I’ve been reading many of the blogs on your website, and they have come in quite handy, but one question I have, I could not find. I asked this question before on your website, but I didn’t get a response. I wanted to know if you extract a hair follicle with FUE, and then if something better came around such as hair cloning or something like that, then could I then replace the extracted hair. (e.g- If you extracted a hair, does it have the capability to grow another hair if a hair is then implanted back to that same spot? -Would really like to know. Thanks

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If you had a FUE procedure, where an individual hair follicle is taken from the back of your scalp one at a time and reimplanted to a balding part of your scalp, you would be left with a small punctate scar which would be virtually undetectable. It would be impractical to reimplant a hair follicle back to the FUE site, because the scars are too small. To the human eye, the FUE site would not even look thinner, because it takes over 50-60% of hair loss to detect any thinning.

To put it straight, if you could get a hair follicle or a follicular unit, or a cloned hair for that matter into an FUE scar, it would almost certainly grow.

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