Blister-Like Bumps on Scalp After Chemo

Hi Doctor,
I have had 2 cycles of chemo, Taxol and Carbo. My hair started to thin out and 14 days and due to the massive shedding, I had my kids shave my head. About a week later my head was covered (no room for another)in what looked like chicken pox blisters without the fluid. After a while I figured out that these might be ingrown hairs. Do you have a solution on how to rid these sore and annoying bumps. It seems my hair is still growing a little bit, I bet that will be short lived after round 3! Thanks so much for your help!

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Chemotherapy makes you more susceptible to infections. If you shaved or clipped your hair, did you damage your scalp with nicks of bleeding points? I would worry about folliculitis, and would suggest that you get to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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