What Causes Missing Facial Hair?

i just wanted to know what causes the bald spot in my beard and will it ever grow back? please help me

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A very short question without any detail is hard to answer…

  • If the bald spot is from a scar, it will likely not grow.
  • If the bald spot is genetic, it will never grow. American Indians and some Asian people do not have full facial hair and this is genetic, easily treated with transplants.
  • If the bald spot is from you pulling or plucking your hair, it will not grow unless you stop. If you pulled it too long, it may not grow.
  • If the bald spot is from a cancer, you should see a doctor.
  • If the bald spot is from shaving, it will grow back.

I hope this helps.

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  1. I have a small round spot of hair (the size of a nickle and it is extremly smooth) that has all of a sudden stopped growing or fallen out or something. It is not on a scar, it is not a genetic spot that doesn’t grow hair. I used to get hair in that location at one time. I did not pluck it or pull it out(unless it was accidental) and it has been about 3 weeks, since I have had this. I figured I might have ripped it out at work, but I figured by now It should have grown back. I have heard a few comments on a ring worm, please tell me this is not the case, but if it is so is there any over the counter remedy for this? Or does anyone have any ideas on this?

  2. I have the same problem as Mayotruck (listed below) has with a nicle size spot has fallen out of my gotee. I have a thick gotee and have always had a thick gotee and then this happens. What is the cause and what can I do?

    “I have a small round spot of hair (the size of a nickle and it is extremly smooth) that has all of a sudden stopped growing or fallen out or something. It is not on a scar, it is not a genetic spot that doesn’t grow hair. I used to get hair in that location at one time. I did not pluck it or pull it out(unless it was accidental) and it has been about 3 weeks, since I have had this. I figured I might have ripped it out at work, but I figured by now It should have grown back. I have heard a few comments on a ring worm, please tell me this is not the case, but if it is so is there any over the counter remedy for this? Or does anyone have any ideas on this?”

  3. I have a question, about two months ago I noticed that my facial hair quit growing in two spots on my face. The left side of my gotee, and the right side of my beard. This is a major problem for me due to the fact that I am only 22 years of age. I am a gotee guy I have had a gotee since the age of 16 and quite frankly don’t look right without out it. Is there anything I can do due fix this problem, and what is the problem!?! Could it be cancerous? please let me know so I can get it fixed as soon as possible.

  4. i had the very same problem
    i lost a spot of hair on the back of my head and it stayed like that for a few months, so i decided to go see the doctor about it
    he came up with some name, alopro.. something like that
    basically, all he did was give me a few cortozone shots on the spot and it grew back fine in a week, and i still have it

  5. I have the same problem but much worse the hair on my neck to my chin is almost gone and I know have 5 dime spots on my head 3 on my right 1 on top and 1 on my left side this has all happened in just a few months what is it and what should I do will it stop or is all of my hair going to be gone.I am 34 no med insurance PLEASE HELP

  6. ok im 27 and i have the same problem as most of these guys on here…I woke up one morning and noticed a dime size bald spot on my chin..within 2 months the spot completly covered my chin and white soft hair grew in its place…its like peting a cat..really soft white hair…I would like to know whats up and will it ever grow back and if there is any thing i can do for it

  7. by the way if any one found out what caused there bald spots and was able to get the problem fixed you can email me at tanktrx@yahoo.com im not trying to hide my email because i really want to know what is going on…ive been to several web sites and this seems to be a real issue for a lot of guys

  8. I have the same issue as all of you, and I did a little more digging online and came up with a possible answer, Alopecia. I guess it’s an autoimmune disease where your body attacks it’s own cells.

    Nothing serious, just makes us look a bit odd. By reading about it, I’m grateful I’m only missing a small patch on my chin.

    Anyhow, thought you’d appreciate an answer.

  9. I had the same problem. One day I noticed a small nickel to dime sized area on my chin with missing hair. I always had hair there and always had a goatee. I never plucked it or there is no scar there. Then I noticed there was one white hair growing from there, and I kept shaving the area and the white hair kept returning. Finally I just plucked out the white hair, and now the patch of hair is still missing, for a total of just about 3-4 months.

  10. I have same problem. I got a hair cut about a month ago and I noticed a bald spot about the size of a quater above my right ear. this is the first time happing to me in my head. I never had a hair problem like this in my family so it is not genetic. It is not from a scar or shaving. I dont think it is from cancer because I am 28 and never had a history of cancer in my family. I had a couple times bald spot in my face but the hair grew back. Would you be able to tell me what is the reason behind the bald spot?

  11. I have the same complaint as most of the men on here. I am a 23 year old man and i noticed a small patch of facial hair that will not grow on my cheek about 3 months ago. I thought nothing of it. But then I noticed another spot forming below my jawline about 2 inches from the previous patch. I also have heard something about rigworms and I want to know how one gets a ringworm on their face and how is it treated. And are there any over the counter treatments that i can try before assuming its a ringworm?

  12. i was in a bad car accident and scrapped off the skin of my head to the bone and now its big bald spot its about 8 inchs long and 3 inchs wide how much would it cost to get a hair transplant

  13. I noticed a bald spot on my chin about 3 months ago about the size of a quarter now it has increased about 3 times that size, with no hair growth and just soft smooth skin, how can i find out if it is cancerous? Anyone have this for a long period of time that experienced it growing larger? Thanks for your web-site just by reading some of the other replies, I feel I’m not alone.

  14. my name is joseph an i think this the worst thang that has happen to me if anybody foud a solution email me please with the remedy thanx my gotee was my best thang about my appearance?????

  15. It seems that some of you have what I’ve noticed I have. Two different doctors have given me the same diagnosis. They believe it’s caused by stress…causing my own immune system to attack my hair follicles. They say it should grow back on its own (even though over the last year it’s actually gotten worse). They now have given me medication that might help. I hope this helps.

  16. I’ve had the same thing. When I was young (between 10 – 16 years), I got a dime sized bald patch on the back of my head about 3 or 4 times. The hair always grew back after a month or 2.

    Nothing happened for a while.

    When I started work at the age of 23, I no longer had the problem on the back of my head – it moved to the front!

    I noticed a bald patch in my facial hair. This too grew back after 3-4 months.

    Now, aged 26, I have three bald patches near my chin. One has been there for over 1 year, the other two the last 6 months. The one that has been there for 1 year has started to show signs of hair growing again.

    I went to the GP. He said it’s some sort of fungus. Apparantly the medicine required is quite strong and may damage my lungs/kidney!? He said wait and see…

  17. Wow. I never realized so many guys were dealing with this problem. I’m 30 years old and have noticed that for the last 2 months I’ve had a small patch on my lower chin that wasn’t growing hair anymore. I’m used to sporting a goatee, so naturally this was quite upsetting. I just recently shaved my goatee off because i was getting annoyed at the fact that I had a “facial bald spot”. Hopefully it grows back properly.

  18. I have the same thing – alopecia areata. I noticed a small circular bald area under my chin about 3 months ago. A second patch appeared and they grew together so they now form one large oval patch under my jaw line. I read it’s an auto immune disorder that can be treated with steroid cream but there is nothing to stop it reoccurring. I have an appointment with a dermatologist so I will see what he can do.

  19. I had the same issue when I was married and it went away and now 15 years later, I have it again on two spots on my face, chin and mustache. I chalked it up to stress the first time, but now I’m wondering if it is something more.

  20. I am 44 and noticed half of my Mustache on one side missing and real smmoth; then 3 months later the other half on the other side went missing as well, it doesnt seem to be growing back only the middle (looks like a Charlie Chaplin Mustache) I was hoping that someone had some guidance or answers! It seems we all have the same symptoms! I am planning on seeing a Dermatologist and will also post the results!

  21. I have a similar problem. the doc told me that its alopecia ( Mind my spelling )

    The doc gave me steoride cream i have not used it yet as due to its side effects.
    Im waiting for my derma appointment on Nov 14th 2007
    Did any of u guys get any results from the derma please post here

  22. I am 37 and also noticed about 3 weeks ago 2 small smooth bald spots on my chin. I too have booked a time to see a Dermatologist, unfortunately I can’t get in until the end of November. I am very nervous that this hair won’t grow back or worse it spreads and may be caused by something cancer related.

  23. Following my earlier post I saw a dermatologist and he said that there is no proven treatment for the alopecia areata on my face (as I had read). He offered me some steroid cream to try which he said may speed up regrowth. He would use steroid injections if the alopecia areata is on the scalp. Does anyone have any suggestions for an effective treatment for this condition? Something must work.

  24. I noticed that a couple of months ago i got a small spot on my jawline area and then it got bigger and then i got another spot there aswell. then a month later i got another spot on my other side of the jaw. Then recently i got two little spots right on my chin in the front. Its noticable from a distance. what could this be from and how come this is happening? is it cancer?

  25. I am 28 years old and i do not have facial hairs,moustache I want to know about if there is any treatment or medicene for it please help me out i am very disappointed.

  26. I recently posted a concern and also wrote Dr Rassman an e-mail with all the concerns on this blog; and to date I have and I can see no one else here has either RECEIVED A POST OR REPLY from this DOCTOR..Why then is he here? You would hope that since it is his blog that he would respond!!! Does anyone here have anything to add?

  27. I am 17 ,I have had this small bald spot under my chin since I was 16, I was hoping it would eventually grow back but hasnt so far, and I havent done anything to treat it med wise, so Ive just been shaving off my beard up unto the bald spot and just using a goatee for a long time; it’s really frustrating. I did not just wake up one day and it was missing, however, I was 16 and it was my first time shaving, and I shaved that little area to try and emphasize the goatee, but later I didnt like it and shaved the rest off until my beard grew back again, after everything was growing back, the one spot that I shaved hadnt grown back! and hasnt to this day. its very frustrating, because I know how good I look in a beard and I know I cant wear one. grrrr!, If there is any type of cream or something you think I could do for this respond please!!

  28. Hi! I am not sure if this question has been asked above, but I pretty much have a full beard except for two small bald spots near my dimples. Is there ANYTHING I can do in order to fill in these two little spots?

  29. My husband has the same problems listed above (two nickle sized spots on his face where hair has suddenly stopped growing), leaving hims with two bald spots. He went to the chemist who said it was a type of fungi, they gave him some tinea cream and said if it didnt clear up in the next two weeks to go and see a doc. hope this helps.

  30. i have the same problem. i dont know if i cut my self or what, but there is two spots hair wont grow where i used to grow a full beard. it has been over a month now and it still has shown no sign of growing back, but my skin is lighter in the bald areas. is this the same for anyone else? i dont think it is serious. but i am a believer and praying

  31. Hey guys. I have the same or similar symptoms as everyone else here. Two nickel sized bald spots on my right cheek and one larger bald spot just below my chin. This is the second time in ten years or so that this has occured. The first time it happened the hair on my face grew back without treatment or seeing a doctor so I see no need for treatment now. Until now I had never heard of alopecia areata and chalked up the condition to stress of which I certainly have my share. I think we can all feel a little better knowing that we’re not alone and that this is a minor, temporary condition from which we will all recover. If this is indeed a stress related problem then worrying will only make it worse. Relax! Our beards will grow back.

  32. Hey, I basicly have the same problem but I think mine case was caused by stress. I’m studying for my Series 7 and about a month into it I noticed the patch missing. I just want to know if it will grow back after I’m done with stressful time in my life. nuyoricanjon@aim.com

  33. Same problem guys – don’t stress basically it would appear according to my doc that it’s a type of fungi so get your hands on some anti-fungal cream and whack that on for a few weeks if that doesn’t work let’s hope this problem spreads so we can blend into the male population easier.

  34. 25 year old here. I have been having the same problem. right under my chin. it was the size of a nickel now its the size of a silver dollar. its just gettin worse. I always had hair there. I believe its because of stress. I have bin so stressed with my girlfriend for about 3 months straight before it started happening. I am about to leave her and be stress free to see if it grows back. It has to be because of her. She is the devils daughter!

  35. I had the same problem at one time, a few small bald spots on the facial hair, even when you shave completely you can see where there is no hair anymore. One of the reasons for this IS a type of fungus, and there is something you can get a doctor to prescribe for you called GRIS-PEG that will get rid of it. It’s the same type of drug used for atheletes foot and other fungal infections. Only God knows how the F-CK one gets a fungal infection in the face, but it happens and there is help for it.

  36. John – How long did it take for your hair to grow back after taking Gris-Peg? I have been on it for almost 2 weeks and nothing is happening yet.

  37. Hi my name is Don I had the same problem’s as everyone else. First I lost the left half of my mustache and now two year’s later it’s slowly coming back now I noticed a spot in my gotee about the size of a dime. the Dr’s say it’s stress I don’t get it what’s wrong???

  38. I arised last night, and to my horror, my pubic hair seems to have a nickel-sized missing spot. Unfortuneately, I have sexual relations with various materialistic woman monthly who are superficial and don’t care about anything else but looks.

  39. Same thing here 32 all good, doctors m didnt work, thanks me later & good luck, a clean peice of wool, rub the area till almost bleeds, cut a garlic & rub all the way , once every few days, little white hairs & then all good …

  40. I got crook one night after eating something dodgy. The next week two bald spots gradually appeared on either side of my chin. The spots are now the size of golf balls.

    I’ve read the below comments and have noted Anti Fungi Cream and GRIS-PEG. Any other ideas???

  41. Am 30,and i have the same problem like most of the guys here, i suddenly discovered about 3 weeks ago, that i have a bald spot(very smooth)on the right side of my chin and hair has stopped growing there,pls is there anyone who has been successful in treating this disorder?can u pls tell me what u did or used to correct it, am very worried.obi_med@yahoo.com

  42. I thought the same thing. I thought I had ringworm so I went and bought ringworm cream. Its called clotrimazole, it is the same thing as tinactin or any anti-fungul cream. I went to the doctor and he said I had alopecia areata on my face. He referred me to a dermatologist. So I called and they can’t see me till July, cause they are a specialist. I read that cortisone sometimes works. So I have been applying that on during the day. It has been like three weeks now. I have two tiny spots I can live with and one a little smaller then a dime. Luckly that one is under my chin and can’t be seen unless I’m watchin the space shuttle launch. I went over to my mothers house the other day and she gave me a little bottle mixture. It is pure oregano oil and almond oil. She mixed it half and half. I thought, “Ok my Italian mothers crazy idea”. Well I think it’s working. Hopefully I will be all set and will be able to cancel my apointment. The oil is a little warm, but not that bad. It not as hot as icy hot or something. The only thing is the hairs are fine, but a couple look like they are darkening up. I guess any regrowing hair is fine at first. It is either the oils or the cortisone. I don’t know cause I’ve been doing both. I just don’t put the Oregano oil on my face before work or during the day. It smells. It’s not as bad as the pure oil. It still smells though. My pillow smells like oregano. I’ll just get a new one after I stop using it. You can get oils at like a health food store. Or order them online. Probably quicker to head to the store. Call first.

  43. hey 23 yr old here i have the same problem as most of you guys i have 2 bald spots on my right side of my neck and it’s not a scar… it just appeared all of a sudden a month or so ago and it has been irritating me since I’ve noticed it. I believe it has to do with stress but i wonder if it’s more than that… I hope i don’t have ringworms or a fungus and after reading everyone else’s posts it now know it’s more common than i first thought! I’m making an appointment with a doctor as soon as i can. Thank you for the help everyone.

  44. I posted #21 & #27. I haven’t used anything and it has been quite some time; but my right side is filling in again and it seems that the left is taking its time; I am starting to see peach fuzz grow there again. I have to say that after talking to Doctors and researching this; that most have said it was stress and couldn’t pin-point an exact diagnosis to prescribe anything. So keep the stress down and keep shaving the spots as I did and hopefully it will grow back in!

  45. the right side of my face grows hair faster than the left side of my face. its not a bald spot because the left side grows hair just not as fast or as thick. there is also a spot under my chin thats kind of bald its oval in shape and kind of small though. my facial hair used to grow at the same speed and thickness why is it now growing slower on the left side.

  46. same problem as everyone else. I am 37, never had any problems. Seems there one thing that we all have in common is it’s around our chins. Mine started on one side with a nickel sized spot, then I got one one the other. I also used to wear a goatee but don’t even boother now cause it would look idiotic. The spot on one side has grown larger. bigger than 2 quarters now. I do have stress in my life. I will have to look into it more and try some things. I will post my findings.

  47. ive had the same problem for over a year..i went to the doc he said “yeast” cream did nothing but give me those white hairs….well lately ive been looking into it and looking for a natural cure..one thing..try not to stress..it can actually make your immune system crash or freak out and attack your own hair…anyways i cant tell you what or why this happens but…i started taking 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 washing soda 2 or 3 times a day..use arm and hammer they are completely natural sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate…these 2 things can fix a lot of things…what else im doing is mixing a 1/4 borax (i use 2 mule” or something like that from walmart) to 1 liter of water and drink through out day..then switch to spring..no tap! borax is another natural product it takes out fluoride that’s trapped in your body that is messing with you thyroid…you can add a 1/4 teaspoon of SEA salt..it helps..these will make you feel better plus my hair has started growing back…that’s all i can tell ya..i also take kelp pills (iodine)…take vitamin C..basically i think this is an immune system problem not fungus/yeast…go walking…take garlic…

    id like to know…how many of use are over weight??? eat fast food? have fluoride in the tap water?

    just thoughts of mine…hope it works for someone else…

    the baking soda/washing soda…raises your PH and if you have a high PH things cant live in you…so it very well could be a fungus/yeast but i don’t think so…more of immune “freak out”

    this is sometyhing to try..esp since there are no ANSWERS yet..thanks doc 😉

  48. for got…take the borax 5 days on 2 days off….borax also kills candida so if you feel you stomach turn and you have to potty soon…its ok

  49. im 17 turning 18 in about 4 weeks and ive had a nickle size bald spot appear out of no where on my head right by my ear and i just want to no what the fucks goin on is this normall is it stress or somthing what can i use to put on there som type of cream

  50. i have the same problem as you guys, 34 male here. i am a clean shaven guy, except i dont shave friday-sunday(too lazy for weekend shaving). three weeks ago i noticed i circular bald spot on my chin, its still there(damnit). i look like a dumbass that lost a fight with my razor. i guess i am going to be forced to shave every day. i have some cream that my dertamoligst gave me for dermatitus on my leg(topicort desoximetasone cream usp,0.25%) i started applying to my nickel sized bald spot on my chin today. i will report back in three weeks and let you bald spoted chin guys know if it is working. jaselser@hotmail.com

  51. this is bullSh$t,
    so for the past two months, I noticed this bald quarter size bald cirle on my left side of my kneck below my chin… I meean I have high self a steem, but dam this sucks… just means I have to shavce more… to get the ladies (jK)
    Questions: Will this spread? Can this grow back? and how much money will it take? thanks and good luck to you guys!

  52. Same problem fellas. I’m 27, Developed a tiny bald spot on left of my chin and is now 6months later 3X2cm with fine white hair only. Docs couldn’t help so far, but am wondering if it is diet or vitamin related. I read that a few guys with same condition noticed it after taking multi-vitamins. At the time I was taking some very infrequently. I am healthy, don’t have fluoride in water, am skinny, and eat very little fast food. Maybe stress? Could it be diet related? Anyone eat lots of wheat with this prob?

  53. been looking into this as much as i can…..

    are any of you taking WHEY protien? it can make your blood sticky” and cause loss of circulation , let me know on here,

    im trying to narrow down a common thing we are all doing.

  54. ok, i have had this for about 2 months, i have this almost looks like a heart shape spot under my chin were i shave. I have noticed white hair and it is also smooth. Nothing is growing back, does this mean I am losing hair in my face.Seein all these emails, i guess im not the only one who is having this problem, must be stress from the economy.

  55. Same Problem here with all, and am happy to know thst sm not the only one one loosing facial hair and that this is a common problem between men…

    I believe all this is happening because of stress, as my last 1,5 year were very stressful as am going through a very difficult divorce, and every few weeks I have courts….etc problems with my x-wife…. police …..banks……etc
    I will ask a doctor about it asap and let u know what he will tell me….

    Thanks to everyone in here for sharing.

  56. Like the rest of you I have the same problem. I am 29 and 2 months ago I noticed a half dollar size bald spot on the left side of my chin. I have strong facial growth so I look especially silly around 5 o’clock. Anybody have a cure? The only real stress I’ve had is this issue.

  57. Hey guys same problem here. I have always had a very small bald spot under my chin. It never bothered me because it did not affect my goatee and was very small. I just recently (about a month) started shaving my whole face for work and have noticed the once small bald spot has started to get larger. It has started to creep up to the edge of my chin and i now have to keep clean shaven or it is noticeable. I may try some of the creams. I also am under a lot of stress right now so that also my be the problem. I would like to add that i recently quit dipping skoal tobacco. I was really worried that it was related to cancer but after reading that so many of us experience the same problem and it is for the most part in the same place that it is probably not cancer. Im going to try some stress relieving exercises and see if that helps. I will keep everyone updated if i find something that works. Good luck guys and God Bless.

  58. You all don’t have it so bad, I started with one dime sized part of my beard missing about a year ago… I now total 18 different spots the largest being the oldest takes up almost the entire right half of my face, I have them all over my head and face. Now I’m getting them on my chest, back, etc… Driving me crazy because all the docs tell me it will grow back on it’s own… HELLO!!! a year later and it’s gotten over 20X worse!

  59. well, i guess everyone keep crying about it, dont post any thing you have done in the past or ANYTHING that can be used to narrow down a cause, forget the doc they arnt going to help


    dang……..moving on

    anyone had a tetanus shot before this started happening ??? or any other shot?

    i took a lot of whey protein, had a tetanus shot, was eating a lot of fast food…..

    ive been getting a bit of hair growing back, and id like to narrow it down whats helping but i cant with out yalls help! please give more info and maybe i can post my findings and what making mine grow back in spots here and there

  60. Small “blank” spot on my right side of my chin. Very stressed the last couple of months. Nobody has said if the cremes have worked. I think it is a stress spot but does anyone have any better information. Thanks!

  61. guys i have an answer to our problem, i too use to have a full beard and one day was working on a cars exhaust system. while patching the exhaust i got some jb weld into my beard and two weeks later had one large spot on my left side of my beard missing , and three small spots on the right side. i thought chemical reaction with my skin and it would grow back. 5 months later and i still have the same bald spots they just keep getting bigger. i did my research and found it to be called ALOPECIA AREATA. doctors online claim they grow back in 4 to months but i have not seen a change just tiny white hairs in its place. they say you can use rogaine but the hair will grow and fall out again, so its just best to wait it out. i personally hate shaving and want to look into laser hair removal surgery. if someone knows a cheap place to perform this that would be appreciated. since i hate shaving i dont mind not growing a beard at all. thank you and i hope i was able to help!!!

  62. okay guys, after reading the vast number of complaints from everyone and having my own similar complain, I’ve decided to post a comment. Alopecia areata seems to be the culprit here, and my cousin, actually has Alopecia TOTALIS.. his whole body is losing hair, and he’s perfectly healthy.
    Been to doctors, tried all sorts of treatments, and no luck.
    At the onset, doctors told him his hairloss was stress related, mind you.. he’s as carefree as they come.
    Anyways, he’s come to terms with his predicament, and is leading a normal life, and is getting married next month.
    Back to my focus, I’ve been told that steroids only mask the problem, and the auto immune attack, will continue or re-occur.
    Natural remedies probably are the real cures, reducing stress, better diets, exercise, a healthy sex life, lots of rest… I’d suggest that we all do all of the above, and see where it takes us….
    I want to sport my 5 o clock shadow again!!!!!!

  63. Just like you guys I’m having a similar issue. I’m 30 and in the last couple of weeks I’ve got a small penny sized bald spot near my left chin, its completely smooth. The annoying thing is that there are two other patches on my chin which seem to be getting scarce on hairs, one of these spots has a couple of white hairs. I usually have a short beard so its quite clearly visible, I’m not one to shave regularly. I have been under a lot of stress lately so that might be why it’s happening but it’s hard for me not to be stressed because of work and family.

    Unfortunately I’m not seeing many positive hopeful stories here, there doesnt appear to be any sure-fire solutions. For now I have to accept it.

    As a temp fix I’ve found using something like a felt tip marker or crayon which is the same colour as the hair can be used to disguise the spots, use it by dabbing it on lightly.

  64. Same as the rest of you guys, i have just developed a bald spot the size of a five pence piece on the right side of my chin with only pure fine white hairs there now,i usualy keep my beard stubble length but let it grow a bit longer,i decided to completely shave it off as i do probably twice a year and when it grew back i noticed this anoying patch!!I know its vain but this has really gutted me as my designer stubble is my identity and now i have this bald patch in it Lol.. just hope it grows back and dosent spread.Good to hear i am not alone guys, good luck to you all.

  65. wow some of you guys are STRESSING that your missing a little peice of your beards woww. I have missing spots on the back off my head thats something to bitch about and I’m 18 its fucking with my game on the women and myself. I read about it though shit sucks.. ive had them for over a year i think im just gonna grow my hair out man its embarrassing. yeah so for you people that hair a peice missing off your beard dont worry you dont need a beard I have one already and i keep it trimmed you need you scalp HAIR tho! good luck to everyone though!!!


  67. same prob guys, 2 spots…one on my chin that started off small and is getting bigger! and a tiny one on my neck. This is whack, since i ALWAYS have hair on my chin!! I read someone posting about multi-vitamins.. it rang a bell with me cuz i just started takin one regularly a couple months ago. This started happening about a month ago…and i havent done anything else different since. I really hope its not the Alopecia. I am going to stop taking the multi-vitamin starting TODAY….and i will be seeing my doctor about it…..will post new occurances…THANKS GUYS~! im not alone in this! ciao for now

  68. I’m 34. I noticed my eybrows dissappearing. Took a while to realise what was making me look odd in photos…. Now the right side of my chin is almost bald, too, and and the rest of my facial hair is thinning, just to put the icing on the cake.
    Went to the doctor who didn’t give a shit at all.
    Stopped taking multi vits 6 months ago as some have suggested- no difference at all.

    Read somewhere that propylene-glycol which is in alot of shampoo’s, shower gels etc can cause hair loss, so cut that out a month or so ago.

    Anyone hear of any other causes, other than stress and alopecia?
    Booze, sulphates in wine, drugs (prescription or otherwise), other chemicals in cosmetics, diet/workout supplements, high protien diet, etc?

  69. I have the same thing the only difference is i never had facial hair there in the first place. im 18 and i have almost a full beard on the left side of my face with one or two patches and the right is like the opposite, its almost completely bald with a few patches of hair. my moustache is even but my chin hair seems to be uneven although its never been any different. i wanna know if any of you ever had such bizarre facial hair patterns while ur hair was growing in cuz i think i have this alopecia thing cuz i left it for a while hoping it would even out but now theres just more and more comming in on the left but the right is the same.

  70. This just started happening to me. I also recently started taking lexapro (antidepression/anxiety medication). I’ve had a lot of stress lately. I wonder if the meds are causing it. Also, I use temperpedic pillows without pillow cases (which I know is not a great idea), so maybe its the place where we rest our heads/faces at night? Maybe they’re building up bacteria/fungus and causing this. Please email me if you can relate and/or have a cure. Or post it.


  71. well guys im 44 and i had a spot of hair on my face disapear and it grew back about 7 months later i was so happy.now 4 years later i have 2 spots missing been about 4 months and 1 is sorta growing back.but the other is baby smooth and the size of a silver dollar.im just glad im not alone ,i was worried it was skin cancer good luck to all

  72. Guys,
    I’m 43 and same thing – all of a sudden two dime-sized
    spots on chin and just under chin – had to get rid of my
    beloved goatee. This is been with me for a few months
    now – just out of the blue. One thing I’m seeing as a
    common “thread” is STRESS. MAJOR STRESS in my life.
    Alopecia seems to be the other common thread and I’m not
    sure if it caused by stress. I’m seeing a doctor TODAY
    and will try to remember to come back and post the results.
    Sux ASS. I really loved my goatee – now I look like a friggin
    idiot with a goatee that is missing spots.

  73. I woke up to see that i have 2 bald spots above the ears on both sides and one of my side burns is gone…. whats up ??????????????

  74. Hey guys , I MAY HAVE THE ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM, i am myself suffering from it(bald pathch on the beard in the neck area)… used some liquid medication but didnt helped…. asked a couple of guys I know + the barber I visit.. they all told me to use GARLIC juice.. so I basically cut garlic in half , and squeeze the juice out of it and use it.. after applying I can feel burning sensation , like the thing is healing.. I know garlic releases a bad odour… but I guess its woth it… using it from 3-4 days now after comning from work …every couple of hours…. ohg its time for my `medication`…
    hope it helps lads ,
    cheers ,

  75. Hey i just went to the doctor yesterday as i had the same problem which appeared on my chin and neck(Missing hair and some white hair in its place),i was diagnosed as having Alopecia Areata(AA) and he has now referred me to a Dermatologist.It is not a major thing to have as in most cases the hair will grow back after a period of time but it can be lasting and progressively get worse in a few cases,there are not much treatments out there,Minoxial(rogain) and few other over the counter productsWhat is alopecia areata?

    Alopecia areata is a hair-loss condition which usually affects the scalp. It can, however, sometimes affect other areas of the body. Hair loss tends to be rather rapid and often involves one side of the head more than the other.

    Alopecia areata affects both males and females. This type of hair loss is different than male-pattern baldness, an inherited condition.

    What causes alopecia areata?

    Current evidence suggests that alopecia areata is caused by an abnormality in the immune system. This particular abnormality leads to autoimmunity. As a result, the immune system attacks particular tissues of the body. In alopecia areata, for unknown reasons, the body’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles and disrupts normal hair formation. Biopsies of affected skin show immune cells inside of the hair follicles where they are not normally present. What causes this is unknown. Alopecia areata is sometimes associated with other autoimmune conditions such as allergic disorders, thyroid disease, vitiligo, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. Sometimes, alopecia areata occurs within family members, suggesting a role of genes and heredity.

    What are the different patterns of alopecia areata?

    The most common pattern is one or more spots of hair loss on the scalp. There is also a form of more generalized thinning of hair referred to as diffuse alopecia areata throughout the scalp. Occasionally, all of the scalp hair is lost, a condition referred to as alopecia totalis. Less frequently, the loss of all of the hairs on the entire body, called alopecia universalis, occurs. Sometimes the hair loss can involve the male beard, a condition known as alopecia areata barbeHow is alopecia areata treated?

    In approximately 50% of patients, hair will regrow within a year without any treatment. The longer the period of time of hair loss, the less likelihood that the hair will regrow. A variety of treatments can be tried. Steroid injections, creams, and shampoos (such as clobetasol or fluocinonide) for the scalp have been used for many years. Other medications include minoxidil, irritants (anthralin or topical coal tar), and topical immunotherapy (cyclosporine), each of which are sometimes used in different combinations.

    A study reported in the journal Archives of Dermatology (vol. 134, 1998;1349-52) showed effectiveness of aromatherapy essential oils (cedarwood, lavender, thyme, and rosemary oils) in some patients. As with many chronic disorders for which there is no single treatment, a variety of remedies are promoted which in fact have no benefit. There is no known effective method of prevention, although the elimination of emotional stress is felt to be helpful. No drugs or hair-care products have been associated with the onset of alopecia areata. Much research remains to be completed on this complex condition.

    Alopecia Areata At A Glance

    Alopecia areata is a hair-loss condition which usually affects the scalp.
    Alopecia areata typically causes one or more patches of hair loss.
    Alopecia areata tends to affect younger individuals, both male and female.
    An autoimmune disorder, in which the immune system attacks hair follicles, is believed to cause alopecia areata.
    For most patients, the condition resolves without treatment within a year, but hair loss is sometimes permanent.
    A number of treatments are known to aid in hair regrowth. Multiple treatments may be necessary, and none consistently works for all patients.
    Many treatments are promoted which have not proven to be of benefit.

  76. I am the same as everyone else. I’ve lost my eyelashes, half of both eyebrows, and I have holes in my goatee (mustache and beard). The official name for what I have is alopecia areata (alopecia areata barbae–for beard loss). It’s extremely frustrating and my self-esteem has just plummeted to the pits. I have great doctors who have me taking Clobetesol on the areas. It’s only been a couple weeks. They suggested steroid injections in my face where there is hair loss, but any time something is injected in your face, there are many side effects. I’ve read up on so much info. Most of the time hair grows back. Hair grows just fine on my body, so I’m willing to stick with it. I hope this helps people out there. Good luck!

  77. Well we’re not alone. we’ve got a little support group going here! I noticed 2 bald spots over the past 2 weeks on my beard. I was like wtf?? when it wouldn’t grow back. Then I went to get a haircut today, same lady for years – she goes – have you hit your head? I was like huh? She said there’s a bald spot on the back of my head. I looked at it and freaaked. I was like wtf??

    So anyway – Stress stress stress… hmm I’m not stressed. I’m taking on a shit load of projects, and i’m working in a million different places at ones, so I guess I am ‘stressed’ but in no way am I ’emotionally stressed’. I’m completely happy as can be. She said the hair on the back of my head is growing back, so it’s no biggy. Someone mentioned it happens usually in Jan, feb for him? That works for me.

    I just recently started taking multi-vitamins… red thread? I just recently quit smoking, though I got stressed out so I bought a pack. I have slept 2 nights at a friend’s place and he’s got cats and dogs galore that i’m allergic to, but I was stuck in the next town so I crashed on his son’s bed while he was staying at his mom’s…

    I don’t take whey or anything, I eat fresh fruits, I eat healthy, but also lots of sushi since I work at a sushibar…

    Going to the skin doctor thursday morning. If it is this alopecia… I don’t want it. I don’t care what it is, or why it is – I don’t want it. I want my hair back. I didn’t agree for that trade. Autoimmune disease for my hair? No I don’t think so. Take it back world, I refuse.

  78. Hey dudes…I’ve had the same problem. Started out one spot on my right chin then smaller spot on my left chin…..It’s weird cause I had a huge beard right before I shaved…so when I finally shaved after about 3 months of not shaving, I noticed the 1st spot on my right chin, i thought nothing of it, just hadn’t seen my naked face in a while…then as my 5 o clock shadow grew in, it was very noticable…i googled it and read up on alopecia barbae. Bout 3 months later the smaller spot on my left chin formed. I’m a beard guy, so this has taken a huge effect on me. You can’t grow out the beard cause you simply look stupid, so you’re forced to shave, and even then it’s noticeable. Well it’s been about 8 months now and still no sign of it going away, however i heard the non-pigment hairs are signs of recovery…so keep your eyes on those. I also read up on a plethora of ointments you can use at home…I recently just started using them, cause I’ve reached my patience limit and I want my beard back. Some of the ointments I read were tea tree oil and even tobasco sauce. I’ve JUST started using them so if and when it recovers I will let you know. Who knows though…sounds like if you apply anything that gives a burning sensation to the skin make the victim feel like it’s getting cured. I doubt it’ll work, but peppers are known to be crazy ointments. So day one with Tobasco sauce has begun. Good luck guys, and anyone with recovery stories please post. I’d love to hear that I will get my beard back. But everytime i get stressed out about it, I think of people in wheel chairs or lost their arm…there are way worse things to worry about than our beards. I’m thankful for that much.

  79. Feel bad for you guys but I’m glad I’m not the only one in this situation. Can someone please email me with the cure when we figure this out. I’ve got a big missing patch under the jawline on one side and a smaller patch missing on the other. Thanks guys…..Good Luck!

  80. I am not a guy but a male friend of mine has this and I think it might be to do with repressed emotional stuff. He is drinking a lot and some people who have issues with stress may use alcohol to relieve tension. When you drink too much you end up with elevated sugar levels in your blood stream; this in turn makes you susceptible to fungal attack – fungi and yeasts feeds on sugar (think of baking bread).

    I know from personal experience, one of the most stressful times of my life was buying a house; I developed two watery blisters one on my face and ear and the other on the top of my thigh. They would not heal no matter what was applied, but miraculously dried up the day after the sale went through.

    I think from reading the thread that stress is the major factor. Stress messes with your immune system (you go into ‘fight or flight’ and run on pure adrenalin as your body thinks it fights for its immediate survival – healing processes shut down as your prehistoric body does battle with the immediate threat (work, relationships, parents, debt, anxiety etc), which in turn allows fungus infections to flourish and take hold – ordinarily your natural defence system keeps this in check. Essential oils like rosemary, sage, oregano, garlic all have antifungal and anti bacterial properties (which is why they are present in plants). These have got too be helpful to fight the symptoms, until the source of stress has been identified, acknowledged or resolved. Cutting out booze and eating healthy will also help to reduce the fungus food source. some of you mentioned altering blood PH by drinking alkalis like bicarbonate of soda – again, all probably good for battling the fungus.

    Talking to friends honestly about whats stressing you might be a good place to start. You might not actually be aware of what it is – we are all so used to just getting on with stuff that often we cant see whats under our nose. But a little digging and self reflection can lead to a ureka moment and help to clear stressful blockages.

  81. i used to have hair in one part of my face but know i see 2 round spots with out hair in them why is that? please i want to know is that bad or what? waiting for ur reply thanks.


  83. hopefully this will help a little bit.

    i have suffered from alopecia barbae for over 3 years now…on and off mind you. first, i started with a couple spots that grew in after a couple months. then around the beginning of ’08, a total of 8 patches that grew in after 7-8 months. held a beard for a good year and they came back early this year with the same number of spots.

    from my experience, and from what i have researched, there is no “cure.” there are preventive measures and methods to speeding up hair growth both naturally and with medication.

    i completely concur on leading healthy lives and cutting out anything toxic in your diet. usually this disease is a result from the lack of a certain component or the addition of one. the immune system does not have the right elements to function properly. check yourself for food allergies first and try to pinpoint the culprit if anything. stop taking multi vitamins…focus on taking zinc, fish oil, and the most important one VITAMIN D. vitamin d deficiencies have been linked commonly with alopecia. don’t over do it, but find liquid vitamin D, this also means to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in the sun. my alopecia flares up in winter and i have lived in Portland most my life…the sun is barely visible in these months.

    bypass the chemical treatments. cortisone shots will work for a couple patches but will damage the skin and make things worse for the long run. monodoxil 5% is only marginally successful and also has an effect on your hair follicle’s life.

    eliminate stress, eat iron and protein rich foods, drink plenty of clean water, and exercise outside. it could take anywhere from 6 months to over a year to grow back, but it will. if you take the right precautions towards living a healthier life the chances of alopecia sporadically revealing itself become less of a possibility.

    plus…you are not weird for having a patchy beard…it just makes us a bit more unique. the less you are ashamed of it and the more informed the public is, the less it becomes an embarrassment.

  84. Yup, same as everybody else- i’ve recently developed a bald spot on my chin as well.
    I have allways had a good thick beard, but just about 6 weeks ago, I was getting extremely stressed and started to take aNTI-DEPPRESSENTs (Lexapro), within 5 days from first taking the pills, I started noticing the patch on my chin.
    My theory is that it is definetly related to stress in some way or another….. as far as the meds- they basically suppress the firing of the neurons in the brain, wich in turn, could disrupt the normal messenger signals that stimulate the hair growth to that particular area.
    Anti-dep sucked so i stopped taking them, but as far as hair growth- lets just hope that some of us recover over time… If things ever get better as far as the patch goes- i’ll write a post to give you guys some hope.

  85. i have a small patch on my chin thats really smooth i must of pulled on it in work time or something first of all the doctor said it was alopeicia then they sent me for a blood test saying i havent got anything wrong with me the hair seems to be growing back in a white hair or clear hair why hasnt it grown back into the original colour and will it ever regain its colour is there anything i can do 2 regain the pigment back in my facial hair? as im only 26 and u can get quite self concious about thing like that can some1 please help many thanks really apreciate it

  86. From researching online, and reading forums like these, I have found the following info on causes of bald spots on our beards.

    Doctors are now saying that multivitamins should only be taken if you have deficiency. When you dont have a deficiency and take multivitamins, your body works to get rid of the extra vitamins in your body, and sometimes these vitamins have negative effects on your body…like hair loss. One a Day for Men for some reason causes hair loss.

    Whey Protein WPI (Whey Protein ISOLATE):
    Studies have shown that Whey Protein ISOLATE causes more rapid hair loss. While Whey Protein CONCENTRATE can improve hair growth and strenghty.

    Vitamin D deficiency:
    Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise as people spend more time indoors on their computers, at work in front of the TV, and can cause hair loss.

    Whether its emotional stress, or wear and tear we put on our bodies, by not eating well, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, stress can causes bald spots, and loss of hair color.

    I have about 11 coin sized spots on my chin and neck that are multiplying and growing in size, and some are starting to connect. I have had them since early July. I do see and feel little white hairs growing still, so am still hopeful the problem can be reversed.

    I went to a dermatologist, and he immediately gave me cortisone shots in each bald spot. It has been a week, and I still noticed hair loss on the spots since my appointment.

    He also recommended a vitamin called Biotin, which does not stimulate NEW hair growth…it only strengthens hair that is currently growing, such as the little white hairs. I have only been taking this for 2 days.

    I regularly have been taking a One a Day vitamin for Men, 100% Whey Protein (WPI), my sister was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and has her own hair loss problems on her scalp (perhaps our genetics are predisposed to hair loss?)
    I have not been under much stress, but have been drinking too much over the summer. I swear when i wake up after a night or two of partying with friends and feel a little hung over the patches seem to have grown bigger.

    After reading these forums and researching I have decided to stop taking multivitamins, Whey Protein, and I am going to try to get out in the sun more. Conveniently, I am going on vacation to Florida for 10 days next week, so hopefully that will help stimulate some vitamin D. And stop alcohol intake.

    Im like you guys, love to have scruff on my face, hate shaving every day. I hope these changes help, I will report status over the next few months.

  87. anyone use spectro jel? i did and it seemed to cause the problem. used it 3 or 4 times to wash my face and then went on a perfect relaxing vacation and when we got home i had to shave my goatee because i noticed all of the colored hairs had fallen out. it’s been a couple of months and no change. just a patch of white hairs and smooth skin. it’s funny how we mostly seem to have it on our chins. i do sometimes sit and surf the interweb and rest my chin on my hand. wondered if it had something to do with that. maybe something on my hand from work… i still think the spectro jel. i’ve tried to find anything about reactions to spectro jel, but it seems it’s mostly good stuff being said about it. stuff just seem weird to me. maybe i didn’t wash it out well enough. thanks any tips or anything on this please email.

  88. Same here just waiting for some one come up with propa remedy tho.please do update if u find it anything who fix this problem.have lost half of my moustache and chin hair.please help………

  89. Hi guys,

    I am 30 and I have the same problem. My bold patch under my jaw appeared a few years ago but it was hardly noticeable. Recently I took off a week off work and through my days off I did not sleep or eat correctly due to too much online gaming and realized one morning that the bold patch was clearly visible.

    According to my research, it seems to be caused due to irregular sleep and not eating on a timely basis.

    This condition is apparently called alopecia areata.

    I have also found the below information from a different website and it seems to make sense…


    This is a skin condition of uncertain cause. There is usually no scaling or redness, but bald areas appear either on the scalp or in the beard area.

    Only pigmented hairs are affected so any white or grey hairs remain unaffected. It usually lasts for 3 – 6 months.

    The hair regrows spontaneously and there is no treatment known to speed up this process.

    No one knows why this occurs, but some people believe that stress may play a part.

    If the areas are red, scaly, or sore, it would be worth arranging a visit your GP to see them as these symptoms are not typical of alopecia, and imply that there may be another cause.

    Otherwise, the best advice is to get enough sleep, eat healthily, and try to find time to exercise and relax.

    Hope this helps you guys but I am still going to visit a doctor cos everyone is different and it could be caused due to other health related issues.

    Good luck

  90. Guys more information regarding alopecia areata…………..

    ……………Treatment for alopecia areata………………

    If the affected region is small, it is reasonable to observe the progression of the illness as the problem often spontaneously regresses and the hair may grow back.

    In cases where there is severe hair loss, there has been limited success treating alopecia areata with clobetasol or fluocinonide, steroid injections, or cream. Steroid injections are commonly used in sites where there are small areas of hair loss on the head or especially where eyebrow hair has been lost. Some other medications used are minoxidil, elocon ointment (steroid cream) irritants (anthralin or topical coal tar), and topical immunotherapy cyclosporine, each of which are sometimes used in different combinations.

    Oral corticosteroids decrease the hair loss, but only for the period during which they are taken, and these drugs have adverse side effects.[7]

    For small patches on the beard or head it is possible to suppress with topical tacrolimus ointments like Protopic. Symptoms may remain suppressed until aggravated by stress or other factors.

    Initial stages may be kept from increasing by applying topical corticosteroids. However, topical corticosteroids frequently fail to enter the skin deeply enough to affect the hair bulbs, which are the treatment target.[7]

    In terms of adapting to the disease rather than treating in an effort to cure, there are also many options available. Wigs are often used by those with Alopecia, particularly Alopecia Totalis, in which hair is entirely lost from the scalp. Wigs are available at many levels of development and technology, including wigs with suction mechanisms to keep them firmly attached to the scalp.

  91. hi, i am from india, i have a problem of hair loss in patches below the chin area on the face. i am 29 and i had hair all these days and suddenly it stopped and become smooth. i contacted doctors and took medicine and there is no use. please anyone help me.



  94. Hi all ,just to let you guys know I posted on here back in 09 I had two big bald patches develop in my much loved beard . The doctor told me it was alopecia areata and prescribed me steroid cream which I used for a while, this did not do a thing so I just kept my beard very short and dabbed on eye brow pencil on the spots to camouflage the area, this got me by for a good while. However now almost a year and a half on my patches have just grown back, so don’t give up hope it should grow back on it’s own like mine did , you just have to persevere with it I’m afraid . Good luck all . Chris .

  95. be careful if your woman uses nair hair removal,if she does possibly a few drops got on your hands and then on your face causing the beard to burn since the face has different reaction then the rest of the body

    hope this helps ! if not then try not to smoke any pot for atleast a month…


  97. I read on Columbia Medical’s website that one thing this could be is alopecia barbae. Alopecia Areata is the overall term, but Barbae is for the beard. It is an autoimmune disease that makes the immune system mistake the hair follicles as intruders and attacks them. This doesn’t destroy the follicle, so it can grow back, but while it is doing so, will not grow. It works in cycles in some and in some cases goes away. Dermatologists sometimes prescribe cortisone cream for regrowth. I have the same problem with a 1 inch x 1 inch circle next to my goatee which, thank God, is not on it. I just won’t be able to grow a beard. I’m looking into it though. Hopes this helps some. Remember, alopecia areata.

  98. use thyme oil, organic source, neem oil also excellent, and most of all eat food that have zinc vit c and b12 from sea food mostly. no multivitamins. And flax seeds are essential. cinnamon oil when mixed with thymus oil lavender oil and rosemary oil does wonders to kill the virus causing the autoimmune disorder and amazingly regrows your hair back to its original status. And please do drink apple cider vinegar daily. it does help alot. and mind you believe it or not, to best alkalize your body in order to oxygenate in order to kill the virus causing this disease you will have to drink twice a day a cup of water with one small spoon of sodium bicarbonate, medical grade. not baking powder. Your whole health will improve, and eat sprouts and honey daily to offset the vitamin B depletion being affected by the sodium bicarbonate. Last but not least please eat 2 bannanas a day, orgnic mind you, and lots of basil and pumpin seeds and make barley tea, from natural barley boiled for ten minutes, add natural herbs, ginger honey and enjoy.
    This will cure all skin conditions. 15 years of experience, there is no condition i havent cured using this system. On others mind you., I have always been clean thank god. Peace and happy living to all.

  99. There are 3 viruses causing Alopecia areata ,not bacteria and of course the word autoimmune is used so effortlessly when describing it.

    Streptococcus mitis and Serratia marcescens carry one of those viruses the other is in E.coli and the new BioW version is a Lyme co-infection…

    Regardless of which one it is, The treatment is the same, empower the immune system and to defeat the virus. empowering the immune system using a diet with (MAgNESIUM barley tea, pumpkin seed basil), (potassium banana/potatoe skin) (b12/seafood) (vitc/rose tea) and flaxseeds for vital omega3.

    Killing the virus by eating daily 8 cloves of garlic, 2 lemons, some frsh mint, or dried mint, basil, alot of cinnamon, make cinnamon tea or use essential cinnamon oil in to tea. thyme, (find and buy grape fruit seed oil, and neem oil, mix them with rosemary and thyme oil for hair regrowth in weeks sometimes days.) This will also surely kill the virus at the site as its intent. smile and live happily

  100. I found one on the side of the mustache. It’s only less than a dime size but man it looks odd.

    I rationalized it and figured it must be from either a mosquito bite. Because I did notice I got bit by a mosquito on my upper lip area. And I think I shaved that day too.

    THen in the following days I noticed one spot on my mustache wouldn’t grow back. Like you know how the rest is grayish. I had a spot that just was skin. I can see like 3 hairs poking through but they don’t grow. And it looks mor like skin than gray.

    Any one know if mosquitos caused this. LIke maybe they sucked the blood out and that hurt the roots.

    Or does shaving too hard cause bald spots?

  101. I see that a lot of guys are having issues with bald spots, but what about spots of white hair? I noticed a while ago that I had a couple patches of skin that was lighter than the rest and now I have noticed that the hair in those spots is coming in white…there may be even areas of no hair growth. I know have 1 large spot and 2 smaller ones on one side of my face. This may be TMI, but I was watching my wife change the other day and noticed that she has an area of lighter skin on her thigh as well. I have done research on line and for a while was worried about it being that vitilligo thing where the pigment is lost in the skin (Michael Jackson had it I guess) but now that I have come here and also after seeing my wife\’s spot, I am wondering if it could be a fungal thing? Does the white hair fit with that??

  102. got the same problem , 3 bald patches on my chin….dont know whats causing it, been about 6-7 months now and a couple hairs have grown back but its still there and makes me look like dr patchy….the only thing i think that might have caused this is one a days mens multivitamin….any ideas??

  103. I am a 3r
    3 year old male and have noticed my beard and chin area is losing hair for bout three months now and also bout three weeks ago I noticed that I have another nickel size area in the side of my head this is very disappointing to me I would like to know if there is any solution for this hair massacre that is going on in my life.

  104. I am having the same issue .. and guess what guys .. i have more than 6 bold places in my chin .. and they’re all getting bigger .. ONLY ONE DIDNT ..
    An old way of treatment i used it on one of them .. that worked pretty well .. and the rest i followed the doctor’s instructions .. which was cortizone ..
    Okay 1st — DO not sleep on the same pillows or blankets AT ALL !! change them daily .. because this will go bad !!

    2nd .. cream is like treating it like babies .. the only way to treat this in a fast way is to have steriod injections directly on the bald spots and around it .. DO NOT listen to anyone who tells you its not good ..

    the old way i used for the one spot when it was a nickel size .. was
    1- RUBB it with a peice of wool for over then 10 minutes .. untill the white color turns out to be red .. really red ..!! its gonna hurt a lil bit ..

    2-salycic acid .. which could be find in some of the acne dream thats found in pharmacies .. has to be 2 % at least .. apply it directly on the bald spot while its red .. its gonna hurt A LOTTTTTTT .. like a lot .. for few minutes .. Make sure you stimulate the spot with the wool really good .. and apply the acid directly after stimulating ..

    it will create a black layer next day .. dont not apply water on it for the next week ..

    Beleive it guys .. this help .. in 2 months i have hair back only on this spot .. not on the rest ..

    i Have an appointment tomorrow to inject steriod on the rest .. because they got bigger and wasnt able to use this way ..

    good luck guys .. same to me

  105. Hello everyone,
    I have had the same problem on my face three times. Each time, my hair came back without any special treatment. I think it used to regrow faster when I was younger, but now, the decease lasts more than a year. They say that if the hair loss is quick, it is necessary to consult a doctor (for example if one losses one square-centimeter of his hair per day.) Just now, I have two of those spots on my face. I hope all of you and I will get our hair soon…

  106. Same thing happening to me. Had a small patch go last year, really small on my head just behind my ear in december and then this year about the same time one spot on my beard (size of a quarter). Its not really and issue as I shave fully all the time but it is still noticeable. But I’ve seen a few people mention the sun and vitamin D.

    I seems to only occur in the winter and being from alberta canada we get very little sun in the winter. This only started happening once I moved here, but in the summer it seems to go away so I’m starting to think there maybe a connection. I’ll try the vitamin D thing and see if it works ….. its worth a shot. Also, most of the posts on here seem to be in the October to March time frame which would be the points within the year with the lowest amount of sun and the point at when most people begin to stay inside ……..

  107. Jake #57, i see you ovbiously have the same problem as the other guys here and for that myself… i am a very activ person and i do bodybuilding all natural except the fact that i do take whey protein and lots of it, hope this helps you and the rest of us… please let me know what you have come up with.

  108. Jesus says you will be fine. It is the people losing giant amounts of hair on top of their head and nothing helps or causes. The only people i pray for that lose their hair are chemo patients…and other ill humans. Innocent lives are affected and have to go through horrible treatments and you are all worried about..”(2 nickel sized)” patches of fucking hair in your beard missing this is sad. I hope you all the best but come on there some 50 some posts maybe more? Idk on mobile and over the last 5 years there have beeen sooo many similar posts boy this country is unintelligent. Anyway speakin of cancer Rip suede. Andrew. And of course mom-‘mom terry- you lost your hair completely, had to wear a wig, and you still were a beautiful woman love and miss ya you were the greatest nicest lady i have ever met.

  109. Ok sorry i now see that there happen to be 116 previous posts i could not see that as i was typing on my mobile phobe. Im sure i’m gonna’ get ripped on for that but anyway yeah my previous post should still put you in your place about whinning abkut patches of hair not growing properly. Kk bye now

  110. Miguel, you call us all sad for worrying about a small bald patch in our beards or on our heads but surely it is you who is the sad one!, WHY are you randomly having a rant on a forum about alopecia ??Yeah of course we would all choose a small patch in our beard or heads other than cancer it isn’t rocket science! This forum is for people to get advice and help for alopecia! Ive had this problem reoccur twice now and agree with you totally there are more important things in life to worry about but it’s human nature we still worry about these things.

  111. guys, i found out what it is. well mine anyway. it came from my feet. yes my feet. i had foot fungi and somehow through not knowing spreaded it to my face. the same foot creme i used on my feet, worked on my face. i had five different bald circles on my face. two weeks later they are gone. i read all of your comments weeks ago and went out to find the cure. if you have had foot fungi, try this. put a small thin coat on the bald area. leave it on for three mins then rince off. then dilute some white vinegar and slpash it on your whole face. a few times til your face is saturated. then rinse with clean water. and let us know what happened.

  112. yeah miguel, i feel your pain, but we are trying to stop this problem BEFORE we lose it all!!! frank, you put him in his place.

  113. hi i have suddenly loss hair on the left side of my mustach.i feel so worried about this cus i have to shave every day to keep a good look.please is there anything i can do about this.please get back to me as soon as possible

  114. To all my friends here with Facial baldness or Alopecia Barbae, I have something good to share even though its too early. I have been a clean shaven guy for many years Monday to Friday and I first started noticing 2 odd very tiny spots on my under chin in the month of May 2012 and I luckily had an appointment coming up with a well known Dermatologist in my city during that period for a totally different reason. Since I was visiting the specialist I showed him this and he said nothing to worry about and it was harmless and he never bothered to explain what it was. In the next 2-3 weeks the patch began to increase its size and that’s when I met my family doc.
    It was my Family doc who explained me what it was Alopecia Barbae and it was becoming quiet common now and he sees atleast 1 patient in a month who develop facial baldness and apparently there in no firm treatment but to wait for 2-3 months to see if it’l further spread out or stay consistent. If it starts to spread the only available treatment option was to inject steroid on the affected areas to prevent further hair loss and to have the hair follicles grow back.

    Unfortunately for me it started to get worse faster and I have developed a lot of bald patches on my upper chin area in the last 3 months and I am starting to hate this bald spot. I am also a pharma sales guy and on a daily basis I talk to a lot of doc’s every day and I have discussed this with some of my close docs and surprise many aren’t aware of any treatment for this, luckily my Family doc had given me some hope. I happened to see my family doc today and we began the steroid treatment.The possible side effects may be hardening of the skin and white hair growth at affected areas. I am 35 years and I would rather have white beard patches than bald patches. Anyways I decided to go ahead with the steroid treatment and I was prescribed Kenalog-10 10 mg/ML vial for 5 mL One time only for 1 Day(s) Quantity 5.0 mL. Kenelog vial is further diluted by the Doc and then injected to the affected areas and I will have to go back and get another shot in about 4 weeks time. Kenelog is not expensive either, however I had it covered under my insurance plan, even if not the max price is up to $30 (Thirty). The shots have to be injected in a certain angle and shouldn’t be a problem for a well trained physcian, my family doc also has special interest in cosmetology and I am so glad he is my family doc. The shots didn’t hurt as my doc used a very thin needle and the feeling is like a sting, its not bad at all.
    So friends hope it works, wish me luck and I also will be taking pictures periodically to watch for improvements. If you have more questions feel free to Email me at hunterz29@yahoo.ca

  115. So I discovered a patch in my beard the size of a half dollar. I was kinda freaked out. I read this page and feel better, thanks. I know now that I am not alone.

  116. so… ive had this on and off for a few years. heres what i know… it usually grows back, however, it can take up to 3-6 months to fully grow back. I havent been to a doctor BUT… i calculated through studying when it came and when it went… the timing ‘seemed’ to be linked to taking whey protein after workouts. so… i ‘suggest’ that you stop taking whey protein, and see if it grows back within a few weeks. It usually grows back white, then gets fuller whilst still white, then the black hairs grow back. As i said… i have no concrete evidence, but my timing was linked to whey protein

  117. Ive got 3 round bald spots on my chin. It doesent hurt but just get a good shave and tan. I once had a woman who likes a clean shaven man maybe shell go out with me now that I have to shave every other day. The world revolves in strange ways so think of as a lifechanger. Oh by the way keep your eye on the issue too just to not make light of the situation.

  118. Having the same problem now. It started 2 months ago. A small bald patch on my chin. But now its growing now. Anybody have any solution?

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