Trying 15% Minoxidil

I am a 46 year old balding man presently at class 5. I have tried minoxidil up to the 12.5% concentration (Xandrox) but has not worked for me. I also have had one transplant session of about 400 grafts (not NHI) but most of the grafts are gone and obviously am not happy with the result. I just wanted to know if you would recommend my continuing the 12.5% minoxidil or even try the 15% treatment just to slow down the balding process and keep me from going to class 6 or class 7.

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Your question is troubling me. Transplanted hairs are permanant and very successful so if yours failed, something is wrong. It is also troubling that you only had 400 hair grafts when you state you are a Norwood Class 5. That would hardly have an impact on your appearance. If your hair transplant was a failure, it is my opinion that you should follow-up with your original hair transplant doctor to discuss the failure with him/her. There are instances where patients believe their hair transplant was a failure because they also had ongoing hair loss. Could that be your situation?

Furthermore, if minoxidil 5% or 12.5% didn’t work for you, what makes you think 15% will work? Minoxidil, like all drugs, has its limitations and higher concentrations may have adverse side effects. Depending on your medical history and a good diagnosis of hair loss, I would also consider finasteride (Propecia) as another option.

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  1. im an androgynous person and can answer your question im not bald or something but i can help you out . if you are completely bald there is nothing you can do unless implant and take very little dose of female hormone only would work low dosage just to decrease the testosterone, if you are in the process of becoming bald . use minoxidil 15 percent from mopc lab cheap and great keep it on your hair till yuou take a shower don’t wash it and whey you take a shower use olive oil soap no frangrance from france marseill or arabic store no frangrance shampoo is very bad for you all chemicals garbage also take spiranolactone 50 mg a day and take 0.3 dose of female hormone one pill every 2 days just make sure you don’t take much so you won’t loose your masculinity. thes three things minoxidil 15 percent spiranolactone and low dosage of female hormone and if you like every other day take duodesteride of fincar 5 mg and your hair regrow guarantee and become thicker but hurry up . if you are too hairy like a middle eastern man you will become bald your loose hair on your head and they go to your body so do that and gurantee you will be fine don’t believe anything else trust me work perfectly , don’t eat processed food eat grains no to junk or canned food this is cancer and death to you and stand on your head the blood will goe down to your head and revitalize your scalp do that also . good night guys some men are handsome being bald

  2. I have used 30% minoxidil once a day for almost 11 years straight in the evening. I was able to get 90% of my hair back when I lost my crown in 1996 but I began using 2% minoxidil summer 1997 (twice a day) and 3 months later I went to 5% minoxidil twice a day, than in early 1998, I went to 10% gel formula than Spring 1998, I went to 12.5% minoxidil gel and by summer I went to 15% gel minoxidil and than early winter in 1999 I went to 20% cream formula and then by late summer 1999, I want to 30% minoxidil cream. I even want to my own doctor and also went to my cardiologist too, they did not seemed to be concerned and I never had any heart issues either. Every watch in minoxidil solutions when I upgraded stronger, went through a shedding phase and hair would grow thicker each solution strength. When I got to the 20% and the 30% minoxidil creams that’s when my hai really began to grow and feel in, along with 1mg Proscar once daily too.

    Today in 2010, I am still using the 30% minoxidil cream but I don’t use it 2 a day anymore, I only use it at night, just enough to put a dab on my index finger and rub it on, it is none messy and you can sleep with it on unlike the other solution, you hair feels sticky with the gels and Xandex solutions, they were terrible but they did up start the process so I could slowly work up the ladder but going from 2% to 5% to 10% to 12.5% to 15% to 20% to 30%, that is the best way to use the minoxidil chart ladder. You also have to allow 4 to 5 months on each solution so you can see the shedding phases through each solution and start the next as you need to see if the shedding is work so new hair forms. If you shed and grow new hair then the solutions work.

    Began the 2% with Rogaine and I use the 5% with Dr. Lee and Rogaine again, when I went to 10%, 12.5%, 20% and 30% I bought them from Community Drug but now it is called Murray Avenue Apothecary in Pittsburgh, PA.

    But the other thing I like since 30% is so spread able I can use one 60ml tube in almost a year, it costs me less money than the other solutions where you have to buy 60ml each month. Oh course I still use a 5% in the morning which I didn’t for 6 years as the Proscar weakens after 7 years of use, I decided to add the morning 5% which helps the weaken Proscar even though I still use it and I am glad I never went through using Avadart which is harmful.

    Anyway that is my story. YOu can try anything you want but they are so many guys who don’t go higher than 15% and after 2 years that have nothing more as once you reached the limit that strength can do, you have to go stronger to achieve the next level to get more hair. I mean I could go 40% or 50% minoxidil cream but I don’t need it, I am fine with the 30%, it works for me.

    I you have a pharmist, and if they can compound the minoxidil cream that ask but really you need a pharmacy that knows what they’re doing and has been making it for years. You don’t have to buy from Murray Avenue Apothecary but they seemed to know how just to make it for me.

    Bottom line I have no side effects and I go to the doctor for check up 3 to 4 times a year. I am 42 years old and I am healthy as a whisle. Good luck if you more up the ladder to try stronger. I have even gone to Dr. Lee who original proscribed the 20% and 30% minoxidil back in 1999 and I reported to him they worked. Even though Dr. Lee makes his own formula’s he does understand that stronger has helped some patients and I am one of them.


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