I used to have beautiful hair. Over the past year and a half I have been under a lot of stress. last summer i noticed two bald spots in my hair. they were the size of silver dollars. i went to a place where they said i had androgenic alopecia (they weren’t doctors) and now i wear a hair piece in my hair. it is hot, uncomfortable, and i can’t help but feel self concious. it’s also expensive, and i’m only 25 and can barely afford it. i’m a single mom.

i’ve worn the hair piece for about 5 months.

lately i’ve noticed that my hair has been growing faster, and my mother looked within my hair piece and says my hair may be growing back (my stress level has diminished quite a bit)

i was wondering (besides appearance) if there would be signs that this conditon is going away.

will my head be a little itchy, will i feel stubble? will the hair grow in and be thinner from the scalp at first (not like a telogen hair) and then grow in thicker? what kinds of things do you recomend I do to make my hair grow back, because i can’t live without hair anymore, and i’m not rich, and can’t afford medical procedures or cosmetic ones.

should i get a b12 shot, or purchase the ssublingual pill?

please help. i want to be normal and pretty again.

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If you feel stubble, the you can assume that the hair is probably growing back. Hair cycles every 3-7 months (approximately) so if the hair loss is short term, you may see it reverse in that time frame. Wearing hair systems will cause traction alopecia and I would advise you against this, and suggest that you just style around your area of loss, if possible.

There are many medical conditions that need to be evaluated, so consider seeing a doctor and reviewing the Female Hair Loss category.

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