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Is there anything to this Onion Formula phenomenon? Thanks!!

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OnionI found some herbal info at MyHairLossAdvisor.com. Creative ideas never cease to end and here is another one. Apparently, you rub your hair with an onion before washing. I have also heard of hanging from your feet for 20 minutes three times a day to get more blood flow to your head. I would suspect that putting the onion to it prior to hanging upside down may be one step closer to the solution, from the ground up, that is. Or maybe if you just love the strong odors, you should add some garlic and hot sauce to it. Oh boy.

So is there anything to this onion stuff? No.

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7 thoughts on “Onion Formula

  1. While I don’t believe any major study has looked at the onion treatment, I think you cast it aside a little to hastily. You should at least consider the rich nutrient content of an onion and from vitimin C to sulfer; it’s a treatment worth looking into further.

  2. I strongly disagree with your comment as I have been benifited this years back. Not only me but I know lots of people who had been benifited. Its only now when I googled it I found all these articles. So if you don’t believe in it atleast don’t discourage it completely and mis guide people.

  3. this guy is an ass, he negates everything treatment and only suggestes surgical treatment for baldness, these alopathy doctors need scientific proofs for everything.

  4. You’re entitled to your opinion (regardless of how wrong you are), but is it really a shock to you that I require proof before I can tell the thousands of people that read this site daily that yes, it works? Use some common sense, folks. For the record, I rarely recommend surgical treatment for hair loss.

    You know what else is rich in nutrients and won’t regrow your hair? Wheat bread. I’m not about about to start suggesting that making a sandwich out of your head is going to give your follicles a boost.

  5. did you read the study? it included only 28 people and went on for just 2 months. it was published almost 7 years ago, so if there was anything to it i’m sure we would’ve heard more by now.

  6. Onion really works well for treating hair loss and Male pattern baldness. I am a male 30yrs – using onion for the past 1 month, I can see new hairs growing where I had lost it completely.

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