Is DHT Produced in All Men?

So DHT is the hormone that causes male pattern baldness? And that hormone is produced in all men who will experience from male pattern baldness after puberty? So is DHT only produced in men who will experience male pattern baldness or is it produced in all men? And if DHT is produced in all men after puberty do they only start experiencing baldness when another gene triggers it? How do you tell if you are genetically going to have male pattern baldness? My dad does and so did his dad and so did my mums dad but my uncles (on my dads side and my mums side) dont and both have full sets of hair at 55 and 58? So how do i know if i too will experience it ?

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All men produce DHT, unless they are born with a genetic defect and missing a particular enzyme that makes DHT. There is no way (at the moment) to tell who has the gene for hair loss and if they did know, they wouldn’t know if or when it will be expressed in the lifetime of any particular man.

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