Hair Loss After Stitches in My Scalp

I’m 18 years and of african descent. My problem is that I’ve noticed that whenever I get my hair cut (down to the skin) the hair on the right-forward side of my head grows slower than the left. I have noticed signs of possible hair loss in future but nothing like this, hardly even a horseshoe pattern.

Also quite recently I was involved in an accident and got stitches on the boarder of my scalp (this was after I noticed thinning). I want to ask if this affects possible hairgrowth in the area. Thanks.

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It is not unusual to have hair loss around the scar for a distance of a mm or two. Most of the hair around the scar should grow back within a year but there may be a small area around the scar that will not grow hair. Sometimes, people who are genetically prone to hair loss may find that a bad cut or accident on the head could start the process off and without any balding present, the sutures can produce some hair loss. It may just appear as thinning or it could advance to general hair loss. If the scar is too big and unacceptable to you, hair transplants into the scar can help, but the diagnostic mapping of your head is critical for you to define just what is going on.

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