My 9 Year Old Daughter Has Many Bald Spots

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My daughter has many bald spots on her head, we noticed this back in August of last year and it dosen’t seem to be getting better. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have had her saliva tested and put her on a vitamin and mineral regiment. She has also started to eat more vegetables at our urging to help with her problem. She is nine years old and has always been concerned with her appearance, I am very concerned that this will progress and affect her forever. Please send me any information that you think may help us.

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Take her to a good dermatologist. Spots of hair loss are signs of something wrong like a fungal disease of the scalp or alopecia areata or a variety of other conditions. This is not the place for the amateurs (or even online opinions) and your daughter deserves a good professional opinion from an expert in person.

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  1. I am a 17 yr old girl who started getting bald spots in 7th grade and it has always gotten worse and untill this last yr it was only slowly getting worse. However in the past 3-4 months if that i became soo bald that i could not cover it.. ive tryed steriod shots however they didnt work well enough my dermatoligist tells me theres nothing i can do now that its too late and to just deal with it ever since that appointment with him ive been very depressed and have been wearing a hat everywhere but im afraid of it getting to where a hat wont even cover it the whole top of my head is bald other than tiny spots of strands… this has had a large affect on my life socially and mentally… i have no other signs of anyother illnesses only bald spots so everyone just tells me to be lucky im not sick.. but it still affects me.. i have a very hard time tlaking to people outside of the ones who already kno i dont really care if people kno bout it id perfer to get it out there cuz not many people understand why i always wear hats and im starting to hate wearing hats and cant bring myself to wear a wig.. i would like to know if there is any hope for me i need to either find a way to not let it affect my life soo much or find a way to get my hair back.. i had beautiful hair and i would love to have hair like a normal teenager…plz help..

  2. I am a 17 year old boy….when i was in the around the 5th grade i used to pull my hair out in the front areas and after pulling out an eccesive amount i completely stopped pulling the hairs. After a while my front hairs would grow back, but not completely. It left a few bald spots in the front of my hair and its been a quite a few years. I dont know what to do. please help. Thank you.

  3. I have a friend who has a 9 year old son and recently he has been losing his hair uncontrolable. What could cause such a thing in a child so young???

  4. My son is 5 years old and he started to lose his hair two months ago on the back of his head (cowlick). He twirls his hair around his finger and pulls it. I don’t seem to notice him pulling hair out because I don’t see his hair on the floor, but I know he does because it is bald. It was a small quarter size bald spot but now it is bigger. The pediatrician said it could be the chemicals (gel&hairspray) we would put on his cowlick but I now have made an appoitment with a dermotologist. I hope we find out what the cause is.

  5. I am 24 and started getting bald spots about 2 years ago. I went to the doctor and she said its quite common but theirs nothing she can really do appart from this steroid cream. I think its due to extra stress factors. The bald spots eventually grow back but move somewhere else. I currently have one at the top which looks like its normal balding and one on the side which is obviously more difficult to shrug off. I believe this is something to do with the immune systems relationship with stress therefore the cure is to stay positive which releases dopamine and to breath to maximum capacity which I think will control the imune system, and to get out of current environment which may be stressfull to something new. I have tried previous 2 after the self pitty period and although sometimes stress sneaks up again it has definately helped and am now going for an adventure somewhere else to get a job and get away from the idiots who I believe are dragging me down, though my parents are traditionals and aren’t too pleased. However I must try this before it becomes permanent, or get to old and it won’t get better. Plus if I don’t succeed I’m better of staying positive on my own.

  6. I am a male who has had a bald area on right side of head since I was a teenager. I grow my hair kind of long and then comb over it. It is disconcerting if you have most of your hair and then if wind blows people see a big spot with no hair. I think like other person said it is the immune system kicking in kind of like people with allergies and also stress which everyone has. You have to figure that some people or kids completely lose their hair and that must be a problem also, but I do know it is embarrassing.

  7. I have a cowlick on the front right side of my head, but recently I’ve noticed that the hair there is starting to thin out…I don’t know what it could be..It could be a combination of a bad diet and some possible stress, but I don’t know why it would just thin at that spot. I am African American if that helps…I generally cut my hair short, but I’ve let it grow out, to give that spot a rest. The cowlick naturally goes back and I cut and brush my hair forward all the time. This is actually the longest period I’ve kept my hair short (about 1 year) Usually I keep it a little curly. I have decent texture of hair.I hope that can give you an idea of anything. Do you have any advice? I don’t want to loose my hair…not just in one little patch in the front!

  8. Hi I am a 24yr old African American male. I noticed a thinning line in the middle of my head a year ago. Then all of a sudden in January this year the hair in the frontal part of my head became brittle and I had bald spots all around the frontal part. I am also experiencing some pain and pressure from the area along with some discoloration and itching along my frontal hairline. Also having some pain and numbness in my throat. Makes it hard to swallow a little. Just wondering if these symptoms sounded familiar in anyway.

  9. When i was younger i had my hair in a pony tail AND used to tie it back really tight. after i cutt my long hair off i nave too bald spots and hair hasnt grown back in years. is there anything that can be done? the bald sports are only in two spots and i have a full head of hair

  10. i am 14 years old and about 2 years ago i started pulling small ammounts of hair out. now as i get older, it is getting worse and i just keep pulling more out and i dont know what to do! pleaseeeee help meee!!


  12. i use to get bald spots when i was 7-12 yrs old(male), it was due to the fact of all the stress i got from seeing my mom and dad fight infront of me. now that im 19 im starting to get it again but now its from all the stress for college and from worrying so much that i cant find a job..i hate it.

  13. I have a 9 year old daughter who has a bold sopt on he top of her head. I’ve asked her if she has been puling her hair out and she said no. She has also been complaing of a head ace for about a week. Do i heve someting to worry about?? I plan to take her in to see the dr.

  14. Hello, Im 26 yrs old, About two weeks ago my girlfriend noticed that I have a or starting to get a bald spot in the back of my head about a quater size spot.That didnt worry me that much but last week she noticed another quater size bald spot on the toop of my head now im really worried, I went to my dermatologist he told it has to do with my Immune system. Caused from stress. I have psoriasis, Could that be the cause too?? Please I need some answears…

  15. hey im 14 and i just noticed i have a large bald spot on the right side of my head. i dont know what to do and im scared it might not grow back i dont know what to do or why its there iv never toticed it before. my mom saw it when i was doing my hair and its not like theres little stuble hairs it conpletly gone like it was never there. im scared please help me i dont know what to do.

  16. I’ve been dealing with trich…my catch word for hair pulling mania. My focus spots always been my eyexperience lashes and brows. It’s not an easy feat to reprogram my mind to stop. It’s very difficult to quit doing and becomes a quality of life issue when the damage from it interferes w social settings,group events or gatherings that become places to avoid when you’ve pulled all the lashes brows outta ur face or have bald spots on ur head. Seek psychological behavioral support for this issue. It’s serious and may not be something that is grown out of or goes away with age. It started when I was 11 and it’s a daily fact in my life now at 35

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