read in the news yesterday that a ‘helmet’ had been launched in the UK which uses electromagnetic waves to combat balding.It costs £750. Have you heard about this latest ‘baldness cure?’

Also – if someone has hair miniaturisation – does that indicate that those hairs will definitely be lost or is there a chance that they will just stay thin?

Thanks again Dr!

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I have heard that electromagnetic waves can have a positive impact on hair re-growth. In fact, I was approached by a company wanting my endorsement on this type of therapy, but as there is no science behind these claims, I did not agree to what they were asking.

Miniaturization means that the hair shafts have a reduced diameter. In the balding process, the hair diameter generally gets thinner and thinner, eventually disappearing. Without doing something, this process is progressive. There is never any guarantee that these miniaturized hairs will all fall out. Many people who can profit from claims of producing hair re-growth and companies pushing such products are hopeful that the hair looks fuller. If that happened, one might think that miniaturization is reversed.

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