I have had sudden hair loss in about a months time. I had thick curly hair my whole life now it’s half the volume and very thin. I’m 33yrs. old (female). i have lost a lot of weight recently and also been under a great deal of stress. i went to see the dr. and dermatologist they didn’t seem very concerned, but recommended biotin and rogaine for men. i also just started to feel itchy and tingly in the scalp. Is it due to the hair coming out or hair regrowth? This situation is making me more stressed out, and i’m not getting answers anywhere. some info and advice would be appreciated.

Thank You

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As I’ve said here before, there are many causes for hair loss. Be sure to look at the previous responses in the Female Hair Loss category for others in your situation. Stress and sudden weight loss can cause hair loss and would be at the top of my list for you. Itchy scalp can be from hair regrowth or from other factors, such as nervous disorders and stress which causes hair loss. Other causes for your hair loss and itching include imflammatory disease, psoriasis, alopecia areata, etc. Sometimes, a person can have an itchy scalp from lotions/creams which they put on their scalp. You need a blood work up to rule out hypothyroidism, anemia, and other reversible medical diseases.