Cowlick Gives a Bald Spot Appearance

Hi, I have a cowlick on the back top of my head (crown). The hair grows outward in a circular, flattened pattern giving teh appearance of a thin/bald spot. I usually attempt to cover it with longer hair combed over it and sometimes actually succeed in getting the hair to appear to go in the correct direction.

Is there anything I can do about this, it is very annoying and hard to cover since I am very blonde. It will just not grow out straight. Will short layers make this harder to cover or easier to fill in with the use of hair wax. THanks.

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Cowlicks are common. The swirl in the crown is present on 100% of people, and some folks even have two of them. It is in your nature to have them. Although it can be annoying, styling adjuncts are the best way to manage them.

The below photo is of a natural swirl in the crown of a young man. The way the hair sits may appear that there is a bald spot present, but there is actually no miniaturization here, and thus, no genetic balding. What appears to be a hole, is really the point where the hair diverges from a center point. This divergence, the radial direction of hair that covers the full 360 degrees of a circle, is the point where I say “the hair changes direction“. Only when a cowlick is present, will the hair point to what appears to be a bare section of scalp. Click the photo to enlarge.

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  1. dear god thats a relief, there is no genetic balding present in my family, but just this week i noticed that ‘cowlick’ was a bit thin, im only 17 and with thick hair and am still a bit stressed it may be early balding signs, the only LOGICAL answeer i can come up with that it is thin is that up until now for about 3 months i have worn a protective mask at work and the rubber band sits directley in my crown were it is thin and think it may just be a rub mark over long time or just stress, will this grow back?

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