I’ve read about testestorone which produce DHT causes hair loss. I would like to know if lifting weights causes hair loss. I lift weights(heavy) almost 5 times a week. Also, I check out some website and they recommend using olive oil and aloe vera which I took from my back yard. Applied it on my hair and massage it for about 30 minutes. So far it help with getting rid of my sometimes smelly scalp and my dandruff problem. I would like to know if that really work. Thanks.

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Aloe VeraI know that aloe vera is the magic plant that cures almost everything. It is used extensively in the tropics where it is grown as a herbal solution to a wide variety of skin problems and I know that it works in many. Reading that it helped your dandruff is not a surprise. Adding olive oil is a wetting agent, which should stop flaking. It would not benefit you in the treatment of hair loss, however. For more info on aloe vera, you should check out the Wikipedia entry.

Oh, and weightlifting does not cause hair loss.

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