,iam always tired.

  36. I’m 17 and everything everyone above is saying applies to me as well. Except. I run my fingers through my hair and 5 or six hairs fall out. not just one or two. I can tell there is more to this problem thanthe usual causes. I think so anyway. My hair was always so thick and pretty. its still pretty but so much more thin. Its only been going on for 3 weeks or so but Idk..I was expecting it to stop already. Someone tell me what I can do. If there is anyone younger than me or the same age with this problem please tell me what caused yours and what you did to stop it…

    Thanks, Chels

  37. to all of you. Im Vanessa, im 19 and recently have been facing hairloss. I haven’t been to a doctor but i have found that if you are washing your hair on a day to day basis is another cause to hair loss. or dying your hair by yourself. I wash my hair practicly everyday and everyday more and more clumps of hair have been falling out of my head.its not just a couple strands its literally clumps upon clumps. I used to straightenmy hair a lot but stopped about a month ago. My hair is wavy/curly and i cant seem to understand why my hairs falling out. I’ve always washed my hair on a day to day basis so for me this is not a new ruiteen. My hair itches to an extreme as well. it could be because of possible regrowth. i refuse to itch my hair tho in hope that its regrowth and will grow thick again.I’m believening God to help me in this situation and wont think the worse.

  38. massaging your head every day and rinsing your head with cold water the last 30 seconds in the shower has helped me. also use coconut oil on you head three times a week you get this from health shops

  39. Of the above 41 comments, I feel like I could have written all of them (minus the ones about pregnancy). 7 months later (after I first noticed the increased itching/redness/hair thinning) I feel like it’s actually filling back in. I have 2-3 inch “tufts” of hair growing in on the top of my forehead and sides of my head (around the ears)thicker than it ever grew in before and I totally think it’s because of the very high amounts of biotin i take every day as well as flax oil which I started about a month ago. I highly recommend these and as an added bonus my skin is the softest and healthiest it’s EVER been in my 27 years of living (I’ve suffered HORRIBLE excema my ENTIRE life). Granted, I still get the eczema and itchy head but def less frequently now. Also, I recently got allergy tested and was told I’m allergic to wheat, corn, eggs, etc…all of which I’ve tried to entirely eliminate or majorly decrease out of my diet, which has seemed to help a lot. Coffee and alcohol have made all my problems much much worse (as in, going from glowing, itch free skin all day to giant red, itch-monster all night from having a drink or two before bed–including majorly itchy scalp). HTH

  40. (43 years old) All the previous comments sound so familiar, that are actually a relief to me (I am not the only one with this problem). I have already visited four different dermatologists and none of them seem to find any problem with my itchy scalp and hair loss, except that they all say that my problem must be stress related. They say that they have never had a case like mine before. I don’t know if this is their way out for not having a solution to my hair loss problem. I am really desperate and don’t know what else to do. I have tried shampoos, vitamins, special products and nothing has worked. My next step is to look for a trichologist, a doctor who specializes in hair scalp. Do you have any suggestions? Have you help the other people that have posted their comments here? Please, I don’t want to end up bald.

  41. I began seeing much of the same symptoms over the past 8 months; my scalp was terribly intcy until it became tender. If I ran my fingers through my hair, numerous strands of hair with the white pulp would come out in my hand & I became terribly concerned. After speaking to my hair stylist who had no clue as to why I was experiencing this condition, I proceeded to do a google search on my symptons & recognized that I had similar symptoms to persons experiencing folliculitis. While I’ve chosen not to self-diagnose, it was recommended that tea tree oil shampoos are very effective to treating this problem. After leaving the Caribbean to study in the U.S., I was already struggling with hair loss due to the hard water problems. I had to cut my hair off & now use distilled water along with the tea tree oil shampoo & have experienced a vast improvement. Both my hair & my scalp are healthy, my hair no longer itches, & is recovering nicely. One should be aware that not all shampoos labeled ‘tea tree oil shampoo’ is authentic. Check your local health food stores to find one suitable for you. Hope this helps.

  42. Hi all, I must say the majority of the above symptoms easily apply to me. I’m now 43, and for the past 2 years my hair began to thin. I’ve always had long, thin hair but healthy. Now its so frustrating because my scalp itches so bad it’s not funny. My scalp is terribly sore from excessive scratching. This also involves my hairline (forehead area) and eyebrows. I was told to use coconut oil, and rinse my hair daily in the shower. I’ve done this, but still no improvement. I’ve been to the dermatologist who gave me shampoos, which are expensive and only helped for a while. I too am at a loss and am begging for help. Does anyone have any other solutions?

  43. Hello,
    I\’m 59 years old. My hair has been thinning for many years, but since I\’ve always had thick hair it took awhile before thinning became noticeable,(about 17 years). I just quit a high paying job after many years of working there due to the high stress which I think has contributed to the acceleration of hair loss. I\’ve been to lots of hair loss specialist. The last one recommended vit B12, and a high potency multivitamin. He also recommended a laser brush ($500.00). Honestly, I seem to be thinning more than ever, but I\’ve also been experiencing increased anxiety. I feel badly for all the women losing their hair especially the youn women. I know that I am much older than the above group, and I am devastated with this problem. I wish good luck to all, and just keep on doing your research. There\’s a hospital in New York City- Columbia Presbyterian, and they are doing research on hair loss. If anyone is interested call Dr. Marji @ 212-305-6953

  44. My scalp feels absolutely crawly but I don’t have head lice! My hair was so thick and super curly, now it’s thin and has gone straight! I’m a 54 year old female. The thinning is all over. I do suspect some sort of mite. This is a horrible condition, and now I see my daughter (age 37) is having serious balding problems. There’s no history of thinning hair in our family. I fear total baldness for us both. I have no health insurance so there’s not much I can do, unless someone has some good advice on a home remedy. This is very depressing. I’ve just quit using my shampoo (Pantene) but haven’t seen any change. I also quit using my haircolor, Clairol Natural Instincts, but there’s no improvement. I don’t even like to brush my hair now, as so much comes out. A sinkful! It’s so bad, I do outside to brush it now. Help!

  45. I am so glad i found your comments, I have had severe hair loss for months and insane itching, i have tried everything in the stores including lice shampoo, hoping it would help the itching, it did nothing. Finally went to the doctor after reading all your letters, he is a country doctor not a big city doctor, he still cares, he recomended using minoxidil and put me on FLUCONAZOLE (DIFLUCAN) a anti fungal, in 3 days the itching has almost stopped, the hair loss is slowing down, when i washed it today , the comb wasnt full. I cut about 4 inches off my hair also.We let you all know if this treatment stops the hair loss all the way, Good luck everyone.

  46. I have been gradually losing my hair. On the frontal
    lobes, both right & left. My scalp was itching.
    My doctor told me to use nizarelle shampoo. It stopped
    the itching. But I am still losing hair. It just’
    disappears. It doesn’t come off in the shower or
    my pillow. I feel so helpless.

  47. I have been losing vast amounts of hair for about 3 weeks.Its always been thick and curly now its thin and dry but oily near the scalp,its also started itching like mad.I am waiting to have blood tests done.I am 41yrs old and have always been very healthy – this is so distressing. My daughter also started losing her hair about 3yrs ago,she is almost bald on top now.The doctors told her it was stress. She has just found out she may have polycystic ovaries and is awaiting more tests.This is known to cause hair loss.If any of you ladies have abdominal pain and irregular periods its worth mentioning this to your doctor.My daughter was having the depropravera contraceptive injection was is a likely cause.We are both considering getting hair pieces .

  48. Wow! I am in shock at how many of us are suffering through the same horrible ordeal. I’m 31, and I’ve noticed over the past 6 months my hair has gotten thinner. Over the past few weeks, I have experienced an itchy scalp. I felt so alone. I’m sorry all of us have had to suffer. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m thinking I should head to a doctor =(

  49. I feel the same as all of you. I’m just turned 39 and have been experiencing these same symptoms for at least the last 2 years. After I take a shower I have to clean the drain cover. When I brush my hair the brush is always full…and after I blow dry, I have to sweep the floor and in the morning there are at least 20-30 hairs on my pillow. I’ve always heard that losing up to 100 hairs a day is “normal”…but I don’t think what I’ve just described is anywhere near normal. I’ve been to a dermatologist picked through my hair with a couple of “skewers” and told me there’s nothing VISIBLY wrong with my scalp. Okay…so what now? NOW I’m stressing out about becoming bald, so two years ago the cause couldn’t have been stress. Like the rest of you, I’m getting desperate and would much rather avoid prescription drugs if I can. Both of my parents have a FULL head of hair and they’re in their 70’s!! My scalp is itchy from time to time…but not crazy, all-day itchy. I don’t see flaking either. This is just so terrible. :(

  50. I’m 39. Have had itchy, dandruffy, even creepy crawly at times scalp. My bath tub is always full of hair. It’s been happening for a bout 4 years. My hair is apparently growing back but not as quick as I’m losing it. I’ve resolved to get a wig because I feel I can’t hide this much longer. (going to try baby powder and a hair dye to bland down shineyness of the wig to make look more natural.

    Anyway, tonight I tried bagbalm in my hair like the lotion treatment before removing cradle cap on an infant but a bit stronger. Will get some t-gel tomorrow-that will certainly clear it off. I’ll use the t-gel again in one week and post if there’s a change or not. If this doesn’t work I will try the many things one at a time that were posted on this site and keep posting if it works or not and what I tried. also going to try to keep the hair folicals from getting blocked again by dead skin dandruff by buying a gentle shampoo-maybe baby shampoo and washing hair only once every 3 days with cooler water as my bath water is hot. I will post here ion a week as long as I can refind this site. good luck ladies.

  51. I have been obsessed with the recent hair thinning/loss I’ve been experiencing. I go to bed worried about it; I wake up panicked over this. On the one hand, I am so sorry that so many others like you all are feeling as scared about this problem. On the other, there is some comfort in knowing that I am not the only one out there. I am 36 years old and have experienced a slow thinning of my hair (especially at the top/temple region) for a few years. But in the past month, it has gotten SO bad. I can see my scalp now through my hairline and I am freaking out. Everyday I research online to see if there is some remedy. I have even considered getting plugs if necessary! My mom has really thin hair and I’m so worried that this is simply hereditary and there is nothing I can do about it. I am willing to try whatever it takes to save as much of my hair as possible, but wonder if anything can be done. I am so upset by this, it’s difficult for me to put it all in words. Please, please, please–update us if you have found something that works. So many, including myself, return to this page in the hopes of an uplifting post. Thank you.

  52. I am not a doctor so I may be wrong, but for the past few weeks I have had excessive hair loss, and my scalp has been tingly for the past 2 or 3 days. After seeing a doctor, he told me it was stress from when I had the flu and a severe fever. The condition is called telogen effluvium, and can be caused by a lot of things. However it tends to correct itself within a few months and the hair grows back. He told me that Chronic telogen effluvium is recently recognized and not uncommon. It often occurs in women who previously had very thick hair in their teens and twenties and still have an apparently normal head of hair to a casual observer. It affects the entire scalp with no obvious cause apparent. It usually affects women of 30 to 60 years of age, starts suddenly and has a tendency to fluctuate for a period of years. The degree of shedding is usually severe in the early stages and the hair may come out in handfuls. It does not cause complete baldness and does appear to be self-limiting in the long run.

    I lose an excessive amount of hair whenever I wash my hair or comb it but that and the tingly sensation was attributed to new hair pushing out the old hair in the follicle. It’s scary to see all that hair in my drain and there’s no cure for it, but at the same time it’s a little reassuring to know that it isn’t uncommon and will more than likely stop on its own.

  53. I too have had the same problems as all of you have mentioned. Tingly scalp, itching, hair falling out with chunks of scalp attached to it, hair in the drain, brush, etc. I saw my dermotologist and she told me I had seborrheic dermatitis, cradle cap but in adults. She prescribed Clobex shampoo (not cheap, even with insurance), however, after using it for a couple of week, my scalp has cleared up and my hair is growing back. She also did a blood test to check my tyroid, which was normal. I have started going to acupuncture and taking herbal supplement. Happy to report that the itchy scalp and rapid hair lose has greatly improved and my hair is growing back!

  54. I’m 38yrs old. Have had dry, itchy scalp with brittle hair for the past 6 yrs. I am African American and found that my scalp felt better after relaxers (I believe because it strips dry skin off my scalp), in warmer climates, and after using Kera Kare Dry Itchy Scalp Shampoo and conditioner Formula (sold at JC Penny). I believe some of my hair loss is due to stress and some just to dry scalp. I’m not sure if the shampoo has t-tree oil, but it definantley has a tingly sensation that feels theraputic on my scalp. For me, when someone else shampoos my hair with this product and messages my scalp it seems to work better because it is worked into the scalp better and it is relaxing (stress reliever).

  55. HAPPY DAY! I thought I was the only one! For 3 months I’ve been losing my once long, healthy hair in handfuls! My once normal scalp is oily, tingly and itchy. I went to the Dr – who of course, says it’s stress – did an entire blood work-up and couldn’t find anything wrong. I eat very healthy, exercise, take a multi-vitamin, don’t take any medication and am really not under any stress. So, I find the Dr’s answers puzzling – and NO HELP.
    I started taking Biotin (5000mg – 1 per day), a super B complex (1 per day) and evening primrose oil (2 per day). I read that Evening Primrose Oil will help – within 4 – 6 months. I’ve only been doing the extra vitamins for about 2 months and nothing has happened yet. I also started using the “Giovanni Triple Treat Tea Tree” shampoo – it makes my scalp feel like it’s icy and breathing…maybe that will open up the hair/scalp pores.
    I am now following a strict Mediterranean diet – just started that about 30 days ago. (it’s hard to follow all the time but I’m trying)
    My hair used to be my best feature – I’ve donated to Locks of Love 3 times…and never color it – now, it’s thin and stringy-looking and I’m embarrassed about it. I can’t wear a ponytail anymore because you can see my white scalp – yuck!
    I would LOVE to just wear a hat all the time – but that stresses me that the hat will cause more hair to fall out.
    Hoping the combo of all the above will help – I just need to be patient. (easier said than done) I have also selfishly prayed that it would just stop falling out. And feel guilty for praying for something so silly compared to people who have serious illnesses.
    I am so thankful for all of your honesty and comments and at least I’m not alone.
    Going to call that Dr. Marji at the NYC – Columbia Hospital on Monday and see if I can participate in the hair-loss study. It may be too late – but at this point I’m willing to try anything.
    Please post anything that has helped!

  56. I got off the pill March 2009 and the hair started falling out that following June..continued for about 6-7 months..during that time I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and had gone to the derm to rule out female pattern baldness and alopecia…ruled it out but then found skin cancer on my! It was cut out and my margins are cleared..and the hair loss subsided..OB felt it was my body adjusting to coming off the it’s April 2010 and my scalp has been itching like crazy (this is new) for about 2 months and just recently falling out again-heavily…my hair has always been you can imagine what my hair looks like now…I have been taking 5000 mg of biotin as well as a multi-vitamin..calling derm tomorrow because I never put the itchy scalp/hair loss together..she’s good and was truly compassionate when I went to her the first time..I’ve got three small girls and want desperately to figure this out..God forbid this passes onto them..

  57. I was diagnosed with an underactive Thyroid 3 1/2 years ago. This was found out when I had really sosre eyes and was diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease. I was put on Prednisolone (Steroid for 3 months then weaned off over 3 months. I had no problems with hair loss before this. A few weeks after finishing the steroids I took a an itch all over my body. It was horrendous. I had no rash with this. Two weeks after that I noticed when I brushing my hair that there was loads of it in the brush. When I washed it loads came out and when blow drying it was everywhere. The body itch is still there but I can cope with that but the itch in my head is driving me crazy. Just like people before where it is itchy I can run my fingers through it and it falls out with a white sugar like piece of skin attached. Ive been told its effluvium and would go away as it was caused by the steroids. I have been told it is because of my Thyroid (which tests have shown is now balanced). I have frontal scarring alopecia which I have to use steroid cream for to try and prevent it receding more. My head is always full of bristels where the new hair is growing back. I have gone from loads of hair to poor, limp thin hair. I am extremely depressed with it as I
    have been suffering this for 16 months. No one seems to be able to tell me exactly what it is or if it will ever stop. Oh and my eybrows burn and hair falls out too. My head tingles and I have a tingling sensation down the front of my face. I have noticed that other parts of my body loses hair also. Wish someone could tell me really what it is.

  58. HERE ARE SOME POSSIBLE HAIR LOSS SOLUTIONS!!!! I’m not a doctor but this may help!!.
    1.Eat Healthly- Here are some top foods to help! Eggs, Carrots, GREEN VEGGIES,nuts,Raisins,Flax seed Oil, Any omega 3’s, Salmon, LOTS OF PROTEIN,Fruits,Whole Grains (Nettle tea helps hair folicle)Green Tea, LOTS OF WATER. Vitimins to take, Biotin, B vitimins, MSM, vita C,E (Vita A DON’T take too much NOT more than 25,000 I.U. or it can cause hair loss) To be safe Check websites to find out how much vitimins you should take. Wheat germ,Herbs. Eat more organic foods NO PROCESSED FOODS, slow down on the caffine, sugar, alcohol. Its NOT good for hair. Also important! Do a colon cleanse to clear out your system of toxics. There are plenty of colon cleanses in the health food stores. Most colon cleanse products are herb pills.

    HERE ARE SOME WEBSITES THAT WILL HELP (These women all lost their hair and regrew it back. They were on Oprah. Do exactly what they instruct you to do.)

    Here’s a organic website to some organic NON chem products to use for your hair.
    or call 1-888-417-1375

    Clean your scalp be GENTLE when washing your hair. Keep your scalp clean a clean scalp is a heathly scalp. Use a wide tooth comb for long hair. Sleep with satin pillowcase, or satin scarf. Cotton is to harsh and pulls hair.

    EXCERSIZE, AND DO STRETCHING. THIS HELPS CIRCURLATION and blood flow the brain and helps destress. A good website to buy a stretching DVD for about $8. is

    God Bless you all and My prayer is that your beautiful hair will grow back better and stronger than ever.

  59. I have been dealing with hair loss for two years since i came off of the nuvaring. Four months after i stopped the nuvaring, for some reason, i started getting serious hives all over my face. i went to an allergist who did a “test” where he scratched down my back and within literally a minute i started to break out in hives on my face and shoulders. i didnt know what was happening…i was freaking out. he gave me an injection of steriods and put me on prednisone for 10 days…as soon as i stopped the predisone (a few days) my hair started to fallout in batches…i called my doctor who put me on 2500mcgs of biotin, 500mg of lysine, and a folic acid (vitamin b complex) tablet…within two weeks the shedding stopped..This all occured between jan 09 and march 09…now a year later its shedding again, and all the hair i lost hasnt grown back…the shedding has stopped and i have alot of baby hair…is this normal for tefflin effluvim..does it take literally years to get back to normal? am i gunna be on biotin for the rest of my life? oh and i havent had any hives! yay

  60. My dermatologist did several things for my hair loss and dry, itch, flakey scalp. Prescribed using DHS Zinc Shampoo every 2 days. is the supplier. Take 500 mg of Methionine and 1,000mcg of Biotin daily. Purchase the generic form of Rogaine and rub into scalp nightly. This is a new condition for me and I am hoping for good results. My normally thick hair has beome very thin, fine and dry. He also gave me an injection to stimulate the hair follicoles.

  61. Wow! Its comforting to see that others have gone through what I have. It’s been very upsetting for me as well having gone from a full head of hair, so much that people used to think its a wig, to hardly any. I’ve been very depressed about it. I too, have the itching around the time it starts to fall out. I’m a pharmacy student, so, I realize, there aren’t really any drugs for REAL hair growth. I guess I just have to accept this.

  62. Please ladies, get checked for hypothyroidism! Also look into adrenal fatigue. Adrenal/thyroid work together. Supplements I am on which have helped:

    Pantethine (active form of B5) which supports adrenal function
    B12 Methylcobalamin (active form)
    Fish oil
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Adrenal Glandulars
    Synthroid/Cytomel to support thyroid
    Floradix (to bring up ferritin levels and get a B complex)

    I am off gluten and dairy, which were causing malabsorption issues for me for years.

    See your doctor. If you test “within normal” for thyroid, vitamin levels and adrenal function, do not rule out seeing a reputable naturopath. Research, research, research. I dealt with this for a decade before I figured out what was going on. Best of luck, there is an answer out there.

  63. I’m 29 and I’ve been having lots of hair loss for a few months now and my scalp is itchy only at the top of my neck.

    First of all make sure you are using a shampoo without laurel sulfates. It’s very strong and damaging to your hair.

    Second before I shower I’ve been massaging warm olive oil on my scalp and then wrapping my head in warm towels for about 30 minutes (changing towels every few minutes to keep it warm). And that has been extremely helpful for taking away the itch. I’ve been doing it every other day.

  64. Hi everyone!
    What really helps with flaky and itchy scalp for calming it down and practically keeping flakes under control is Betamethasone Dipropionate Lotion, USP non oily formula (prescription medication from dermatologist)It calms the scalp withing a few minutes, you can rub it in your scalp and go to work with it, leave it in, it’s non greasy formula, it has strong alcohol- like smell, that lasts only for a few minutes.
    Good Luck!

  65. EVERYONE wih itchy scalp and hairloss!!!
    Its either one of two things- thyroid or fungal infection!
    Castor oil, sodium bicarbonate, and colloidal silver (best) work to kill fungal infections on the scalp~ most doctors destroy health with chemicals and have NO CLUE how to help you… cure yourself!

  66. This sounds just like the thing i need to do! If scratching causes hair loss then could i make my eyebrows less thick and more thin by doing this? If so i shall continue to scratch my eyebrows with a sharp rough comb till they are just right!

  67. I am experiencing itchy scalp with hairloss.Been to quite a few dermatologists and trichologists.None of the medications seem to work.I am so worried that i might go bald.This has become a chronic problem.
    I am surprised to see that many are suffering from the same problem.
    It will be much appreciated,if someone can post a solution that works.

  68. Hi, like so many of you I am experiencing alot of the same symptons. I am African American, my scalp is so very dry and itchy scalp. Last summer I had crochet braids using synthetic hair. Iwore them for 2 weeks. I had to take them out because my scalp was very itchy, extremely dry and painful. When I scatched, my scalp started bleeding and oozing pus. I had knots behind both my ears. My lymph knods had swollen because I broke the skin on my scalp and caused an infection. My scalp was loaded with big nasty flakes that looked unsightly. It was nasty. I researched how to handle posrasis. I used baking soda to pull the nasty flakes from my scalp; this worked. I rinsed my hair with apple-cider vinegar (the one with the mother in it) the “mother” is live culture in the apple cider vinegar. This made my scalp sting but made it feel refreshing and caused my scalp to heal.
    So anyime I get a sensation in my scalp that makes me feel like it will break out again, I wash my hair with baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar.
    My hair sheds alot, I even have that skin pulp attached to the ends of the hair when it has shed. I get a lot of breakage. I even have a missing plug in my head although it is a small dime size bald spot. I went to my dermatologist, blood test were done and she told me to take 5000 mg biotin, Vitamin D, and Iron because I am anemic. She also told me to use a drop size of Minoxodill for men in the bald area. The bald spot was stubborn and would not grow hair so she injected medicine into the area which caused the hair to grow back. The hair follicles were not dead or damaged. Now I have a fresh new bald spot the size of a dime a little higher than the original spot. I too am exhausted with my hair issues. I have found all natural herbs for the hair to give a big relief but have not found a way to stop going through the hair problems.
    Use key words as natural hair remedies for hair loss or psoriasis and a list of natural products will come up with instructions on how to use them. Neem oil was very benificial with the burning, itching and oozing scalp.
    Since that time I have not experienced another psoriasis like outbreak and pray I never do.
    I generally do get the kind of dandruff that is fine like powder with an itchy scalp as well.

  69. I am a 23 year old Zambian and i have been balding for a few years now and this started with my mother(who is now in her forties) who used to have long beautiful hair and now my cousin has the same symptoms and they are both worse than me at the moment.I don’t think that this is genetic because this has never happened to anyone in the family and it has just spread in the recent years. Mine started when i was in high school and it started out as an itchy spot on top of my head and in the years that passed it has been growing and the hair there is thin and my scalp is itchy,shiny and sometimes sore and tender.I need help, im young and healthy and i cant be bald if i want to marry some day!!! Please help me

  70. Hi.
    I’m relieved and also saddened to see that so many women are suffering with this problem, yet there doesn’t seem to be much of a concrete answer from the “experts” about what to do. I’m a 25 year old woman who went to one of the best dermatologists in NYC, only to be told to take rogaine- that’s it. It’s maddening to be experiencing this at what is supposed to be my prime. I am going back to see if I can get more of an answer or at least blood work done. I’m also reading that a lot of you are taking biotin and flax seed.. will definitely try these.
    My scalp is incredibly itchy and I think the areas that are beginning to thin the most also itch the most.. there is a corellation but I’m not sure if it’s me itching the spot that causes thinning, or that the hair in these spots is thinning and an itchy head is part of the process. It is quite perplexing.
    I’m not giving much of an answer to any of your hair loss dilemmas or my own, but I’m glad this blog exists just for a place to vent about this situation. I feel like I’m going insane worrying about being bald.. then I think it seems so trivial and why am I worrying- am I crazy? And then I get more worried. Societies everywhere regard thick flowing hair as one of the quintessential features of womanliness, and we are all experiencing a loss that affects our egos, our feelings of being beautiful or adequate.
    It’s hard to be in love with what you would consider the best man or woman for you, to imagine your futures together, then factor in the baldness into the equation. It doesn’t work- everything breaks down.. suddenly instead you see yourself alone somewhere, hiding your bald head.
    This is the state I’m in. I’m considering antidepressants/anti anxiety meds to counter the psychological effects of my hair loss. Afraid adding chemicals to my body will just contribute to more hair loss.

  71. Sudden hair loss and burning, itchy, tingly scalp is usually hypothyroidism, especiall for women. Get your TSH, Free T3, Free T4 tested. Free T4 number should be just above mid-range, and Free T3 near the top of the range. TSH shoudl be at the bottom of the range. Most doctors only look at TSH and if you are in the range they tell you nothing is wrong. See the website:

  72. I was surprised to see so many women with the same symptoms I have….

    My case is similar to the previous postings with one difference. Over a year ago, I was in a bad situation and had to spend a night in a homeless shelter. It was a very dirty place, but I had no other choice than to sleep in my vehicle. A few hours after I lay down, in a dirty bed in room shared with about 10 other ladies, my arms started to itch. Just after that, my scalp started to itch, then my whole body. In the middle of the night, one of the other ladies got up and sprayed bug spray right by my face. We all had “cooties”. I am thinking it is microscopic lice. By morning, I got out of there… I was supposed to talk to a caseworker about getting help but it was too disgusting to stay. So I went back to my “bad situation” and took a long hot bath. But the itching came back a few hours later and every day since then. I feel great just after a bath, but the itching slowly starts up till my whole body itches (especially the scalp and groin). A few months ago I noticed my scalp was showing. Then it got very sore, and I had severe hair loss. I have not had a medical exam. I may try some over the counter lice shampoo. I have read up on everything about hair loss. I have started vitamins with biotin and pantotheric acid, and zinc shampoo. I may also try the onion rubs, and the soy drinks. But I really think I was infected during my stay at the homeless shelter. I read somewhere that certain head lice feast on scalp oils. I have gotten to the point where my scalp is extremely oily, even waxy. Yet my hair is very dry. It has thinned to about half the thickness it was. I am sad to see that with all the women who posted on this blog, that not one health care professional has stepped forward to help us. If I find anything that really helps, I will be back to report on it. Good luck, all.

  73. I am a 25 yr old female. I have had slow but progressive thinning/receeding hairline. The hairs seem to become “baby” like and shortly thereafter shed off. This has been happening to me at different rates since I was about 17. The corners of my hairline around my temples are back pretty far. The past year and a half I have been experiencing the itching.

    For a few years I didn’t wash my hair, kept it short and that seemed to help. I would only experience the itching when I grew my hair out past my shoulders. I also have been using this bar soap with rosemary that seems to irritate it more. I have had my thyroid levels checked (although I hear the guidelines have changed again!), been tested for anemia and lupus. All came back normal. I have been gluten intollerant for the past few years and wonder if I have some other unknown allergy. I also have a sinus arrythmia (irregular heart beat) and wonder if that is connected.

    I feel like something else is going on underneath all these symptoms. Dermatologists don’t know how to help. Until more researach is done, we are all on our own I feel. I am going to start seeing a Natropathic Doctor since I have heard they have other options and work with you personally.

    Good luck to you all! I feel like shaving my head and getting a big tattoo on my scalp. We could all start a bald club and just keep it all shaved! :)

  74. I also have the ichy scalp and hair loss. I am 63. I’ve had a spinal fusion(last March),had to have 3 pints of blood,foot surgery in Oct. i thought this was the cause,but i should be better by now. I seem to ich more i in our water? I know we have a lot. my husband won’t use the softner.I was interested to see so many people are suffering from the same symptoms:(Even my forehead iches.

  75. Hello Everyone, I’m sad to hear so many woman suffering hair loss.
    Last year in August I was attacked some kind of mite in family room, since then then my scalp has been itchy red and burning not to mention the crawling sensations. Well it has been just about a year now and I have hardly any hair left, It has been very frustrating and embarrasing I have isolated myself and cry so much.
    Also I would like to mention alot of this is caused by chemtrails and Morgellons and if you don’t know what that is google it and watch youtube videos get informed and watch out for those chemwebs they are not spider webs.

  76. Okay so I am 22. Female. Always had very thick curly hair. Like SUPER THICK. So i always would tie it up in a tight bun for many years. In my late teens i noticed my head was always itchy. Especially the front. Now im noticing a very noticable balding pattern in the front of my head. Its sucks so bad. I dont wear my hair up anymore because of this. Im wearing it down and getting quite creative with my hair dues. MY scalp is so itchy. COULD IT BE LUPUS ALOPECIA? OR SCARRING FROM PULLING MY HAIR BACK SO MUCH?? MY MOM HAS LUPUS. And i got tested for AutoImmune Disease and got Positive. So what the hell. I think i might have lupus -_-. This sucks because Im so young and my hair is beautiful. I hope it grows back. But….nothing has grown back, only gotten worse. PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ADVISE OR EXPERIENCE OR IF YOU JUST WANT TO TALK. THANKS FOR LISTENING.

  77. Hi there I have also dealt with these issues..I believe it is commonly caused from hormone imbalance, thyroid issues low iron. It has taken me 6 years to get to this point Im not out of the woods but getting closer.. I wanted to say that underlying issues for hormone imbalance, thyroid conditions and nutritional deficiencies can be caused by heavy metals. Heavy metal toxicity which medical Dr.s do not look at. I had to keep on searching I found a natural dr that specializes in nutrition. So I had the mercury removed from my teeth there are other ways of getting it.. and I have another heavymetal Im detoxing. as I have worked on these things Im calmer for sure after the mercury removal you want to make sure you go to a Health Concious dentist there is a “right” way to remove so it does not reabsorb in your gums back into your system. Dont think this couldnt be the issue you wil just prolong the hair thing.. I thought that couldnt be it but it was definetly a dynamic after I felt better It made sense. The heavy metals store in your fat cells and in organs. There are detox’s for this. You can still build your body up nutritionally. The hairloss is from hormone issues and nutritional deficiencies.. everything is tied together. Im taking vitamins to balance hormones, adrenals, replenish iron etc.. I recommend finding a natural dr that does muscle testing. the muscle testing for me found things bloodwork did not. This is what I believe has saved me. with hormone imbalances estrogen can be low and DHT is really what can cause the hairloss especially when it comes out, gets thinner.. the DHT shrinks the follicles.. I heard about this and this really made sense to me so I did some research and found Hair essentials by Natural well being. I highly recommend giving this a shot. ultimately its stress and hormones it seems that really does the damage. It makes total sense if you read the comments about ladies stopping the pill or being on the pill or other forms of contraceptives these things mess with your hormones.. and stress…give it a try I am I am almost 4 weeks in and the hairs are coming out less. see a good natural dr. that does muscle testing. Godbless

  78. Ladies…I agree, its very scary! I’ve been losing my hair off and on since I was 18, I’m 39…but it should be temperary. My hair loss started after the birth of my first son, when I stopped taking prenatual vitamins, since then, when ever something changes in my life I go thru hair loss (job change,move,diet, weight loss/gain, etc.) Even when I don’t feel stressed my body seems to know there’s been a change. The one thing I’ve learned over the years is the less I worry about it, knowing it WILL stop AND grow back the faster the hair loss cycle ends and the growth cycle begins (which is usually when the itching starts) you should notice the shedding slow down as the itching gets worse, you may not notice the regrowth for awhile since the new hair is thinner but it will thicken, eventually you’ll feel like your hair doesn’t want to lay down or oddly “full” because new growth is lifting older hair…in the mean time I have a product that my hair dresser found its called “XFUSION” keratin hair fibers…after you’ve washed/dryed your hair just sprinkle these fibers into the thinning areas,tassle your hair so the fibers settle + style as usual,looks natural, thinning is gone and nobody will know. It comes in different shades and shampoos right out (plain water doesn’t remove it) I love this product because it helps relieve the stress and embaressment of hair loss + in return helps the shedding cycle to end sooner…just remember…Out with the Old, in with the New…GOOD LUCK!!

  79. Out of curiosity has anyone whos posted on this blog received any return advice?

    I’m 25 and have the same issues. I have naturally very fine, curly and frizzy hair. Early this year I experienced extremely rapid bulk hairloss over a couple of months as well as itchy scalp. Blocked drains, a need to clear the hairbrush after every use. I was very scared, had the blood tests done which were normal. Docs put it down to stress. I signed up for a treatment program with ashley & Martin who told me it was either genetic (which I then told them there is no history of hairloss in my family) or stress related in which case it always grows back. So naturally I was sceptical and didn’t use the regain product as a number of hairdressers recommended Nioxin. I tried nioxin first and eventually the hair loss slowed down, and my hair went back to normal if not better and stronger. 8 months later just when I was finally happy my hair was back to normal, the loss and itching is back with a vengeance. I’m at a loss of what to do. I’ve been told your hair goes through a shedding phase every few years or so but I believe this extreme loss of hair is not normal. I’m trying nioxin again as I’m worried the regain will be too strong and make it worse. I don’t have much hair in the first place so to be losing this much is terrifying. Help? Somebody?

  80. Hormones associated with pregnancy, changes in life, stress and simply getting older all can throw your hair loss cycle into an early shedding stage. And if we can accept that we are still gorgeous and can set aside the stress related directly to the hair loss we are witnessing at ‘close-up” we can allow our hair cycle to shedd and regrowth will shortly follow. My beautiful hairdresser friend assured me of this when at 39 I suffered an abnormal hair loss after a month of stress. Stress is gone now and my hair will survive to tell a glossy thick tale when all my new hairs catch up. Take heart x

  81. I experienced serious hair loss more than a year ago. My hair dresser cut my hair right below my ears last spring and that helped my hair to thicken up. I have damaged my hair for years,coloring, flat iron, highlights.. so I needed a cut for a fresh grow.
    My hair did grow thicker and healthier. Now my hair is 3 inches below shoulders.. I want it to grow long again so did not cut it since.I still do use flat iron almost daily so my hair have damaged ends and that does wake up a hair loss as my fingers dont go smoothly through it and that pulls hair out. But I figured now its longer so more hair will be lost naturally.
    On the other hand my scalp by my forehead became very itchy. itchy and flaky. It got real bad, its only in one area though. A friend told me he had same problem and doctor prescribed him something and that helped. He suggested to me to use over the counter shampoo Selsun Blue since I needed immediate solution. I did and that helped the itchiness, peeling etc. Used it twice and saw results so went back to my normal shampoo and itchiness came back, peeling too, maybe my shampoo is not good for me, dont know. Though I just washed my hair yesterday I will wash it again tonight with the Selsun Blue again since I know it helped to calm the area,I didnt have as much hair loss either, it was doing pretty decent. I also never wash my hair every day, once every 3-4 days is best.
    I am going to see skin doctor if situation doesnt solve itself over time once I stop using selsun Blue again.I noticed my forehead skin seem to have dryness problem too so I think something is off overall, maybe skin eczema.
    I think it will be ok though. I have been very stressed in the past few months, had all kinds of other symptoms related to skin because of it, even various infections. I have had my legs itching like crazy for months, went to whole foods and lady suggested a special oatmeal lotion which seemed to work immediately, all I could think was, why didnt I found it before. Sometimes little things can solve big problems.
    Stress can cause many problems. Do not stress over it at any cost!! I would suggest meditating to calm yourself down and visualizing the hair grow all fresh happy and new.. people cure themselves from diseases with their mind, why not hair growth?

  82. I am 33 year old female and I am on a weight loss program I am doing for my obgyn. I am noticing my hair is starting to thin out. I had unbelivable thick hair now it going thin. Also the top of my head seem to be thining out more too. Should I be worried?

  83. It seems like most of us have had similar symptoms. It also seems like most
    doctors are clue less about it. Please fill up the questionnaire so I can recommend you appropriately. My email address is

    1. Age and gender?
    1. Country and city
    2. Itchy scalp?
    3. Any other Itchy areas? Toe , foot, etc
    4. Do/did you go gym?
    5. Have you had crawling feeling under your skin?
    6. Have you had Joint pain, muscle pain, weakness, fatigue etc?
    7. Do you live close to a lake/water area?
    8. Do you go outdoors a lot?
    9. How old is your House?
    10. Do you have insects in your house?
    11. Have you been diagnosed with any conditions, Thyroid, low vitamins, heart problem, fungus, herpes…etc?
    12. Can you hear your heart beat in your ear while lying on the bed?
    13. Does your heart race sometimes?
    14. Do you hear extremely low frequency noise when you go to bed?

  84. I have the symptoms above and have been diagnsoed with telogen effluivium- wide spread thinning of the hair and also a non-scarring form of alopeica.
    Mine was thought to be triggered by stress and a low ferritin level. My advice would be to request a ferritin test as it is not taken as part of a full blood count and even if it is low the full blood count test won’t revela it.
    Also contraception, i was told the mini pill (progeterone only) can cause hair loss when taken for long periods.
    Personally to those thinking about using regaine, i wouldn;t recommend it. The consultant dermatologist i;m under informed me it is a lifelong product and whe use is discontiued haor will again fall out.

  85. I began experiencing something similar 2 years ago. Itchy scalp, dry wispy hair, extreme hair loss (particularly at the crown of my scalp). After considerable research, I had concluded a few things. 1. I may have overprocessed my hair (too much bleaching). By doing so, I believe I created a breeding ground for fungus (such as yeast). So…I did many things over that period of time so I’m not 100% sure of what fixed the problem. Following are the various things I tried: oil of oregano (directly on the scalp and rub it in). It’s great for many things and while it creates a burning sensation and you panic thinking “what the h am I doing to my scalp now”…it feels better in the long run. I also sprayed on organic apple cider vinegar. I did both of these 2-3 times a week. In order to address my theory of the yeast, I took it a little more seriously and went on a “yeast free diet” for approximately 2 weeks. I would have liked to do it for a wee bit longer but we were going on vacation and I wanted to enjoy it and eat what I wanted to. In conjunction with this, I took biotin, vitamins to bolster my iron (low iron can fuel hair loss), used swiss formula shampoo/conditioner (I bought at the health food store) and basically any other vitamin related to hair quality (i.e., silica, etc.). The good news is that my hair started to grow back in. At one point I looked a bit silly with these tiny sprigs of hair sticking up all over the place. I can’t say it came back to normal completely but it was close (I have fine hair to begin with). But…unfortunately…over the last two months it is starting again. So…I have realized that I need to do this all over again. I may try each thing one at a time so I can figure out what was successful. I do have a stressful life as well (which has gotten to be more so over the last couple of months) so I wonder if the stress helps to fuel the hair loss. I know how all of you feel and wanted to take the opportunity to see if one of the things I used may help all of you. Losing hair can be so stressful…particularly for women. I mean…we’re not supposed to lose our hair!! Worst case scenario: we all shave our heads and start a new club 😉

  86. I have same problem. I got blood work done, it came back normal. Today i saw a dermatologist and she said that I had SEBORRHEA and prescribed shampoos and cream. Will see if it helps :)

  87. I read these posts the other day thinking so many had my same symptoms. I don’t have any specific rashes or anything. For those who don’t I just read it could be your shampoo! Any shampoo with sodium Laurel sulfate can make your scalp thin, get irritated, itchy, even cause dandruff. So, please try shampoo with NO SLS. I am putting a little coconut oil on my head at night, trying not to itch, especially when hair is wet and bought a shampoo with no SLS. I also rinse my head in cool water. A friend also gave me some special spray for my scalp but it’s amazing so many shampoos have SLS and we don’t know what it can do.

  88. I’ve been told that itch is due to plogged hair follicles. use a tea made of burdock,specialty store, rosemary and sage.make a good steeped tea, massage into scalp and cover with a wet hot cloth to create a steaming effect. do this for 30 min each day, wash with a good professional shampoo and conditioner like follicure, and buy a good vitamin solution to put on the scalp ie. environ intensive by dr. fernandes.

    and pray a lot…it seems to be working for me.

  89. you may need to do this for one month. Make sure not to scald your scalp only want it hot enough to create a steam effect enough to open those follicles/pores.

    I have been doing this for about a week and have noticed a significant reduction in scalp itch, redness and a little less hair loss.

    and again,,,PRAY A LOT.

  90. Hi there ladies, I’m so sorry (yet also relieved)to hear that so many other women have this issue. It’s not easy because, let’s face it, our appearance secretly means the world to us. Everyone has their flaws and the one thing that we should be able to fall back on is our hair! When it’s thinning, it takes such a toll on our confidence. It takes over our minds and becomes all we think about.
    I started noticing mine thinning in the frontal area just after I graduated highschool. I was 16 then and I thought it was just stress. I’m 20 now and up until a few days ago, I would say that it hadn’t become any worse, but it also hadn’t improved. Just this past Monday, I felt how thin my ponytail was. A few short years ago, I was known for my thick, extremely curly “wolf” hair. Now, I’m thinning in the front and on the left side of the crown. I just don’t know where it all went. I never have clumps or excessive strands come out in the shower or while brushing. It just… goes somewhere. Like all of my bobby pins and odd socks.. I’ve never EVER been cruel to my hair- no tight ponytails, no colouring (except ONCE when I was 14) and I rarely blow dry or straighten it because my curls have always been wash and go. Now, my curl has been reduced to a mild wave. Yuck.
    I had started trying a new shampoo called “Clear” because I tend to have an oily scalp and thought my follicles and pores were perhaps clogged. First use, my scalp felt GREAT and my wild hair was tame, soft and bouncy again. It’s still not bad and I’ve been using it for a month. The only thing that didn’t improve was the itching. The itching didn’t come right away with the thinning, in fact, it didn’t start until a few months ago.
    I don’t understand- I actually IMPROVED my diet, started working out, you know? I have been under a bit of stress, finally doing driving school and searching desperately for a job, but this has been ongoing. I’ve been tested through the roof for things- hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues (even though he didn’t do the iodine or dye test or whatever), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, you name it.
    The only other thing wrong with my body is that I haven’t had regular periods since I was about 15. I can go up to 6 months without one (The most I will have a year is 4, which is why I hads been tested for all of the above. Now, my doctor is kind of an arse when it comes to this subject whenever I bring it up. He wouldn’t test me until I FORCED him to. He’s convinced there’s nothing wrong with me and wouldn’t do any further testing or put me on the pill. When I went back to him to request a referral to a specialist of some kind (endocrinologist, OB/GYN, SOMETHING!!), I find out that he has disappeared. Said he’s be back in September. It’s October. He’s still not back. I was told this in April. SO, I’m on my own for now!
    I’m going to be trying the Biotin thing, so we’ll see how it works! I’m going to take it and see (and PRAY) if anything happens. Maybe I’ll get into my dang doctor eventually (or get a new one) and get some proper testing to see if there actually is anything underlying.
    I PROMISE to come back on here as soon as I hear or know something or if the Biotin works!! I’ll check back in about a month and fill you ladies in!

    Sorry about the word spew, but not many others that I can talk to about this! If you decided to brave the speech, thanks for reading!

  91. Hi, I am 65 and just got an attack of hair loss followed by itchy scalp. I thought it was estrogen-loss related but have since changed my mind. My thyroid is fine; my iron good and I don’t have diabetes (another cause which none of you have mentioned). I wash my hair less often (once a week), and use a natural product line which helps the itch a lot — called Andalou Natural Age Defying Scalp Intensive Thinning Hair Treatment. I also oil my hair once a week, applying olive oil and washing it out after 8-10 hours (my hair is much richer). I will try all your other tricks, ie. biotin but I am not sure I want to stop drinking coffee (but in the end I might). My heavy hair loss has stopped but I don’t think anything is growing back yet. Thanks for all your ideas, hope mine helps you, too. Keep sharing ideas.

  92. I should add this: I also upped my intake of essential fatty acids, flaxseed oil for example. When you take flax oil, take it by the tablespoon, not by the capsule — in other words, take enough to be effective. Ask in the health food store to see how much you can take a day; maybe a tablespoon, maybe two. My scalp seems to itch more when I forget to take my oil.

  93. An update on the information I gave previously, and a bit of a surprise to me:
    I upped my estrogen and also took two tablespoons of Essential Fatty Acids (Flax, Salmon or Borage Oil) a day and was doing quite well. I also added Biotin, but only2000 mg (because I didn’t want to take 5 pills), Lysine, 500 mg, and folic acid in a Vitamin B mix. These I put in a dated pillcase and took daily but I would often forget the estrogen and EFA’s for 2 or 3 days at a time. But I have recently realized that in spite of missing both estrogen and oil for about four days in a row, my scalp was NOT itching. I presume it is the vitamins that stopped the itch, not the estrogen and oil — what a surprise! So thanks for those suggestions, which I got from this site. My hair loss has definitely slowed but is not stopped; I don’t know what I can do about that yet — perhaps nothing.

  94. I have been losing hair on and off for about 2 years, it starts to grow back and thicken up when all of a sudden it starts to shed again, mainly in shower after conditioner is combed through and when blow drying. i have noticed when it is shedding my scalp is dry, itching and irritated, nioxin has helped in past. I have mitral valve prolapse, svt, have had B12 defficency twice, low ferretin at the moment, cant take iron cos iron overloads sometimes on its own for no reason, thyroid is normal, have had anxiety on and off in this time, suffer from allergies and severe hay fever also itchy skin and eyebrows, fatigue, lactose and sulphate intolerences, i think my hairloss could be a combination of all my problems, i try to block out the hair loss but its hard not to panic when you block up the drain in one go. I<m going to try the biotin and flaxseed,

  95. I have been losing hair on and off for about 2 years, it starts growing back and thickening up and then starts to shed all over again, have dry itchy scalp when shedding and itchy skin and eyebrows. Have had anxiety on and off, mitral valve prolapse, svt, B12 deff twice, low ferratin at the moment, thyroid function is normal but slightly enlarged on one side, suffer allergies, hayfever, lactose and sulphite intolerances. Cant take iron tablets because sometimes have iron overload but dont have haemochromatosis. Doctor thinks it is caused from low B12 cos sister has thinning hair and Low B12 also, but it is boosted right up now and its still shedding again. Will try biotin and flaxseed oil.

  96. My heart goes out to all of you ladies!
    I am writing this post in the hope that I can help people. Losing hair can be very depressing and stressful.

    I have suffered hair loss on and off for several years.
    After years of researching and educating myself I can honestly say my hair is now much thicker, healthier and the itchiness and redness is gone.
    I have a very sensitive scalp, probably more sensitive than anyone I know. My hair loss was at the worst following the birth of my kids.
    A naturopath once told me hair needs calcium & iron to gain strength and grow. Please go to a doctor and test to see if you are low in these minerals.
    A totally natural shampoo is very important – SLS (Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate) is a detergent found in most shampoos. It is an irritant and can cause redness, itchiness & can slowly desroy hair follicles! I had tolerated it for years with no issues, then one day I woke up to find I had redness and itchiness followed by loss of hair which just got worse over time. You can build up a tolerance to it for years and years and then one day your body can no longer put up with it. You must purchase a shampoo that does NOT contain SLS. Some ‘so called’ natural shampoos still contain other irritants so its important to research the ingredients thoroughly.
    I also take a supplement called MSM which is excellent for hair. I purchase the best quality from the US. Look it up and do your reasearch.
    Lastly every time I wash my hair I follow with a rinse of ‘Stinging Nettle’ tea which really helps with hair strength. I just boil the kettle and put in a couple of tea bags, steep for 10 mins and wait for it to cool down. I use it after shampooing & conditioning and do not rinse it out. It makes hair wonderfully soft and shiny too.

    I have stopped colouring my hair complelety and styling it with gels/sprays etc. I keep it short now and sometimes use clip in extensions for those night outs.
    Also I straighten my hair once a week.

    Good luck to you all and my last advise I can give is to pray like other posters have mentioned. Remember everything good comes from our creator, have faith!

  97. Hi, I’ve posted before and am taking all supplements regularly, but have heard — again — that Borage Oil is very useful and so am taking it regularly now. Fats and oils in the diet are essential as they carry oil-based vitamins such as the B’s through your body and I have wondered how this low-fat diet-anxiety has affected the younger people on this page. Do take the good fats and oils, flaxseed, salmon, Borage Oil or any combination thereof.
    Some good suggestions since last time I was on this page. Also, someone says add Vitamin C to diet to support the adrenal glands. I will do that. I have allergies and sulphite sensitivities as well, sensitive skin (allergic to brassiere). Interesting how my itching back also cleared up when I started to treat my scalp — it must have been part of it!
    Keep adding solutions. They might not work for everyone but if they work for some, its helpful.

  98. I have a question to ask of you-all. At the same time this was happening, I was having leg cramps in my sleep, so bad that I actually pulled muscles. I researched this and discovered that adding potassium to my diet helped — absolutely stopped it, in fact. Is this also happening to you? If it is, it might be part of the puzzle. I haven’t been able to confirm that the potassium shortage is connected to the dry scalp, but its possible I guess.

  99. Hi,
    I’m 30 years old and female.The past couple of months I have noticed the hair at the front of the hairline, sides and my temples is thinning rapidly, worse on one side. I’ve always had very fine hair but a lot of it. It takes 3 hours for hightlights so that should say how much hair i had.
    It has been thinning for a lot longer and i have a lot of baby hair, especially at the front, but the hairs look much fewer.
    My dads side of the family have hair loss (men) and the women all have hair that thins all over once they reach 30/35.
    I have always had my hair hi-lighted but i don’t think this is the cause. The other women in the family who don’t and never have dyed/bleached their hair suffer the same. I expect mine is genetic but I am absolutely desperate to stop it.
    I’ve always had compliments on my hair and at this rate i won’t have any left soon.

    Today I have noticed the top and sides of my scalp are especially itchy. There is no redness, no dry skin or rash, it’s just plain itchy and driving me mad. It seems this is common when losing hair by this forum.
    I did loads of research yesterday and bought a product claiming to thicken hair and encourage regrowth. It had 4-5 star reviews and women stopped using it with no problems too. Only 1 person had a bad review for it and that was due to allergy. I figured since it’s not too expensive that i’d try it and i will let you know if it works.
    The only thing is that i have recently discovered i am expecting so i’m going to have to read the enclosed leaflet to see if it will be suitable. I know this is not the cause of the hair loss btw as i’m not far gone.
    I suspect the sudden hair loss is due to stress as i’ve had a rough few months but i have to try something. I’m goign to get a hair and nail multi vit to see if that helps too.
    Best wishes.

  100. Hi,
    I have hair-loss and itchy scalp since a year ago Ive done almost anything to get answers but nothing. There are two things Ive just learned food allergies and intolerance and I had an almond allergy and guess what my shampoo had almond and I was drinking almond milk so I don’t Know If these helps but you might want to check for allergies and vitamins contain some ingredients that you may react to, parasites are also a cause from the research I have done it could almost be anything even candida infection hope this helps someone.

  101. Bu simply applying good personal hygiene head lice can be killed with no need of a haircut. It can be found over the counter at local drugs stores. There a variety of options for “head lice treatments”. Lice Removal, 100 Church Street Decatur, GA 30031 (770)-645-4548

  102. This gets a great deal of and also patience. Head lice don’t pick out someone with unwashed hair and decide that’s where their new home will end up. Secondly, we must try to control our urge to itch our scalp. Lice Removal, 100 Church Street Decatur, GA 30031 (770)-645-4548

  103. My dermatologist just told me something that might help. I already take biotin and other vitamins, but he said most people over 60 develop itchy scalp. He recommends using T-gel or Selsun Blue shampoo. I prefer Selsun. Shampoo Twice and rise well. Use conditioner if hair gets too dry. This helped almost immediately for me! It’s like a miracle!

  104. i’m 14 and i suffer from hair loss and itchy scalp from about two months ago .
    I also realize balding at the front area and the top area of my head.My hair is thining a lot and i’m very worried about it.What should i do?

  105. reading all this from people and most have the same problem as I do, but have you notice no answer or cure. it really come down to blood works, dermatologist, and neurologist. no one can really help on this site. I had my blood work done, dermatologist and now I need to check out a neurologist and a thyroid doctor.

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