i have been losing hair from either side of my forehead.now im using minoxidil 5%.i was using other oil and wash it was before using minoxidil.but i came to know that if we use other oil it wont allow minoxidil to penetrate into scalp.so i stopped using it.but now my hair has become dry and is difficult to comb.there is a hair fluid called livon which instantly smoothens and softens dry hair.it is usually used on towel-dried hair.so i wanted to know whether i can use it and if i use will it stop minoxidil to enter into scalp or should i use the hair fluid after applying minoxidil.please advise.

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While there is no way to be sure, but I would think using minoxidil at least 30 minutes prior to using the softening product (Livon) would be the best compromise.