Hair on My Legs Stopped Growing

(female) why would the hair on my legs just stop growing at my age of 58?

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Our bodies do change with age. In women, after menopause, there are lots of hormone changes and some of these may impact your leg hair, as would the genetics you inherited. Count your blessings, you don’t have to shave your legs anymore if you are an American (culture pushes shaved legs), but in some European countries, hairy legs are better, so there you would be an unfortunate woman. I think if you could find the cause of your problem, I think that I could sell it in North America and we can make millions together.

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6 thoughts on “Hair on My Legs Stopped Growing

  1. Hi, I live in Europe. There´s probably not one country on this continent where hairy legs for woman are preferred. That´s one of those fallacies Americans harbor about Europe.
    In fact, women having been shaving their legs regularly in Europe for approximately two decades!

  2. I lived in England for two years and traveled Europe extensively. In most countries I visited, the females shaved their legs, but a stroll on a beach in Germany quickly reveals that hairy legs are prevalent there.

  3. I am 44 years old, and all of a sudden the hairs on my legs have stopped growing. Is this something that I should be concerned about? Am I possibly starting menopause?


  4. kellysue…did you ever find out why your hair stopped growing on your legs because I am 41 and for 3 years now I have had NO HAIR at all on my legs?

  5. I am 47 and have begun menopause, all the symptoms, hot flushes etc, and just lately I have noted that my hair on my legs has not entirely stopped, but slowed growing greatly.

    I have no trouble with my head hair, always been plentiful and still growing quite rapidly.

    I have not had armpit hairs for many years now, perhpas 2 strands every 6 months.

    My eyebrow hair on the outside is also just about non existent and I never have to pluck them elsewhere.

    I put the eyebrows down to hypothyroidism, not sure why no arm pit hair maybe the same reason. And the lack of leg hair I put down to menopause, I have no idea if I am correct though.

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