I am using the hair growth product called NutriSol-RM. The Company that markets this product (Scalpmed) claims this to be a FDA approved product. I was told that this solution Vitadil-5a is all made of herbs.

However some of the ingrediants seem to be chemical in nature.

Is this product safe to use? Is this FDA approved product?

Appreciate your advise!

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I have commented before on this line of products, but I could not tell you if they are safe or effective. I took a look at the FDA registry and found no approval of any reference to this product or company. You may wish to contact the company to find out why they claim FDA approvals when none can be found and if I have failed to find the link for FDA approval, I would be happy to publish a reversal of my opinion from the research I have been able to do. If there is no FDA clearance for safety and effectiveness and that is claimed by the company, then the FDA could shut the business down. Many times I wonder why the government does not do this when so many claims are made by various companies that are clearly false and misleading. The answer probably is that the government prioritizes the degree of ‘evil’ that any one violation is and then the government factors in their costs and available manpower for enforcement.