Does Drinking Alcohol Contribute to Hair Loss?

Hi Dr. Rassman,

I am a 26 y/o male in the early stages of genetic hair loss. I have a quick question for you. Does the consumption of alcoholic beverages (whether it be beer or liquor)contribute to hair loss if you have genetic balding? Also does smoking cigarettes cause hair loss if you have genetic balding? Do they have a synergistic effect if used together? I notice that everytime after a night of drinking and smoking (I only smoke when I drink), more hair tends to fall out the next day. I looked through your past postings but did not see anything relative to this topic.

Also, are there any hair transplant doctors that you could recommend in the DC/MD area or the NY area?

I appreciate your help Dr. Rassman, I read your blog everyday!

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With people who drink excessively, diet and vitamin deficiency commonly becomes a cause for hair loss. After heavy drinking, there are stress reactions that can precipitate hair loss. The more of these bouts of drinking, the greater the stress on your body. Drinking does impact the liver and the liver is a critical organ in managing hormones in your body’s metabolism. As for smoking, please see previous posts regarding that.

Dr. Robert Bernstein has offices in New York and New Jersey and is a great hair transplant doctor.

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3 thoughts on “Does Drinking Alcohol Contribute to Hair Loss?

  1. Dear DR:

    is there any new technology or treatment that really cures hairloss, in general medicine,naturology, etc???

    2 ) hair transplant completely recovers any bald scalp areas ???????

  2. Hi there! I am 37 years old and my hair falls out and then keeps regrowing back? About 1 week before my period my head gets really hot and my hair thins. And after my period is gone is when i feel the stubbles and it comes back. I have had all kinds of hormone tests and they said i was fine. But why would this only happen around that time of the month?? Thank you!

  3. Yes, Alcohol contribute hair loss. So I would suggest that don’t take alcohol or also don’t smoke if you really want to prevent your hairs from damage. Maintain your balanced diet,apply some home remedies,do some yoga,exercises or meditation and don’t take medicines in excessive quantity or avoid using hair styling tools.

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