Hair Refuses to Grow In The Middle of My Head

I read a letter from one of your readers about how her hair refuses to grow right in the middle. Well, I have the same problem, and I do not drive so I cannot claim it is the headrest as she did… I cut my hair twice so that everything would be even. But I ended up with long hair in the front, and right in the middle I have short hair, also about 3 inches, not more. I have always had good even hair, so this is driving me insane to the point I cry in the shower. Do you know what may be causing this patchy growth? And no, it is not neck hair, it is hair right in the middle of my head, like if I were to part my hair in two, that middle part is really short…

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You’re referring to the previous posting where a reader asked if the car’s headrest was causing a balding spot.

I’d like to see some photos of the area in question. If/when you send, please point to the notch in the back of your head (at the base of the skull is a bony protuberance), as that will show me where the muscles attach. I will be able to give a better responce after seeing the photos.

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