How Can I Convince My Transplant Doctor to Refund My Money?


I had a hair transpland done in May of this year and i am very unhappy and dissapinted in it, since i had it done all i do is suffer becase the docotor that did it made it to high and is very rude when i tryed to tell him the problem
Im 22 years olds and came into the clinic with NW 2 hairloss, my hair stated to fall out and stoped when it became a ugly widows peek. I had over 800 grafts done and paid over $7.000 with little or no change in my hairline, the only difference is my hair is a little thicker behind my hairline. I tried to call the docter and tell him about it but he would not listen he was very rude and told me he is a doctor and he knows whats better for me. thats all got from him. I dont know what to do, this has made my life very bad, all i do is think about my hair and look at people with normals hairlines that did not have a hairtransplant and compare it to mine and it hurts to see that i spent over $7.000 with bad results.

Please tell me what i can do to convince the doctor to repaid the hair line. r to refund my money s i can find another doctor. If your intrested to help me i can send you the pictures if my hairline when you email me back.


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If your surgery was done in May, your results will just be appearing at this point, so you really do not know what you have achieved in terms of yield. From what you are describing, I am appalled at this doctor’s attitude and behavior. Disrespect and rudeness is intolerable, especially from your doctor. Understanding and compassion is what you should expect from him and his staff — nothing less.

First, please send me pictures, preferably at the 7-8th month (and please reference this post when sending). Then, armed with a candid opinion from me, you can decide what you should do. A doctor is not legally required to respect his patients, nor to treat them with dignity, but that does not excuse bad manners. Having hair transplants at 22 years old is a bit young and if the balding was very, very early, he may not have met the ‘Standard of Care’ in making the decision to offer you surgery. Did you try to treat your ‘hair loss’ with Propecia before you elected to have a transplant? Are you on Propecia now (as you should be)? You need to work out and fully document just what is going on here. Yes, you can ask for your money back, but there is no obligation for the doctor to refund it. You can write a letter to the medical board of your state and file a complaint with them, but it is better to get that message to the doctor first. If you are not comfortable to speaking with him, then you can set up an appointment and be accompanied by someone older and wiser who can speak with this doctor with an authoritative personality. If you get an opinion from me, and I agree with you that you were not treated with the ‘Standard of Care’, then I might even place a simple phone call to him on your behalf, but for that, I would need to be your doctor and we would need to meet somehow. Let’s start off with a picture at the 8th month post surgery and then go from there.

You will never see me run from being a patient advocate and my heart goes out to you. Doctors have the legal responsibility to produce a full ‘informed’ consent for your surgery. That means that it is his obligation to be sure that you understood what you were agreeing to and what he was going to do for you. If you did not communicate with him adequately, it is his responsibility (legally) to close the information gap. Assuming that his behavior is as you described, I would think that you have every right to confront him, but you might need some help. I am hoping that you will be surprised and find that your doctor is not the ‘bad’ person you believe and he will surprise you with compasion and caring. Let me hear from you.

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