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I am using the hair growth product called NutriSol-RM. The Company that markets this product (Scalpmed) claims this to be a FDA approved product. I was told that this solution Vitadil-5a is all made of herbs.

However some of the ingrediants seem to be chemical in nature.

Is this product safe to use? Is this FDA approved product?

Appreciate your advise!

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I have commented before on this line of products, but I could not tell you if they are safe or effective. I took a look at the FDA registry and found no approval of any reference to this product or company. You may wish to contact the company to find out why they claim FDA approvals when none can be found and if I have failed to find the link for FDA approval, I would be happy to publish a reversal of my opinion from the research I have been able to do. If there is no FDA clearance for safety and effectiveness and that is claimed by the company, then the FDA could shut the business down. Many times I wonder why the government does not do this when so many claims are made by various companies that are clearly false and misleading. The answer probably is that the government prioritizes the degree of ‘evil’ that any one violation is and then the government factors in their costs and available manpower for enforcement.

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  1. re ScalpMEd
    I ordered it two months ago, and started using without mentioning to my wife. Last week she took a long look at me and said your hair looks diferent. I started ton notice myself about two weeks ago, there is no doubt that is is having some effect – of course the jury is still out on how much effect it will have, and how long lasting. WIth regard to the contents, when I read their advertising I thought this was something entirely new, but when I got it and read the packaging etc. it seems to me that this product is based on the same thing as minorix…(sp?). Is this true? If so, I am surprised as I tried another such product some years back with little or no result.

  2. I’ve been using Nutrisol for about 9 months now and have noticed dramatic results. I’m 31 and noticed my hairline was receding severely. I didn’t think there was that much hair missing until I took a snap shot of the top of my head. I noticed results after about 3 months, and the growth doesn’t match the portion of hair where there’s no recession, people mention that for a 31 year-old I’ve got a good head of hair.

  3. My father used this product and it had severe results. His face swelled up to the point where he couldn’t even open his eyes anymore. He is in massive amounts of pain and severely regrets using this crap of a product. All would be advised not to give your hard earned dollars for some ‘magic beans’. C’mon men use your heads if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  4. Worked great for me.. I am a 30 year old woman and noticed I started getting a receding hairline and freaked out .. so I found this product the for woman side and it worked great ..

  5. Does this product have minoxidil, rogaine like other products, because with those product you can’t stop using those because your hair will start coming out again. If so then I won’t purchase because there maybe times when you can’t purchase the product and then your hair falls out and all that work to get it to grow back is wasted.

  6. Being a professional hair stylist, I really doubt the organic nature of this product. In addition, one of my clients had been using the NutriSol for a month and it did not help her much. I recommend you sticking to the concentrated all-natural products instead. Some of the worthy organic hair care products and remedies are described in this article.

  7. Yes, Minoxodil does cause hair growth, but I think that the First Product, which they give you to “prepare” your scalp for the 2nd product, containing the Minoxodil, may do something to combat the “dihydro-testoterone, which attacks the hair follicles and kills them. Without the 1st product the minoxodil would probably not work as well or on so many people. This may explain why it works better than other products which also contain minoxodil.

  8. I had a question about your product I have my cosmetology license and was wondering if I could purchase at a discount with my license

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