Caput Quadratum

dear doctor,
i am a 21 year old with a naturally high hairline. when i was a baby i had a caput quadratum (if i spelled it correctly). but now its bothering me a bit because people keep asking me if my hair is falling off. what do you suggest? thank you

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Caput quadratum is an irregular shaped skull resulting in frontal bossing or a prominent, sometimes square, forehead. It’s name implies a problem in newborn babies.

Using hair to change the appearance of the shape of the head is something that is worth considering. I have used hair transplants to hide skull defects in the frontal hairline by bringing it down, on the back of the head to make a flat skull appear rounded, and side of the head defects from brain surgery or accidents and I burn patients have had wonderful benefits from hair or scalp redistribution. Please send me some photos and let me know where you are and how to reach you by phone so that I can call you after I review the pictures. Anything we discuss will be kept private and will not be shared with my readership, that is, unless you specifically allow it. Please send your photos to the address on the Contact page.

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