Thank you for seeing me yestserday. You put my mind at great ease. As I reached you on this blog initially, please feel free to use my photographs to tell my story.

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This is a 21 year old man who came to see me, because he felt that his hair was thinning in the forelock and his corners were rising. These pictures tell half of the story.

  1. The changes are consistent with the appearance of the male hairline.
  2. Mapping out the scalp shows no significant miniaturization present in any part of the scalp.

It is worthy to note the well illustrated picture of the left hairline where the fine hair (which is miniaturized as it is lost) is receding into a mature hairline. Behind this frontal immature hairline, is a mature hairline with no miniaturization. This clearly tells me that this young man is not balding at this time. As a 21 year old, the future is uncertain, so timing is everything. I always tell these young men to follow with me yearly, just to detect miniaturization at its first appearance and if the miniaturization appears, then with a drug like Propecia, the miniaturization may be arrested. The focus of a good Master Plan should be to keep the hairy person hairy, not transplant the balding one. Although this is not a profitable thing for me to do, it is what you would demand from a good doctor, doing what is in the best interest of his patient.

The good news is that he does not have to start Propecia at this time and may postpone it until miniaturization appears (if it ever does). Peace of mind is the reward for a good and proper examination (one way or the other).

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