FUE and Hair Cloning

I’ve been reading many of the blogs on your website, and they have come in quite handy, but one question I have, I could not find. I asked this question before on your website, but I didn’t get a response. I wanted to know if you extract a hair follicle with FUE, and then if something better came around such as hair cloning or something like that, then could I then replace the extracted hair. (e.g- If you extracted a hair, does it have the capability to grow another hair if a hair is then implanted back to that same spot? -Would really like to know. Thanks

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If you had a FUE procedure, where an individual hair follicle is taken from the back of your scalp one at a time and reimplanted to a balding part of your scalp, you would be left with a small punctate scar which would be virtually undetectable. It would be impractical to reimplant a hair follicle back to the FUE site, because the scars are too small. To the human eye, the FUE site would not even look thinner, because it takes over 50-60% of hair loss to detect any thinning.

To put it straight, if you could get a hair follicle or a follicular unit, or a cloned hair for that matter into an FUE scar, it would almost certainly grow.

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  1. My sister in law had extensive chemo and radiation, cancer cells were detected in her brain few days ago, she is going to receive more radiation directly in her head, doctor told her that she’s going to loose her hair permanently.
    Doctor I’m wondering if you could harvest some hair follicles for clonning and then when she’s well you could transplant those follicles back in her scalp.
    Can you respond quickly, since she’s started the new radiation today.
    Thank you,
    Elena Argeris

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