Olive Oil and Aloe Vera on Scalp

I’ve read about testestorone which produce DHT causes hair loss. I would like to know if lifting weights causes hair loss. I lift weights(heavy) almost 5 times a week. Also, I check out some website and they recommend using olive oil and aloe vera which I took from my back yard. Applied it on my hair and massage it for about 30 minutes. So far it help with getting rid of my sometimes smelly scalp and my dandruff problem. I would like to know if that really work. Thanks.

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Aloe VeraI know that aloe vera is the magic plant that cures almost everything. It is used extensively in the tropics where it is grown as a herbal solution to a wide variety of skin problems and I know that it works in many. Reading that it helped your dandruff is not a surprise. Adding olive oil is a wetting agent, which should stop flaking. It would not benefit you in the treatment of hair loss, however. For more info on aloe vera, you should check out the Wikipedia entry.

Oh, and weightlifting does not cause hair loss.

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  1. Hello, I just turned 42 and I’ve always had a healthy head of hair, but over the last year I’ve had thinning right dab in the front middle of the head. And I believe this is due to the fact that I found out earlier in the year that I have Rosacea. I’ve been taking 2 capsules of Minocycline (does this hinder your hair?) and using Metro Gel daily. To help my hair I’ve been using organic shampoo and organic mousse. I wash daily and I try to take the necessary supplements such as a B-Complex, Pro-Biotics, Flaxseed and Primrose Oil. So far the thinning has ceased and has improved a little. Any suggestions for further help? Thank you so much

  2. Hi all.
    My fathers bald, has very few strands on the top of his head. My mother loves her gardening and one of her plants is the all popular Aloe Vera. I’m 26 years young and haven’t got any signs of hair loss (i know people who are 23 and younger with severe balding considering their age) but at the same time I want to keep my scalp/hair healthy. I have mild dandruff.

    My mother started using Aloe Vera plants from the backyard on my fathers scalp. First she takes a big leaf if you will off the Aloe Vera plant itself, then simply cuts a section off that leaf, and just leaves the rest of the leaf somewhere for next time instead of just throwing it away. Then she just slices the little section open, and starts massaging it straight onto my fathers bald scalp. He only has decent amount of hair growth on the sides and back of his head.

    Really, I was laughing at my mother when she started doing it, now I try to use it once a day or at least 3 times a week. I couldn’t believe it, my fathers scalp started growing new fresh hairs. Now I don’t mean hes NOT bald anymore, but to see some extra fresh strands growing was very unexpected. So after much reading around, I came to the conclusion that it is wise to use Aloe Vera while we still have much hair on the scalp, to more prevent baldness rather than to cure it ofcourse.
    As once your hair follicles die, Aloe Vera will not just give you back a full head of hair, but instead a few new strands like my father. So it is best to act early and use Aloe Vera on your heads while you have a full head of hair or enough hair to help dry scalps to stay moist and dandruff to stay away or help it heaps.

    I try to use it after every shower (unless planning to use gel to stye my hair) by cutting a section off the leaf, slicing it open and putting it into my hair/scalp, and when it’s all in my hair/scalp, I use my fingers to massage my scalp for a nice 3-5 minutes to get the blood going to the scalp and to open up pores as they say and to ofcourse make sure the Aloe Vera itself is not only sitting on my hair, but to also be keeping the scalp moist.

    I could be in the heredity chain as my fathers bald, but I’m a hairy guy, hair on my legs, chest etc while my father is NOT hairy AT ALL. I mean barely a hair on his legs etc which is the exact opposite of me. On my mothers side, NONE of her many brothers are bald and neither was her father. So to me it looks like I’m following my mothers side of heredity more than my fathers and no I’m not saying if my mothers hairy or not :)

    I think the rest is psychological. If someone is just always sitting there thinking about how to regrow their hair or constantly worried about their hair falling then most probably it will happen or make it worse. Where as if you’re using for example Aloe Vera on your head and thinking to yourself man, this stuff is actually working, then most probably your hair will improve. Just something I read on the internet and wouldn’t be too surprised if it were true.

    Acting early is vital. No harm in trying it, but don’t just use Aloe Vera 4 times a month and think man this is a joke, you have to use it often, minimum 3 times a week. When it dries after applying/massaging it will go a little hard like styling-gel but after say 3 hours, you can just mess your hair around and your hair will go soft again, no need to wash it out etc. There is barely a smell to it too. But don’t go scratching your scalp too hard when messing hair around to get soft again, because you’ll be scratching off the nice layer of Aloe Vera on your scalp. Or even leaving it in there while you sleep is a very good idea.

    Also if you’re male, don’t wash your hair every day. I mean try reading the ingredients on the back of your shampoo/conditioner, most words you’ve never heard of or can’t even pronounce right away. I mean what are all these chemicals doing to our scalps over years and years of usage ??
    I’m not saying don’t shower everyday, ofcourse still shower everyday but just don’t shampoo your hair till every 2-3 days and don’t use conditioner. I mean were males, unless you have long hair you shouldn’t use conditioner. Do you think our ancestors were all bald because there was no such thing as shampoo or conditioner ?? ofcourse not, in fact balding has become more common as time goes on. Do you think our ancient kings needed all these chemicals found on todays shampoos and conditioners to prevent baldness or to simply have a nice head of healthy hair ?? I highly doubt it.

    By the way if you’re currently bald, never fear. I caught a story on the news not long ago and they are trialing their stem-cell hair regrowth on humans now after it was very successful on mice. This was the real thing too, actually making new hair follicles or restoring it. The only downside on the mice was that there was no colour on the new hair, it was just white, but they said that’s because mice don’t have skin pigmentation but humans do so all should be good. Baldness affects MANY wealthy people and as long as it does, there will be massive amounts of money going into baldness research/cure which is why we’re getting very close.


  3. I am a 28 year old man who for the past several years has noticed an increasing amount of hair loss. Being overly vain about my appearance, my motto has always been “I REFUSE to go completely bald before I am 30!!”

    I’ve tried Rogaine, Olive Oil, Biotin(in the form of a hair,skin, and nails vitamin which made me SEVERELY constipated, specialized shampoos, all to NO avail. Being on a limited budget, I had no money to afford any of the hair club for men type ads on TV or anything. About a week ago I began doing scalp massages and using other tricks I found online, more or less grasping at straws to fight this war against the hairline. The scalp massage seems to be working some, as does one other trick I found which involves stimulating the nerves on the fingers which are apparently connected to the blood supply of the scalp…..

    A day or two before this posting, I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and saw my aloe plant sitting there thriving. I thought to myself how I used it a few weeks ago for sunburn, so I thought…why not try it on my hair.

    As I sit today typing this, I am extremely overjoyed to report that I have baby hairs popping up from a line at the top of my forehead to where my normal hairline was…its a combination of the scalp massage, aloe plant treatment, and the finger method I mentioned earlier

    Hopefully I will be able to change my motto to “I REFUSE to go bald before I turn 40!!”

  4. Hello Charlie I was wondering what did you do with the aloe gel did you spread a whole leave gel over your bald spot and massaged it for X amount of time ( how much time ) and did you clean it right after or you kept it for an hour or more? thank you

  5. Hi Ash,

    just want to ask you did u directly apply the aloe leaf after cutting it on your scalp and for how long did u keep it?? also did you wash your hair first and then apply the gel??

    awaiting a reply.

  6. hi
    now i am growing enough aloe vera plant and started consuming it
    please give me suggestion how to make use of it effectively
    what is right time to consume aloe vera since i have non bitter rajasthan varity in my garden]
    i lost my 50% of the hair in head
    one more doubt whether all aloe vera species are same

  7. I’ve been battling with this problem for 10 years and discovered Aloe Vera last year. It’s true that Aloe Vera gel is a fantastic treatment for the skin all over the body, including the scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy folicles and that equals healthy hair, surely? Why bother with a plant though when Aloe gel is readily available in a convenient tube. Also, did you know you can drink Aloe gel? It helps sort you out inside and out. In short, drink the gel and apply gelly topically, it really is fantastic.

    You can get this stuff through http://www.aloestoreuk.co.uk or http://www.flpstore.co.uk

    BTW – I’d recommend Aloe First spray too, very soothing and easy to apply anywhere, including the scalp and can be sprayed on the hair too to add condition and help prevent breakage.

  8. its been 12 years that i’ve been battling with hair loss till i found out that it was the result of hypotheoryde hashimoto disease so its not hereditary! i am currently under medication (high blood presssure, heart beat, theoride..) and tried many cures for hair loss but with no success .. i jst need to knw if there are any new treatments or herbs that can help me with this problem noting that i have hormonal disorder as i mentioned.

  9. Lifting weights can cause hair loss – take a look at the gym and you will discover the guys who train heavily and consistently invariably lose their hair – western science doesn’t recognise the reason, but any good Chinese TCM practitioner will tell you it is due to a loss of jing – to arrest your hair loss your want to add herbs that build the jing essence instead of burning it up

  10. I’ve been thinking about balding for a while as I’m a man reaching my thirties. I’m looking into aloe vera treatments and I’m hoping there’ll be some effective results.

  11. Hi,

    I am 25 year old, and I am facing issues with hairfall from last 3 years… now I started a treatment applying Kalonji Oil, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil.

    I reach my home around 4:00 AM in the early morning after completing my night shift… and I apply Kalonji Oil.

    Then When I wake up around 11:00 AM, I take bath using “FIAMA DI WILLS” daily care mild shampoo…

    And then I apply Aloe Vera (Raw Gel) and then around 4:00 PM when I prepare to leave for office… I apply Olive Oil.

    I am worried by applying all these together, what would be side effects..

    Am I on the right way for the regrowth of my Hair.


  12. Hi…i am having hairfall problm n having such dead hair..i want healthy one or better.
    plz tell the solution…relatng aloevera…gel…

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