I Have No Hair On My Legs

i have never had hair on my legs or arms well at least much not enough to see unless your looking right at it up close why have i never grown hair on my legs? I fell shamed to wear shorts cause i have no hair on my leg can you tell me why is this?

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PantsYou were born with a ‘bald leg’ and it is just the way you are. It’s in your genes. If you are asking for a surgical or medical solution to your bald leg, there are no medications for bald limbs, but there are always hair transplants, though there are lots of drawbacks to them. If you get hair transplants to cover your arms and legs, the hair will grow out to pony tail length (or longer) and it will take a great deal of surgery. You will have to cut the hair and keep it trimmed to normal body hair length. When it grows, it will look like scalp hair, not leg hair.

As you can probably tell, I am am not enthusiastic to the hair transplant option for leg and arm hair, but I am sure there are doctors out there who would want to take your money and perform this type of procedure. I can however, recommend pants.

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  1. Dude, these days most guys don’t want hair, at least in the U.S. with the growing metrosexual trend. If people say anything about it, just say you’re a swimmer or something.

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