I am a 22 year old male. I have noticed more shedding than usual in the past months. When I look at the individual hairs, there is definitely a tiny white follicle on the end of each one. My question is, since there is a follicle on the end of the hair that has fallen out, does that mean more hair can never grow back from the location it fell out in? Thank you for your time.

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The white dots you see at the end of the hair shaft do not necessarily mean your hair will never grow back. That is not the way we diagnose hair loss. When you pull on normal hairs, some will come out with a white dot on the end. This is normal, but the key is how many hairs came out with such a pull. More than 10% would be abnormal, requiring an expert to evaluate you (see FPNotebook.com – Hair Pull Test).

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