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I began losing my hair at 21. I began taking HCM’s EXT therapy and had no effect. I am now 24 and the balding is apparent. According to HCM representatives, a full head of hair consists of approximately 100,000 hairs and I only have approximately 50,000. The rep added that one hair transplant will only add approximately 2,500 hairs. Is this true? I can’t see this being noticeable. Further, HCM quoted me 12k for one hair transplant then stated that I would also need to take Propecia to “prevent” further hair loss. I am a graduate student, so money is scarce, but my desperation isn’t. So, I am on the verge of calling HCM tomorrow and purchasing their Bio-Matrix process because, according to an HCM representative, it replaces all 100,000 pieces of hair, looks and feels natural, isn’t noticeable to anyone, and it’s porous (so it doesn’t create bacteria/odor).

I’ve read you comments regarding the Bio-matrix process and you seem to see it just as a hairpiece. But, as stated above, its qualities are unlike those of a hair-piece. Are HCM representatives deceiving me? Is the Bio-matrix process not what it’s portrayed to be? According to an HCM representative, Bio-matrix attrition rate is only 7% (n=30/month). I would love to know why people like/dislike this product. Do you personally know anyone who is satisfied or disatisfied with the Bio-Matrix process? If not, do you know where I could read testimonials of such individuals?

Thank you for your time and consideration

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I am not a Bio-Matrix representative, nor have I had any scientific proof of their claims. I do know that a hair transplant is for life and it is a permanent way to replace hair. Male pattern baldness is also for life. Your questions and what you have been told has many truths. I have nothing bad to say about the Bio-Matrix product other than it is costly on a yearly basis. Be absolutely sure that you know the full costs before you buy into that system.

It is true that we are born with 100,000 hairs. That you have 50,000 left takes good metrics, something I estimate all of the time. Did your salesman measure your hair densities in each area of your head and show you the calculations? To have 50% of your original density, you would have to be a Class 5 or 6 pattern balding, so look at those charts and see if that makes sense. If you have only lost hair, say a Class 4A pattern, then you might have lost only 20% of your hair population. Clearly the less hair loss, the easier it is to transplant with a high density if that is your goal. Some people are willing to deal with hair systems like the Bio-Matrix system offered by Hair Club, but I am a freedom man. I do not want to have a no-touch zone around my head, something that you will have with a hair system and not transplants. Finances are a real issue as well, and I am convinced that these hair systems are far more expensive and they produce an annuity for companies like Hair Club, a revenue stream from people like you that keeps on giving. I particularly don’t like to use the term densities unless it is meant in measurement purposes as a doctor uses it. I think that patients need to focus upon fullness, because that is what they see. Take a look at Steve Hartman’s photos and see what he accomplished with around 4,000 hairs (1,895 grafts) put into an area that originally had 15,000 hairs. It is absolutely full in one surgical session in our hands, although he has less than 30% of his density returned.

If you are “desperate” as you state, you may consider a consultation with a medical doctor regarding your hair loss so you can map your hair loss and its miniaturization to plan your treatment accordingly. Most doctors offer consulations at no cost (yes, even a consulation with me is free)!

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  1. If you are considering the bio matrix please look at other options I myself went to Hair club for men in Toronto Ontario Cananda, I was shown many photos of “happy” customers so I paid the $2500.00 as I was told that the system would last a year I figured $2500 for a year isn’t bad, 2 months later it was like I was balding again, I was told I needed to be on a “program” which would give me 4 new bio-matrix systems “toupee” for the year which included 8 services. at only and extra $3000 a year. They never once told me about the “program” when I signed up. I am so unhappy, I need to use 10 products in the shower pretty much every day, the bio matrix is a toupee that they glue to your hair that is good on your head and you still need to replace the tape in the front every 3-4 days, I would love to be able to post my photos here as I am sure we have all seen thier photos of how someone has the system and they look great. It is so far from the truth, they will tell you what ever you need to hear to get you to sign thier contract. I would love to post my contract for everyone considering the bio matrix ” toupee” after reading it I am sure you would never even visit any of thier offices.

    I can only tell you that if you are considering Hair club for men do not visit the HCM in Toronto, the service is very poor, and the bio matrix is nothing more than a toupee.
    I thought by posting this that I would prevent other people in the same boat as me to not make the same mistake I did.

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