Flax Seed Oil and Hair Loss

I have been taking propecia for over 5 years and have not had a problem with thinning hair, until the past 6 months or so. I started taking Flax seed oil 1000 mg twice a day (which has a combo of omega 3, 6, and 9) one year ago recommended by my eye doctor for a dry eye condition. Now I notice my hair on the crown and front has become thinner and soft, and it seems more hair is falling out daily. Is it possible I’m losing hair due to too much flax seed oil?

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I doubt that flax seed oil caused your hair loss. I have not read anywhere that an omega 3,6,9 combo is associated with hair loss, but many people feel that we are what we eat. Simple vitamins in very high doses can be harmful, when in normal doses they are beneficial. The same may apply to flax seed oil, but I really do not know and would only be speculating here.

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  1. I think I have the same problem. My hair is very, VERY thick,and I have lots of it. But Recently I began using Flax seed oil, and my hair falls out in huge clumps in the shower and every time I brush it, it looks like I’ve taken out a whole section of my hair. Could the Flax seed oil be causing this?

  2. I am having the same problem as well. I having being taking way too much flax seed oil for a long time now and my hair has thinned a lot.

  3. Yes…I think you are right. I started taking the flax seed oil capsules and I’ve noticed that not only is my hair looking more greasy, but it is definitely thinning at a faster rate. I’m hesitant to stop though because the flax seed oil has fixed my digestive problems. I’M SO TORN!!!!

  4. I started using fax seed oil about 2 months ago and i notice that my hair has started to fall out in clonks. when i am in the shower i see clonks of hair. I have never had this problem in my life with hair loss.

  5. Why not try pharmaceutical grade fish oil? Longer chain Omega 3’s and I’ve yet to read anywhere about hair loss. In fact, Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard educated physician and a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, states in an aricle I read that they may be beneficial to growth and even re-growth.

  6. Wow! I just noticed that the improvement I had gotten over the past few months had reversed…and was wondering what i was doing differently. The only thing has been that I started using Flax See Oil (for the omega 3 benefits). I came on here to read of any correlation…that many ppl with the same problem must not be a coincidence. I am done with Flax see oil!!! (throwing out bottle)

  7. Dear sir,

    I am convinced that to much omega oil can cause hair loss. It can happen very quickly. I started taking a super omega oil, and now the crown of my head is almost bald. It has been very scarey for me. I really think that it was the fish oil. Please anyone feel free to respond.


    Stephanie Jackson

  8. i have been on fish oil supplements for the last six months and i have suffered terrible hair loss…but then im not sure if its the supplements or the hair straightening i did 3 months back that has caused this hair loss…just oiling my hair with essential oils to pevent further loss…

  9. I can’t believe this. I have been having the same problem. I started taking the flax oil earlier this year and then noticed about 4 months my hair was thinning. I think started to get super greasy hair. I use to be able to go about 3 days without washing and now 12 hours and it is incredibly greasy. My crown is what is thinning. Can someone please tell me if my hair will grow back??? I am not going to take this any more!

  10. I am beginning to think there may be some truth to this. My teenage son and I both take flaxseed oil. He takes it for his eczema and I take it to have dry skin. Not sure if this is a coincidence but over the months both he and I have been experiencing hair loss. My husband and daughter do not take it and they are fine.

    Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about flaxseed but now I am beginning to have my doubts. Has there been any more studies on this?

  11. I am convinced that flaxseed oil causes hair loss. I started taking the recommended 2 teaspoons per day and withon a hair cycle. about three months, I noticed dramatic hair loss, in wads and fistfulls, so I will not take it anymore. Will stick to my olive oil, tofu, canola. etc.

    1. Tofu is 1 of the WORST foods you could ever eat!! It causes hormonal imbalances, is GMO, and can even cause cancer! Canola oil is horrible for you, too – it is GMO! Non GMO organic grapeseed oil is a much better choice to cook with! Good luck!

  12. My hair loss started 4 years ago after knee surgery. My crown area is completely bald and very thin in the frontal region (I was told not to worry, this happens alot when you have surgery and it will grow back,they were wrong). I started drinking and taking a green tea supplement along with grapeseed extract, cinnamon and honey (local honey) everyday. I actually started seeing some progress (not alot but thicker hair shaft). I was also using a tea tree shampoo. My wife started taking flaxseed for arthritis. I checked out the benefits and thought I should try it. Great for my knee since it was still giving me trouble (I haven’t taken an ibuprofen since using flaxseed) but my hair seems to be retreating. Glad I came across this site.

  13. I have been taking fish oil capsules for the last six months and have experienced a lot of shedding, nothing else in my diet or my lifestyle has changed. There is clearly something wrong, considering all the feedback that has been received on this site with omega 3 fish and flaxseed oils. I have quit fish oil capsules entirely, hopefully the shedding will turn around to growth….fingers crossed.

  14. Is it true? I starting taking fish oil thinking it was GOOD for hair.
    Now it’s bad?

    Are there any studies showing that?

  15. I started taking an Omega 3 product with high ALA Flaxseed Oil a few months ago. My hair is (was!) very very thick and somewhat curly. I noticed incredible shedding and hair thinness one day after showering. It was alarming! This was the only thing that changed in my diet – adding this supplement. I feel that my skin has improved (over last year’s winter dryness) and I liked the idea of cardiovascular benefits, but I want my hair! I am giving the fish oil capsules up and am hoping for my full head of hair back.

  16. Since I stopped taking the flaxseed oil, it has been like night and day for me. My thick hair has returned! I am now convinced, too.

  17. I had no idea other people had the same problem as me… I also got some bacne from the fish oil too. I thought it would go away, but then my hair started thinning at the crowns like crazy. I’ve stopped omega 3 usage and the thinning has subsided for now! Thank goodness I found this forum or I’d be bald. I’ll update in a month or two to report any regrowth of my hair.

    It has to be androgen related. Omega 3’s really screwed with mine and thats why my hair fell out. Maybe because my body has never had omega 3’s it went crazy and started purging with acne/hair loss to tell me to stop hahaha.

  18. Hi dear friends ,I thank God for giving me the chance to see this imformation because I was thinking to use flax seed oil for it’s benefit ,I thank all my friends for their good help and I hope your beautiful hairs to grow again

  19. Thank you all, I was going to start taking flaxseed oil. I definitely will not!- FYI to all- i have been taking one a day for women and Vitamin C daily. My hair has been growing in healthy and longer but it will take some months to see results but it definitely works.

  20. OMG – I have been taking Flax seed oil for about 4 months now due to a small excema patch on my foot and have lost almost 1/2 of my hair. We had to call a plumbing company for an a clog and the plumber insisted it was a hand towel in the drain but upon closer inspection it was my HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very thankful that I found this site because I truly believe I would be bald in a matter of weeks if I continued taking the Flax seed oil.

  21. Hey,

    For the people who lost hair on fish and/or flax oil, how many of you have high metabolisms, acne problems, or heart palpitations? Are any of you diagnosed hyperthyroid?


  22. Steve,
    None of those problems for me you listed. I know for me when I stopped taking the pills my hair returned to its former state.

    Good question tho.

  23. I have been taking fish oil for about a year and a half and I have been also taking flaxseed oil for almost 6-7 months. I have not had any hair lose problems at all. I believe the benifits of flax seed are increased hair growth and shine? Anyway sorry…

  24. Jo, I noticed you said that you had thinning all over your hair? this could have been Telogen effluvium, a condition where your body loses hair after a cycle due to a shock from a dramatic life change or dietary change. I think, in your case, the omega 3’s caused your hairs to fall out in “shock” (the high dosage probabaly) but they ‘usually’ grow back for people suffering from this ailment. You said your hair returned after discontinuing use, so I’m glad! :)

    Now for myself, and a few others, I noticed a correlation between excessive scalp oil and crown thinning (and in my case, excessive facial oil). I believe the omega 3 oil had a dramatic effect on our androgen levels, clogged up hair follicles with all that sebum, and thus caused premature hair loss for us. I’m still not clear as to how or why this happened, but surely it did for me and for a few others who posted here as well. I’d like to know more from people who experienced thinning hair at their crown and or extremely oily hair from fish or flax oil. (dosage, duration, and current diet)

    comment here or toss me an email @ smricha1@uncc.edu

  25. Hey I have been taking fish oil omega three for about six months one capsule in the morning and for the last 40 or so days I have been taking a flaxseed oil at night, and have noticed increased shedding, and thinning I am 25 with no history of balding on either side of the family tree, as I am stopping the oils now how long before I notice a change. Ex: hair growing back or what not

  26. Wow, thank god for Google searches! I’ve been taking Flaxseed oil capsules (8x1000mg/day) and DHEA (4x25mg/day) to support testosterone production in my body. I love the results as far as muscle growth and fat burning but my hair has been falling out at an alarming rate lately. I had no clue the two might be related.

    Needless to say those supplements are in the trash right now.

  27. Hello,
    What is a safe dose of fish oil for hair ?
    I take 2 grams daily for dry skin .Is it good ?
    I read that too much marine oiles can over stimulate immune system and deplete alopecia

  28. I’m so glad i came across this website. I have been on flaxeed oil for soooo long & have lost most of my hair. I thought I was taking it to make my hair thicker but it was the reverse but i had no idea??? My mum recommended it to me after reading some health book. Oh dear….I just swallowed one after dinner! I’m definitely going to stop taking them!!!
    thanks to all of you for the info I really appreciate it.


  29. I started taking flaxseed oil, B12 and E for the past 6 months and notice hair loss. I did not know if any of these could be the cause. From these comments I see that many people are having and issue with laxseed oil. Has anyone who experienced hair loss and stopped taking the oil notice their hair grow back or is it permanent?

  30. Hi Dawn,
    It took about 2 months after I stopped taking the flaxseed oil to feel like I had my regular head of hair back. It has been about 7 months now and I never had any repeat episodes – my hair is still very full and thick.

    Hope this is the answer for you too.

  31. I have been taking flax seed oil for about 3 – 4 years and my hair started to shed excessively as well. I didn’t think it was the flax seed but another herb that I was taking. I stoppped that herb but continued with the flax seed (using the ground milled because it is supposed to help lower cholesterol). The shedding had decreased afterwards and I had stopped taking the flax seed for several weeks and the shedding decreased some more; but not realizing the flax seed was causing some of the shedding I started taking it again and have noticed that the shedding has increased. I noticed more hair was coming out than normal when I blow dried it. After reading these blogs I will stop using the flax seed and see what happens. I do hope that it grows back. I have started using the Nioxin shampoo system to see if it will strengthen my scalp to where it used to be.

  32. I am experiencing the same symptoms as well. I began to observe hair loss and thinning after using flax seed oil capsules for 4 months. Can someone explain why this happens?

  33. Well,after reading the comments u guys hav posted/…i dont think flax seed oil would a be good idea..does it really affect ur hair? i was taking supplements,which i had to stop cause of sudden hairfall..but now its much better since ive stopped…i was going to start having flax seed oil but i guess it would be a wrong move..!!would it?

  34. Perhaps someone can help me. I have been taking Flax Seeds, not Flax seed oil, for the past year after reading an article that claims the Lignans found in the actual Flax seeds, not the oil type, helps prevent the loss of hair. My hair has thinned slowly over the past few years but nothing alarming and it is not greasy like some people claim the oil has caused them. I definitely will not take Flax seed oil after reading about the negative experiences people have with it, but does anyone know if the ground up Flax seeds can accelerate hair loss?

  35. I have been rechearching for 8 months to try to find reason for my hair loss, I stopped my HRT thinking it was the hormones, All my blood work came back fine, I have been losing hair for about a year it’s really bad, on top and sides, I take a lot of vitamins but on same ones for 9 years. BUt I did start ground flaxseed a year ago, I was just going down the liost and thought I would check on comments about flaxseed. WELL I HAVE TO THANK EVERYONE, I will be stopping the flaxseed as of today, I hope We found the solution to our hair loss. THANKS EVERYONE

  36. I too am done with flaxseeds. It would help if a warning were placed on the product and possible side effect of hair loss. I’m convinced, whether taking ground flax seeds or flax seed oil, it accelerates hair loss. Perhaps the retailers prop the flax seeds so our hair falls out and then they can sell us their crap, ineffective products for millions of dollars which do little more than decrease libido and empty our wallets. It’s like a tire salesman dumping nails on the road to increase business.


  38. Well, despite Derek – who really shouldn’t feel THAT good about himself — I didn’t get to this site by mistake. I started seeing hair loss recently and the only thing I’ve done differently is add an Ultimate Omega-3 supplement as of about 6 weeks ago.

    It’s known that Omega-3 can CAUSE inflammation in rare cases, which is the opposite of its usual benefits. So it stands to reason that while it might be good for most people’s hair, it can cause hair loss in a few. I guess we are the rare instances…..

  39. I am shocked to read all your horrible experiences with Omega 3! But I fear, I have to report a very similar problem.

    I already have hair loss since June 2008. My endocrinologist and dermatologist refer the cause to hormones, because I changed from to strongest contraceptive to a lesser strong also in June.

    The next weeks and months I realized an increasingly amount of hair loss. Due to the fact that I also was on a 1350 calories diet for weight reduction I supposed that the cause also could base on a lack of essential fats. So I started to take SALOMON OIL FISH CAPSULES, 6×500 mg per day.

    This was two months ago. And ALSO TWO MONTHS AGO my hair loss curiously started to increase! I was deeply depressed and asked myself, what in the whole world was wrong with me.

    Since that time I am loosing about 150-300 hairs a day. Three weeks ago I started with minoxidil 5%, and now I get shedding. :( Yesterday I lost 400, today 300-350 hairs. :(

    Regarding the overwhelming experiences from here I will now quit taking salomon oil capsules! And I thought they were good for hair growth…

  40. ^ I apologize, the link I posted is an article also linked to snake oil wonder cures for hair loss and I in now way have anything to do with that business nor do i endorse spam. I really would know if IT IS just a bunch of nonsensical marketing scare mongering or genuine. Sorry again.

  41. I have been taking Flaxseed oil pills for at least a year and I have shedding and baldness around my temple area’s. I going to stop taking them today. I believe that it’s the pills because it doesn’t matter what I do to my hair it still is shedding.

  42. I started taking what is marketed as a good quality cod liver oil and a few weeks later my hair started falling out. I had always had very long and very thick hair. The only difference I had made in my diet before my hair starting falling out was the taking of the CLO. I stopped the CLO but my hair loss had been very, very quick and dramatic – within about 3 weeks of the loss beginning it was so bad that I shaved my head. I still really didn’t think it was the CLO and put it down, primarily, to experiencing a very cold winter while living in a shed (while building). Part way into summer my hair started growing back – four and a half months after the loss. It was doing fairly well. Three months later I began taking CLO again and the hair loss started again. Once again I stopped the CLO but really didn’t think that could be the cause as I know it is supposed to be hugely beneficial to your health. Seven months later my hair has mostly grown back but is thin and white in a circular pattern around the head. I had just started taking CLO again a few weeks ago and flax seed oil two weeks ago. I’ll now stop both. I’ve tried everything to help stop the hair loss and then regenerate growth but can’t say I’ve found anything that helped dramatically either way and because the loss stopped gradually, then the hair has grown back slowly, it is difficult to say if anything I’ve been taking/doing has helped. It’s been great to read that I’m not the only one and I’ve got accustomed to looking a bit strange, with very short patchy hair, but I still find it challenging at times, going out in public without a hat.

  43. Flax seed oil turns RANCID very quickly! You should never buy or take flax seed oil or supplements that are NOT refridgerated! Once the oil is rancid it can actually be toxic to your body! This is probably the real culprit of the hair loss. I take only Refridgerated Flax seed oil and have noticed a considerable increase in hair growth…I have actually been losing hair over the last five or so years…hereditary…but now it is getting thicker. When using Flax seed oil…NEVER use it to cook and take it within fifteen minutes of pouring it out of the bottle or it will become rancid. As for flax seeds…buy them whole…they can last months without becoming rancid(but keep refridgerated or frozen)…but do not eat them whole because your body cannot digest them whole…instead grind them in a coffee grinder and sprinkle on salad or whatever and eat them within fifteen minutes of grinding. A good rule of thumb…if the flax seed oil tastes or smells fishy…it is rancid. Good flax seed oil will have a nutty smell/taste. Many oils can go rancid over time…but flax seed goes rancid rapidly and again…rancid flax seed oil is toxic!! Always buy the oil in refridgerated form in a DARK bottle and keep in the fridge and pay attention to the expiration date. Usually you can only find it refridgerated at a health food store. Supplement capsule form is almost always rancid before you even buy it because it is kept on the shelf. Also refridegerated oil only has a two to three week life before turning rancid…so unless you use a lot on a short amount of time…buy small bottles. Anyway…I found this article because my hair has been growing and getting thicker since I started using flax seed oil about two months ago so I was was searching to see if it was due to that. Be very careful with any oil(or oil supplement) but especially Flax seed and know what kind of shelf life it has before going rancid!

  44. One more thing…if you buy Flax seeds…buy them whole and grind them yourself…do NOT buy preground…otherwise they too will be rancid before you buy them. And just a FYI…rancid=spoiled….rancid=toxic!!

  45. I give my dog an Omega Blend which has a mixture of cold pressed (this is essential!) flax seed oil, shark liver oil, sunflower oil and wheat germ oil. This mixture ensures that the Omega 3, 6 and 9 are correctly balanced. Her coat has become thick and lustrus and shiny and her dry eye is also basically fixed if I make sure I give it to her reguarly (1/2 – 1 tsp every 1-2 days). At one stage the oil was not refrigerated when she was at the vets and then she fought against taking it but as soon as I bought a new bottle she licks it off the spoon as she used to.

    I think the balance of oils is the problem, not the oil itself. The Western A Price website says you should always take Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil…

  46. Thank goodness for this website! I am a female age 29 and have always had a full/thick head of hair (so thick I often complained about it being too thick!). Alpopecia (genetic) does not run in my family (no one on either side suffered)and I haven’t been diagnosed with any medical problems suggestive of/ related to hair thinning/loss. Over the past several months I have been noticing the top of my head and especially the widow’s peak are extremely thinned out and I’ve been freaking out that I may be losing my hair. After cogitating over the issue day and night for the past several weeks, I began to wonder if this loss could be due to the 3000 mg of Flaxseed oil I’ve been taking for 6 mos. now. My hair seems to be getting thinner by the day & I recently upped my dose of FO to 4000 mg because I read it was soooooo good for you! I liked it at first because it seemed to clear up my oily/acne prone skin, but I want my hair back! Will post in a few months to let you know if it does. Please, do not take this oil if you value your thick head of hair!

  47. Re taking the cod liver oil with butter oil – I was doing this but am wondering whether the cod liver oil had become rancid. I’d kept it in the fridge but I can’t remember exactly how long it had been opened. I think one lot was freshly opened, but one lot was a few months old.

    My hair is finally growing fairly well again. It may be coincidence, but I’ve been taking something called MSM which apparently provides sulphur, and nettles in a powdered form. Actually, I’ve tried heaps and heaps of things, but improvement in hair growth coincided with taking the last two. I’ve also been taking Evening Primrose Oil occasionally, in capsule form, but am wondering if this can become rancid. I guess so, seeing as it’s an oil.

  48. I have been searching post on Flax Seed Oil.

    I have had a phonominum to accur while using flax seed oil.

    I am 44 years old and pre-mature grey at the age of 30.
    I started using flax seed on the advice of my dietician , to help me in changing my diet due to diabetes. Here is the phonominum , with in one month of taking one 1000 mg flax seed oil capsules twice a day . In one month I noticed my grey hair was returning to is natural color. I was so amazed. My wife asked did you color your hair ? I said no – She was totaly upset because she like the grey. I on the other hand felt I have found the fountain of youth- words could not discribe.
    I know everyone’s body chemistry id dif. and this may not have the same effect to others .
    I would like to hear from those that have had this same phonominum to happen with flax seed oil. Please email me at shane_mcguirt@bellsouth.net


  49. This is my first post on this forum which I discovered in searching the internet for any connection between hair re-growth and flax seed use.

    A few years ago, I began incorporating flax seeds into my diet as a inexpensive means of adding fiber, lignans and ALA (the main Omega-3 in flax) after having read a book on flax. Within 8-12 weeks I made a stark discovery: that my hair became noticeably thicker and stronger with some moderate regrowth as well. Formerly, I had fine, thinning hair that was easily combed/brushed. Now, I am happy to report that brushing my hair requires considerably more effort to style and for the past several years have held any additional hair loss completely in check.

    As it turns out, what I discovered is this: there is a lignan compound in flax seeds that inhibits the production of an enzyme that converts testosterone into di-hydro testosterone (DHT) which is the chemical that builds up in aging males and begins to destroy hair follicles. Of course, flax seed oil contains no lignan compounds and will most likely not prove to be beneficial (and, as it appears from reading through these posts) that it may actually encourage hair loss if used to excess.

    Hope this helps.


  50. Flax seeds will most definitely assist in hair regrowth as I am a living example. A few years ago I incorporated 2-3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed in my diet and within 12 weeks I noticed that my formerly, fine thinning hair was growing in with considerably more thickness and strength such that brushing was a more arduous task than it had been formerly. I also noticed some regrowth as well and to this day (some 3 years into my regimen) I have kept hair loss completely in check.

    As it turns out, flax seeds contain a particular lignan compound (lignans are absent in flax seed oil by the way) that inhibits the production of an enzyme that converts testosterone into di-hydro testosterone (DHT), the chemical compound that is the leading agent for promoting hair follicle destruction in male pattern baldness.

    Hope this helps.


  51. I have been taking fish oil for about 6 months, I noticed hair loss within a few weeks. My hair now it so thin and I loose sooo much hair everyday, I haven’t taken it for about two weeks. Has anyone noticed their hair loss improving after stopping fish/flaxseed oil?

  52. Hello everyone. I’ve been checking out the comments here since about September, and decided today that I must post. I “encountered” alopecia almost a year ago. It started with one spot in the back late January 2008 and by the end of April, I had only a few sprigs on my whole head. It’s been devastating. I’ve seen two dermatologists and an acupuncturist (none of whom has really been very helpful, so I cry a lot). I’ve asked all of the right questions, such as, could it be something I’m ingesting. The doctors say no, it’s just your immune system in overdrive.

    I however, am certain it is something I ingested, that being flax oil and flax seeds. When this condition began, I was using both: I’d take the capsules and sprinkle the seeds on just about everything. After finding this website I decided to stop using any form of flax. That was in October. I think that, in conjunction with Clobetasol ointment that the dermatologist prescribed, has contributed to a modest hair regrowth in some (though not enough) areas.

    Then I read the last couple of posts here and on Jan. 5 and decided I would try using flax seeds again. I used a small amount daily (I missed one day), a little less than a tablespoon sprinkled on oatmeal.

    Today I was horrified to see that I am shedding hairs. I have dumped the flax seeds in the trash. I think flax products are probably beneficial to most folks, and it is us rare ones who have a hair loss reaction to it. I intend to tell the dermatologist about this, but I don’t expect to be taken seriously.

    My recommendation is that if you are using flax products and you see hair loss, trash the flax immediately.


  53. The overwhelming majority CANNOT BE WRONG, especially women who usually don’t have as big a problem as men with hair loss. I am done with ‘flax oil’ starting now! For anyone who have been taking commercially advertised products, I read that as soon as you stop using (any and all of)these harsh chemicals, hair loss accelerates noticeably.

  54. From a nutritional standpoint we tend overdo things in this society, believing that if regular, small doses are beneficial, mega-doses must be even better. Recall too, that flax oil by itself contains no lignans and therefore lacks the prime ingredient which ihibits the production of 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme which converts Testosterone into DHT. Just 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed a day–that’s all it takes.

    In this way, you are ingesting the flax product as a FOOD and not as a concentrated, clincally derived nutritional supplement that does not comport with the body’s natural biochemical processes.

  55. what is wrong with you people? are you all working in a radiation factory or something? My wife and I started taking ground flax seeds every day, (two table spoons) she had lost some hair due to pregnancy and it was hereditary for me, and within a few months my hair got thicker around the crown and the temples, little hairs started to grow. My wifes hair is thick again!

  56. Man, I’m glad I saw this. I’m, 29 male, no balding history in the family and I was having some issues as well. My eye doctor recommended fish oil against the dry eye I was having after lasik surgery. For some reason I had the feeling that it was the fish oil causing my hair to thin at an alarming rate. After reading all these posts I will stop an see what happens.

    Just one comment about the flax seeds vs the oil only:

    Our bodies developed over millions of years eating NATURAL unprocessed foods. Not capsules or other similar crap. PROCESSED FOODS ARE KILLING US !!!! or making us bald, which is almost as bad. We really need to get back to the natural stuff. I always thought the natural foods people are just a bunch of crazies but I think I get it now … I’m suspecting that’s why the seeds are helping but not the oil alone.

    I’m gonna be real mad at my eye doctor if my hair loss reverses.

  57. It’s a serious issue, in which there is no place for suggesting that something is wrong “with you people” with comments that we work in a “radiation factory or something.” TK, your comments about processed foods are on the right track. You can add prescription drugs to the list, even those commonly used to (unsuccessfully) treat alopecia, with their many injurious side effects. In my opinion, the medical/insurance “industry” isn’t too interested in truly researching alopecia. A basic knowledge of how the body functions will inform anyone that alopecia doesn’t just happen. There is a cause. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone here has consulted someone in the health care profession about there alopecia, specifically, a naturopathic/homeopathic practitioner. Seems to me to be the way to go, and I’ll post regularly to keep you abreast of my progress.

  58. I’ve consulted lots of health care professionals – naturopath, kineseologist, 2 TCM drs, 2 medical practitioners – nothing worked – although I declined the steroid treatment suggested by the medical practitioner.

  59. Wow.Im a holistic health practitioner.what an eyeful.got this link off NaturallyCurly.com.Looking for natural hair products.Like a flaxseed hair gel(I just Made), after soaking seeds for 8 hrs, now im “uncooking them in a rehydrator overnite at 115 degrees, making it a live food, preserving the enymes.Some call this sprouting,(or a raw,live, food)but the seeds are easier to digest.taste great.I had heard that eating the raw,ground seeds could cause certain problems, but not this.Funny thing, when I quit using sulfate containing shampoos,purchased a whole house water filter(chlorine in water breaks off hair)My hair quit breaking off completely.But also around the same time, started only using the sprouted seeds, in smoothies, when I used it.MMMMMMM?????????Michele B.HHP

  60. “what is wrong with you people? are you all working in a radiation factory or something? My wife and I started taking ground flax seeds every day, (two table spoons) she had lost some hair due to pregnancy and it was hereditary for me, and within a few months my hair got thicker around the crown and the temples, little hairs started to grow. My wifes hair is thick again!”

    Exactly the point I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET ACROSS. Read my posts #65 and #69 people!!

  61. Heres my situation, I would appreciate any advice.
    I am now taking 1000mg of krill oil as of today (supposed to be stronger than fish oil), and I never eat seafood at all (don’t eat fish, nothing) . I am already balding a little bit (not because the krill oil, as I just started today).
    I am now really scared that I may lose more hair, but also have been told that since I get no seafood I need this…. dang.

    Thanks so much to those who read this or reply.

  62. Here’s a question for everyone who appears to have had a bad reaction with their hair and using flax: Prior to your hair shedding, did you have any type of prescription medication, even very short-term use, as short as 3-5 days? Again remember, what is good or works (or has no impact) for one person could have negative effects on another. Prescription medications may have some interaction that we have overlooked. I’m certain that that is what happened in my case.

  63. Flax seeds will most definitely assist in hair regrowth as I am a living example. A few years ago I incorporated 2-3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed in my diet and within 12 weeks I noticed that my formerly, fine thinning hair was growing in with considerably more thickness and strength such that brushing was a more arduous task than it had been formerly. I also noticed some regrowth as well and to this day (some 3 years into my regimen) I have kept hair loss completely in check.

    As it turns out, flax seeds contain a particular lignan compound (lignans are absent in flax seed oil by the way) that inhibits the production of an enzyme that converts testosterone into di-hydro testosterone (DHT), the chemical compound that is the leading agent for promoting hair follicle destruction in male pattern baldness.

    Hope this helps.

  64. I stumbled across this thread and I think the same thing happened to me regarding hair loss and Omega oils.

    The difference though in my case is that I don’t take flax seeds or the oil. It’s fish oil from a Geniune Health product.

    I’ve always had a full head of hair. People have always made remarks about it. My hair is almost straight. Never noticed anyt thinning before.

    I started taking the fish oil around the beginning of last year. Around mid-summer people at work were commenting that my hair was thinning. Particularily around the crown.

    Of course I was upset and mystified at how quickly it seemed to appear. To be honest, I’m in my early 40’s so this may just be age.

    But after reading this and the numerous people reporting hair loss from flax seeds/oil I think there might be a connection between my hair thinning and the fish oil I take.

    The dosage is high.
    Each half teaspoon contains 2157 mg from sardines and anchovy.
    The EPA amount is 1078mg while the DHA is 54mg.

    And to be honest a lot of the times I take more than half a teaspoon.

    I originally took this product for the cardio benefits and the claims that high dosage of this ratio helps with moods.

    Now over a year later, I’m going to stop taking this and see what happens.

    I’m currently taking Pumpkin Seeds oil and Saw Palmetto in the mean time but might drop these to see what happens next.

    Keeping my fingers crossed…..

  65. Todd wrote:

    “But after reading this and the numerous people reporting hair loss from flax seeds/oil I think there might be a connection between my hair thinning and the fish oil I take.”

    Just to be clear, people posting here have reported on an apparent link between flax seed OIL use and hair loss, not with the whole flax seeds themselves, which I and Tommy (post #71) have stated has the opposite effect on hair.

    My goodness, this can be an exercise in frustration. Probably what I need to do is produce an informecial on consuming freshly ground flax seeds for hair restoration to get people’s attention.

  66. Tie,

    Can you elaborate, please? I have checked every post in this thread and in every case, to the best of my determination, those that experienced hair loss were solely using FLAX SEED OIL and not the raw flax seed itself.

  67. has hair lost due to these oils regrown for u guys? i’m not seeing many people return to post their experiences after stopping the oil.i have been taking fish oil capsules for 3 months now. triple strength 2x/day and my hair has been shedding. i just now put two and two together. how long before regrowth takes place?

  68. is it the vitamin a in the oil that is cauing the hair loss. anyone experiencing other symptoms of excessive vitamin a intake, like liver problems or joint pain?

  69. Re post 85, I’m on to my 4th cycle of hair loss now. Each time it has taken approx. 3 months to 6 months after I’ve stopped taking the oil for my hair to start regrowing – I’ve experienced hair loss twice with cod liver oil (it was only after the 2nd time and knowing that CLO was the only change I could think of that I made the link and found this site). The third time I started taking Evening Primrose Oil and my hair, which was was growing well again, began falling out again and I lost my eyebrows! Nearly a month ago, my hair was growing back all over with only a couple of very small bald spots – still no eyebrows – so I thought I’d test it again, seeing as my hair is still very very short and I was very curious – I bought a different but still good quality brand of CLO, to try one more time before my hair started getting length to it and about 10 days later I lost most of the eyelashes from one eye. The hair loss always occurs around 2 weeks after I start taking the oil – give or take a few days.

    I wondered about Vit A overload, but does Evening Primrose Oil have Vit A?

    I haven’t had prescription medication ( in reply to post 79) for years and years.

    I’m wondering about rancidity being an issue. There was nothing else that I started taking at the time that I began the Evening Primrose Oil.

    I’m still taking Vit E in oil form, but otherwise am not going to take anymore oils, fish or otherwise.


  70. Julie said:

    “I’m on to my 4th cycle of hair loss now. Each time it has taken approx. 3 months to 6 months after I’ve stopped taking the oil for my hair to start regrowing – I’ve experienced hair loss twice with cod liver oil (it was only after the 2nd time and knowing that CLO was the only change I could think of that I made the link and found this site). The third time I started taking Evening Primrose Oil and my hair, which was was growing well again, began falling out again and I lost my eyebrows!”

    Why would you continue taking these sort of supplements after your bad experiences? It’s like I stated (by now 2 or 3 times) that Evening Primrose oil, Cod Liver oil, Omega-3 laden Fish oil, Flax oil, etc. is highly concentrated and probably most people posting here are taking WAY too much of it. Evening Primrose is not a high source of Vit. A by the way, but rather contains high levels of Vit. E, prostoglandins and is a highly potent source of an omega-6 EFA, known as gamma-linolenic acid. The above can be found in more human health-friendly amounts and managable levels in the whole flax seed and hemp seed.

    Why don’t you people TRY EATING FOOD once and for all and give up on ingesting handfuls of concentrated, clincally manufactured goo? This culture is just far too hung up on expensive, ultra-concentrated supplements.

  71. julie, i’m sorry and i really hope that u have full and lasting regrowth. i have a lot of experience with illness and natural healing and attempted healing w pharmaceuticals. at the end of the day, all i have concluded is that michael is right. our bodies have evolved over millions of years. they are immensely complicated. it really is naive to think that we could outsmart our physiology w a pill or what have u. modern medicine hasnt been around long enough to compete.

    i have more hope in areas that have been around for hundreds of years, like ayurveda. they say that certain oils are good for your hair, but as topicals, nothing to be ingested.

    i think if u give urself enough time, ur body will find a way to revive ur hair and restore its balance. we really just end up getting in our own way with these different concoctions that we try.

    best of luck!

  72. Thank God for the internet and this blog. I was getting seriously depressed trying to figure out why my hair was falling. Trust me I would have been fully bald in a couple of weeks had I not discovered this. Have been on various medicine courses and diet plans for many months now. Even my doctor couldn’t understand what was wrong. She kept blaming me for not taking medicines on time etc. Finally I started googling on general reasons for hair fall and eventually reached here. Never occurred to me that something so simple could be causing it.

    Going back to my memory, I now see the hair fall started almost immediately after I started taking cod liver capsules.
    Scalp does not itch or scale, hair just keeps falling out – even when I run my hand through it. Once just to test hair strength, I tried pulling out a little and was horrified to find a whole tuft came out painlessly !

    Another symptom is greasy skin. I have had very dry skin for practically my entire life and now my face just oozes oil all the time.
    There is definitely a link between cod liver/ flax seed oil and hair loss. May not be the case for the majority of the population (this topic started in 2006), but for few who are genetically or otherwise wired to be susceptible to whatever these things contain.

    Am praying my hair grows back soon.
    Have two very simple tips for hair loss that really worked before I started taking this poison.
    1) Rub your fingernails 5-7 mins 2 times a day
    2) Yogic exercise shirshasan 2 times a day – basically means standing on head.

    How these exercises exactly work I do not know – I only know they definitely work over a couple of months.

    Happy growing….

  73. A few months ago, I started massaging oil into my very long hair- (everyday) .. I have very dry hair you see…. as a result …I have lost so much hair!!!!…It use to be very thick.. now it is thin!…I just started taking flaxseed oil a few days ago!!- so glad I came across this site!!.. might give the oils a miss I think.. from now on I’m staying away from oils, internally and topically!..

  74. OMG, I am having the same problem. In the shower i see a buch of hair and when i just run my fingers through my hair a whole bunch just comes out!! I am actually taking biotin, fish oil and borage oil. I swear im losing hair like crazy.. over the weekend I didnt take it and call it a coinsidence but when i run my fingers through my hair nothing comes out!!
    ill keep you posted…

  75. I’m 22 and 2 years ago I started incorporating a lot of omega-3 fatty acids – mainly from fish- in my diet and at the same time limiting the amount of omega6’s. Since then I took a moderate amount of cod liver oil and fish oils (approx. 0.5gr/day). Since a year ago I have noticed hair loss. To the contrary, I thought that omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory and may promote hair growth. By the time I came across this blog, I was completely unaware of the existence of this kind of negative correlation. I’m desperate.

  76. Just to update everyone, I’m continuing to use 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed every day along with some hemp protein powder and the results on my hair have been nothing short of phenomenal. The consistent use of flax seeds has done so much to restore, strengthen and thicken my formerly thinning hair.

  77. hey everyone,

    just came across this board and it seems quite scary. I’m currently taking a fish/flax blend called Theratears Nutrition which my eye doc gave me for dry eyes. It seems to be working. Eyes feel good, but face is a tad bit oily. The info on these is: 1g Flaxseed Oil, 450mg EPA (fish), 300mg DHA (fish), 183 IU Vitamin E (to preserve oils). Anyone take these and have hair probs with these? Perhaps you all are taking much higher dosages? Did the hair loss just affect your scalp or body hair too (eyebrows,eyelashes, etc.)? I would really like some insight on all this.


  78. Hi Marc

    I made the mistake of consuming flaxseed oil and fish oil, suffered terrible hair loss as a result. The oily face is one of the symptoms. My face and scalp became extremely oily. I once joked that you could lubricate a car engine with the oil that was coming off my head, only 2/3 hours after showering, my face and scalp was already getting very oily. Stop with the all the oil before it’s too late. Flaxseeds (not oil) seems to work OK. THe lignans in the seed appears to combat the negative effects of the estrogen raising response, caused by the oil(only) consumption. Good luck…

  79. hi George,

    I’m so torn. It does help my eyes a lot, but now I’m wondering if it’s worth it. How long after the fish/flax combo did ur loss happen? was it gradual/sudden? Was hair from other parts affected as well (face/eyebrows/lashes)? Do u remember the dosage you took? I was going to try something called Udo’s 3.6.9 (high in flax,sunflower,evening primrose) but got scared at such a high omega 3 content in them. I thought I was safe with the lower dose Theratears nutrition.


  80. It’s been a little over a month since I stopped taking the fish oil capsules. Rate of hair fall has decreased but it’s still falling. Face and scalp still very oily. On the plus side, am seeing some hair growing back/ thickening in some pockets.

  81. OMG! Like most of you I too stumbled on this site while researching the benefits of flaxseed. I saw another site that talked about all the great benefits flaxseed, flax oil, and ground flax have. Someone posted a question on that site asking about hair loss which got my attention and had me digging deeper into more sites on flax. I have been taking fish oil 2/day for the last month, and prior to that, off and on for some time, thinking they were helping. I have also been taking biotin for hair growth for a few weeks because I noticed my hair had become thin to the point of having to pay $$$ to add some hair extensions in to get some fullness but these are expensive. Today I purchased some ground flax but after reading all the comments, I am afraid to begin taking it despite claims to help lower cholesterol, help with asthma, and help with skin complexion…all things I was interested in. Now I feel as though I should toss the fish oil and flax. Has anyone seen benefits from taking the vitamin biotin in terms of hair growth?

  82. I’m so glad I found this site. I started taking flaxseed oil supplements for their health benefits about 5 months ago, and my hair has noticeably thinned. I had been taking a Fish oil supplement for the 2 years prior so I’m not inclined to think it is causing me a problem, but I’m not willing to risk any more hair loss so I’ll stop it all for now.

  83. Now I am really confused? Aside from the flax oil controversy…..I stopped eating and drinking soy this week I also read an article about the negative soy consumption for men. Apparently excessive soy consumption may cause low libido and breast problems in men

  84. Thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences. I have been terrified over the last two weeks by the amount of hair loss I suddenly began experiencing. Desperately searching for answers, I was led to this site and have found some comfort in knowing that I am not alone. I appreciate any feedback.

    I am a 33yr-old female, and for years I have had very long, thick hair. While not particularly vain, the thought of loosing my hair has been devastatingly frightening for me, and the cause of as many tears shed as strands of hair. I know it is “just hair”, and there are more important things in life, but I am just an average woman, and my hair has always been the one physical attribute that I liked about myself. After reading the posts here, I know that many of you can relate: I’m scared sick about this and it seems to be consuming my thoughts. I hate it!

    The only sensible explanation seems to relate to dietary changes. I have taken vitamins, as well as fish oil supplements off and on for a few years, but with no consistency. About 3 months ago I decided to be better about this routine, and began regularly taking an omega-3 fish oil (recmd dose 3 a day or 3000 mg), as well as a one-a -day mega vitamin. (I also have very healthy eating habits and tend to get fair amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and D from foods naturally.) About 3-4 weeks ago, I fell off the “routine wagon”, and was taking them sporadically when I remembered to do so.

    A week or so after discontinuing the regular daily supplement intake routine, I noticed sudden hair loss: mass quantities of strands coming out every time I brushed, and double the amount when coming wet hair after showering. (I should also note that I had noticed increased oil production in my scalp and face about a month after beginning the supplements and had to wash my hair more frequently as a result.) Now I am scared to wash my hair at all, and tend to keep it in braids (as immobile as possible so I don‘t have to brush as often), for as many days as I can tolerate the grease – gross I know, but I am afraid of stimulating more loss through washing and coming the wet strands.

    I stopped taking supplements altogether, about 1 ½ – 2 wks ago, alarmed by the hair loss and considering the supplemental correlation. I am considering the possibility of vitamin A “overdose”, as I have also had some headaches (not normal for me), and have just read that too much vitamin A has been linked to frequent headaches and hair loss. Although, I am just not sure. I noticed the symptoms (sudden hair loss and frequent headaches) AFTER STOPPING (lowering) the regular daily supplement intake routine. While on a regular routine, it seemed as though my hair was healthier, and I felt great! Is my body in shock because I slacked off on what might have been a good thing? OR, is the timing coincidental, and it just took 2 months or so for my body to exhibit physical manifestations of vitamin overload and/or a negative reaction to the fish oils? Have I done the right thing to abruptly discontinue all supplement intake, or should I have “weaned” myself off? What do I do now- stay off and wait to see what happens, or put myself back on supplements, but at very low doses? AND, IF this whole issue has been the cause of my hair loss, does anyone know when it might subside – will I continue to loose more hair for weeks/months to come still?

    I know I have been long-winded… thank you for reading, and for your thoughts in return!

  85. Just wanted to say that I used to take cod live oil and I had so much of my hair come back in. Now I am taking omega 3 fish oil and have been experienceing a lot of shedding. It really concerned me. I am so glad I found this info. I will be going back on the cod liver oil immediately. I have read a lot about the cod liver oil promoting the re growth of hair. I was mistaken to think the omega 3 fish oil would work the same for hair growth. Thanks again everyone for your info.

  86. Hello everyone,
    Ok maybe oil supplements are a bad idea for hair growth because oils may increase the scalp greasiness and sebum which is one of the hair fall causes, but I still see flaxseed extract used in bionatural hair growth products!
    I tried the topic olive/garlic oil remedy before, it dercreases the hairfall unless you do get stressed occasionaly, then this is a real issue.

    wish u all a good health

  87. I read that flax causes more estrogen than soy does which will create hair loss. Not sure how true it is but heard it on Dr. Wongs totality of being site.

  88. I was taking EPA fish oil, and had shedding & hairloss. I have been off the capsules for about 3 1/2 weeks, and the shedding has definately improved, but I’m still losing a little bit. I am hopeful that in 1 or 2 more months, it will be great again. I will update you with results.

  89. I used an MSM concoction on my hair for 3 days. That was two weeks ago. My hair feels as if it is tingling, burning and as if something is crawling in it. I am losing hair EVERYDAY …even have bald spots DAILY. Is there something that I can do to reverse this? HELP!!!

  90. I failed to mention that my sister who lives 500 miles away started this concoction also and it is doing the same thing to her hair. We are praying that hair is the only thing that we are losing and that this concoction is not going to cause us any physical harm. Thanks

  91. Virtually every single one of the posters here have been having problems with the oil, not the actual seeds (including the original message on April 16, 2006). I counted them, one by one. I’d be interested to see if that’s the difference. I’d imagine that if the actual ground flax seeds were as bad as the oil, we’d be seeing a lot more complaints for them.

  92. I have androgenic alopecia, which is a fancy term for “hair falling out because my hormones are out of wack”. After many months of searching and bloodtesting and searching I discovered a high amount of mercury in my blood. One of the major causes of hair loss is heavy metal toxicity. So I underwent an extensive oral chelation treatment, to remove the metals from my body and my hairloss stopped completely. My doctor and I have discussed Omega-3 oil supplements at length, and we both agree that most oil supplements contain heavy metals at some level, and should be avoided. They also contain compounds that can disrupt the natural balance of hormones in your body, causing hair loss. To stimulate new hair growth I have been taking whole flax seeds, grinding them in the coffee grinder and sprinkling them in my morning smoothie etc. I take 2-4 tsp daily, and my hair is growing back wonderfully. IT IS NOT THE FLAX SEEDS THAT ARE BAD, ITS THE FLAX OIL!. I’ve been consuming freshly ground, refridgerated flax seeds for 6 months and my bald patches are filling in. GET YOUR BLOOD TESTED FOR METALS. hope this helps!

  93. The person who said it isn’t the flax oil, it’s the BAD flax oil is right. The supplement industry is not a regulated one. Often, fish oils and such can contain toxic things. What you read on the label isn’t always what you get. (Neither the quality or the amount listed). Please be sure to buy pharmacuetical grade suppliments, as these are all tested throughouly for any substances that are not supposed to be in there and also how well they actually absorb into your body. Read the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. This guide tests and rates over 1500 brands in North America. It rates them out of 5. Most brands you think are great actually aren’t-I used to take GNC for ex, which i thought was a great brand, and it only rates 2/5. One a day vitamins rate 0/5.
    I use Usana vitamins as they are rated #1 in the comparative guide for over 11 years. Completly pharmecueltical grade and even included in the CPS. As the other person says, refrigerate your fish and flax oils. Treat them as you would food with an experation date. GOOD fish oil is supposed to help your hair and skin, not make it worse. If you take a good ,multi-vitamin and a good fish oil your hair should grow faster and look better-I can honestly say mine did, as it grew so slow before and now it’s getting super long and shiny. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, I am a health and beauty consultant. Good luck!

    And remember..always make sure to do your research before you spend your money on a vitamin!! Think about how long the oil has been on the shelf-not fresh right? I think the person that said that is really on to something.

  94. “To stimulate new hair growth I have been taking whole flax seeds, grinding them in the coffee grinder and sprinkling them in my morning smoothie etc. I take 2-4 tsp daily, and my hair is growing back wonderfully. IT IS NOT THE FLAX SEEDS THAT ARE BAD, ITS THE FLAX OIL!.”

    Finally, someone got it right. I stated this very same thing WAY back in January, in posts #65 and #69. But people don’t read!

  95. Kudos too, to John in post #110 for correctly surmising that lignan-free flax oil alone is to blame for hair loss and not the WHOLE FLAX SEED, which actually promotes growth.

    Clinical studies have confirmed that 5-alpha-reducatse, a lignan enzyme is very effective in blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Lignans are absent in flax oil are in bountiful supply in the seed itself.

    I’ve ground my own fresh flax seed every day for nearly 4 years, regaining prior hair loss and keeping further loss completly in check!

    Lesson to be learned:

    FOOD = Complete, cost-effective nutritional components

    Supplements = Incomplete, costly and imbalanced nutrition

  96. I have been taking Flax seed oil capsules for years, never had a problem. However, when I started taking fish oil as well, the hair loss was dramatic. I will stop both as of now.

  97. To: #95–Mark—I too started taking Thera Tears for dry eyes per my doctor’s recommendation. I started taking three daily, as prescribed, late April 2009, and immediately started noticing the tingling in my scalp and then the hair loss. The hair loss has continued and gotten worse. I have traced the hair loss timeline back to when I started takng the Thera Tears–which has Omega 3, 6 & 9 and Flaxseed oil. I took my LAST one yesterday!!!!–as this was the day I went on-line and began reading that many, many other people have experienced the same problem. Hopefully my hair grows back and doesn’t come in grey, as I currently don’t have a single grey hair on my head. Baldness does NOT run in my family. I will also be checking my thyroid this month when doing my routine bloodwork. My thyroid has never been a problem in the past and I know this all started when I began the Thera Tears. I too take USANA vitamins and have been taking them for about nine years. I love them. -jmk-

  98. It is over 4 months since I stopped the fish oil capsules. My balding has visibly reduced. Last week even my hair stylist told me my hair is getting thicker. Given that I was on the %$@#!%@#! capsules for years, it might take a couple of more months to fully recover….

  99. From Wikipedia:

    “Although fish is a dietary source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fish do not synthesize them; they obtain them from the algae or plankton in their diet.”

    That’s what people should be consuming–dulse, chlorella, spirulina and a host of other phytoplankton/microalgae.

    Americans are so easily led by budding industries that see a potential to make a windfall by grandstanding and pitching products of dubious merit–like FISH OIL.

  100. My hair has been falling out for a few months. I went to the doctor recently and she did several blood tests, including thyroid (which is what she suspected was the problem). The only test that showed up as abnormal is a deficiency in vitamin D. So, I now take a precription vitamin d (50k mg/week), a multi dailt , and 2 triple omegas daily.

    I thought my diagnosis was the answer, but after a couple of months, my hair is still falling out. It finally occured to me this morning that it started at the same time I started taking the triple omegas. Now, after reading all of these messages, I am going to eliminate that supplement immediately! I guess it is a good thing that I now know about my vit d deficiency, and probably wouldnt have had that tested otherwise, but now it will take months before my hair will be back to its original thickness….

  101. Did anyone have dandruff after being on the fish oil/sesame oil? I think too much oil in the body has been linked to dandruff also.

  102. I feel so bad hearing about these stories. I know I would be terrified to find that I am losing my hair!! Which I am now, somewhat. However, I don’t know if it’s the fish oil or the fact that I stopped using birth control 3 months ago. Apparently, stopping the use of BC may mimic post partum hair loss due to the dramatic fall in estrogen. Right now, I am only thinning all along my hairline, top, sides and nape. But it’s not that noticeable, only to me. My hair is still intact *knock on wood*. The only effects I’ve experienced from taking fish oil for a little over 2 months, is smooth, acne-free skin. I’ll keep you posted over the months…

  103. ******EDIT****
    I feel so bad reading about these stories. I know I would be terrified to find that I am losing my hair!! Which I am now, somewhat. However, I don’t know if it’s the fish oil or the fact that I stopped using birth control 3 months ago. Apparently, stopping the use of BC may mimic post partum hair loss due to the dramatic fall in estrogen. Right now, I am only thinning all along my hairline. At the top where my widow’s peak is at, temples, and nape edges only. But it’s not that noticeable, only to me. The hair on my crown is still intact *knock on wood*. The only effects I’ve experienced from taking fish oil for a little over 2 months, is smooth, acne-free skin. I’ll keep you posted over the months…

  104. It’s all about balance. It’s also about the media hype surrounding these ‘omega 3’ oils. Sure, they’re important, but people can take too much Omega 3’s, and if you have EXCESSIVE levels, then they will cause hair loss, ezcema, rashes, etc.

    Google Patricia Kane PhD, for more information. She’s run over 10,000 red blood cell fatty acid analysis through Johns Hopkins in the past 10-12 years, and found that many people actually take too much O-3’s and not enough O-6’s — the exact opposite of what the media promotes.

    I too have been taking a 3-6-9 combination containing flax oil and have experience dramatic hair loss. The Udo’s oil is going in the trash.

  105. After reading all of the comments since 2007, it does appear that oil is the problem vs. seed. Also consider the type of shampoo you use. Some shampoos contain silicone which can coat the hair thus making it “heavy.” This can cause hair loss as well. I have switched to a natural product without sodium laureth sulfate, which is also linked to hair loss, and NOW I will eliminate fish oil!

  106. “After reading all of the comments since 2007, it does appear that oil is the problem vs. seed.”

    That’s it exactly. Too bad only a few that have posted realize this.

  107. “Flax is a phytoestrogen & also, it affects THYROID”

    I don’t what this person’s agenda is but since he/she states that you shouldn’t eat broccoli, kale, strawberries, spinach (amongst other foods) in raw form–well, all credibility for me was lost right there.

    From whfoods.org (world’s healthiest foods):

    “First, I would like to remind you that isothiocyanates are fairly common naturally occurring compounds in food that have been found to be protective against chemically produced cancers in laboratory animals. They’re generally considered health supportive, not health damaging.

    It is true that there are three cyanogenic glycosides that have been clearly identified in flaxseed: linamarin, linustatin, and neolinustatin. (Cyanogenic glycosides are glucose-containing compounds that are capable of releasing a special chemical group, called a cyanide group, once the glucose has been removed from their structure.) However, the most recent study I’ve seen—involving human subjects and reported in 2006 in the journal, Nutrition and Cancer—showed no problematic impact of food isothiocyanates on thyroid function. (This study used a food extract more concentrated in isothiocyanates than flaxseed, namely, broccoli sprout extract.)”

    Flax is not estrongenic, by the way. Flax contains phytoestrogens, of which there are two basic groups: lignans and flavonoids. They are so ubiquitous in the plant kingdom, naturally occurring in seeds, legumes, herbs and fruits that you’d have to cut out virtually everything you eat to avoid them. This wouldn’t be desirable anyway given their antioxidant, cardiovascular and anti-cancer properties.

  108. Thank you for the tips about flax seeds versus flax oil. I will try grinding the seeds and taking them daily as has been suggested to remedy hair loss.

    I took flax oil to counteract depression in a dosage recommended online (high – 9g a day) and within a few days my hair started to fall out. I didn’t relly think anything of it, but it turned out the oil had clearly started me balding, and ten years earlier than my brother. My crown is nearly totally bald, and my hair on top has thinned.

    I am glad to have read the tip about grinding flax seeds – it makes me hopeful that my hair may come back (especially as the baldness has come to me very early – at age 26). Thank you!

    Hope this post helps someone like me before they suffer hair loss as I did.

  109. I’m 20 years old, male and have experienced my hair thinning by use of fish oil tablets. I started using them to combat against acne and 7 months in my friends started joking about me going bald. Finally I found this site and have been off them for 2 months. It seems to have stopped but I’m worried it won’t grow back now. I’m considering the flax seed ground up because of various posts about it helping out a lot. Well we shall see it’s no fun going bald while being so young. Good luck everyone!

  110. i’ve been stress lately and notice that am lossing my hair what to do or what should i take.at the moment am taking vitamin e and omega 3-6-9 flax seed oil for fibroid should i continue to take.

  111. I had eye surgery 3 years ago, and was also told to take Flaxseed Oil Caps, to prevent eye dryness. I have also been losing a lot of hair on top of my scalp (towards the front) and suspect the Flaxseed Oil Caps are doing it. I’ve been taking only 2 a day, but think I’ll stop. It takes a full 3 months to know if this is the cause, as the growth cycle of hair, is three months.

  112. I have experienced the same problem. I can take the flaxseed oil capsules and 30 minutes later I can run my fingers through my hair and I see a lot of shedding. Before I take it, no shedding. I know it is the flaxseed oil and my hairline is receeding a lot more quickly than it was before since I have taken them. I have been taking flaxseed oil since mid february 2009. The omega 3’s was a miracle supplement for me and my bipolar disorder so I am torn about getting off. However, the hair loss is really bringing me down some because I know I am doing it to myself. Someone mentioned roasting flaxseeds and the hair loss stopped. Has anyone else tried this? Is there any supplement that can be combined with omega 3’s to stop the hair loss?

  113. Question, for the few that have said there have been no problems with hair loss and flaxseeds, is there any other supplements or vitamins you take? If so, please let me know what they are.

  114. “Someone mentioned roasting flaxseeds and the hair loss stopped. Has anyone else tried this? ”

    One should grind the flaxseeds (and not apply heat) prior to ingestion to make the lignans bioavailable. Using this practice for the last 3 years has actually restored some lost hair and promoted stronger, thicker growth. Some others have had similar results. The lignan SDG has been clinically shown to block the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT (di-hydro testosterone). An accumulation of DHT is what in large measure, renders hair follicles inert.

    I don’t take supplements but rather consume some “functional foods” that are not well known, such has hemp protein powder, muscadine grape seed/skin extract in powdered form, turmeric root and chlorella powder (blue/green algae–pressure treated and dried).

  115. Well…. months later and I can honestly say that my hair has thinned. All over my head.

    I’ve been grinding flax seeds for some time but haven’t noticed any difference.

    I doubt very much that eating flax seeds is restoring anyone’s hair to be honest with you. Or taking any supplements.

    From what I’ve read, nothing short of taking medication or surgery can restore hair once it begins to thin.

    I still think it’s a little strange that my hair seemed to thin over a short period of time, but…

    Maybe it was thinning for a while but wasn’t noticable.
    And I’m in my early 40’s now. At this point, some thinning has to be expected.

    As I recall now, my father’s hair thinned in his 40’s but he never went bald. Just thinned over but kept most of his hair.

    I still have a lot of hair but people definitely have noticed that it’s not as thick as it use to be.

    The culprits we probably should look for in all of this are age AND genes.

  116. To hell with it.

    I picked a month’s supply of Rogaine to test. Since my hair has thinned and nothing else seems to explain it away save for age and genetics.

    Though there is the possibilty that I’ve been malnourished for some time and didn’t realize it. I’ve tinkered with my diet over the last couple of years which is also the time frame in which the tinning has occured.

    Probably coincidence but there could be a smalll connection here. But as it stands I’ve been taking flax seeds for most of this year and seen no difference anyway.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that flax seeds simply do not affect hair loss. They are a tasty treat though…..

  117. I’ve eaten the flaxseeds lately and I too have been thinning out all over the top of my forehead. Before, my hair was receding in the front but now that I have taken flaxseed or flaxseed oils my hair is thinning atleast on top all over. Is it possible that the Omega 3 in the flaxseeds is affecting the thyroid? Is there something that I need to add to my diet? I have just been losing a lot of hair lately..it seems like even more now than I was when I took the flaxseed oil.

  118. To Michael, do you eat your flaxseeds with any other food at the time? Lately, I have just eaten maybe a spoonful of flaxseeds in the morning and not eaten breakfast and just waited until lunch to eat something.

  119. Jason,

    I grind 2-3 tablespoons fresh fresh daily and either blend it with orange juice or with soymilk and berries or simply add it in a bowl of cereal consisting of wheat flakes, oats, almonds and the like.

    The flaxseeds must be thoroughly ground (never use pre-ground) and a minimum 2-3 tablespoons must be used–yielding approximately 3-4 tablespoons after grinding.

  120. Thanks Michael for your help. For whatever reason when i eat these plain or take the flaxseed oil I lose hair but I am researching into it about finding out why…somehow I think in some people it causes hair loss. I am thinking there is something I can take with it to counteract the effect.

  121. (Post #125) “After reading all of the comments since 2007, it does appear that oil is the problem vs. seed.”

    That’s it exactly. Too bad only a few that have posted realize this.”

    It must be so frustrating that most people don’t have the same wisdom as Michael, even if he keeps reposting the same line for over three years. :)

    I’m not saying he’s wrong, but just that it’s not always so black and white. Flax seed probably is better than flax oil — I stopped Udo’s blend back in August, and my hair has stopped falling almost completely — but within the past few weeks my eyes have become extremely dry, so there has to be a balance at some point.

    And not everyone can digest flax seeds, ground or not. Many people, especially older folks have very poor digestion. And soy inhibits thyroid function, so that may not be so great for everyone.

    I’m going to try eating more fish, if I can afford it…but am open to other suggestions.

  122. I have taken 1000mg flaxseed oil soft gels in the past for long time. Occasionally the seeds in salads, I never had a problem with hair loss. I was also taking evening primrose oil as well… I just stumbled across this by accident to see what other benefits I could get from taking these since I have not taken them for sometime. I dont take any other RXs aside w/ them so I wonder if maybe it depends on what others maybe being mixed with. maybe its a side effect taken with other things or certain diets, or ones own health. I dont think the hair loss is going to apply to everyone who takes flaxseed oil.

  123. Can someone please tell me the best place to buy flax seed that likely is not spoiled? I haven’t found any store to buy it at that actually has it refrigerated. Thanks in advance!

  124. Michael, after reading all of the posts, can you please tell me where you purchase your flax seed? You seem to be most knowledgeable. Thanks!

  125. Anyone experience hair loss by taking HEMP OIL? My dad tried Nordic naturals for cholesterol and after a few months he lost a LOT of hair. He got it back after 6 months,but still a scary experience for him. I know Hemp is an omega 3 oil so now I am wondering wether I should take it back to whole foods? Anyone try Hemp oil out there???

  126. @ Matt:

    I purchase My flax seed at Central Market as they seem to have the freshest, highest quality available (consistent with most everything they stock, actually)

    @ Kelly:

    “And not everyone can digest flax seeds, ground or not. Many people, especially older folks have very poor digestion.”

    I wonder how many of those are vegetarian owing to their “problems” digesting ribs and steak–LOL. I mean, if you can’t digest ground flax seeds of all things, better have the IV handy…

  127. I would like to know how to tell if flax seed is rancid. I have organic golden flax seed that is 3-4 yrs. old. I do not know when I opened the container but the seed has not been refrigerated. It did not say to refrigerate on the container. I surmise that the seed may be a little darker than when I purchased it. I don’t know what flax seed should smell like. I can’t tell that it tastes different. I’m 71 with a stomach disorder. When I ground several tablespoons and mixed it with cottage cheese I really felt miserable. If flax seed gets rancid how can one tell? Cecilia

  128. I have recently noticed hair loss and shedding after starting to take fish oil supplements within the last TEN DAYS. the results were dramatic and immediate.

    As soon as I realized I was having hair loss, I thought about what new things I had tried in such a short time span (I saw my hair stylist on 12/23 and my hair was full and lush and long and the first time I noticed that it seemed thinner and shorter was on New Year’s Day, 1/1). The only new thing was that I’d started to take fish oil supplements. I think the effects were particularly dramatic b/c I don’t swallow a capsule, but rather drink the liquid directly, so it goes right into my bloodstream.

    I was so glad to find this thread b/c everywhere else it talks about fish oil and omega 3’s helping your hair!!

  129. Okay, guys..let’s stop arguing about contaminants and all this…people are using both high quality fish oil, flaxseeds, AND flaxseed oil and still losing hair…the only thing I see in common with these is Omega 3 though for flaxseeds there is more ALA and with Fish oil there is EPA and DHA fatty acids. Can anyone explain WHY hair loss is happening to certain people with these supplements? They have a lot of benefits it is just a shame that it has this side effect for some including me. What part of the body is it affecting for it to do this??

  130. “Okay, guys..let’s stop arguing about contaminants and all this…people are using both high quality fish oil, flaxseeds, AND flaxseed oil and still losing hair…”

    Only partially true. People are not losing hair as a result of consuming flax seeds alone and in fact several people who have posted here, including myself, have seen a dramatic improvement in hair regrowth. The reason for this is that the whole flax seed contains lignins, the important one being SDG, where clinical trials has revealed its ability to block the production of an enzyme (5-alpha-reductase). This is a critical intermediary in the biochemical pathway where testosterone is converted to DHT.

    The hair loss problems people are incurring stems from the ingestion of an overabundance of Omega-3s from the fish/flax oil capsules they’ve been using.

  131. i cant believe what im reading here, i have tryied everything(rogaine, regaine, viviscal, pills,herb tea so on)nothing helped these shampoos made things worse only,im a male i started bolding in my twenties, now i have used omega 3 combo oil for a month, and new hair started grow back at the first week already.cant believe what im reading here

  132. Just started taking evening primrose oil because of hair loss, noticed immediate and massive hair loss. Have stopped taking. I have also been taking Omega 3’s and have had hair loss but didn’t make the connection until finding this website. I will stop taking them and see what happens to my hair.

  133. My question to those who use flaxseed oil and lose hair – Do you feel really good about 20 minutes or so after taking it and then start losing hair? Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic? For those that do not have hair loss, do you feel pretty good 20 minutes after taking it? Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic? I’m just trying to get more data on what’s going on.

  134. Is anyone who has had the hair loss after taking the oils either know or suspect themselves to be gluten intolerant? I have come to realise that I’m gluten intolerant and think there is some link there with the oils. The hair loss definitely seems connected to the oils, as I’ve had the experience on three separate occasions, over time, now, but I’ve now been reading about things like gluten intolerance, leading to adrenal problems, which may make it more difficult to process something in the oils. ???

    I also experienced peripheral neuropathy around the time of the hair losses, and that can be a sign of gluten intolerance and adrenal fatigue, both of which can have dramatic hair loss as symptoms.

  135. One of my theories is that I think Omega 3’s can have an effect on insulin levels and with people who are developing insulin resistance this can have an effect on hair loss and can possibly be exacerbated by eating more carbohydrates, especially refined ones such as sugar. If so, is there a way to combat this without side effects? I don’t know though, this is all theory and would like feedback. Julie, I am sorry to hear about your problems. :(

  136. You know what…on second thought, I really don’t know why this causes hair loss in some people. If someone figures it out post it!

  137. I think I am finally finding answers for my hair loss – gluten intolerance and hypothyroidism (latter didn’t show up in testing but I have nearly every single symptom and they all started around the time of the hair loss) and somehow these are linked with an adverse effect from cod liver oil or flax seed oil. I think somehow my body wasn’t coping with the oils due to the other conditions.

    Just thought I”d mentioned this in case it helps anyone else.

  138. Stopped all Omega 3\’s and started grinding flaxseed. My hair falls out with that too. When I stop taking flaxseed or Omega 3 I notice a decrease in my hair loss. I may one of those people who are sensitive to Omega 3\’s.

  139. ALright, Last summer i had long beautiful hair, i worked for YEARS to get !!! im SO MAD !! Iv had this same hair loss on flaxseed, i could not figure out what the heck was going on !!!! its been driving me crazy why my hairs falling out !!!and cant believe what im reading here, IM QUITTING THE flaxseed !!!! IM SO MAD !!! iv been taking it for 2 months now, 8 capsules a day as the bottle said to take

  140. Michael, do you take your doses in teaspoons or tablespoons? Heather said teaspoons, which you agreed with, but your own posts say tablespoons. Thanks!

  141. Thanks God i found this page!

    I’ve been taking fish oil for 5 weeks and my hair got extremely thinning and falling soo easily!!

    I added Evening Primrose and it got worse!

    I’ll STOP right now!

    Will stick with Biotin only.

  142. I just wanted to say that omega 3 in flax seed /fish oil and even fish as salmon rich in omega 3 causes hair loss. This is my story about 7 years ago I was going to pharmacy school and started to take fish oil capsules. I had hair loss and prostate problem during the 4 years. I did not become bald, but boy I had hair loss, a lot of hair loss. Fish oil is great for memory especially if you buy a good one. Fish oil helped me tremendously in pharmacy school and with my dry eye problem which no doctor has been able to fix at this point and also it helped my skin. Yet fish oil without any doubt will cause hair loss in some people. Everybody is different. I love when I read papers mentioning the benefit of fish oil for the hair. It really does not work for me. My best friend takes flax seed recommended by me and he is doing great. Flax has helped him tremendously with his hair problem. I have taken flax 5 times in the past and I had to stop it due to hair loss and severe prostatitis. My doctors, several which i have visited, do not understand and many people like DR Mercola recommends fish oil for hair problem. Well I had taken different brands, all good ones and I can tell you that fish oil does causes hair loss.

  143. One thing that has worked for me for the hair is to avoid oil. Unfortunately I had to give up avocados and nuts. moderation with olive oil, take plenty of fresh lemon juice during the day to flush your liver (be careful if you suffer from kidneys stones, for lemon could be your enemy or friend depending of what kind of stone your body can produce and if you have any stomach ulcer or acid problems) and eat plenty of green food, romaine, spinach, things rich in chlorophyll

  144. “Michael, do you take your doses in teaspoons or tablespoons? Heather said teaspoons, which you agreed with, but your own posts say tablespoons. Thanks!”


    I process 2-3 tablespoons of flaxseed daily. Still seeing positive results with my hair by using flaxseed alone for my Omega 3 intake (in addition to some hemp protein powder intake).

  145. I have started consuming soy sauce(good quality) with rice and within one week my hair loss has almost completely stopped. I can’t explain it, now when I run my fingers (or brush) through my hair I might only get 2-3 hairs coming out. In the recent past, simply doing that I could remove clumps from my scalp. I have no idea what happened. Soy sauce (not soy milk or raw soy)is now permanently on my diet. If anyone tries this solution let me know how you go. Fermented Soy is known to lower damaging androgens in the blood that cause prostate and hair loss.

    Good luck to all…

  146. I too have experienced all over thinning and hair loss, since I had started taking the Costco brand fish oil with omega 3 in Nov 09′. I just went to the Dr last week thinking my thryoid was out of whack, but of course everything came back normal. Then it hit me, this all started when I started taking that darn fish oil. So today I stopped all supplements. Stay tuned!

    Thank you for confirming that I am not going crazy!

  147. I am very lucky to come across this website. In the last few weeks , my hairs fall out a lots which i dont know why . While doing the research on the Linseed i read all this and was shocked to know. I took 2 teaspoons of Linseed with boiling water every day to think it help me healthy. I stop completely Linseed and fish oil from today to hope my hairs will stop falling out.

  148. Hi everyone,
    A little over a year ago, I went to a natural holistic doctor because I was experiencing some skin allergies due stress & certain spicy foods. Anyhow, she placed me on 30- 500mg caps of Nutriwest Fish Caps. After about 1 month, my skin started healing quickly however soon enough my hair started shedding like crazy. So I mentioned it to my holistic doctor & she swore up and down it couldn’t have been the fish oil and convinced me to continue taking it. I continued for about 2 more week with the caps however this time I only did 5-5mg caps a day. The shedding of course continued so I stopped cold turkey. I asked the doctor if she had anything to reverse this & of course she had no clue, so I stopped seeing her.

    Now, flash forward to present time. Basically my hair is ok. I don’t really shed much unless I eat anything now with a higher fat content like olive oil, coconuts, almonds, ground flax seeds etc.. Does anyone else experience this, and does anyone know why this could be happening? Did my doctor have me on such a high amount of oil that my body just can’t take it anymore? It’s unfortunate because I know a bit of oil and fat is needed in the diet.

    If anyone has any insight on this mystery, I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I did read in a few places that if a person is eating fats/essienty fatty oils like omegas etc, they need to have a good amount of Iodine intake. I recently started eating kelp to see if that’s true.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  149. Hi, Can buying pre ground flax seed meal be just as bad as the oil? As i read somewhere that the milled seeds can go rancid as well, I have been using a pre milled flax seed meal which is in excellent packaging to prevent light oxygen etc, Is it possible it could still be rancid as opposed to grinding the seeds fresh? I have never ground them fresh but will give it a try, I am convinced that flax/omega/hemp oils speed up hairloss and it can happen very quickly even in days! I noticed super greasy hair and losing well over 150 hairs daily. I recently bought some refrigerated flax seed oil from a health store it had a uv glass bottle and a long expiration date, I took a teaspoon the next day and nearly threw up! It was rancid and really bitter and almost had a burning sensation, I think that just because it is refrigerated and sealed does’nt mean it’s not rancid, Ask yourself this, Was the bottle delivered to the health store refrigerated? Could the bottle have been sitting on a warm warehouse shelf for a couple of months? Why don’t any flaxseed oils have a safety seal on the bottle when the lid is removed? I have even bought bottles were the lid was not tight and effortlessly came off, I will try the grinding of the seeds fresh themselves and see if any improvement.

  150. @michael (hope you’re stille around)

    is it ok if I use pre-ground flaxseed, coz that’s the only ones I can get around here???

  151. I’m pretty sure it’s the fish oil that’s doing it. This is what happened to me. Fish oil contains high levels of retinol (a form of vitamin A) Vitamin A is toxic in high levels. One of the side effects of excessive vitamin A intake is hair loss. Another side effect is bone pain. This side effect occurred in me when I was taking fish oil supplements as well. I would get a lot of shin pain when I ran. This was actually posted by “Andrew Anagen” in 2006

  152. @Chuck, unfortunately “Andrew Anagen” is completely wrong, there’s NO vitamin A in fish oil whatsoever, he’s confusing it with cod liver oil, in which there’s high amounts of vitamin A.

  153. Hi Michael,

    I’ve been reading your comments form this blog and I’m very interested to know a bit more.

    I have had male pattern baldness for 13 years and been losing it slowly. Lately it is starting to kick into gear around the front, temples and middle front of the head.

    It’s driving me nuts, I have been taking proscar /finasteride for over 10 years. It is keeping my crown in check but the temples and front are going fast.

    Do you have any more sites for researching the lignans effect in stopping the DHT that is attacking my follicles?

    I have just bought a coffee grinder and started today the whole ground flax seed regime as you have stated. It’s obviously cheaper that the oil anyway. I hear that golden flax seed is the best? Does it really matter what color the seed is?

    Also how much extra growth did you get? How long did it take to notice the growth? How long to notice the thickness?

    Anywaymore detail would be great and thanks for your posts so far.



  154. I noticed a possibility of fish oil being the cause for my accelerated hair loss and wil STOP taking it.

    Fish oil taken from the liver of most fishes will be high in vitamin A and therefore the toxicity results in hairloss. I believe most omega 3 oils are taken from the the whole of the fish as they(the manufacturer) can’t be bothered.

  155. Omega-3 promotes HDL(good cholesterol) but Cholesterol Produces 5-alpha-reducatse , the enzyme that helps in the formation of DHT.

    Now the question is does HDL produce 5-alpha-reducatse or is it just the bad cholesterol?

  156. Yes, I think “Andrew Anagen” was wrong also now after reading an excerpt out of Dr. Sear’s book, “The anti-inflammation zone”, so, here goes: “Although fish oil is truly the anti-inflammatory powerhouse out of all supplements because of its high degree of polyunsaturation, it has the potential to be oxidized in the body due to an attack by free radicals. Not only will the oxidized fatty acids in fish oil lose all of their anti-inflammatory properties, but they can actually become generators of inflammation. In fact, research has shown that those who take fish oil without taking in adequate amounts of antioxidants can develop decreased blood levels of vitamin E stores over time.” And, I am assuming this is the same thing that also happens with flax seed oil as well. So, take more antioxidants and slightly less flax/fish oil and every one should be well. Good Luck.

  157. Thank God for this website! I started taking a high quality Cod Liver Oil about 6 months ago to combat my vitamin D deficiency (as I am allergic to regular vitamin D supplements). About 2 months ago I started losing hair gradually. Over the last 3 weeks however, I have lost half of my hair! I used to have such thick hair that I complained about (I wish I hadn’t!) I reduced my dose from 1 teaspoon to half a teaspoon last week. If this doesn’t help I will discontinue completely. Very frustrating as the Cod Liver Oil cleared my eczema and acne and helped with memory and concentration. I’m so upset. I’m suspecting a vitamin A overdose. My brand seems to have more than 100% of the RDA in half a teaspoon. Julie, if you’re around – how are you coping? I too am gluten sensitive and hypothyroid. Note: Although I lost most of my hair with the Cod Liver Oil, I had no adverse effects taking 1-2 tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil for 2 years.

  158. @F26, where abouts on your head are you losing the hair from? is it just on the top of your head, like your hairline/crown etc, or is the hair falling out all over your head, like from the sides and right at the back?

  159. Michael,

    Thanks for your reply and the handy link. It’s now been 4 weeks today that I started taking 3 tablespoons of freshly ground brown flaxseed asyou have suggested.

    Before this I was taking the flaxseed oil for 1 month but stopped this as soon as I read this blog.

    I check the hair I lose each day after combing and washing and will see whether there is a difference as time goes on. I report my progress as I go along.

    I have another couple of questions for you, how bald were you when you started taking the flaxseed? How much growth percentage wise would you think it replaced? The hair that you did replace, how long was that part of your head bald for?

    The reason why I ask is I’m wondering if this works, how effective it is on hair follicles that may have been dormant for 3-4 years.

    Many thanks for your help and I will keep you posted.



  160. @F26, ahh okay. If i were you, i cut the cod liver oil out of your diet completely until your hair (hopefully) starts to grow back, and then when things start getting back to normal, gradually start adding it back into your diet again. That way you’ll have a better idea if the cod liver oil is the cause or not. Or better still, find an alternative source for your vitamin D, and take fish oil instead to help with your eczema, acne and memory etc. It works exactly the same, it just doesn’t have vitamin A or D. Mind you, i wouldn’t start taking the fish oil either until your hair has grown back, just in case there’s something else in the cod liver oil that’s causing the hair loss, as fish oil and cod liver oil are obviously quite similar. Also, keep in mind that it could take months for your hair to start growing back. Good luck.

  161. Jason,

    Near as I can tell, long term flax seed use has had minimal effect in those areas where the follicles have been dormant for some time I’m afraid. Although I have a receding hair line, it appears I’ve arrested the condition or at least hastened its progression. It was primarily in those areas interior to the hair line where some restoration and especially thickening occurred which has helped improve my overall appearance. That is what I should emphasize–that those follicles which are diminutive (but still more prominent than “vellum” hair) become longer and stronger and existing normal hair became thickened. I wish I could say that flax has the potential to restore long lost hair, but just like any other product, including Rogaine, the earlier one starts the better and its greatest assest is in helping to maintain, thicken and strengthen what you presently have.


  162. Yes, flax did cause my hair loss for 2 years. I used 2 tablespoons daily to become healthy. My hair thinned badly. When I stopped, the hair loss completely stopes within a week. It affects your thyroid hormones!

  163. Just threw my bottle of flax oil OUT! Never had a bald spot in crown until two years ago. Two years ago started using flax oil in smoothie. Hair would grow back and then fall out again. Sometimes I would run out of flax oil, now I am bald again; just renewed flax oil a month ago. This has to be the culprit. Thank God for the Internet. Unfortunately, I just brought some Indian oil for hair which I added the flax oil too. Don’t want to throw the oil out. Hopefully, using it topically will not be as damageing. Thanks.

  164. In reference to posts 193 and 194:

    God, I wish people would stop “throwing out the baby with the bath water”! The WHOLE flaxseed product(lignan rich hulls, fiber, Omega-3s, flavanols, amino acids, etc.) has been touted in articles and books as positively health promoting. It has been shown to be very beneficial to the skin, nails, hair, etc.

    Look, 10mg of caffeine will kill a person, but that doesn’t stop people from drinking tea for its anti-oxidants, polyphenols and epicatechins that are so beneficial for staving off the effects of free radical damage to the human body. Why on Earth do people listen to marketers and purchase a concentrated, clinically modified product like flax oil???

    Flax oil, alone, yes–I agree is not efficacious in promoting human health and I could see it having a negative impact on hair growth. But the same can’t be said about WHOLE FLAX SEED as nature created it.

  165. Hi F26,

    I’m doing really well now. I just had my first hair cut in 2 years 4 months!!! I have Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism due to a Reverse T3 problem (i.e. it was not picked up by testing TSH, T4 and T3 alone). I won’t touch cod liver oil or flax seed oil again, although I wonder if, like Michael says, the whole flax seed would have been fine. It appears that both cod liver oil and flax seed oil interfere with the thyroid function. I am taking Hydrocortisone, short-term, for my adrenals. Originally I would not have touched cortisone but have since learned that it is okay to take if your levels are low, to bring them back to normal but you definitely don’t want to raise your level of cortisol above normal. I am taking cynomel, a T3 only hormone, to fix my high levels of Reverse T3. I’m also taking lots of supplements e.g. vit C, celtic sea salt, vit Bs, withania, iron, vit D, and so on for both thyroid and adrenals. You don’t have to take cod liver oil for Vit D – see if you can find a compounding pharmacist who can give you Vit D that doesn’t contain soy. I have learned that it’s no good taking thyroid medication alone – you must also make sure that your adrenals are okay and your iron is high, or it won’t work.
    My hair is growing back thickly now. It is still white and thin along the sides of my face, but this is hidden by the hair that has grown down from above this area.
    My hair grows back white, then changes to black, but now the original colour of brown is coming back.
    I finally look like I have normal healthy hair!

  166. I have partly following the Budwig diet for my arthritis for the last three years. For those of you not familiar with it it involves eating cottage cheese or strained yoghurt whipped up with flaxseed oil and then mixed with honey fruit and ground whole flaxseeds. It is delicious. Note that this is natural food not concentrated oil in capsules. I started on a low dose as I had never taken flax seed oil before and worked up to 2 tabs oil and 2 tabs ground seeds. I have had no problem whatsoever with my hair and my arthritis had improved considerably. You have to be very careful with flaxseed oil as it is very prone to going rancid. The oil must be kept refrigerated and never shaken . NEVER buy ground seeds. They must be ground fresh each time as they go rancid within 15 minutes. I really wonder whether rancidity is the root of people’s problems

  167. I have been using ground flax seeds and whole flax seeds on and off for years now. I have also had hair loss for about the same amount of time. I have mild hypothyroidism as well. I know flax is often touted as healthy for hair but I imagine it depends on the mechanism of hairloss. For instance, if you are a guy with a DHT sensitivity then perhaps it is helpful. But maybe if you are a female with hormone related loss it is not helpful? And I am sure the fiber can inhibit mineral absorption. I am going to experiment with taking flax completely out of my diet to see if it makes a difference with my hairloss and I will report back.

  168. hello there .. i have the same problem with flaxseeds.. my hair is soft on the crown area and front. Also falling :l did anyone figure out how to fix the problem ? i really like taking flaxseed oil. the positive effect really shows on my skin .. Please help me with hints.

  169. Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much for your reply and your information. I am thrilled to hear that your hair has been growing back beautifully. I am waiting for a vegan vitamin D supplement since I’m allergic to regular vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin. Flax oil never caused hair loss for me although it somehow made me feel weak. I was taking 2 tablespoons of it for two years! I think I may have overdosed on vitamin A with the cod liver oil which may have triggered the excessive hair loss. How did you come to suspect that cod liver oil suppresses thyroid function? I can’t seem to get my ferritin stores up high enough even though I take plenty of iron and vitamin C. Again, thanks for your reply and happy new year!

  170. One possible cause may be toxins released from apoptotic cells (cells that undergo programmed death). Unsaturated fats change cell membrane structure to be more responsive to oxygen uptake. This may cause some anaerobic cells (such as cancer cells) or fat cells to collapse and release substantial amount of long accumulated toxins. Cancer cells and fat cells are known to accumulate toxins.

    This is just hypothetical, I have no proof. If this is so than significant (but not complete) reduction in oil intake should resolve hair growth. After a year or two, when body is clean of those toxins, full dosage should be able to apply without hair loss.

  171. I posted a long time ago about my situation.

    I don’t think there’s really connection between flax seeds and hair loss. I think and this includes myself, that people were desperately trying to find a external cause but the it’s probably genetics.

    By the time you’ve noticed hair loss, it’s probably been going on for some time. Then people get desperate and look for something external to explain it. In my case, I had a full head of hair till I turned 40 and then hair began to thin.

    It’s age and genetics more than likely.

    Mind you I have been having digestive issues the past 2 years where my naturopath found out I suffered from several food allergies (inciuding reactions to gluten), suspected yeast infection (candida), I had been tampering with my diet on many occassions prior and then last year found out my iron levels were almost at zero.

    This has all occured in the same period as the hair loss so it’s possible health related but probably not.

  172. Well, I stopped with the flaxseeds in early January after about 10 years of regularly eating them—everyday for gut health. My hair ceased to fall out pretty soon after discontinuing them however I am dubious that it is all flax related and I don’t want to slander flaxseeds! It is difficult to tell why my hair isn’t shedding as much because there are so many factors and my sheds increase and decrease anyway.
    I tend to agree with the above poster but I do think hairloss is more complex than simply age and genetics. Especially with women. My hair started falling out at 30 and I think while there must be a genetic predisposition there were many triggers including diet and thyroid / adrenal isses.

    As for the flax, I am going to keep it out of my diet simply because I was eating too much of it and even if it is just coincidence with the hair loss it is good to take a break anyway. I tend to overdo some foods. I will add it back in sometime and let you guys know what happens with my hair if anything. I will also let you know if my hair starts shedding again soon without flax intake.

    If flax does contribute to hairloss in some people (which I am not asserting that it does) I think it would have something to do with mineral / vitamin absorption in the gut (too much fiber from seeds, not the oil), rancid oils, or possibly some sort of hormone / lignan connection. But I think flax can probably be good for hair too. It all gets confusing. Just wanted to update.


  173. I think there is a differece b/n taking freshly ground flaxseeds and taking flax seed oils. Most of the side effects mentioned here are from taking falx seed oil or other omega 3 oils. So many people here and in other sites have been posting positive effects of freshly ground falxseed on their hairs. If you have been taking the oil and right then switched to a freshly ground flaxseeds you may not notice the poitive effects in a short period of time. If might take some time to wear out the oil’s side effects or you may need to take a break in b/n.

    As to the dry eye problems put one drop of honey on the affected eye in the evenings, do this for 2-3 weeks it will cure your dry eye problems. This is the cheapest treatment for dry eyes. I had tried this myself with a success.

  174. has anyone considered omega-3 and omega-6 compete for absorption and too much omega-3 is inhibiting/blocking omega-6.i believe they compete for the same desaturase(sp?) pathway/enzyme. stopping the fish oil/and flax oil and eating a handful or two of raw sunflower seeds seemed to help me almost immediately. also think there is a hormonal component contributing to those of us experiencing this side effect of omega-3

    balance seems to be key, which explains why some people would experience growth.

  175. My assumption was that it would be a hormonal explanation—but that would mean the oil would have to be rich in lignans.

  176. Unlike Most/All Of The Other Comments On Here I Have Been Using Flax Seed Oil And My Hair Isn’t Falling Out, And It Has Actually Got A Lot Healthier.. O.o

  177. Hey guys I just wanted to ask if people on this page had taken FISH Oil Capsules (EPA and DHA) aswell as Flaxseed (Also known as linseed) , was the problem ONLY for Flaxseed? Cause I have taken Fish oil capsules for a very long time but Flaxseed only lately (the last 3 – 4 months) and noticed a huge shedding issue.

    Question is can I stop my flaxseed supplements and keep taking my Fish oil (EPA and DHA) and things will improve? Has anyone had success with this exact thing? Taking both and stopping just the one and had the hair grow back? Thanks in advance.

  178. I am pretty convinced that Flax Oil is adding to my shedding lots of hair. I lost it all – although I don’t think it’s the sole culprit – the shedding definietly increases when I have it. So annoying as it’s great for my skin and increased O2. I know that Flax Oil is CATABOLIC – and hair loss is a catabolic condition. Interesting to read the post from someone who started eating Soy Sauce and their hair loss decreased – Soy Sauce is ANABOLIC – meaning that it is the opposite of Catabolic. I think some of my health issues are catabolic and some are anabolic – hence when I eat increase one type of food the other side kicks up a fuzz. SO ANNOYING.

  179. Ooopss that should read – fuss!! Not fuzz hahaha! Must have been thinking about hair regrowth fuzz. The other two things I am wondering about are Apple Cider Vinegar and Water/Salt consumption = histamine overload. Whenever I have hair loss I am experimenting with one or all of the above for my itchy skin and then my hair loss gets triggered.

    p.s The Anti-spam word I had to type in for this post was BALD. So not funny.

  180. The anti-spam word just uses various body parts and hair loss related keywords. You may have noticed the name of the site also includes “bald”. It wasn’t meant to be funny — just to block out automated spamming.

  181. I’m so glad I found this site! I’m a male,38 and I started using Omega3 (the EPA/DHA kind) fishoil capsules several weeks ago, as a result : my hair fell out madly, everywhere. I could easily pull out hairs in clumbs without any pain (for testing hair strength). What a nightmare. I’ve never had any hair problems before nor anyone else in my family. Nothing else in my diet has been changed. Easy to say I threw those EPA/DHA fishoil supplements OUT.

  182. I stopped using Flaxseed and continue to just use normal EPA fish oil caps (for mental health) my shedding has decreased, also stopped using head and shoulders shampoo as there was a study although it stopped dandruff it caused thinning and shedding, switched to Nizoral 2%, seems to be working a lot better, noticed not as much hair on my pillow when I wake up anymore (before there was a lot)

  183. I have starting eating ground flaxseed (ground myself) each morning and my results have been great as well. I’ve noticed my hair is growing in much thicker than before. Oils and supplements can be very hazardous, so I would strongly recommend against them. Additionally, a factor that may play a part in hair loss is excessive vitamin A consumption via supplements. This can lead to toxic intake of vitamin A and will result in hair loss. Try to maintain a healthy diet: avoid too much red meat and dairy. Eat more vegetables and try to exercise regularly (cardiovascular for better circulation) Hope this helps!

  184. I’ve been taking a very good quality fish oil pills since two years ago, first to help my acne and second because they were the miracle cure for many diseases. Well, my hair is falling out a lot! But I thought I was crazy to blame the Omega 3.
    Now I find this site and I am going to stop for a month and see what happens …

  185. “@ Michael that your whole flax seed regime is working for you, and I bet that it will work for possibly the majority of others, but I hope that you keep in mind that it might not work for EVERYONE because possibly the amount that works for you isn’t in BALANCE with the other fatty acids in their diet???”

    Possibly, but then I only use 2 tbsp. each day which shouldn’t drastically alter the near 1:4 ratio of Omega 3s to 6s that I think I typiclally obtain daily from other food sources, e.g. hemp seed.

  186. what is a good substitute, then, for dry eyes? I saw someone put honey in his eyes?? any other suggestions, since the eye doctor tauts (sp?) fish oil.

  187. I didn’t put the 2 together, but after an exasperating amount of research into why my hair texture had completely changed, I came across this board – and as chance would have it, i started taking flax and omega 3 at around the time the problems started…! I didn’t experience loss as much as a complete lack of body and my hair felt about 1/3 of its original thickness…it also wouldn’t hold a curl, just fell completely limp. I’ve only been off the oils for 6 days and already I’m having better hair days! Not back to normal yet, but I’m hopeful I will be soon.

  188. Hello, I am really grateful for the information provided.I have been on fish oil omega 3 for six year. My hair got very thin on top of my hair. Also, I started to have oily scalp which was abnormal for me.I have always had thick curly hair. I could never figure out what was causing the hair loss until one day, I googled. I stopped using fish oil on November 1st and am already feeling improvement. Thanks all

  189. This made my day! My hair loss just continued to get worse since it had begun in 2008. I had looked online for the side effects of hair loss on everything I was taking, but none of them mentioned hair loss. I had pulled all of my medical information since my hair loss first began to see what was causing the problem and the only thing I had been since it started in 2008 was fish oil, so I stopped it the end of August. My hair is all coming back, so much so that my hair stylist had a difficult time coloring my hair this past weekend as it was like I had my long hair and then a new set of hair all over that was all about two inches in length, obviously it had all started growing at the same time. Thank you everyone who have shared similar stories!

  190. The problem is not the flaxseed oil itself. But the Omega 6 in the products you might be consuming. High concentrations of omega 6 in the body will cause really adverse effects in your health. That’s why you are loosing your hairs…

    The amount of omega 6 found in your regular diets is enough. Your intake of omega 3 must be higher than the omega 6. Another thing you can try to regain your hair growth is olive oil. Use externally by massaging your scalp daily. In 8 days or so you will see a difference, and a tip, alternate your shampoos, dont have just one brand. Stay away from the most advertised ones.

    This omega thing is like calcium…Almost everyone of us has excess of calcium in our bodies, contrary of what they told us. Our problem instead is the low percentage of magnesium intake. Is the same, too much calcium is bad for your health if you don’t consume magnesium.

    …humph. This never ends. Do your research on the net and you will learn more.

  191. @flaxman, there’s around 4x as much omega 3 in flax oil as there is omega 6, and fish oil doesn’t even contain omega 6 at all unless it’s been added from another source. so telling everyone on here that the reason why they’re losing their hair is because of consuming too much omega 6 is clearly not the case. perhaps you should take your own advice and “Do your research on the net and you will learn more.”

  192. Flaxman may be referring to UDO’s 3,6,9 blend. I started taking this 4 weeks ago to go along with the overdosing of fish oil, almonds, walnuts, and almond butter in my diet… and have had excessive hair loss ever since. For the record I do not recall having ANY hair loss before taking the UDO’s. Either way i stopped all the “healthy” omegas until I can find the culprit. Almonds have HIGH omega 6 and no Omega 3. I relapsed yesterday and pounded some almond butter and felt like my shedding increased today . Oh yea, I was also taking hemp protein after my workouts as well; I stopped this as well, but again do not recall having any hair loss from it before the UDO’s

    Unfortunately all these things were making me feel AWESOME and my workouts AMAZING. After feeling like the oily almond butter may have made my shedding worst ( but who knows its hard to tell when you lose a couple more hairs day by day) I am going on a major fast for the next 2 months. If I don’t lose my mind or fade away I’ll report back then.

    Remember everybody’s different, the internet’s not always right, and you know your body better than anyone else…

    Much Love Everyone,
    Hairy Armpits

  193. hi Hairy armpits…That is absolutely right. Everybody is different and react different to a change in diet. Now when I said search the net, is precisely because the Internet is not always right. But the more you search you will learn more about the pros and cons of many supplements. Just like this forum. But once again I agree with you!

    Now terms of Omega 6 intake, I’ve been taking flaxseeds in many forms, grounded, the complete seeds, oil, etc. And the results varied. I have “inherited” baldness, hehehe as many men, but when taking flaxseed oil I experienced the same, hair thinning and more loss than usual. I read, read, read and read many studies, talked to my natural advisor? therapist? I dont know how to name it, but at the end we agreed that I was taking a high dosis of omega 6. My cholesterol (bad) also increased. Now, after 6 months or so of taking omega 3 and of course a rigorous diet and exercises, my hairloss just stopped. My hair is darker and fuller.

    And just before I go, and this is interesting. If source of the fishoil is from farmed fish, you might be taking more omega 6 than advertised. The same is for Meat. Example, cows fed with grains,hormones, etc. Its meat will be richer in omega 6, and God’s know what else. If grass fed (organic), omega 3 will be higher, thus healthier. The phrase “You are what you eat” never gets old.

    I know I mentioned this omega 3 and 6 many times, but the fact is that Your intake of omega 3 should be at leas 3 times higher than your omega 6 intake to balance you “fatty acids”.

    I can recommend to you guys “chia” of Salvia Hispanica. Look for that. A product based on that is anutra. It’s awesome, not only as a Omega 3 source, but as a supplement in general.

    I don’t speak too well English, but I hope that what I wrote here serves for you.

  194. I got a blood test done too because of excessive hair loss after taking flax oil and fish oil, turns out I have a Gluten and Peanut Allergy. . . but no thyroid problems.

    For the people who mentioned being Gluten intolerant, did you completely cut Gluten out of your diet along with the omega 3’s ? I have been off the flax and fish oils for 3 weeks/ the gluten now for 6 days….

    I feel like if I keep this diet up I am going to look like an Indian Priest , I am hungry as HELL!

    Did any posters found to be gluten intolerant quit the gluten as well? I never have had any major problems with the gluten that I can recall (maybe a little bloating, and/or possibly mind fog) but I feel that by taking it out of my diet along with heavy omega 3’s it’s hard to find anything else to eat

    I told myself I’d quit the gluten for at least 2 weeks, but I don’t know if it will help my hair loss, or contribute to it

    Any suggestions from those found to be Gluten Intolerant and suddenly losing their hair from fish oil and/or flax oil would be MUCH appreciated

  195. Jake,

    How is your hair loss doing with the sunflower seeds? I used to eat these a lot years ago and never had a problem.

    Is your hair re-growing?

  196. My hair has been falling out in handfuls for over two years now. Not only is my hair falling out, but each strand is SO thin, it’s almost invisible. And my scalp burns as if it’s been rubbed with jalapeño peppers. I’ve been to three different dermatologists. All said it’s hereditary, even though no one in my family was bald or had hair loss problems. Two dermos put me on minoxidil (Rogaine). My scalp screamed in pain, so I stopped. Each attempt with minoxidil made my hair come out in handfuls.

    Since tripping on this site, I’ve realized that my hair first started falling out when I began taking cod liver oil for my general health. Then I added Omega 3/6 supplements, salmon oil… and, most recently my naturopath suggested I take flax seed oil! My scalp pain is so bad, I’ve tried everything to calm the pain. Never did I consider that it might be the supplements. I also take high doses of D3, having recently switched to the gel caps, instead of tablets. I will stop everything and see if things improve.

    Here’s the question: those who’ve had success growing their hair back, do you recommend taking biotin! Or should I stop that, too?

    I’ve seen a few references to Nixoral. Is it better than Denorex or Selsun Blue, and if so, why? How long did it take for your hair to grow back after you quit taking the oil supplements? I’m desperate not only to stop the hairloss, but to end this agony with my burning scalp!

  197. Hi Irene,

    I have been off the flax and fish oils for a month now. My hair still seems to be falling out. Most of the previous posters reported hair growth within 4 months (seemingly the tine of the hair cycle) At this time I have no suggestions, but patience.

    I have been exercising, drinking tons of water and sweating it out in the sauna… so far none have done the trick. I recommend staying away from certain fatty foods. I felt like sunflower seeds and shrimp both made me wake up with accelerated hair loss the day after i consumed them. I will try to keep you posted if I find a quick cure,


  198. Thanks Tony! Do you also have scalp pain? Or burning scalp? Have you been using the Nizoral shampoo? A hairloss dermatologist had recommended it.

  199. Irene,

    I noticed intense scalp pain while using Rogaine… So much so that
    i felt like the inadvertent scratching of my head was causing me to loose even more hair. I read that some people get this and that the foam is best to use if you are one of those people. It doesn’t contain the preservative ingredient that causes the itching sensation.

    I also read Nizoral should relieve the “itch” that comes from using Rogaine. I picked some up last week but still haven’t gone back to the Rogaine. I’ve used it 3 times (I’ve been washing my hair every 3 days, as I try not to touch it as much as possible) I can’t say i have noticed any difference but it’s probably too early to tell.

    Now that you mention it I do remember having scalp itch while mixing the flax oil and fish oil. I know this because I used to look forward to combing my hair to treat the light itching sensation.I just found out that I have gluten allergy too. More than a few posting have mentioned finding this out as well. I am wondering if people that can’t digest gluten shouldn’t be digesting oils either.

    I am still experimenting with my diet, again I’ll let you know if I have any breakthroughs.

    Hang in There,

  200. To the person who posted and said that they had had tests and their thyroid is okay:

    Make sure that the tests included Reverse T3 and Hashimoto’s antibodies (along with the standard TSH, Free T4 and Free T3). Most doctors don’t test for Reverse T3 and Hashimoto’s. Most people with thyroid problems have a TSH and T4 that are within range i.e. considered normal, and are then told that there is nothing wrong with their thyroid. I was told this by a number of doctors. When I eventually found someone who would test my Reverse T3 (not an easy feat) it was found to be very, very high. If you have Reverse T3, it doesn’t matter how much thyroid hormone you have in your system, your body can’t use it i.e. it’s irrelevant what your T4 and T3 levels are. The Reverse T3 will block your body from using them. I also had Hashimoto’s antibodies. Both Reverse T3 and Hashimoto’s can cause hair loss. I also had adrenal fatigue – if you have thyroid issues for long enough you will usually end up with adrenal fatigue because it is so stressful on your body.

    There is a great website called “Stop the Thyroid Madness”. There is also a book by the same name. You will find a list of the tests that you should ask for there.

    If you have trouble finding a doctor to do the tests, try finding a “compounding chemist” and ask them for the names of doctors who prescribe “T3 only” and that may help you find a doctor who will test for Reverse T3.

  201. I no longer have any gluten in my diet and haven’t for over 18 months.

    Once you realise what it does to your gut – if you cannot tolerate it – you don’t ever want to touch it again. It takes a long time for the gut to heal – apparently between 6 months to 2 years – once you stop gluten. Try to find some photos online of the damage gluten does and that will provide motivation. You need to read labels carefully to avoid all gluten e.g. glucose is often obtained from wheat. Malt from barley, etc. I miss croissants but that’s about it now. I used to miss my favourite ice cream but have found a nice gluten-free one. My children miss bread.

  202. Thanks Julie,

    Its been hard staying off the gluten, but I am doing it. I do notice that I have lost the bloated feeling. I think that I was just used to it having eaten wheat for 90% of my life.

    Didn’t you post long ago when your episode started that you saw re-growth in your hair while you were off the fish and flax supplements, and then saw the problem come back when you brought the supplements back into your diet?

    Did your hair begin to grow back before the diagnosis of thyroid problems after you got off the oils?

    You’ve been around this site a lot it seems, I got a lot of info from your posts…Thanks for taking the time to write them

    Tony P

  203. Thanks Tony. I also had intense pain when I tried Rogaine. My scalp was so incredibly sore, it felt like it would bleed when I combed my hair. I stopped using it after 2 weeks. My hair came out in clumps during that time. I am now also using Nizoral shampoo, which I’m told helps to block DHT (or whatever the male testosterone hormone is that causes hairloss). I’m hopeful.

    I tried a 28 day cleanse in October, which was gluten-free. During that time, I was not allowed to have flax or soy, which makes me think they both have gluten in them. So, to those of you who are gluten intolerant, you may also be allergic to them.

  204. My scalp pain seems to have ended. My hairloss is drastically reduced. I’m off all supplements for the time being, but totally convinced that it was the flaxseed oil, cod liver and other fish or omega oils that were causing my problem. I’m now very hopeful that my hair will start growing again.

  205. i started to take omega 3 fish oils a week ago, as im a vegetarian and eat no fish. The day later i began noticing abnormal amounts of hair malting, as the days passed i grew more concerned and worried, i have long thick hair and its all falling out! especially bad as im 17, i saw this site today and made the link, going to see what happens now ive stopped taking them, thank god it was only a week!

  206. I believe there is a connection between fish oil omega 3 consumption and hair loss. After taking fish oil for almost a year my hair began to thin. I use to have very thick hair but now its thin. I am off the fish oil now.

  207. Nancy, what’s your story? did you take too much flax too? If so was it the oil or the seed and if you are off, how long has it been?

  208. I have been using faxseed the oil mixing with my drinks and food and my hair has been growig but if you read up on it some people will tell you to onlt take for 3 months at a time t get your body back on schedule and also yo cant over take it to much of anything is bad for you i did alot of research before i started using it i feel and look wonderful

  209. so did i dutch. Felt AWESOME. I was taking an omega 3 6 9 blend containing flax and evening primose oil. Started noticing the light shedding within the month. If you see the light shedding I say the worst is yet to come; especially if you keep on it. Maybe your body is equipped with a resistance unlike some of ours, but either way I’d still be cautious . . . I think everyone felt and looked great for the fist few weeks as well.

  210. Does anyone notice that many of the people who have claims of hair loss also claim to have already had hair that was ” thick” and or “long?” Could it be possible that the flax oil has provided an over abundance of what it is that produced such a dense mane? Michael may be able to break down the compounds in a better way, but if people who already had a proper amount of omega 3,6 or 9, take too much, the result could be a loss of hair. Fundamentally the same way an overwatered plant yellows and the leaves fall off and die. 1000mg or more per day may be too much. Flax oil may be more beneficial to those who have a deficiency in the omega trilogy, namely those with a more fine or sparse head of hair. Also, is there a prevalence in certain hair colors or types over others that experience the loss? How does the flax oil affect the follicle? What is it about the hair on the crown that is more successptible to loss?

  211. At this young age of 20, i suddenly noticed my hair thining. i have alsways had long thick hair, it started like a few days ago, coincedently i started taking flax seed not oil (two heaped tables spoons a day) approximately over a week ago. whether the flax seed is to blame is inconclusive, as i have only just stopped using it. I will be back in a few weeks to let you guys know if it is the reason for the hair loss, don’t use this product, why take the risk for such small gains? good luck

  212. It’s now been one month since I stopped my daily routine of 2 heaping Tbs of ground flax on my cereal.

    I had been doing this for about 18 months and have had big problems with shedding and thinning hair for the last 9 months or so (though it may have been longer). I’m 45 years old and have never had particularly thick hair, but certainly “enough” hair.

    The main problem is towards the back of my head–especially around the crown, and styling is difficult, though not impossible at this point.

    So what am I noticing after a month without flax? The shedding has definitely slowed down and my hair seems to look a bit better (though no real evidence of regrowth). I’m in much less fear of washing and brushing my hair, though I’m probably still shedding more than 100 strands a day (maybe a bit less than that now).

    The downside? I’m less digestionally happy! Also, my eyes are dryer, especially in the evenings.

    But I think I’m vain enough that I’ll choose the hair. Of course, I realize that there might be no correlation to the flax–life is full of so many variables.

  213. This site keeps refreshing on my computer, losing everything I type so I will make this short and sweet.


    1)OIL: Salad Dressing, Mayo, Chocolate (contains palm oil, Rice bran oil (found in some cereals, Almond Butter, and Penut Butter, ALL OMEGA OIL TABS.

    2)SEAFOOD: Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Cod, FISH OIL TABS, etc.

    3)SEEDS AND NUTS: Almonds, Pine nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Flaxseeds, etc.

    I have ingested everything since my loss from Kale, carrrots, chileno, Everything (I already listed everything but the website failed to upload it) with no avail.

    THE ONE THING I DO RECCOMMEND THOUGH IS RED BEETS. 2 a day in 5 days has drastically decreased my hair loss. Skin them and eat them or juice them. Be prepared they are Vibrantly Red. They will make your shit red (yes I said your shit). Be ready to “swish” your mouth out with water, OJ, or soda water to prevent staining.


    Again I had completed a better write up on my experience but since it got deleted I am no longer in the mood to
    rehash everything.

    In basic terms Ive had hair loss ever since adding an omega 3 blend and fish oil into my diet. 3 months later I have experimented and found out to avoid the BIG 3 Sub Group of Foods: Oils, Seafood, and nuts. Though the internet, doctors, and everyone else will you to eat these things once your hair begins to fall because of excess it is no longer in your best interest to consume these foods. EAT THE BEETS and LET ME KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

    Ps. I am 3 months into my hair loss since quiting the oils and have seen things slow down but not stop. The beets are the best bet and DEFINETLY REMOVE the BIG 3 from your diet until things subsideknee

  214. michael,

    did you ever have hair loss from fish oil or flax oil in your lifetime? I used to use flaxseed with no problems at all years ago (maybe even benefited from it) But when I used flaxoil and fish oil four months ago ive had hair loss ever since.

    I am really skeptical about using the flaxseed as others have reported hair loss with it, and anything teeming with omega 3 or 6 seems to contribute to my shedding daily. ie salmon, tuna, polyunsaturated oils, etc.

  215. so back to my original question – have you ever had hair loss fromo the oils? I am under the impression once you experience loss from the oils anything with the omegas seems to “get” you.

  216. Wow, this is one of the longest comment threads ever. It was a long read, but I got through it all.

    I’m hypothyroid and have used about 2 tbsp. of Hodgson Mill Milled Flax Seed a day. I’ve been on Armour as well. My blood tests come back fine, but my hair is still falling out all over. Last summer though it started growing back, and I think I wasn’t taking flax. At the time, I was trying krill oil. As winter came, my hair started falling out again, but I was also starting to take flax again.

    I just tried going without flax for a few days this week, and I noticed my hair stopped shedding. I hear people say that Hodgson is a good brand of flax, and it’s never had rancid smell. However, I’m starting to wonder if it is the culprit for my hair loss.

    I haven’t tried grinding my own, but I’m afraid it might have the same effect. Are you supposed to soak whole flax seed before you grind it, or does it matter? And will a wet-blade vitamix work with grinding the seeds in a smoothy or something?

  217. Tony,

    I have never taken fish oil or any other omega-3 oil supplements. To this day, after nearly 4 years of continuous use I’m experiencing positive results with daily use of freshly ground flaxseed, i.e. my hair continues to maintain a thicker, fuller appearance than it did prior to adding flax to my diet.

    It’s really rather hard for me to believe that ground flaxseed (and not the oil filled capsules) are responsible for any hair loss in individuals as the scientific community is rather excited about trials which revealed that the powerful lignin in flax, secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (or SDG) has been shown to block the production of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which converts testosterone to di-hydrotestosterone, the buildup of which is linked to hair loss.

    @TC –

    Soaking the whole flax seed prior to grinding is not needed and would only serve to make things rather messy. I own a Vita-mix myself and have added it to fruit/non-dairy milk based drinks, however I prefer my coffee grinder for complete grinding. A Vita-mix will do the trick, perhaps not as completely–just be sure to use low volumes of liquid initially to ensure that the seed is set closer to the blade.

  218. WOW! My husband and I have noticed him losing hair in patches, even on his face there are big bald spots! He has been taking fish oil for 6 weeks and has noticed his hair thinning for about 3 weeks! I was trying to think of anything new/different he was doing and we are SO happy to have found this blog!!! Thank you all for taking time to post! Heres hoping his hair will be soon to return now! 😉

  219. Has anyone else found a way to stop hair loss due to flaxseed/fishoil or get hair regrowth in addition to shelfing the supplements?

  220. and does anybody avoid seafood now as a result ? I really like fish, shrimp, etc but don’t want to expand upon my problem

  221. Well, this has definitely made interesting reading. I was diagnosed with Dry Eye a couple of years ago and began taking flax seed oil capsules daily. Sure helped my dry eye symptoms but just lately I was shocked to notice how I’ve been losing hair from the top of my head. I felt devastated because I didn’t know why but I will now ditch the Flaxseed and hope like hell that my hair grows back.

  222. I started to notice that I was losing my hair about 7 years ago I think. I didn’t understand why though because it doesn’t run in the family. Anyway I read a few things about it on line, so I’m massaging my scalp everyday for about 5 mins, with olive oil(on days when I’m going to wash my hair). I’m also taking one a day of zinc tablets, just incase its a lack of zinc that may have caused it. Although they say too much can cause hair loss though. Anyway I’ve been doing that for about 5 mths, my hair doesn’t fall out anymore. And there is some growth on the top that I dont think was there before. Its growing longer & bit stronger, also my hair in general seems more healthy. I’ve also been taking cod liver oil for about 3 months & more recently biotin. I’m going to give it a rew more months to see if I get more hair growth.

  223. I’ve been off Udo’s omega 3-6-9 blend for 4 and a half months. I am still having shedding and as far as I can see ZERO hair re-growth. Does anyone who’s been recently posting have any updates?

  224. I last posted on March 2, 2012.

    Since that time, my hair shedding began to increase again, so I can only conclude that the daily ground flax was not the culprit after all.

    My dry eyes were bothering me, so my current compromise is to have my ground flax once every 3 days.

    So, I have no answer about the hair loss. I’m trying to keep it in perspective and carry on with my life.

  225. Hi Nancy I’m sorry hear your shedding increased despite removing the flaxseed. I have done endless amounts of research and experimentation. I have found that anything oil based seems to set off my shedding as well. I am not an expert, but I’ve come to understand that when heavy amounts of PUFA’s are in the body they oxidize in quantity and free radicals begin to lay havoc all over. You have to do extensive research to find this out. Though I think omegas are good in small doses, the mega dosing of flax, fish oil, flax oil etc. is detrimental. Some research says it can take up to 2 years to get all the PUFA’s out of your system (thats why I think the hair loss continues) My main source for this is Ray Peat, but you’ll find others.

    I have found Sencha green tea as a promising combatant. It is EXTREMELY high in vitamin E which is an antioxidant. For some reason when I eat a few leaves after boiling my shedding seems to decrease. I do not like the “wired” feeling I get from the caffeine content and as a result I am going to try some vitamin E tablets soon (though I am afraid of their oil content as well)

    Ray Peat also recommended to me to start cooking with REFINED Coconut oil. Though anything high in fats seems to get me too so I will start slowly.

    Stay on the flax if you think it helps, otherwise I’ll be trying some more experiments.

  226. I know this is going to go against the grain with most people…take a Full teaspoon of sugar in the morning and see what your’e shedding is like later in the day. I want feedback on this…

  227. “Brief exposures to polyunsaturated fatty acids can damage the insulin-secreting cells of the pancreas, and the mitochondria in which oxidative energy production takes place. Prolonged exposure causes progressive damage. Acutely, the free polyunsaturated fatty acids cause capillary permeability to increase, and this can be detected at the beginning of “insulin resistance” or “diabetes.” After chronic exposure, the leakiness increases and albumin occurs in the urine, as proteins leak out of the blood vessels. The retina and brain and other organs are damaged by the leaking capillaries.” Ray Peat

  228. The protective effects of sugar, and the harmful effects of excessive fat metabolism, are now being widely recognized, in every field of physiology. The unsaturated vegetable fats, linoleic and linolenic acid and their derivatives, such as arachidonic acid and the long chain fish oils, have excitatory, stress promoting effects, that shift metabolism away from the oxidation of glucose, and finally destroy the respiratory metabolism altogether. Since cell injury and death generally involve an imbalance between excitation and the ability to produce energy, it is significant that the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids seems to consume energy, lowering cellular ATP (Clejan, et al, 1986).

  229. Hairy Armpits is right. THE SOLUTION IS EXTRA SUGAR, if you have been avoiding sugar and have hair loss post flax oil or fish oil use you NEED to get sugar in your bloodstream. The shedding slows down almost immediately.

  230. I’ve read almost ALL the posts here dating back to 2007. What I gather is that people are saying FLAX SEED supplements have caused hair loss?

    First of all, can you posters identify yourselves a bit more, and give more back ground in terms of what brand of supplement, lifestyle you live and most of all ‘diet’. If you don’t, it’s difficult to just isolate your hair loss w/ flax seed.

    It’s no joke that male pattern baldness affects a majority of men. But to co-mingle hair loss by gender based on a supplement is absurd.

    We know our bodies best, and its safe to say that. What’s not safe is to generalize something w/o identifying more variables.

    For myself, I’ve come to realize that my hair started to thin as I aged. I no longer had the thick hair I had as a teenager. I had blood work done as well and had to evaluate my lifestyle and diet. I realized that as we get older, our diets become a big player in how our body functions. As a result, I have quit drinking and have found my hair to improve. I’ve also started to read about supplements and came around this. Currently, I am taking Natures’ Made, flax seed oil & Spirulina. I am going to order some actual flax seeds and incorporate that in my diet.

    We’ll see.

    I still shed, and though I can see thin hairs shedding, I will also see some that are thick. This tells me that my hair is shedding naturally, but at the same time its thick hair and not thin ones. I know it’ll take a few months to see actual results, but I’m sticking to this regiment.

    I’ll take the oils, flax seed 3-5x a week, but I wouldn’t say missing a day or over ingesting it to be of any help or harm.

  231. About 2 months ago I started taking omega 3, fish and flaxseed oil combined supplement. I am a woman with normally very thick hair. I have been frantic about the sudden on-set of hair loss in the last month. I have made no other changes to diet/medicine. I have been searching frantically for the cause – I discovered these posts today and I’m convinced this is it.

  232. mel – I went and am going through the same situation. My exposure to flax and fish oil led to my shedding issue as well. I HIGHLY recommend you look at the works of RAY PEAT on the internet as his diet has been the only thing to help my issue in the 6 months since it began. I am still shedding but notice a HUGE difference when I incorporate the following:

    1) Incorporate lots of Fructose into your diet. Fructose is protective and it won’t allow the release of insulin into your system.
    2) ADD sugar…Its 1/2 glucose and 1/2 fructose. HONEY is the BEST since the glucose and fructose molecules are I believe already separated.
    3) AVOID heavy starches they will raise your glucose to quick: baked potatoes, pasta, etc.

    my take on this is that Polyunsaturated fat are VERY dangerous and NOT so essential. all the bloggers experiencing issues were taking some sort of PUFA and the biggest issues arose when they were taking in oils (the most pure form) but I am convinced even if they were just using flax seeds or Walnuts everyday the problems still would have surfaced just probably not as quick.

    Ray Peat explains that over exposure of PUFA can cause type II diabetes and that the bodies oxidation of fat as the main food source is host to loads of problems…shedding being one of them.

    This is my advice. I KNOW its not mainstream so you can see if time solves your problem as well. If you want any more of my advice you can send me your email address.

  233. btw I don’t claim to have all the answers, some people’s problem took care of itself. . I just know that ALL the green smoothies, avoidance of sugar, and even minor consumption of polyunsaturated fat sources did absolutely nothing for me during those 6 months.

  234. To this date sugar has only been a temporary fix…When I ingest table sugar I shed less for about an hour…the effects aren’t permenant

  235. I started on a daily high intake omega 3 fish oil AND flaxseed oil as recommended by my eye doc for dry eye and am experiencing noticable hair loss. I can only link it to the omega 3 as my diet/lifestyle has otherwise remained the same. Will stop taking it and see.

  236. I posted here earlier and am now posting an update. Almost a month ago I completely stopped taking flaxseed & omega 3. I believe I am now starting to see some regrowth appear. I was originally taking it for dry eye on the recommendation of my eye doctor. Honestly, it did not help with my dry eye AND I’m 90% sure it is the cause of my hair loss. Therefore I have stopped taking it.

    I did some research and and found bodybuilders take omega 3s to build muscle as it helps to increase testosterone. High testosterone levels is linked to hair loss.

  237. Here’s my update: have been incorporating 2 tbsp of freshly ground flaxseed into my diet daily since 2007 and continue to see positive results, i.e. neglible additional hair loss. Compared to pre-2007 hair is thicker, fuller, stronger and growth is quicker than it once was.

    The flax lignin secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) seems to be doing its job well–very pleased with the results!

  238. JULIE —–> How long after you started using the cytomel did you start feeling like your hair started growing back

  239. Hi Anthony,

    My hair was growing back long before I started cynomel. I don’t know exactly what worked – I stopped the cod liver oil and definitely would never touch it again but the regrowth took some time – approximately five months each time. I think giving up gluten may have helped. I took various herbs given to my by a Traditional Chinese doctor and I think they helped (it was a formula that varied from visit to visit but focused on improving kidney yin and often polygonym multiforum, which I still take, was included). However, it is hard to know what helped my hair grow back. I think it’s further improved with cynomel, but the cynomel came some time after it was growing.

  240. Glad to hear from you Julie – I wanted to tell you I too finally got an alternative medicine doctor to take my reverse T3 and it was found to be high as well. . My T3 to Reverse T3 ratio came out to be an 8 where it should be above 20 according “Stop The Thyroid Madness.” I got prescribed timed release T3 and have been taking it now for 5 weeks. I also go my adrenals checked via saliva testing and found my cortisol levels to be below range and my adrenals to be producing at very low levels as well. The last 8 moths have been miserable for me….I wonder if all the polyunsaturated oil stressed our livers which also caused our adrenals and thyroids to misfire resulting in the shedding…I know I also felt overall shittier which I would attribute to these malfunctions inside the body, I am not a doctor but this is what I come to believe….I honestly think anyone who takes fish oil, seed oil (including flax), or even nuts/seeds daily to be slowly poisoning themselves … whats worse is they are touted to be so healthy for for consumption..

  241. Please stay in touch ….I may want to know what else your Chinese doctor has prescribed you. Also, are you still on cytomel?? If so – how long? And are you going to get off of it? I personally don’t want to be taking it any longer than I may have to

  242. Has anyone ever checked out Dr. Johanna Budwig’s theory on flax oil blended with cottage cheese? She has written several books and was also nominated 7 times for the Noble Prize. She was from Germany and has now passed away, but her books and her information on flax oil and cottage cheese is just fascinating, it can cure cancer and so many illnesses, it’s just unbelieveable. I have been taking the flaxoil and cottage cheese now for approx 2 months and so far have had no hair loss, but I have tremendous energy and calmness that’s unbelieveable. The theory is that cottage cheese and flax oil which must be blended together with a blender works synergistically in the body and promotes tremendous health changes at the cellular level, supply oxygen to the body etc. There is so much written that I can’t mention everything but I do strongly suggest that you look up her information on the internet search engine or look up and purchase her books Also you must purchase a particular kind of flax oil thats virgin, raw, unfiltered, unprocessed and cold pressed. Some flaxseed oils also contain the lignans which I intermittently use both with my cottage cheese daily.

  243. I intended to say that the flax oil should be unfiltered, organic and the cottage cheese must be very low fat. There are a few good brands of flax oil, one is called Barlean’s flax oil and comes with lignan or plain. This is a widely distributed brand and can be purchased via Amazon.com and most health food stores. In her books, Dr. Budwig does not mention hair loss which I believe if that were the case with her product which has been used on thousands of patients she most certainly would have known about it. Perhaps the flax oil blended with the cottage cheese does not create or cause hair loss. One of her books is “Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and other diseases. Can also be purchased on Amazon.com

  244. F, Age 28
    Weight: 130
    Diet: Moderately healthy, no fast food, vegetarian for about 8 months (which is during the time I had flax seed oil).
    Exercise: 4-6 times a week

    I used to put whole flax seeds into my green smoothies every morning. I heard from a friend that flax seed oil is the best. (Always get the refrigerated flax seed, not the ones in the regular aisle and don’t get the pill kind). Well, after six months of adding Barlean’s Organic Flax Seed Oil to my daily green monster smoothie, I noticed more hair fall out than usual. Not excessive or noticeable, but when I would blow dry my hair, I would notice more hair fall out on the bathroom table/sink. Whenever I tied up my hair in a pony tail, you could see this spot on the left side of my head (near my bangs) that was “balding”.. not completely bare, but it looked weird. A female (rockabillie styled) colleague of mine asked me if I had shaved the side of my head!

    I never would have thought it was flax seed oil until a gym friend of mine told me she stopped taking flax seed oil because of her hair fall out. Her doctor told her it was because of flax seed oil.

    Once I stopped taking flax seed (which is about 2-3 months ago), the “bald spot” started getting better. I also notice a lot of baby hairs sticking up near my bangs, which is a sign that my hair is growing back.

    I don’t know if everyone will have the same reaction, but… I’m never taking flax seed oil again. I will say that my hair was super shiny and healthy and grew super fast while I was taking it, but… not worth it. I have noticed that my hair does not look as shiny and smooth, but… beats having a nearly bald spot. I might try to go back to flax seeds…. maybe. MAYBE.

  245. I have an interesting observation…Most women who experienced hair loss on this blog seem to have recovered, yet I have yet to hear from a man who experienced hair loss using these oils that stopped their it from falling or grew it back besides Michael.. and rightfully so, he never had hair loss due to the oils.

  246. Everyone seems to be talking about oil. As a guy, I pinned down my hair loss to wheat consumption. I could simply pluck out my hair with ease, since removing wheat from my diet my hair has strengthened remarkably. Hair loss has ceased. I’m lucky to see two strands in my brush each morning.

    Just a thought….

  247. FROM WIKIPEDIA: “Basic research has also suggested a major neuroprotective effect of α-linolenic acid in in vivo models of both global ischemia and kainate-induced epilepsy;[22] however, if sourced from flax seed oil, residues may have adverse effect due to its content of neurotoxic cyanogen glycosides and immunosuppressive cyclic nonapeptides.”

  248. Michael’s credibility has risen. I believe cyanogen glycosides is basically evolutionary cyanide given off by plants and seeds to ward off insects and animal predators. . ingest too much of this nasty stuff and yes, you could potentially have problems.

    I am unsure about the definition cyclic nonapeptides. But I think this a good start for research as to why people here have been prone to problems with flaxseed oil. If you had problems with flax oil, you may have problems transferring to flaxseed because it should still contain some of this oil.

    These are just my thoughts. I have been wrong in the past about statements i’ve made so don’t take it as concrete. Do your research and try to post back facts.

  249. Hi,I,m a male that want to try krill oil, cause i also shed hair on fish oil. Anyone here has taken krill oil? If someone sheds hair on fish oil will shed on krill oil? Thanks

  250. Here’s my update: have been incorporating 2 tbsp of freshly ground flaxseed into my diet daily since 2007 and continue to see positive results, i.e. neglible additional hair loss. Compared to pre-2007 hair is thicker, fuller, stronger and growth is quicker than it once was.

    The flax lignin secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) seems to be doing its job well–very pleased with the results!

  251. I started taking flaxseed few months ago and I am alarmed by how much hair I am losing daily. This is what led me to research “can flaxseed cause hair loss”. I think I have read enough to stop taking flaxseed for good. I do not need any fancy scientific study and recommendation to realize that flaxseed is the cause since I do not take any medication and my hair loss started shortly after I started taking flaxseed. I am not a medical doctor, but I am a critical care RN.

    My love around all of you,


  252. Cecille, may I ask what form of flaxseed have you been taking oil or grounded flaxseed?

    On another note I’m interested in flaxseed because of the scientific research posted. I’m a bit skeptical though on both the findings and the claims here on hair loss due to flaxseed oil as anybody with an email can post. I’m also a 14 year internet marketer and one tool we use to generate buzz are making up accounts and posting them to get positive public reaction for our client. I also know that this method is used to discredit the competition of client. Yeah its dirty but thats the truth.

  253. I seriously doubt that freshly ground flaxseed is the cause of Cecille’s hair loss. Why would so many others, including myself see only positive benefits?

    I wish people would be more specific about their nutrtional intake. High levels of flax oil appears to be linked with hair loss judging by posts going back to 2006, however the same can not be said of the whole flax seed which is rich in lignins, a compound scientifically demonstrated to be highly beneficial to hair follicle nourishment and growth.

  254. i must add i was a bit worried about flax oil and oil loss until last night i spoke to mom who is 74 years old, diabetic, hypertensive, cardiac failure, bone pains, body pains, left ventricle failure, ovarian cyst being monitored,cataract operation left eye, moms list goes on. Mom reveals to me that flax seed oil not only gives her energy but over 2 decades being on acute and chronic meds, the hair on her eye brows fell off, since only being on flaxseed oil and omega 3 for less than 2 months, she’s grown luscious eye brows and feels a lot better. The flax oil needs to be cold pressed, organic and virgin quality- hope this helps

  255. Started taking cod liver oil three and a half weeks ago. Used to have thick hair, now I can see my scalp through it. My hair is weak and thin, my scalp is burning and itching. Thank you for this thread, the cod liver oil is in the trash. I also dumped the vitamin D, even though I’ve been taking those for a much longer time without noticeable side effects. No more supplements for me.

  256. “No more supplements for me.”

    Don’t be too hasty, Goose. Some supplements such as Horsetail, Biotin and Aloe Vera (and yes, FRESHLY GROUND flaxseed) have shown merit for obtaining hair vigor and retention.

  257. a month ago I stopped using fish oil. I have noticed that I lose nearly no hair daily when I style hair. Before I would lose a considerable amount while style and I have a thin spot near the crown of my head. Other than that I have not had any changes in my diet or life style.

  258. wow it;s unbelievable how many people are complaining about fish oil (omega 3) and yet no study has been done about it.
    I’m also a long time hair loss sufferer and been taking propecia for over 10 years which slowed down my hair loss,around 4 months ago I started taking fish oil (1000 MG) capsules forr health benefits but noticed increased in shedding specially on crown,there is definitelly something,I never had so much shedding,and the only thing extra I used was damn fish oils.I will stop using them immediately.it’s a shame that doctors and scientist don’t bother to study such possibility when there are so many complains,it appears they are all about making money off transplants.

  259. Hi i am 26 yr old male. have been taking krill oil for six months about 2000mg each day. Noticed hair thinning out about a month after starting. scalp seems oily. I eat very well and maintain fitness… also had liver function blood tests and results are showing as abnormal… doctor can not work out why. krill oil is my only dietary change. have stopped taking krill for now will keep updated. any comments?

  260. Yes, get some Doctor Bronners peppermint soap and wash your scalp with it to remove the sebum from your scalp.. It will help slow the shedding

  261. Thank goodness for this site. I started taking fish oil everyday. It is the only thing I take. I do not take any other medications whatsoever. My hair came out in clumps in the shower. It was frightening to say the least. I took it specifically for dry eyes. My eyes felt tremendously better, but I could not deal with the hair loss. I will not ever take fish oil again.

  262. I just happen to come across this site. Keep in mind if your hair becomes highly moisturized from using oils you will need protein to strengthen the hair. Try biotin supplements. There are some that includes Keratin. Also add shampoo and conditioners that are rich in proteins. Hair has to be balanced. Too much moisture, add protein. Too much protein, add moisture. Just that simple. Hopes this helps =)

  263. Took fish oil since Jun 2013 because my doctor told me it’s good for my anxiety and stress out condition. lost so many hairs since then which made me feel worst. never suspect fish oil at all. thought that it was the stress or DHT things . fish oil is the only supplement I took. now I stop for 3 days don’t know when my hairs will stop shedding like cat. cry whenever I see my scalp I am only a 42 yrs old woman, and I dare not go out kind like panic attack. OMG why I never come across this forum? been searching for my hair loss possible causes for SO long….

  264. I’m someone who has posted before and suffered massive hair loss – apparently from cod liver oil and Evening Primrose Oil – on separate occasions. I haven’t read here for a while but had decided that for those who reported hair loss with flax seed oil, it would be the oil that was the problem and not the whole seed. However, over the last few weeks I’ve made flax seed crackers on three occasions (something I used to make a lot of leading up to my hair loss) and for the first time since I think 2008, I’ve experienced significant hair loss – just over the last two weeks. I made the crackers by mixing the flax seeds with olive oil, chilli, garlic and lemon juice in a blender then put them in a dehydrator. I’m again back to almost no eyebrows and I’ve lost a large amount of hair from around the hair line – i.e. like I have a receding scalp, continuing on down the sides of my face to my ears. This is the first time I’ve had flax seeds since 2008 or 2009.

    Just thought I’d mentioned this as it seems that for those of us who do experience hair loss from the polyunsaturated fatty acids, or whatever it is in these foods, even the whole flaxseed may be a problem.

  265. I got Udo’s Oil omega 3 6 9 oil blend about a week ago. I took 1 dose daily and after just 3 days I saw a very alarming amount of hair in the shower drain. I was shocked. Then the next day I noticed all my hair coming out as I was combing it, plus large amount of hair in the drain again. So I got on google and did a search on omega oils and hair loss and found this site. This has been the only dietary change and I don’t even take any other supplements. I have very long thick hair and want to keep it lol. I’m just surprised my hair loss happened so quickly after beginning to take the supplement. Just 3 days!

  266. Hi Everyone
    I wanted to get ripped and read i gotta start taking fish oil. im 31 and have never taken it i bought http://www.drugstore.com/natures-bounty-odorless-fish-oil-1000mg-omega-3-softgels/qxp149762 and been taking a capsule a day for last 120 days. about a month ago my friends wife called out a bald spot developing at the crown.

    i got a bit concerned and for fun googled fish oil hair loss and came here… i will stop taking the pills since i just finished the bottle and respiond back in 60 days or so

    wish me luck
    ps everyone has tons of hair on all sides of my family and this has never been an issue for me before..

  267. I’ve been taking fish oil capsules for about two months, and lately noticed a lot of hair loss. Googling led me here. I’m 44 and male. My diet has changed somewhat in other ways too, but the fish oil seems a likely suspect in the hair loss, given the posts above. I’m going to stop taking the capsules for now and see if things get better over the next several months.

  268. Fish oil and other oils will lowered vitamin D and also thin the blood. Do you think this could be the cause of the shedding with the oils? Im about it start a good fish oil due to scalp scaling and have been reading…

  269. Ive been Taking Fish oil pills for a few months now. and my hair is thinning I had The tickest hair youll ever see last month. I dont know if its the fish oil or Biotin that i started taking last month. I Took them so that my hair would grow faster and healthier, But It did the Opposite. I dont know if that is the main cause. I am 19 years old and no one in my family is bald. Can someone tell me what telogen effluvium is because I think thats what im having. my hair is thinning on the top in few areas. Like i can see my scalp threw my hair and when i take a picture with flash from the top i can see the thinning areas VS The tick area. Im gonna stop using Fish oil supplments and The Biotin.

  270. Someone posted not too far above me about how one should be very careful when reading the comments on this post in particular. Something about these posts just doesn’t feel right at all. I’ve read and heard countless anecdotes on hair loss posted on the internet and I too believe most of these reports are scams perpetuated by internet marketers bent on destroying the credibility of alternative treatments. If you look above you will notice how many posts are written in the same style and either end or begin with “Thank God I Found this site”. Not a SINGLE post seems to be aimed at voicing anger at the doctor who replied and who so carelessly brushed off the matter…Shouldn’t people be more angry about a subject they take soo much to heart and that seems to not even be taken remotely seriously by the doctor who replied? On no other site besides this one do I find a mass of people complaining about flaxseed oil and hairloss. And the ones that I do seem to be confused and post a link to this one. This whole thing is a fraud, and there is no logical theory or evidence that support the claims made by these racketeers. If it did cause hairloss, how can so many people be oblivious to it since its always the only “new” thing introduced to a diet? Do these people have seriously limited deductive skills? None of this makes any sense, there’s even people who claim they went YEARS loosing hair and NEVER ONCE associating it with the only new change they made in their during during the entree time. And NOBODY even specifies the amount they even took. This is pure and shameless fear-mongering put in place to deter people from possible methods of treating hair loss that do not profit one single business conglomerate.

  271. Flax seeds will most definitely assist in hair regrowth as I am a living example. A few years ago I incorporated 2-3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed in my diet and within 12 weeks I noticed that my formerly, fine thinning hair was growing in with considerably more thickness and strength such that brushing was a more arduous task than it had been formerly. I also noticed some regrowth as well and to this day (some 3 years into my regimen) I have kept hair loss completely in check.

    As it turns out, flax seeds contain a particular lignan compound (lignans are absent in flax seed oil by the way) that inhibits the production of an enzyme that converts testosterone into di-hydro testosterone (DHT), the chemical compound that is the leading agent for promoting hair follicle destruction in male pattern baldness.

    Hope this helps.


    1. Thanks Michael. Im guna try and start on the freshly ground 2-3tbsp flax seeds everyday now. Hopeful this will help my hair out. Just started to see thinning this past year. More on the crown. But for some reason, I started to notice after my surgery I had on my nose. Anyways, thanks again

  272. Cod liver oil and a Norwegian omegas certainly made my hair fall out. I’ll keep my hair and my hi cholesterol thank you very much!!
    U just can’t win in life especially with hypothyroid disease . My skin improved and my hair fell out so I’m shit out of luck!

  273. form past 1 month noticed severe hair fall ,i never had this prob earlier ,only change in my diet was flaxseed oil capsule which made me to browse for “hairloss due to flaxseed” oh god i would have gone bald am having severe to severe hair fall.right now am trowing it away

  274. I started taking Flaxseed oil about 5 months ago.I started taking a lot on the recommendation of a health practitioner. At the time I had really long thick and curly hair and never had any problems with hair fallout. Well, it was shortly afterwards that my hair just started getting really dry and breaking off all around the crown and front of hair. I was SO shocked as I had never seen that not even in my most stressful times. I have been struggling ever since trying to understand what the root cause is, because its still going on. I changed my shampoo, I avoid heat styling, drink more water, have done leave in conditioning and oil treatments only to have a small-moderate improvement.It started to occur to me that it could be the flax oil, as that was the only new thing I started taking, but it took me a long time to accept it because how could flax oil, something good do that? Well, Im beginning to accept it and based on my intuition I googled it and came across this website and wow, oh man! I cant believe all these posts! I think it may have something to do with flax messing with the hormones, and yes, maybe not everyone, as everyone is differnet. I think that in the case of hair loss, I eould say that the body is telling us that it doesnt want or need it. As of tomorrow NO more flax oil for me. I will never take it again!!

  275. Hi all
    Boldness doesn’t run in my family (both sides) my father is 62 with full hair, so my grandfathers.

    I was taking krill oil 500mg for two months and my hair started to shred not much but i noticed it week or two later and I had no idea what was causing it until I ran out of krill oil and bought fish oil 1200mg and I started to lose hair like crazy, i was losing so much hair it made me depressed and week or so later it just hit me that only thing is different in my diet is fish oil. When i stopped taking it my hair just stopped shedding immediately (next day), now every day i lose around 50 (yes i count them all that how paranoid Im)

    So my question is how long will it take to get my hair back or is it going to come back at all? No bold patches or anything like that but my hair got thin when hard light/flash light is over my head i can see scalp.

    Please do not ignore this question and answer it. I will post update after one month or so.

  276. Using this oil without hair fall. Flaxseed has DHT blockers that stop hair loss. My hair has progressed in health since high use of this oil. 3 times a day.

  277. Perhaps the reason for the fallout is due to the possible reduction in good prostaglandins, as omega 3 is believed to be a potent cox inhibitor. Perhaps taking a more balanced ratio between omega 3 and 6 would prevent the side effect of hairloss. Would anyone know if taking black currant or hemp oil has similar or different effects, as I believe the best ratio of omega 6 to 3 would be 4 to 1, respectively? I came across this information when studying hemp oil, where it was claimed that hemp oil has the most perfect balance or ratio between omega 6 and 3. Essentially, oils high in omega 3, such as fish and flax oil, should only be taken for a short time, in order to rebalance the imbalance between the EFAs found prevalent in western diets, but then after take a more naturally balanced oil such as hemp oil. Also, I have read that if one takes fish or flax oil, one should also take an oil high in omega 6, like black currant, or PA free borage oil, in order to reach a better balance. Has anyone come across the same or similar information or experiences?

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