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I’ve noticed there is no mention or link using the search engine on the site for CURETAGE. It is an all natural product. Just wanted a discussion about it, opinions,see if others have used it.

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There is no scientific data out there to prove that Curetage (which is a shampoo) will grow hair or prevent hair loss. There are many shampoo and herbal products which claim to have many beneficial effects on hair. I do not recommend one over the other. In fact, I do not and will not endorse any of them unless there is clear proof of hair regrowth or hair loss prevention.

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  1. I used Curetage for a year and did not get regrowth. However, it did prevent hair loss. When I stopped it, my hair started falling out again. I’m testing it again by using only the shampoo, and that seems to be the key to stopping the hair from falling out.

  2. I have been using Curetage for over 5 months and DID get significant hair growth. I am a 48 y.o. woman with very long hair. It also improved the condition and overall thickness of my hair. With my hair being as long as it is, I run out of the conditioner quickly. I noticed that when I used any other product, in this case, another conditioner, my hair began falling out again. I called the company, and they verified that it is detrimental to use other products and that if you must, not to let it touch the scalp.

    I have found that using all of the products that come in the initial package is most beneficial. Apparently, it is important to use the products diligently and exactly as instructed, which I have attempted to do. I would seriously doubt that using only the shampoo and none of the other products is the KEY. The only thing you will be saving is money. I believe they told me that it takes 8 – 12 weeks to notice results, which proved to be accurate…I believe it was about 8wks.

    I have also been taking Provillus for Women orally, but did not begin that until after having been on Curetage awhile, so it is hard to say how much benefit came from each product.

  3. I actually saw this product in a Menopause magazine in the doctor’s office. I went though early menopause in my late 40’s and started using it because my hair was coming out. I love the product and I felt that it stopped my hair from falling out and improved my long black hair. I used for many months and was so happy that I stopped using it but i did not notice the same results so I am going back to the product. I think it is great.
    I can’t say anything about hair growth…but my hair was thicker and stopped falling out.

  4. I have been usuing curetage for around 1.5 years. It took at least 6 months but my bald spot started to fill in. Now its almost completly filled in with hair. I have also noticed that the rest of my hair is fuller. people are starting to ask if its growing back.

    This product seems to take forever, but aleast is all-natural.

  5. Does any of the curetage products bring on temporary hair loss before regrowing hair? Or does it help you to keep what you already have and then help and aid you in repairing thinning hair?

  6. I just purchased the kit for oily hair.
    I am 47 and have been thinning for years, now it is noticable
    I refuse to use a product that is drug related and I also refuse to take something that will only work as long as you keep using it for the reat of your days on earth!
    Hopefully, this will work, I tried it today, thought my head was on FIRE with the root stimulator…oh boy!!
    I woke up fast! and to do that 2x a day???
    I will give it the month to see results/
    Can you tell I am desperate?
    I have thought about transplants, however, they say you need decent “donor” hair….I have whole head thinning…kind of like a guy, it will be that back slope head piece of hair left fo me…it’s not hard enought o be a woman in todays’ society and mother nature screwd me over big time.
    Thanks for listening! HA!!!
    Have a nice shampoo~

  7. Cher,
    I used Curetage for some time. It will prevent hair loss if used per instructions. However, if/when you discontinue use, it will come out again. Also, it takes more than a month to see results. More like 3-6 months.
    Good luck,

  8. I have had a very bad experience with this company and no results from their product line. In fact, their product line(Curetage that’s supposedly for dry hair) made my hair and scalp extremely dry. Then the company and their nasty employees are another issue. I am still in the process of trying to get my money back since they are supposed to honor a 30 day money back guarantee. Watch out for this company. Anything that helps your hair loss, then when you stop using the product, starts up your hair loss again is a bit suspicious to me. Also in their FAQs there is a question related to this and they(Curetage) claim that you will not have any adverse reactions to stopping their hair products. Also, I googled this company and found that they were sent a warning letter by the FDA back in 2001. Just thought you should be aware. I personally am very fond of the Pantene line of products for strengthening my hair and also supplements that can be taken internally have also worked well.

  9. My name is Lee Ann Caviness. My father, Mr. Wayne Morris, started the Curetage company 17 years ago. Anyone interested in learning about the curetage products can call to speak with me personally at 800-273-4246. I would like to respone to a few comments.
    -Julie Bacile has been a wonderful customer. Thanks for letting me know about this site!
    -Cheryl, Curetage can be ordered from the web site or over the telephone at the number above. Curetage ships to anyone anywhere.
    -M. Thomas, good things come to those who wait, LOL. The product does not work over night, that is true, but when used properly Curetage is quite effective; BEST results are usually beginning to be seen at around 6 months.
    -Johnny Kinge, The hair growth seen by Curetage does not produce temporary hair growth first. I have to say I have honestly never heard of anything like that. Curetage does help repair and thicken existing hairs, but Curetage also increases circulation in the scalp with natural vasodilators to send a surge of nutrient rich blood to the papilla so that it can start secreting a hair strand again. Curetage also helps remove DHT filled sebum from the scalp and hair follicles; your body is still producing DHT and your sebaceous glands are still secreting DHT, so we recommend taking the Saw Palmetto herb to aid the reduction of DHT production.
    -Toni, please keep in mind that Curetage is only treating a symptom of an underlying condition that is causing your hair loss. That is true of any and all products on the market. When you use a product that contains minoxodil, you must continue to apply the minoxodil for the rest of your life or the hair you have grown will fall back out, rapidly! Curetage does not contain minoxodil as it is an all natural product containing absolutely no drugs. If you stop using all of the curetage products, the symptom of hair loss will reoccur because you still have the underlying condition that is causing it. However, once you have gotten the results you’re looking for, you can use just the Cleanser for maintenance. The Curetage Cleanser does help to increase circulation and contains many of our active ingredients but at a lower percentage.
    Caroly, I need to completely and personally apologize to you. I am not aware of your specific issue, but would love to have known and been able to help at the time. We are a very small, family owned business. In March, we had two employees other than myself and my partially retired father. I had just given birth to a beautiful son in the prior July and was 2 months pregnant again. I did not have a healthy nor comfortable pregnancy and have been out of the office 99% of the time since then until this week. I’m back from maternity leave and feeling better than ever. We had a daughter in November. The two employees were, and still are, Joy and Frances. I have heard complaints about one of these in the past and have had discussions with her. She has been an employee off and on since the start of the business and knows so much about the product that replacing her at this point would be very difficult. I do assure you that although I have heard complaints from both customers and the other employee, I have never witnessed that sort of behavior from her myself. My point being, I am back at work now, and things will not be like that again! Our claim about adverse reactions is relevent to the many health risks involved in using a drug based product. There are no permanent negative effects from using the Curetage system. I am sorry that it did not agree with your hair and scalp. Some customers have actually had the opposite effect of their hair becoming more oily and needing to wash it more often. Everyone is different with different body chemistry. About the FDA letter. We did receive a warning letter from them concerning a phrase we were using in our advertising. “Curetage is the Cure, not just the Prevention”. This was illegal for us to say as our product has not been FDA approved to treat hair loss. UpJohn corporation spent 80 million dollars in research and studies to have minoxodil approved by the FDA many years ago. We simply don’t have anywhere remotely near that amount of capital to fund such an endeavor. The issue with the FDA was resolved promptly and the phrase was removed. We have had to add a disclaimer to our site and marketing materials. It is the same disclaimer you will see on amost every single natural based product designed to help a medical condition. That statement is: “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intneded to diagnose,treat,…” and so on. One last thing, taking supplements to help with hair growth is always a good idea. As I mentioned, saw palmetto will help with DHT. We also recommend taking a good quality multi-herb and vitamin complex designed to help with hair growth. We do not product either of these things. Curetage seems to work quite well for most people on its on, others need that added benefit of this supplementation, and then others are not successful at all. That is that way it is with any product. We are fortunate that our Curetage has a much higher perentage of satisfied customers than not. But, as with anything in life, it must been done properly to be effective. you can visit our web site to see what our locally produced clinical study showed.

    I just want to wish you all luck on your search for the ultimate good hair day. The key to success from any product that is worth its weight is patience. We live in a “quick fix” society today. Everything is at our fingertips the moment we want it. That just simply isn’t the way growing new hair is going to happen. Happy New Year!
    -Lee Ann

  10. I love Curetage. I have tried other natural products that did not work at all. It has lowered my hair loss substanitally…took 2 months before I felt the loss was so small it was normal. After 6 months I do have new growth…about an inch or more long. Soon I will begin using just once a day to see if the results are sustained. That will reduce the cost of the product.

    I and a partner have a healing website and would like to know if you work with affiliates? We promote many modalities, products and services that we have found work for us. As with any tool, food and movement all do not work for every person and also with most they must be on going. When we stop eating, drinking and moving death is near. I stopped using Curetage and it took about 6 months before my hair started falling out once again. This time I will continue the easy minutes a day program that costs less per month than a tank of gas or a meal in a nice restaurant.

    Thank You,

    Jacqueline Gorski

  11. Thank you, Lee Ann, for the forthright, clear responses to the entries above that preceeded your return to work. You’ve done your business a good service, it seems.
    Please continue to attend to the matter of your complaint-ridden employee; as you know, a poor personality representing even the best of products and management can turn off even the best of customers. You simply have too many competitors to resort to.
    I’ll continue to use the Curetage Cleanser and Conditioner, which seem to be keeping my scalp healthy and my hair reasonably full.

  12. i have use this shampoo for a month now because they told me it would be good for the hair as for my results since i have use it my hair has been falling off i have loss so much of my hair by using this shampoo i had beautiful curly hair now its loss because of this shampoo never will i use it again and will tell my freinds not to even try it at all

  13. I’ve been using the Curetage system for a month after seeing it supported by Dr. Whitaker (we subscribe to his newsletters as a reliable source of info) I feel that my hair is cleaner, I get a warming sensation with the root stimulator (gotta get that blood flow going) and love the fact that it doesn’t leave an oily residue like I had when using Rogaine for Women. That product always made my hair feel dirty. So I have no problem with applying it 2X daily and hopefully with my disciplined approach I will see some results soon. At 65 my hair has been thinning in the crown area for over 10 yrs and has become quite noticeable. If this product prevents more hair loss and I never regrow it, I will be delighted, b/c with anymore hair loss, I might be looking at wigs.

  14. My hair fell out due to thyroiditis last year. I lost about half my very fine hair. I was told by my physician to use men’s rogaine – not the women’s formula. I also added the Curetage system. as Dr. Whitaker sells it. It is difficult to say which, if either helped my hair to grow back as it was a temporary condition. The Curetage System (don’t just use the shampoo and expect hair to grow ! ) made the little hair left I had look shiny and fuller. Why sell the shampoo in the same size bottle when you have to use TWICE as much as the conditioner? Double the shampoo or put in two bottles. I wish you would offer a discount for regular purchasers….buy so many and get one free or offer free shipping since the product isn’t sold in retail stores. I continue to Curetage because my hair now looks and feels good !

  15. I have been a long time customer with Age Less Products for years off and on myself. I was searching through the internet looking for a new product when I stumbled across this site. I have read all the comments both good and bad. I can say that with time the products do work, at the least I know the shampoo and root stimulator do, they do take time and yes you do have to continue to use them as a daily regimen. This company has went through a lot of different employees some better than other’s. I saw the mention of two employees names one of which was always a “Joy” to talk to when she was working there, I had often spoke to Kendra as well and enjoyed talking to her. Tresa is phone appropriate. But the products do not give me justice anymore. And the phone talk you have with them since the president of the company passed away is not the same. The time I spent talking with Wayne and the other past employees was time that made me feel good about buying the products. They used to care about the customers and they knew about your lives and families and would ask you about them when you called in. What happened to the small family business that cared about their customers? Seems they have all disappeared along with the quality of the products!

  16. My wife and I use Curetage products regularly and have had great results from them. Unfortunately, we are not able to re-order these products! Does anyone know what’s going on with Curetage?

  17. I have been using Curetage products for approximately 15 years and have had good results. How can I reorder these procucts?

  18. Had my credit card charged about a year ago without receiving
    My usual 60 day shipment. Phone calls were not returned and
    My credit card was charged once again before
    I could stop the charge. By this time the phone
    Was no longer in service.
    Too bad, I really miss the product. Hope someone
    Eventually takes over the distribution of this product!


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